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  1. Hello Kola, I've seen the play (twice). I will agree that N'Shange's words were the most compelling parts of the movie. I've said that in many of my debates. However, since was not doing a play, Tyler had to weave in male characters, to enhance the movie experience, and Shange's words., or what was the point. Who would enjoy a stream of women reading poetry? Yet in doing so, its' my opinion that the male actors dropped the ball. Their performances were the low points of the movie. The rapist never coulld act, and Loretta Devine's guy was a fat dude. He couldn't even beg his baby with any sincerity. And btw, I can't stand that mammy acting Loretta Devine. She should retire that whinning thang.
  2. HIP HIP HOORAY for Linda Chavis! There you go Troy, straight from the mouth of one of your looooong time members. So you've seen a snuf film, what-ya got-sta say now?
  3. Troy, you know we've been doing this for over 11 years, and I've never heard you make such a porous argument! I am going to give you a do-over so you can take this back.... "Why can't someone voice an opinion abut a movie they've never seen, once they know what it is about? After seening my first snuff film; I know I don't want to see any more - I don't care how well it is done or what the reviewers have to say" Excuse me, obviously you didn't get the memo because based on your words, you don't know what the heck the movie is about. So you can't know what you are talking about. I knew you had lost your mind when you agreed with Kola. I mean, that's my girl and everything, but why would you agree that men should not have been in this movie? Flash-back.... you have not seenn the movie! How can you make a qualified opinion (about something in the movie) ? And tell me, what how many men were in the movie? opps... you can't answer that. Well, maybe you can ask a professional reviewer. Tell me ol'crystal ball, how long were the men on screen? Oh wait, that's right, you have not seen the movie. How was the acting performances? Oh wait, that's right.... So troy, tell me, "particularly those of professional reviewers" and who might they be, and what did they say? You bring me 2 and I'll bring you 5. Troy, your argument makes no sense. You might want to go back and restructure that puppy.
  4. Did you miss the point.... AGAIN! I saw the movie... DID YOU? Were you listening? I did not say I liked the movie. 1. We don't go support movies that show us in a good light. Otherwise, those movies would be on the big screen. You want more movies like that, find them and go see those. 2. TP is telling someone's story. Just like with Precious -- that is someone's story and it is worth being told. 3. TP made a play into a movie. A woman wrote this play, she wrote the skeleton of what would become the movie, not Tyler. Critique his directing skills, his casting skills or his screenplay writing skills but don't critique the story. 4. Hating on a TP film just because TP is affiliated with it is so 2007. Stop it. This film deserves some critiques for sure, but not just because some people don't like his earlier works. I tire, I do, of black folks thinking every movie with a predominantly black cast has to reflect their life's story. Would I like to see more stuff on TV and the movies that look more like what I've experienced? Hells yeah, but I will never knock someone else's story getting told because it happens to be different from mine. Go see the movie and then come back and talk about something you know.... Geeez
  5. Don't listen to the fools that have not seen the movie. How in the hell would they know what they're talking about?
  6. Troy, go see the damn movie. Most of the garbage you're hearing is simply that .... GARBAGE! There's only one black man in the movie that could be considered a monster. And he was only in the movie for about 5 minutes. He committed date rape. The other man was a damaged war veteran. Like many men that return from the brutalities of combat, he was deeply scarred. He's not a villian, he's a victim. This movie is NOT about male bashing. Like denissemarie (above) said, many are missing the point of this movie. If you've noticed, those that are talking the loudest, have not even seen the movie. What fool would listen to them?
