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  1. "You Carey, like many people you confuse criticism with hate. In fact people who critique the president are probably better supporters because they are interested in him doing better -- as opposed blind or apathetic support." Please Troy, that silly retort has never held any weight. You're basically saying, those of us that do not voice unsubstantiated shallow opinions, and vent gripes and moans, sticks and stones, porous opinions and bitches and switches - at President Obama - are blind followers? Surely you see how ridiculous that is? And, I am still waiting for someone to define "Hero worshippers". I don't believe there is a truly "thinking" man or woman who could legitimately claim or believe the request to "watch the motive of others" regarding the public flogging of a President can compare to what some would call "hero worship", and/or compare the request to the blind devotion some folks have demonstrated in regards to Kwame Kilpatrick and Marion Berry. Troy, now lets talk about something that's real. Do you really think you are making him accountable by mimicking the words of his arch rivals?! I mean, really? Do you think you're making him accountable by sitting in a remote site, with a bunch of negros that acquired their political science degrees on-line - or off the 10 o'clock news? I mean, what's accomplished by listening to rants, half-baked solutions, haters and naysayers - huh? Surely that's not making him accountable. That's nothing more than a game of spades or dominoes. Any negro can sit around a table and talk trash. I mean, helping him and supporting him??? Tell me, tell me exactly how you're doing that? I mean, considering the un-focused willy-nilly rhetoric that's the final product of most "side-walk" discussions, I find it hard to believe - you believe - it's the best way to "support" him. accountable. Really! Would your words move people toward Obama or move them away from him? Really, I believe you and YOUR ilk have "criticism" confused. Not those of us that do not think it's wise to vent and spit on the president, with no defined reason to do so. I mean, really, what's your purpose? "Carey, it's just our opinion" Oh, is that what it is? If it’s “JUST” yo opinion; implying that you don’t have to support it, or it’s not to be taken seriously, then why say it at all?
  2. "Maybe some air support from Chrishayden is needed for Carey" You can say that again, since I am being outflanked by Heckle & Jeckle; Cynique's private laugh track. Troy & Xeon
  3. "Ol cross-dressing Carey probably fantasizes about getting his own talk show, something that would provide him with a forum for his boring ignorance" Now that's not a bad idea. If Tyler Perry can dress in drag, why can't I? I can see it now..... "hello Oprah, this is Careynique" "Hello Careynique, how ya doing?" "I'm doing fine Oprah, but listen, I have this idea about a talk show that I want to run by you" "Come on, I am all ears" "Well, picture a Medea type woman sitting in her kitchen, talking to her friends and celebrity guests" "Oooooh, I'm liking it" "Yeah, now check this, you know how people cry while sitting on your couch, well our host has a big surprise for them if they start that sh*t" "Oooooh, tell me more!" "Well Oprah, at the present time I have a few "big ears" sitting around me so maybe we can get together" "I okay, I'll tell you what I am going to do. I am going to send my people over to talk to your people so we can get this ball rolling" "Great, I love you Oprah" ***years later, Carey changes his name to Dave and finds real love*** Check it out: http://www.comedycen...-oprah-pregnant
  4. Hate Hate Hate.... until your butt stanks, admit it, Oprah is simply GREAT! Lucky is for sleepers, and nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream. Gosh, people of her caliber? WTH does that mean. It's obvious "they" are not of her caliber because they either work for her or they are barking at the moon ( On December 21st I braved the snow and cold to go outside at 2 o'clock in the morning to witness the rare winter solstice lunar eclipse) or they think the sky is falling down..... "oh lawdy, I's not as lucky as Oprah, so take me lord". And then there's your garden variety jealous HATER: HATER "> hater.... "I don't care how much she disclaims it, she is LUCKY because others of her caliber have not ascended the heights she has. The stars must have been well-positioned at her moment of birth, turning her into a natural-born phenomenon destined for greatness"
  5. Oh me, oh my, why am i not surprised. I see Ol'Medusa has put her evil spin on another writer. It's a damn shame that an old dog can't learn new tricks. Mr Turner was happily plying his craft when the Black Swan came by to poo-poo on his enthusiasm. I see she's yet to find an ounce of compassion or respect. Some things never change and the old maid will continue to treat visitors to Thumper's Corner as if they are the new pretty girl or popular guy on her playground; those that may disagree with her or steal her glory. Her jealousy, envy and hyper cynical view of life, has proven to be a very destructive force that drives people away. It's very hard to sit around a person that poops on their hands and then spreads it on other people. Mr Turner, do your thang man. The hater is not going to change. She's stuck and she loves it. She's addicted to misery.
