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  1. In this edition of Black Minds, Black Power: Powers-that-Be who ignore Black minds do so at their own peril and demise.maxresdefault3.jpg

     According to the Milwaukee Community Journal article, Anari Sengbe, offered up "Go Vote" an app to the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign but they declined. The app would allow volunteers to wait in in line for voters and donors to cover the cost for rideshare for health-impaired or disabled voters to get to the polls.  While the Clinton campaign may have said "no" Mercedes Benz and Direct Tv are saying yes to his apps that allow drivers to pay direct from their cars using bitcoins and giving a gift for pay per-view programming...

    More at Community Journal

    #programmer #gamer #developer

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    2. richardmurray


      i see @Mel Hopkins thank you... well, like most modern programming products they are built on top of current systems. To make a electronic network from scratch, that is the only way you have the control some want, is to be blunt fiscally expensive. 

    3. Mel Hopkins

      Mel Hopkins

      Thank you, it makes a lot of sense! I actually did take some of my clients that route to build an audience. back in 2008.  We used the facebook and blogtalkradio platforms and encouraged the audience to go to the client's newly build website.  

      As for grabbit.deals,  I was going to check to see if he had a website... I only have a facebook page and it's difficult to interact as a "friend" from the page.  I don't understand "bitcoin" but this seems like a fun way to get an introductory lesson.

    4. richardmurray




      bitcoin originally started as a sharing system, an algorithm dictated the value to items in bitcoin and people would trade with each other, objects giving a remainder as bitcoin, thus allowing some to earn. the people who ran the system would back every transaction by their own bitcoin bank if you will and over time it would grow. the problem is, national banks financially back every dollar in every currency in all the countries on earth. bitcoin not supported by any of these banks made it legally very complicated, as fisal law especially internationally is complex, intentionally. PEr any market fiscal illegal profiteers ran into bitcoin and hurt the system very badly, and having no countries backing made the negative stories hard to handle. It has been restarted from some others, but until governments utilize it, it will always have problems as a system

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