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    Jet setting, globetrotting, landlocked seafaring, book peddling recovering broadcast journalist wordsmith who dreams vividly and commits it to white space.

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  1. Book Wish List 

    • Sympathy for the Devil: An Angela Bivens Thriller by Christoper Chambers - A metaphysical police procedural romance thriller with a Black female lead? How could it not be good? I must read this book! 
    • Trumbull Park by Frank London Brown - I found out about this book from my daughter. Her partner's grandfather wrote this novel about hostile integration at Chicago's Trumbull Park public housing in the late 50s. Ain't that some ish? Public Housing was reserved for whites only but, everyone's taxes fund the project. Good News, though, in 2020, the Chicago Literary Hall of Fame selection committee nominated Mr. Brown's novel for inclusion. It appears from this post from Richard Guzman he was inducted.  BRAVO!!


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    1. richardmurray


      nice story


    2. Mel Hopkins

      Mel Hopkins

      I thought so too!

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