  6. Yep, ZERO! :-) In fact, I don't particularly like haters of any kind. Ya can't trust them to tell the truth. They smell their own stankin' upper lip while saying the world is funky. And you know what, the harshest criticism always seems to come from those that truly have no idea what you’re doing, and truly has no gift of their own. And are just plain pissed off that you’re happy and happily plying your craft. That is of course, if you’re making the world a little more ugly, then, of course, that type of personality will gladly hold your hand and dance through the stinking muck filled sewer, proclaiming that you, just like they, see only how awful it all is, but take pleasure in the celebration of it. But somewhere along my journey, I came to understand that any D- minus person can see how terrible things are. That does not take any skills. If a person wishes to be a full time cynic, that’s their very unfortunate choice. To hate someone or something is a mean thang. It grinds the hater to the ground while the "hated" whistles while they work; going on their merry way. Btw, I knew you'd come back. We have to make Troy accountable for his words *wink*. As long as we sit back - while the other one swings off his nut sack - nothing will ever come to fruition if we don't say it loud.... HATERS GO HOME! ">
  7. Hello Kola and Troy, it's nice to "see" y'all again. No Cynique, again you've managed to grossly misrepresent the facts. Fact is, I deplore those who bemoan Obama's alledged errors, using unsubstantiated shallow opinions to voice their discontent. I hold a deep disdain for those who obviously have a hatred for Obama, yet hide behind the trite phrases "it's just my opinion" and "we are making him responsible" and "it's our right to critizise". Those kind of words are nothing more than shallow shields for those that love to lanquish in negativity, and for those that are simply a died and fried cynic that never views the world as anything but ugly. That infantile, overly-simplified reactionary approach does not make them appear more business minded. Nope, for many, it exposes their inner frustrations and lack of happiness in their own lives. Look at Kola's comment. Her comment had balance. She didn't attack the man, she voiced her opinion based on the issue at hand. And she came through the door with praise in her hand. On the other hand, there are quasi-wannabe intellectuals that do nothing more than regurgatated the 10 O'clock news, in an attempt to appear as if they are all knowing. Those are the negro that I can't stand. And, I am still waiting for someone to define "Hero worshippers". Look, I've said this many times, I am all for contructive feedback, but if the feedback is nothing but gripes and moans, sticks and stones, porous opinions and bitches with switches , I don't view that as constructive feedback. That's more akin to the wayward negro's real messages of "replace Obama". And I, for one, can spot that bullsh*t 100 miles away. And I don't like it one bit. Cynique, define it as you please.... 10 toes up and 10 toes down, 2 naked booties going round and round, skin touching skin, going in and out, if that ain't fkin' you're really a cynical brown-out.
  8. Come on Troy, on one hand you've said Obama is responsible for anything that happens under his administration, yet, now your implying there's no "...new climate in international politics and cooperation". It now appears you are paraphrasing in a lazy attempt to make a point. And what is this... "Better yet get back to me which the lower and middle class Negroes in THIS country have something to cheer about"? What?! Are you speaking for yourself? If that wasn't the most ambiguous question/statement you've said thIS year! Define "cheer about". I can cheer and I am sure other can as well. Look Troy, a person gets what they are looking for and it's obvious you're looking in the wrong places, simply to make a shallow point. "If you can't draw a connection between gitmo and and escalting war in afghanistan and a "Peace Prize; then we can't really even begin to have a conversation" No Troy, nice try but you can't flip the script. The question is - to you- what is the connection? And how does any of that have to do with - your opinion - that it disqualifies Obama?