  7. TO MY NAY-SAY FRIENDS OF TYLER PERRY AND FOR COLORED GIRLS. Blow it out your ass! Yeah, that's what I said, find a clue and some toilet paper. Well carey,"Tyler Perry is a Black dysfunction porn pimp. He thinks that because he's so dysfunctional that all Black people are as well. I think Oprah falls into this category too" Is that right? Well let me tell you a thang or two. I get so tired of negros that watch a movie, and then cry about how it makes "us" look. Give me a freaking break! First, it's a damn movie, okay. It's one story in time. It's one of a thousand avenues in which one could draw a conclusion and/or opinion on any number of topics including race, sexual abuse, or rather or not the Miami Heat will win the NBA Championship. Depending on who you ask, it's highly probably a mega-ton of thoughts will follow. And please excuse me, did I miss the memo? When did the mystical "ambiguous" other folks (eye in the sky) ever love us? I mean, did I miss the call that said we've been loved for the last 200 years? If there was no such doctrine, then why (NOW?) are some folks concerned with how a movie (one movie) projects a black face, or highlights real issues within our community? Come on, if a person gets their core knowledge from a damn movie and uses that "limited" knowledge to draw a conclusion based solely from that source, THAT person is an idiot!Consequently, if someone worries about that fools opinion, then hey, what does that say about them? So Tyler Perry portrays the black man as an evil usurper of woman. So... and? And what, those monsters don't exist? Spare me, Tyler Perry didn't create those brutal men, look out your window, or look in your family tree. Please, lets keep this real. Who's fooling who? Listen, personally I do not think Tyler Perry is a great director. But that opinion is not based on the subject matter in his films. Why should it? And now we have some folks attacking the man's character because some of his films include abused women and whorish men. Lordy lordy, we don't want that to get out. The general public can't handle that new (news). What will they think of us now? Do you hear me.... nothing has changed because there's nothing to change. Didn't the same freaks come out at night when "Precious" landed. Didn't I hear the same black zombies and mammy rags cry foul? Sure I did. In fact, I wrote a song about it. Here it goes... The greatest show on earth. The most super-fabulous, splenderocious, Mega-magnanimous event of the year. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Ray "Jamie Fox" Charles vs Mary "Mo’nique" Jones. Tyler Perry and the man that raped the woman in For Colored Girls. But first, let’s get the preliminary fights out of the way. I am still alive. I mean, I watched the movies "Precious" and "Ray" and For Colored Girls, and I am still here. That must make me a special kind of survivor - huh? I don’t feel compelled to shoot heroin or rape my daughter, so I must be special. My white neighbors still wave at me as they pass by. I don’t know what they are saying in their homes, nor do I care. A Precious lived down the street from me. The rumors and whispers surrounding the father of her children have stood the test of time. We called her father, Icewater. The other day I passed by the welfare office. I spotted several "Mo`niques" exchanging Newport cigarettes. I knew some of them – I waved and kept driving. I know several women that have been brutalized by the hands of men. In fact, last year, one was murdered by the hands of her lover. And check this, ol'boy had done it before. After doing a ten year bit, he got out and did it again. Now he's doing life. Let me continue. Last week I accompanied my granddaughter to her school. Ms. Cornrolls, the schools receptionist , greeted me with a smile. I returned the favor and threw in a hug. I’ve coached teenage thugs. I know their mothers and fathers. I am still alive. "Precious" and "Ray" and "For Colored Girls" are movies. Can we move forwards? Did Mo`nique kill the part of Precious Jones!? Did she not waver in that role? Wasn’t she the epitome of every abusive mother in the world. How about Kimberly Elise in FCG? Did she bring her A-game or what? Thandie Newton might not get an Oscar nod for her performance but she was the best whorish tramp that I've seen in some time. But wait, they were black women in despair, so we can't champion their roles, can we? Jamie Fox was Ray Charles. While watching "Ray" I witnessed Jamie morph into Ray Charles, one of the greatest R & B singers of all time. And remember, Ray Charles was a heroin addict. I wonder how many