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  1. Third World Press Celebrates 50 Years in Publishing -

    merlin-to-scoop-128125610-445400-master7...I'm a man of action and two, that ideas, and the creative carriage of ideas can change lives.  I didn't go out there deciding to start a book publishing company.  But I knew, I'm not going to be digging ditches for these bad boys."  Dr.  Haki R. Madhubuti , Publisher -  on what inspired him to found a publishing company in 1967.

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    2. Troy


      Thanks. I'd read the article. It appears in the same issue as one in which Ta-nehisi Coates was featured above the fold on the cover of the Arts section.  If I had the resources I would have attended the 50th Anniversary celebration.


      It is a good thing that the New York Times covered the milestone, check out The Chicago Crusader's coverge: https://chicagocrusader.com/hundreds-gather-to-celebrate-50th-anniversary-of-third-world-press-foundation/#comment-9705

    3. Mel Hopkins

      Mel Hopkins

      Thank you for the link! I will definitely add it to my website!

    4. richardmurray


      what if all the writers on aalbc submitted a written work, based on one theme, something short, whether prose/poetry... opinion/fiction and then submitted it as a book to third world publishing?  @Troy @Mel Hopkins

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