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  1. A question was asked:
    What do you want out of life?
    My reply
    To the individual, Knowing what you want is like knowing oneself, sometimes it doesn't happen in seventy years. Somestimes it happened when one is five years old. 


    To the group,the similar atemporal occurence is true. A group may not find its self in hundreds of years. A group may find itself in a  minute. But groups have added elements in knowing what y'all want. Unlike an individual a group doesn't have the luxury of singular trust, a group must have faith in its unique parts to survive whatever it wants. It also doesn't have the simplicity of individual philosophy. An individual can say, I believe but a group rarely has a philosophical cohesion throughout its body.

    Whether an individual or group, knowing what one wants is like knowing self, it is not determined by school age or determined by some lifestyle algorithm, it is unknown when it will happen. 

    I think a deeper question than knowing what one wants is knowing how to wait till you know. Many individuals or groups in their quest to know, don't act with patience or act with rigid philosophy or viewpoints. Before you know what one wants, one has to live not knowing what one wants. Every baby lives said life. All babies want is happiness of life and they have an open mind continually searching for who they are until they know. 

    How many individuals or groups are open minded?

    1. Delano


      Thank you.

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