  9. Gosh, I drop by and you guys are still cheering for Mr Charlie. However, I am yet to here any of you say who YOU WOULD chose as Obama's replacement? Really, regardless of how y'all try to frame it, much of the happy nappy negro's " critique" is nothing more than a tool of the white man. "The strongest critics of Tavis have no problem overlooking everything Tavis has accomplished simply because he continues to critique President Obama" Gag me with a spoon. Travis has accomplished? And tell me, what does that have to do with the tea in China? If not Obama, THAN WHO?! Until yawl can answer that question, all of your alledged "criticism" is nothing but a vote for a faceless Republican. And, who might that be? Really, think about it. Do you really believe your critique of Obama is serving any purpoose? If so, how so? Y'all aint nothing but puppets of the 10 Oclock news.
  10. I am wondering if we will see any black faces on Oscar night? It does not look good, does it? Well, I want to get Thump's opinion because that man don't miss. For those of you thats been following this site, you know Thumper picks the winners as if he has a crystal ball. So, if anyone happens to see my guy, tell him to hit me. Here's my big head... in review. http://www.youtube.c...DAeNxu8&index=2 Yeah, that's me behind the mic. Eat your heart out, Kola. :-)
  11. Well, since this is a slow day, I am looking for Thumper because it's Oscar time. You know, that man that knows everything about books a movies..., has anyone seen him." Tell him to give me a holla. I'm the guy in the video... and the one that follows it. HERE http://www.youtube.c...DAeNxu8&index=1
  12. LOL @ please, cry uncle!!! Yes, please, somebody tap the mat because "somebody" is getting murdered up in here. Cynique, I am suggesting that on this issue, you are holding a dead hand. Wave the white flag and bow out gracefully. I am sure Troy will still love you in the morning. You have to know that this is hurting Troy more than it's hurting you. Heck, for years he's been protecting your blind side, and laughing at your non-funny jokes, but baby, it's time to cut the cord... on this one. Stop the bleeding.
  13. Oh, and I didn't see this.... Cynique said, "Some things are better left alone. The Venus De Milo statue doesn't need arms to be iconic. IMO." I agree!
  14. Troy, you said, "Carey it is up to the person engaging in the activity to make that determination" Sure, who said it's not? Troy, you continued... "The reason I commend Perry is that he tried. Haven't you ever done something that others thought was a waste of time, but you went ahead a did it anyway? Did you ever succeed? Did it not feel good? Did you fail, but felt good inside that you at least tried? " Okay, you commended Perry? Troy, I am trying to follow you, but your skip down memory lane is not focusing on the central issue. Look, I am not disputing the fact that a person can do what they please, and thus, they reap the rewards and/or suffer the pains of doing so. But again, that is not my issue. I am suggesting that point A is completely different than point B, and there's a distance between the two. Now, if the challenge/desire/reward is to reach point B, two very important decisions have to be considered. Sure, the individual could throw caution to the wind and bask in the glory of the challenge. But to wave a flag of approval that's based solely on the attempt, is akin to giving approval to any foolish act or record setting attempt. A guy jumps out a window (Butt naked) to see if he can fly. By luck, he lands in a area that breaks his fall and saves his life. The next day, he jumps again... Do you again say, you commend him? Under the premise of your argument, it's not about the likelyhood of the man ever flying, its about him fighting against tremendous odds. Lastly, this..... "Actually if you ignored the professional critics MOST people believe Tyler Perry did good job! (Carey this alone is sufficient to nullify your argument)." Oh no Troy, so now you're ignoring the "professional critics" and laying your opinion (supporting your opinion) in the arms of the MOST ambiguous "MOST PEOPLE". Come on man, who are these MOST people? That's akin to me saying "everybody I know". Troy, you can do better than that. On another note, I will say I am on your side in your discussion with Cynique. I can name several "stories" that started on the stage that made their way to the screen. You've highlighted a few, so I'll just add "Raisin in the sun", and then, get outta yawls way.
