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  1. A person asked: is black america really prepared to take on crypto?



    The questionner offered the pulpit to any, to say what they want, their initial question started with the black community, not black individuals. all the responses before my miniature reply in the post concern black individual actions. 
    What black individuals have money?

    What black laborers can afford to do? 

    The mindset of black individuals? 

    The financial opportunity of black individuals?


    The black community of the USA has a large quantity. tens of millions of people at least. The black community in the USA never had and has no centralized organization. So, the most raw, unhopeful, totally strategic, absent faith answer to your question is...

    The black community is not prepared in anyway to do anything


    Now, I like to be positive or functional. Black america is like white america like native america like latino america like asian americans. I can tell you with no doubt that in NYC, the russian/italian/white jews/white latinos/white rich/white dirt poor are not huddled together plotting and planning. I can tell you that the old chinese/new chinese/taiwanese/indians <from india>/koreans/phillipinos/asian rich/asian dirt poor are not huddled together plotting and planning. I can tell you the dominicans/puerto ricans/mexicans/colombians/latino rich/latino dirt poor are not huddled together plotting or planning. What is my point? no group in the usa is cohesive. Not one. The white community has power in their parts, that is how they have the illusion of unity. The white jew has media/ the italian plus irish have the law enforcement/ the russians do a lot of modern mob work. They each have their silos. Tentative peace with knives always ready.  Now I know the black community has a penchant for individuals in it to advertise our community as the only one not huddled together, but none are. The problem is, the black communities parts are less pleasant to each other. The haitian/jamaican/trinidadian/nigerian/south african/ yes the DOSers/ < my particular tribe> /Black asians <and all of their parts from india/phillipines et cetera>/black latinos and all of their parts from dominican republic/haiti/colombia/mexico and et cetera/black jews/black rich/black poor are less congenial to each other. We tend to fight more loudly with each other when we coalesce. But in our defense we have many problems. 

    Now that I have deleted the lack of a cohesive community argument, which tends to arrive with these questions as being a factor. 

    What is the positive or functional path?

    The question is, which group in black america is prepared or nearest prepared to invest in crypto currencies/dominate sectors of crypto currencies? 

    To that end, fiscally wealthy blacks are. But dominating a financial market as a small populace needs to have an agenda.

    When the dutch made the east india company, that started new amsterdam, that became new york, they did it cause holland has no natural resources and is surrounded, at that time, by center countries of enpires or their rivals. So the dutch realized the idea of a financial trading mechanism may give them a way to compete in between giants.  But, the dutch didn't realize that no matter how smart a little group is, a little group is still little on the battle field and in the end, holland was fanned away. 

    So, the sequent question after which group in black america is what is their plan upon success? What do they plan to do with the wealth from crypto? 

    Is the answer live it up? so...

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