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  1. #FollowFriday Eve. if you are not following @chrisbrogan for social media tips content development and relationship building, #fail
  2. Get to the airport 3 hours early. Bypass the radiation and take the fullbody cavity search - eventually security will get creeped out #blink

  3. Awesome @TRPlaybook ! "TRPLive IN DA CHI"! You know it's not going to be pretty here in January - But I'm sure there are discounts galore!

  4. #MessageintheMedium Throughout history one thing holds true: If you can't be the key, you must control the key. Time to reeVALUate isn't it?
  5. "He wore his PANTS HANGIN' DOWN and his sneakers untied" ~Vapors' 1988 Biz Markie. There's nothing new about sagging jeans. #amnesia

  6. Hey @rawsistaz thank you for joining me here. Have you met @PortiadeMoncur I believe she is going to next big name in erotica.

  7. In a tight job market, should you 'dumb down' your Resume'? Should a management-level professional tailor his/her resume for entry-level?

  8. Behind every great man stands a woman. When a man falls; cherchez la femme?! http://bit.ly/8YsvSQ

  9. Did you contribute to the problem or vote with dollars to make a change? http://on.fb.me/aSTRjD

  10. Tyler Perry's "For Colored Girls is making a lot of grown men "cry". It's film. Black men don't have to make it their role of a lifetime.

  11. Tell the truth, finding old friends on social media is a selfish exploit. What you're really doing is finding & collecting old parts of YOU.

  12. A major obstacle to growth and maturity (maturation-reads like sell by date) is lack of access to diverse ideals and critical thinking.

  13. In business etiquette, I prefer to kiss on the cheek than shake hands. Hands go everywhere but your face may have only touched some thighs.

  14. "Guidelines are for stupid people who can't make up their own mind" ~Gregory House, MD -'Office Politics' -2010

  15. was on my way to For Colored Girls and I flashed back right to the time I saw the play. Can't do it. Want to see 'For Colored Boys' instead.

  16. #FreeKeith Suspension silences Keith Olbermann just like David Shuster because they're both under contract! Non-compete contracts=slavery!
  17. Y'all better get good at breaking news stories (just the facts ma'am/sir) because this is going to be my only News Source.

  18. "Think outside the barrel. It is time to make a commitment to you".~MH

  19. Street Teams at election time but for party loyalty, Democrat missionaries have to adopt communities to show how policy is working for us.

  20. "The only difference between your hobby and your business is the flow of revenue" ~MH.

  21. "Let me help you help me help you" http://bit.ly/dmxlu0

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