  15. Troy, although you may vehemently disagree with some of my assertations, I would make a poor hustler out of you if I didn't question some of your supporting "opinions" to your position. I am sure everyone agrees there's a point A and a point B. Yet, you seem to be implying that the risks of getting to point "B" is always better than the consequences of the interim period between A and B, which we all know is not the case. I mean, Hip Hip Hooray for the "try" but fools go where wise men tread not. Sure it's easy for you to wrap your argument around "it's always possible".... "flight didn't come into existence"..... until man was around for thousands of years, but lets move away from the dream sequence and the ambiquity of the word "possible". Your use of the word "possibilty" minimizes the words "collateral damage" and "a pointless effort", to a degree that says ALL risks are worth a "possible" reward. Troy, excuse me, but that's utter nonsense. For every action there IS a reaction, and sometimes, the risk of that reaction is not worth the reward. So Troy, I ask that you rethink the following... "Some would argue that it is so difficult, that it should not even be attempted. I vehemently disagree with this point on every level" Now, I am suggesting that "hard" is not the optimum word. That's the core of your flawed argument. Hard work is the least of ones problems it they ignor the possible pitfalls in front of them. They can work their ass off and go nowhere, but to an ugly place. Come on back when you can bring a better analogy to support your opinion... other than the discovery of flight.
  16. Hello John, it's nice to see you step in the waters of AALBC. You wrote: "By contrast, some of Perry’s films have provided a number of black artists (Kimberly Elise, Kerry Washington, Loretta Devine) with the opportunity to display the full range of their talents. Perry is not beyond criticism, but the criticism ought to bear some relation to reality. Whatever his faults he is not a modern minstrel show impresario" I can talk about that, and have debated the issue from several different points of view, particularly the angle that black actors have to have a place to work their craft. Also, we have to start somewhere... (there's always a starting point). Having said that, the NAACP was intrumental in the removal of the first black faces on TV because of what they saw as Coonery. The following is my response.... HOLY MACKEREL: THEY WERE MUCH MORE THAN COONS! Okay, so my lips are big and my head is long, but who are you calling a coon? Look at me, I am as helpless as a kitten in a tree. I feel like I am hanging on a cloud. Well, I realize you can't see me but I am hyped today. I am pumped, I am stoked, I can't control my emotions, and I'll tell you why. If the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does that mean I am forever linked to the DNA of my biological family? Does it also mean I am a product of my environment? If all that be true, Holy Mackerel..... I'm in trouble. But I am too much in love with my family to sweat the small stuff. Did I mentioned that I was dripping with anticipation. In laymen terms, that means I might go on another long journey. If you'd like to come along, I am going to visit a family friend. My family has spread it's wings in an array of social and economical playing fields. Today I am going to stop by the house of my uncle Kingfish. He has past away. Some of you may know him. His real name is Tim. He is the brother of my grandfather. He played the part of George Stevens, aka Kingfish, on the early television series Amos & Andy. Yes, that's my family tree. He was raised in the same small town that I once called home. This is not a story of family barbecues, nor a tale of bedside chats. This is a story of messages from the past. I have a collection of the old program that I've shared with my children. Many talking heads have vilified the series as coonery at it's worst. They harped to the extent that it was banned from television. Some of those bobbing head negroes that have a propensity to look through the blues eye of other cultures, seem to have forgotten their past. But let me move forward. How about these lyric, lets see if they ring a bell.... Temporary layoff/ good times/ easy credit ripoff/ good times/ ain't we lucky we got them/ GOOD TIMES! WTH? What's good about easy credit ripoff! Did I hear a subliminal message? Can I say DYNAMITE! How about this one: Beans don't burn in the Kitchen {no mo'}/ grits don't burn on the grill {no mo'}/ took a whole lot of crying/ just to get up that hill {what hill?}/ Now we up in the big league {what league?