people bought a trey bag after watching that movie? In every detail, Mo`nique captured my vision of the quintessential angry, hostile, vicious, manipulative, cunning and insecure women. She took me there. And wait, Ray Charles was a womanizer. I wonder what the white man thinks about that. Well, no I don't. I understand Ray Charles addiction to heroin. I also understand the resentment Mary Jones had for her daughter, however, I do not condone either’s behavior. Yet, I am sure neither individual signed up for that road of ignorance. Therefore, I refuse to convict them for their character flaws or lay total blame at their feet, nor that of Lee Daniels, the director of Precious. Mary Jones said "I did what my mother told me". I few days ago, a friend of mine told me that Mr. So-n-So was a good man. I asked her how she knew that. She paused, then said "well, he had a good job and tired to show his son’s how to be men". I asked her if she’d ever been in his house. She said it was a dirty mess. She went on to say there were rumors of him abusing his wife. Rumors mind you, but she did notice his wife’s soft steps when in the company of her husband. My friend was married to this man’s son. She said he was the worst SOB she’d ever known. He abused her for 30 years. Opps, I shouldn't talk about that, right? Mo `nique (Mary Jones) did what her mother told her. She pointed a finger at Precious and said, "It’s this bitches fault, she made [my man] leave. She let him have her. She made him leave, who else is gonna love me!?". That damn Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry, they're always throwing that mess in our face, right? Wrong, the mess was already in our face, some folks just don't want to look at it. Jamie Fox’s portrayal of Ray Charles was one of the best performance I `ve seen in my lifetime. The scene in the welfare office with Mariah Carey (Ms. Weiss) and Precious was grand theater. Mo `nique’s acting in that scene was probably the best performance that I `ve ever witnessed by a black actress. No, not probably, it was the best performance I ‘ve ever seen. I’d argue against any contenders. Tyler Perry's latest effort may not be Oscar worthy, and truthfully, it's not. However, much of the criticism is pointed in the wrong direction. But really, and more importantly, what can we REALLY do to change the minds of those that love to swim in negativity? Think about that. And think about why I didn't give my overall review of For Colored Girls? Well, I'll tell you. This morning I talked about this movie for about 3 hours. I got strung out debating this movie with the poet laureate of our city. Really, that's her official title. So I had my hands full. Then my daughter called and it was on again. So I was worn out. But if you ask me a few questions, I can't tell a lie. Over 1000 people have read this post; 40 in the last hour and counting. Someone post it on facebook. Read 17 comments HERE: http://careycarey-ca...3.html#comments
  8. Troy, in reference to e-mail notifications, I just received the following(Nov 12th). I don't know how or why they chose certain ones but the following is an example. [The Root] Subject:Latest News: Disagreeing on 'For Colored Girls;' Plus, Rebecca Walker on How to Fix Obama's Problems.
  9. Troy, I may have lowballed the number of responses. In fact, I know I did. Now this is just a quess but I'd have to move that up to 50. Now, that depends on the topic. One time they closed the comment section after 50 responses. It was a post about Tyler Perry and things got kinda heated. But here is part of our conversation: "Sounds simple but I think some people are pissed off that I see movies way before they do for free at press screenings while they have to pay and sit through TV commercials and rude audiences. I saw Unstoppbale two weeks ago Also i think you're right that some people just can't take someone with a strong opinion which I find totally amazing. So what I'm supposed to keep quiet and just be nice all the time. Also remember that we have maybe 150, 000 regular readers so a few people who may be upset with what I saw are not even the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg" Troy, boards, blogs, comment sections are strange creatures. Messy gossip rules the day.... like reality TV.
  10. One more observation. A board needs moderation, and promotion. Some boards send out notices to past visitors via e-mails. Your board only does so on posts in which a person has previously left a comment.. Moderation holds down certain types of comments that tends to drive off those that do not wish to engage in wanton banter.
