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  1. ARES"ARES" stars 26-year-old Dutch actress Jade Olieberg who plays a multi-ethnic character that advances the original series plot in ways that are not obvious in the beginning.  My initial reaction was the .5 % wealthiest of society will not be happy.  But then this portrayal of secret societies targets any of us who "belong" to one.  Cutting to the chase without spoilers;  this series asks "What do you want" and what are you prepared to do to get it.  I'm still thinking  about this show today. It revealed a lot to me about myself ...and has me giving the side eye to friends, family and folks I see on the street.  I couldn't binge watch the series - it was a little too intense for me.  What did you think about ARES?

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    2. richardmurray


      @Mel Hopkins black voices was sold but not black planet, black planet was bought by tv one, probably the largest black owned media enterprise in the usa. Black planet's problem is twitter and facebook, paid for many top accounts originally and then the rest was entropy.

      Good points, I am fine with being Black Famous too:)

    3. Mel Hopkins

      Mel Hopkins



      Black planet's problem is twitter and facebook, @richardmurray

      How is twitter and facebook a problem for Black Planet?  I assume you mean competition.  Am I correct? 

    4. richardmurray


      You are correct,  I meant a problem in fair competitiveness. Facebook nor Twitter have any straight concern to Black planet or AALBC :)  To be fair, facebook/twitter/youtube do a lot of backdoor attacks to each other. And, any website that becomes very popular will have to deal with that ewar reality. I must end with something you know already @Mel Hopkins but I feel must be said,  financially, many firms view the existence of competition as a problem, meaning monopoly is their goal. 

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