}/ took our our turn at bat/ it's you and me baby/ and ain't nothing wrong with that/..... We MOVIN' ON UP. Hold up, wait one minute, don't go anywhere. What the hell was "that"? I mean, to start with, George Jefferson was Archie Bunker's special kind of fool. Sure, George was given a bone by being allowed to say "HONKY HONKY HONKY". But what businessman runs around doing the slop and yelling honky? Give me a freakin' break. George Jefferson made Kingfish look like a choir boy. And, what's this "movin' on up" thang? I mean, the brotha had 2 cleaners on the south side of Chicago. Do I hear a few more subliminal Messages? Lets move on down the road. The last time I checked, I didn't see any of the following "themes" in the Amos & Andy series, and I've seen all of them.I didn't see homosexuality, drug use or gun play. In an episode called "Kingfish finds his fortune", Amos and Kingfish had a argument. They squared off to fight. They waltzed around a table for about 30 second until both got so tired - they sat down. Oh the horror of it all. I shake with fear when I even think about that kind of violence. I never saw wife swapping or domestic violence in that series. I am yet to see one black person call another black person N**ga. I know I didn't see grown men salivating over the buttock of underage girls. Lord knows I didn't see any images of a grown man dressed in drag. WAIT! Did you hear that? Shhhhhush, listen, be quiet, I believe Tyler Perry has walked into the room ? Opps, can we go there? Can we walk down his street? Why not, lets go. But, maybe we should first ask those that said Amos & Andy sent out destructive messages, to see if it's alright. Maybe we should ask them to define racism. Maybe we should see if they have pictures of their uncle Toms cabin. Come to think of it, I am not going to waste my time dissecting the blatant sewer bowl of the wonderful world of Tyler Perry films. Well, not until those same aforementioned bobbin' head Uncle Toms & Tomettes compare them to the Amos & Andy series. Although Kingfish could be considered a huckster, and a con man, he didn't sell dope and he didn't steal from his fellow man. Nor did he cheat on his wife. Usually he paid for his misdeeds, and there were messages of redemption. Speaking of his wife, she wasn't Hattie McDaniels or Butterfly McQueen, and we all have images of their mammy ways. They are indelibly carved in our brain. Can anyone say mammy rags and ultra passivity? Mrs. Stevens role was unlike many roles given to our present queens of beauty. Who can forget the role given to Halle Barry in Monsters Ball? Can anyone say "flip flop whore". Kingfish's wife and mother-in-law were decent hard working black women. Without Sapphire, Kingfish may have been a lost man. Today I am thinking about my family and our first black president and the road that got us here. A part of me was a pioneer of black consciousness - one of the first black faces on television. A part of me is the first black face to lead the USA into a new world. Being first can be a thankless position. Depending on who's writing history, "first" can be erased from history, and replaced by the banter of it's supposed ill effects. Slavery seeps into my mind. A silent and lazy mind can be convinced that new is better than old, or "old" is not worth talking about. Without a first, there can never be a second. When I go down memory lane with my children, I suggest they seek the good and leave the bad behind. I believe it's important for all people to champion those that have gone before them. At least seek first to understand. Knowledge is king, without such, a person is left to the whims and opinions of another person, who may not have their best interest at heart. My uncle's house is no longer there. A Martin Luther King Center sits in it's place. The home is gone and so is my uncle, but his memory is alive. It's in me.Take a peek behind me. Is it dark back there? You'll have to tell me because I am not looking for the bad stuff. What's in your tree? I've heard it said that if a person doesn't stand for something, they will fall for anything. Holy Mackerel!
  17. "The idea that Beloved only belongs on the page and FCG only belongs on the stage is silly. It is just difficult to do. Indeed, making ANY good film a difficult. I think the argument that "predictability also gets old" is flawed" Troy, I agree, however, we shouldn't minimize the word "difficult". Some things are damn near impossible, and thus, should be left alone. I don't know if you know this (and I can't reference my source) but I believe I heard that Oprah told him not to do it., or at least had major concerns. Re: predictability. I agree, aside from there being suckers born every day, it's hard to teach old dogs new tricks. I mean, "we" are going to continue to laugh at what makes us laugh, or whatever. In most cases, whatever makes us feel "good", we generally will continue to do just that. An analogy: I like old school music. If someone tells me "it's" not cool, or significant, I'm going to turn up my music and look at them like they're crazy. Tyler Perry can beat that same drum until he dies, and the crowds will get larger, not smaller.
  18. Oh boy, let me run over there to see what you have to say. And, I am waiting for Exon to come back. I already know what might come out of Cynique's mouth.