  11. "I've initiated some provacative posts and that actully does help, but it has to be a sustainted effort. I can't do it because I just don't the time and really the inclination to post controversial shit just for the sake of generating interest or traffic. That is what Black Planet does - and they do a great job." Troy, that about says it all. There has to be a sustained effort. From what I've noticed and experienced, that effort has to come from those that have a vested interest to participate. Yesterday I was talking to a writer from Ebony magazine. He's also a major contributor.to a film blog. Like The Root, the film blog has 6-7 major players, each with their own style and unique delivery. Not only do each of them write differently, they also engage the comment section (replies) differently. One might engage the readers in a combative tone, while another might simply acknowledge the comment without a major rebuttle. Anyway, I asked him why his posts seem to attract hecklers. He said, for the most part, they do it because they know he will respond, and people love the interaction. The women seem to love sister-to-sister talk. They are generally more polite to each other. But through it all, as you said, there has to be a sustained effort (imo). But this is what blew my mind. He said they have 150,000 readers, yet on some days, they may receive only 10 - comments. And check this, in that single day, there might have been 5-6 new posts(featured post, with images and everything), but yet, only 10 replies. Like you and Chris mentioned, there are hot button items that are sure to bring a crowd, but at what cost? Visuals are also a must, but you know that because you do a great job on your home page. Yet, one problem with your discussion board is location. I mean, a person has to find your board. Then the question is, why would a person take the time to search for it, or drop in? With other boards, they know exactly what they will receive because the contributing writers will be there. In short, everything you, Chris and lurker/soul sisterB mentioned is true, however, I believe the trump card is WHAT & WHY. What's a person going to receive when they get here? And, why should they (in their mind) stop by and leave a comment?
  12. Thanks Chris, That just about says it all. They know who they are.
  13. I am not doing you today, Cynique. Maybe you should go lay down and get some rest. Some folks might enjoy a laugh, and in such, take a departure from the ho-hum common opinion of Eddie Long and the black church. NOW, before you leave , don't let this post and the preceding one (nearly 1000 people have view them in the last 2 days) fool you. Many of the house niggas in several blogs that I've read, are being played played played. It's like someone yelled fired, locked the doors, and their dumb asses are trampling all over one another. If they would stop for just a second, they'd realize they're being used like a 5 dollar whore. For every Eddie Long church, there are thousands that have no resemblance to his! Most of the comments are coming from the mouths of pitiful pawns. Just like the fools up in Eddie's church, all of them are mimicking the voice of their master! Just like the puppet ass house niggas that DO NOT step out in the field, they cluster in the masters kitchen and talk about dem po niggas in the field. From what I've heard and read, most of the thick lipped negros do not even go to church, so why oh why are they vilifying the black church? Is it solely because of the actions of a few pander-ous pimps? Obviously, they are just talking out of their ass. There whimsical banter and opinions, are just as mis-directed and foolish as those that say all black people are thugs, triffling, on drugs, and have several children... because the media (massa) says so. Then, of course, the good old uncle tom house nigga, consciously or not, jumps up and says "YOU RIGHT BOSS, DEM NIGGAS SHO IS BAD" Look, Eddie Long and his type of church is not an anomaly, but they, by no means represent the millions of black americans in the USA. But of course, the house nigga, while he's washing Mr Charlies windows, looks out through his blue eyes, and say.... "LOOK MASSA, DEM NIGGAS IS AT IT AGAIN, AM SHO GLAD I'S NOT LIKE DEM. BY THE WAY MASSA.... WHEN YOU GONNA GIVE THIS GOOD NIGGA ONE MO GOOD FUC*IN? I'M JUST ASKIN' CUS I'S WANTS TO TELL THE OTHER DARKIES HOW GOOD IT IS UP IN HERE" Can't they see they are being pimped and played, just like the members of Eddie Long's church? Why don't they just sing all of Mr Charlie's favorite tunes? Hell, many of them are already sitting out on the lawn playing a banjo. If you listen real good, you'll hear... GIVE THE DRUMMER SOME: Remove the black church, remove the black man, and remove the NAACP. We don't need any of those organizations that have OUR best interests at heart. And while we are cleaning house, kick that black man out of that white house, they are all the same. Let's do it like massa because he knows what's best for us. Come on all of you field niggas, lets move into MASSA's house. There's no church up in here, only the devil.
