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Tactical and Strategy games.

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Every gamer has different requirements for enjoying a game.

To meet those requirements they have made games that are:

Button mashers.

Highly graphical.

Artistic in design.

Story intensive.



Tactical and Strategical.

Those elements are then reused and placed into specific themes and genres. Sometimes done very well and sometimes done terribly.

My choice for game enjoyment is usually Tactical and Strategical.

because in games that are made to be Tactical and Strategical great attention can be given to the Art - Story - Graphics and intensity you will experience. Tactical and Strategical will have all of the very best elements without having to constantly press buttons. Which for me is always a good choice.

Games such as Sins Of A Solar Empire which wage war across multiple galaxies and require that you are capable of logistics and resource management as well as ETA of transit vehicles in route across multiple planets and while managing dozens of holding front line positions against no less than nine other factions who can inhabit over a hundred worlds. Well. That takes some serious chops. You will have to be focused. Which is easy to do with the excellent graphics and story which unfolds through your choices.

Then there are games like Zombie Defense. A game that pits you against a horde of Zombies intent on destroying whats left of humanity. With only you and your troops holding the line. Every decision matters. What is your priority?

Weapons? Income? Personnel? Support? Assistance? Command? Units? Your resources are limited. You cant do it all and you cant have it all. How will you hold the line? Can you hold the line?

Similar to that scenario is a game called rebuild. A post apocalyptic survival story driven choice game.

Or Invisible incorporated. A top of the line spy game that will test you to your limits and challenge every tactic you can come up with.

Also possibly having the best graphics and actions fro that type of a game.

My recommendation is always Tactical and Strategy first.

If you have a console I highly recommend X-Com in all of its incarnations.

I do also play other types of games which provide a completely different gaming experience. But that's another discussion for another TIME.

If you find any of these games to your liking or are interested. Give it a go. They are all turn based, and that means you can walk away, and come back to it whenever you need, or want to. Which makes them perfectly oriented for people who have responsibilities. People who would not be able to have any game-time at all. They are safe good clean fun for all ages.

soase1 the map.jpg

soase2 the ships.jpg

soase3 capital ships.png

xcom cover1.jpg

xcom gameplay1.jpg

xcom squad1.jpg

zd1 home screen.jpg

zd2 1st board.png

zd3 upgrades.jpg

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