  19. Troy, you're a good man. *smile* You're my kind of man. You reached in your tight scrooge britches and dropped a few dollars so you could come back and put me in check. I like that. Hey, your words are reminiscent of many that I've heard. The following is one that says it all. It's an exchange I had with another person at another site. I pickup the conversation from here...... Joy said: "This is truly interesting, but I am not exactly surprised that people aren’t jazzed by this piece being re-imagined as a film by Tyler Perry. While I don’t think we need to bash Tyler Perry for attempting to do this film, one thing that has not been addressed is the fact that Ntozake Shange’s choreopoem is still vibrant as a theatre and literary piece after 35 years. The book For Colored Girls just went back on the NY Times Bestseller list. Some folks, like myself, had extreme reservations and some disappointments that the right to do this film was not handed to a Black female director. I also find Tyler Perry extremely similar to the late Frank Capra who created movies with clearly defined two-dimensional villains and two-dimensional heroes. Capra and Perry create/d entertainment that allowed audiences to escape. We all know in real life heroes are often deeply flawed and many villains have a few redeeming qualities. FYI: Tyler Perry came to see Jasmine Guy’s phenomenal direction and interpretation of this piece for Kenny Leon’s True Colors Theatre Company. I saw Tyler in the audience twice, and on one occasion he was present with Janet Jackson. I also think that there are times when an all-star cast can be a bit of a turnoff. However, I stand by the same position that I held the day I learned that Perry had received the green light from Lion’s Gate: For Colored Girls… belongs on the stage, period– Just like “Beloved” should never have been anything but a book by Toni Morrison. You have to damn near be a genius to take character-driven novels or theatre pieces and transform them to film. Film is almost always plot driven. When directors step outside of that formula they should be prepared for a limited audience." [Carey]: Ms. L Joy, based on your short(but fact filled) comment, you’re the type of person I would pay to have a conversation with. Really, I would pick your mind until you told me to go home. I loved the way you said the following… “We all know in real life heroes are often deeply flawed and many villains have a few redeeming qualities” In relation to FCG, there’s so much to say in those words and I’d ask for more. Futhermore, when you mentioned the difficulties associated with using an ensemble cast, I knew you knew what you were talking about. And again, I’d say, come on, give me more, talk to me. It’s very rare that movies comprised of more than, maybe, 4 “top stars”, each given more than a cameo role, reaches a level that would be considered a great film. And then…. THEN when you hit us with Tyler’s appearance at “Jasmine Guy’s phenomenal direction and interpretation of this piece for Kenny Leon’s True Colors Theatre Company” I knew you were someone to listen to. Again, I’d say, come on baby let me buy you dinner, I want to hear more. I don’t know when Tyler and Janet visted, but I wonder if he was researching the play to see if he could do it (and what actors to use) or if he was using the play as a way to tudor Janet? But wait, you were not done. You closed your comment with… “For Colored Girls… belongs on the stage, period– Just like “Beloved” should never have been anything but a book by Toni Morrison. You have to damn near be a genius to take character-driven novels or theatre pieces and transform them to film” See Ms. Joy, again you’ve left the door open and I want to know more. You obviously have a connection to film and/or theatre because your words say so. You are not a casual film buff that gives their opinion without supporting information, so as Marvin Gaye said, “What’s going on”? Talk to me… please. CareyCarey: "You are much too kind. I do have family and friends in film and theatre. I am a doctoral student of History. And I am doing some research on theatre history. I’m typically inside a theatre to see stage plays on average about 15 or 16 times a year. I’M GOING TO GIVE YOU A LITTLE BIT MORE (smile). With that said, I think Tyler Perry understands that there is only so far he can take his “Madea” films before his core audience grows weary of them. I also suspect that Perry has listened to some of his critics perhaps more than he should have. While his films have always had a certain predictability to them, I think that most of us occasionally enjoy a bit of predictability. It helps us escape. And let’s face it–sometimes you just don’t feel like watching anything too heavy all of the time. The only problem is that predictability also gets old. I think Perry’s attempts to demonstrate that he can do “serious” cinema may have backfired in some quarters as “For Colored Girls…” as a stage piece does not have a real linearity; and the piece is one subject to interpretation. I saw “For Colored Girls…” with LaTanya Richardson-Jackson as the ‘Lady in Red’ when she came home to Atlanta to perform the