  14. wow! There's so much going on in this discussion. Where do I start? Well, I could start with the minister's comments but that would take too long. His blanket discription of the black preacher and the black church was so deplorable that I can not repond in a respectful manner. Yet, more importantly, based on his opinion of the black church, he seemed to imply the that the downward spiral of the black american is directly related to some ambiguous misadventures in the church. I'mm left to do nothing but shake my head at such careless banter. On another note, I think we all can agree that there's a deep deep bottom that none of us we be around to witness. All this talkk about what "we" need to do, and what our youth "need" to do is like pissing in the wind. It's just a bunch of blusterous bullsh*t! There no real solutions on the floor, it's just talk. Having said that, I only have a few words for a few good women. I mean, I read in one of the comments, something about the trite phrase "there's no good men around". I know we've killed that issue, however, I have to put my spin on it (cuz that's what I do ). And, the rest of the other comments were too deep for me. And see, as bloggers, we talk a lot of sh*t, and sometimes we don't go back to see if our words left any lasting impressions, or if they rang true. And since we've talk about this current issue (many times), I am going to go back to see if I have to eat crow. **Pssst, get close to the screen so I can whisper something in your ear. Okay, I don't think I am going to have to eat my words on this one. Some women are very predictable*** Now I am not a relationship guru, yet I am a single black man in America, so it's natural that some things have been starring me right in my face. Well, it's become apparent to me that the majority of AALBC's readers are females, and so, maybe they can answer my questions, or decide if they are true or false. But see, I do not want to offend anyone, but I gotta do my thang. I mean, some may take this personally, but if nobody told you that they loved you, I do. Can I be serious for just a few moments? Is that okay? I just have a few questions that is burning in my soul. Tell me... Can a man be so undesirable that it's likely he will never find a good woman? I am leaning towards yes. Well, what about a woman - huh? Is it possible that some women will not be able to catch a man even if she was locked in a penitentiary with a thousand men? Silly I know - it is a stretch isn't it - but let me tell you a little story... I was lured to a woman's house. The particulars of that enticement are not important, but when I got there, things weren't right (I was there to conduct a business transaction that had nothing to do with sex). She lit a few candles and turned on some soft music. The look in her eyes told me she wanted something other than the purpose of my visit. But wait.... I didn't say why she really fired up the candles. It would be wrong for me to tell her business, but again, something was askew. This wasn't my first rodeo, so I shifted into auto pilot. Before I had a chance to lay down my magic to tell her why I had to rush away, she appeared from a darkened room. She wasn't wearing a damn thang, and things were still askew. When I grabbed my hat and shook out my coat, she said, "What?... you don't like sex?" Now I am not going to tell the end to that story (lol), but, is it possible that a man can be tricked into a relationship or be mislead, and thus, have the right to terminate it when he pleases? For instance, aside from the many other trickerations that woman employ, what good is a woman that can't cook - huh?! Somebody has to tell me, because isn't that like a car without tires? Where are we going? Where... to bed, then what? Okay, we're in the bed, we do the thang and then we're hungry. It's 3 am and there's no leftovers because she doesn't cook. I am sorry, but isn't that what prostitutes are for... hit it and be on with it? They don't cry about being dumped or used. We don't hear Sugar daddies expressing feelings of being manipulated. So why do so women believe the groove thang is the highway to heaven? I know I've taken a few liberties by embellishing a couple of small details, but this is a serious issue. Seriously, some woman are crying in the dark and I need to know why. I am of the opinion that a person gets what they give. I mean, granted, love is what love do, but a person can't find love with a fly swatter. Hold up.... I simply mean, birds of a feather seem to flock together. Consequently, if a person is drawing flies.....or alone, I seriously wonder why. I mean, at whose door should the be laid? I am relatively sure there are some women that agree with me. See, they see all the disguises women use, and hear their cries about the man waking up, and walking out - forever. Now see, all