piece for the Alliance Theatre back in 1980. It was a dark and depressing piece in 1980. Jasmine Guy kept the piece’s original qualities, but she brightened it at the end by adding an exuberant running exit where all of the women cheered, danced to Mary J Blige, and then ran off the stage, colors streaming through the audience. The women had been through hell, but they would ultimately survive. Their suffering had been redemptive. Several folks who saw the original “For Colored Girls…” felt Guy’s production surpassed the original. Personally, I think Perry should have used unknown or less well known actors. The Atlanta cast used by Guy would have been phenomenal. I watched Crystal Fox weep real tears during four different performances that made me weep each and every time as if I were watching her for the first time. However, I suspect the real problem for Perry may be his trying to mix apples and oranges. He clearly is comfortable with his formula films. I’m not angry at him; he keeps a lot of brothers and sisters working. Yet “For Colored Girls…” cannot be easily reduced to formula because Shange designed the choreopoem to be interpreted in any number of ways. On stage it engages an audience the way film never can. As a cousin of mine said so eloquently, “Theatre humbles you.” There are no second takes and no performance is exactly the same. The actors and the audience are right there in the same room. I have seen actors ad lib with perfection or correct a mistake without anyone knowing a mistake took place. “For Colored Girls…” naturally resonates on stage because it was never designed to maintain the distance that film creates between actor and audience. Trying to recreate that intense emotion on film would be a challenge for the most experienced director and/or screenwriter. There will be those folks who are going to give Perry the benefit of the doubt and appreciate his effort. I certainly wish him the best. But there are going to be those folks who will be unable to overlook the film’s shortcomings precisely because Perry chose to tackle a “theatre classic” that has some recurring themes, but never had a real plot. And he is not the first person to make a film version of “For Colored Girls…” But you’ve never heard anyone say much about those other film versions either"
  20. "To a boy with a hammer all the world is a nail". Is that right? Well, "to the victor goes the spoils" And, wait one minute, lets take a look at your other mis-steps. "But alas that is seemingly all Tyler knows how to do - pit evil men against Christian women" Now Troy, do I have to tell you that you've stepped in a bucket of doo doo? Oh, that's right, you didn't see the movie. But do tell (maybe you read it in a review) what "Christain" woman (character) was in FCG. Huh.... tell me that? Wait, I'll tell you, ONE, Whoopie was a religious fanatic. But more importantly, what evil men were in FCG? Huh... tell me that? Of course everyone knows about the rapist, but other than that, there was not one other evil man. And please, for you to imply that Hill Harper was some type of evil or "no good" man is purely ridiculous. Obviously you must have read that sentiment from someone that knows nothing about police work, particularly how a rape victim has to be questioned. The questioning of the rape victim was standard procedure. I am sure you've been reading the paper? Sure you have. So you have probably seen how some "rape victims" are not really rape victims. So lets move on. "I even read Michael Ealy's comments. But Michael was a star in the film and clearly his comments are biased. Did expect Ealy to have ANYTHING bad to day about the film?" Ahh Troy, excuse me? So let me get this straight, since Michael Ealy was in the movie, his words have no merit? Do I have to say that that's ludicrous. In this instance, the man simply gave his perspective on the overall theme of the movie. Gosh Troy, you're sinking. So Troy, tap the mat or cry uncle or go see the movie because you're woefully unprepared to voice a qualified opinion on FCG. You should just leave "well enough" alone. But that's right, you're talking straight talk and my addition to the conversation is a rant. Now that's something to ponder. Run, run, run, but you sho' can't hide An eye for an eye A tooth for a tooth Vote for me, and I'll set you free Rap on brother, rap on Well, the only person talkin' 'Bout love thy brother is the preacher And it seems, Nobody is interested in learnin' But the teacher Segregation, determination, demonstration, Integration, aggravation, Humiliation, obligation to our nation Ball of Confusion That's what the world is today The sale of pills are at an all time high Young folks walk around with Their heads in the sky Cities aflame in the summer time And, the beat goes on Air pollution, revolution, gun control, Sound of soul Shootin' rockets to the moon Kids growin' up too soon Politicians say more taxes will Solve everything And the band played on So round 'n' round 'n' round we go Where the world's headed, nobody knows Just a Ball of Confusion Oh yea, that's what the wold is today http://careycarey-ca...r-perry_13.html