that unpleasantness could be averted if women didn't come through the door wearing a costume - out of season. Come on now, for real, that hair from South East Asia and Nicaragua, looks real good. Not to mention those push-up bras and fake eyelashes. I mean, those are disposable items and not a part of the original package. When those thangs come off, the game done changed. Thus, some men have to respond. They changeCheck Spelling right with it, and catch their hat - forever. Wouldn't it be easier for women to stop crying about being dumped, and instead, dump all the games. Cleaning her house would be a good start. Stop hiding men under her bed would be another great place to start. Stop looking for love in all the wrong place's... might be something to consider. And lord knows many of our black sistas get their tips on dating from TV. If they would just turn off their televisions and stop watching Tyler Perry, they might find Mr Right. But look, I am not trying to tell all my business, but a woman once told me she likes her pleasure without protection. I said, "damn baby, I ain't trying to be baby daddy # 4". She said she didn't mean she wasn't protected. She said she had her own thang. I told her I wasn't trying to be funny or disrespectful but..... "it appears your own thang has not been working". Then again, maybe it was working. I mean, what's up with women that have multiple babies by several different men? Is that what it takes for some women to keep men around. Seriously, this mess ain't funny, and Congress ain't talking about it, neither are most women. Don't believe me? Turn on Oprah and see what she's talking about. Turn on Dan Blather and see what he's talking about. Tyler Perry is talking, but who watches that coonery? We need to talk. Am talking about the real thang. I personally know some women who will not accept a man who does not earn a specific salary. Yeah, and then they holler... "There aren't enough good men!". To be fair, and honest, there are men with the same mindset. The begging question: Is that wrong? Hey, come on now, you know it, I can be broke and miserable by myself. Maybe it's me, but I am tired-tired-tired of hearing women moan when they ain't bringing nothing to the table but a groove thang, a funky attitude, or an unrealistic check list. Maybe it's just me but I have a sneaking feeling I am not alone. Trick & Treat is on October 30th of every year. but some women keep the mask on - year round. See, we need to talk, cause something just ain't right. Something just ain't right in the old hen house. Can we talk? Well, that's all I want to say on this subject. I don't know a damn thing about the Black Male Crisis, no,r what to do about it. But wait, I will say that racism has a very large foot in that door. Don't get it wrong, I am sure there are other issues that relate to our problems, yet, underneath all of that, sits the white man that's shaping and pulling all the strings. Hell, he even make money on black men that goes to prison. AND the beat goes on.
  15. Man, we can go on all night with this conversation, but check this. I saw one of Miles last performances in Grant Park (Chicago), for TEN DOLLARS!
  16. Lookie here, it's Always Lurking! You are truly a blast from the past! Gosh, you go back waaaaaay back. But every time I see your name I get upset because I never could figure out who you were, or what state you called home. Yep, I couldn't figure out if you were a man or a woman or a giraffe, and you still have me scratching my head
  17. Interesting story Xeon. For me, my brother gave me my first hit. He went off to college where he ran into some dudes from Jersey, they were there on music scholarships, and the rest is history. I wasn't into Miles at that time. In fact, I think James Brown was getting all my attention. But when I heard Miles, I was hooked. My brother continued to feed my addiction by sending me boot legged copies of other jazz artist. He was overseas where he could get those funny looking red and yellow LP's for 25 cents. Kind Of Blue continues to be my all time favorite, followed by a couple from Coltrane and West Montgomery. I am also a Eddie Harris fan. But wait, The Crusaders got a lot of my time.
  18. Since you mentioned Miles Davis, I think we should give the kids what I consider to be the best Miles Davis song of all time. this song takes me back to a very wonderful time in my life. So many memories. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hmNkLpiyoc
  19. Well, it looks like music is something we can agree on. And this one is a love song that does not have the words Troy spoke of. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIpMk4wyn9U&p=43FBAE0367E6F03C&playnext=1&index=48
  20. Listen Cyniqueka, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eigKNYoP4M
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