  21. It's always nice to come back to the old neighborhood. Hey Troy, I'm coming to your neighborhood in April. I'm gonna see Chris Rock in his broadway debut. It's been fun. I bid you adieu
  22. Well Cynique, I've figure it out. You and troy have a thang about my words. Troy likes listening to "professional reviewers" and you're just a grumpy cynic, so I brought along a friend. Actually, a woman from Richmond, California just stopped by the blog and left a little something. Ii am going to share that with yawl... "Just wanted to throw in a piece by Michael Ealy, on the topic of men's treatment in FCG: "ESSENCE.com: You've expressed that you want to set the record straight about how Black men are portrayed in "For Colored Girls." What does setting the record straight mean? MICHAEL EALY: I think that if you say this movie is male bashing, you're not looking at the bigger picture. Yeah there are some men with problems in the piece and if you did notice, yes, Hill Harper is one good man. But this is a play by women, by a woman. And it's not like Tyler [Perry] or anyone else wrote the script that had all these men with problems. In my opinion the bigger picture is that the issues that were applicable in the mid '70s when the play was on Broadway, are still plaguing our women and our children right now. The bigger issue is that the piece is timeless. And if you're a man who is handling your business then you know this doesn't apply to you. This isn't a film that showcases men; this is a film that showcases the triumph of our women." Troy, there's your review. How ya like me now? Cynique, don't listen to me. Kola, I agree, this could have been done in a different way. And yes, I have seen A Clockwork Orange. And you still look good.
  23. Okay Cynique, if you're not convinced that this movie has much more to offer than what you've (or Troy) have been told, check out the following; Many are saying it was a male bashing movie, but (imo) they missed the point. If one really listened to the poems (and words), they would find the real jewel. One scene stuck out in my mind. Phylicia Rashad entered Kimberly Elise’s (Crystal) apartment. Crystal had just lost her children, and was in a very depressed state. Rashad open the blinds to a darked apartment and said, ” What is your plan, what you gonna do baby. You gonna just lay here and die? It wasn’t just him honey.[Crystal] “but I tried to stop him” Rashad: You had to stop him long before he got to that window.[Crystal] Are you saying it’s my fault? Rashad: “What I’m saying Crystal, you gonna have to take responsibility for some of this. How much of it you take is up to you, but you gotta take some of it. Until you do, you just gonna be living to die. I know it hurts, but you gotta get up from here. [Crystal] “But it didn’t save my babies” Rashad: “Then save some other woman’s babies, help another woman who is missing what you’re missing. There’s to much life wrapped in your voice. You gotta get up!” (I believe Tyler wrote those lines) That dialog spoke to the message “clean your side of the street” . This movie was not about male bashing. It was about self-discovery. Look at Tangie’s whorish, trampish, nasty ass. Was that male bashing? How about Macy Gray's character? How about her green teeth and speech about how she made it "out". Yeah, as she sat there smoking a cigerette and drinking whisky... while she performed an abortion Let me continue. In Anika Noni Rose’s (Yasmine) scene at the hospital, another message spoke loud and clear… “the stranger, is not always “the stranger” . You have to hear all of her words. In my opinion, that scene might be the best of them all. Well it's a toss up between Elise's performances and those of Anika Rose. They both killed their parts.
  24. And btw Cynique, I know you don't do this very often, but I invite you to stop by the blog and read the comments which are know up to 20. You'll be surprised at what you might find. You can even post as anonymous. I've opened that option just for you. Let your voice be heard by over a thousand people across America and several countries. And, Although you can't see it (Troy can) I recently link this page to a facebook account, and I know a few have dropped by this site. You will not be the first visitor to come by way of AALBC. The last one came from Tucker, Georgia.... **waving at them** So say it loud, like you're black and proud... HERE: http://careycarey-ca...r-perry_13.html
  25. Cynique, up my ass you say... ouuuuu, I love it when you talk nasty But hold down there my friendly maiden, like a natural man, I did say I didn't think Tyler could pull this off, but unlike you, I went to see the film and then voiced my opinion on the final product. My problem are with those that have not seen the movie, yet are making statements about it's contents. Granted, people can do as they please, however, if they make bogus statements about the movie... AGAIN, in which they have not seen, they should expect an ass checkin'. And remember, I did not say I enjoyed the movie. There was however, standout performances. So, one-mo-again, I am suggesting that people should talk about what they know.
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