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"...Black America continues to rot at the bottom of the American economic ladder."

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The following title summarizes a comment left on an article about the City Sun, a defunct Black-owned newspaper from Brooklyn NY.

"The City Sun was a racial toilet. It spewed anti-Semitic, Jew-hating, anti-Asian, anti-White bigotry. It was a racial cesspool of black bigotry which showed why black Americans in the ghetto can never make it: their leaders and informations sources are The Klan with a Tan."  Read the rest of the comment.

I actually approved the comment because maybe it will help people appreciate how important newspapers like The City Sun are...


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9 hours ago, Troy said:

Unfortunately, if it were not for trolls I would have very few comments being made on the website..

Ohhh!  wait that's right! When folks are  in agreement they rarely respond. The content has to be provocative and contrarian to get folks riled.

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@Troy , Why I’m devoting a year to helping black newspapers survive  by Regina H. Boone


Columbia Journalism Review  article Mentions AALBC...


"The African American Literature Book Club, which tracks independent, black-owned newspapers, counts more than 100 such papers, including the Richmond Free Press. "  


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Thanks Mel. How did you discover this article?


So while they mention this site by name, the Columbia Journalism Review choose not to link to the page they sited: https://aalbc.com/newspapers/ (and it was a choice).  The question is why did they chose not to link to the site?  


It is reflective of an over trend on the internet that depreciates all of our websites.


I just did a search on Black Owned Newspapers and AALBC.com came up first.  Here too you see Google front running the search results with links to their content (see screenshot below). Amazingly, I beat Wikipedia on this search.  Google seems to be backing off ranking Wikipedia number one on every search.  Still ranking first here means little, because less than 100 queries, a month are run on this term.


For the search term African American Newspaper, Wikipedia comes in first and AALBC.com comes in 5th, but here too this search term has low competition less than 1,000 searchs a month are run this term. Again after Google's own content and a 5th place position, which would normally be pretty valuable, is not likely to generate as much traffic as it should. Image if the site was on the 2nd or 3rd SERP... now you can begin to understand why optimizing for Google (which is really what SEO is all about) is so very critical.


I'll update my site to include any newspaper I may be missing however the discrepancy between the NNPA numbers and what I report currently less than 20, no where near 100 as the article seems to imply (I just dumped the information to spreadsheet and simply counted...).  The state of reporting today



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I just researched for a couple of hours the newpapers I was missing from the NMPA members (my list includes papers that are not memeber so my list a actually larger despite the reporting by CJR


I also only track newspapers that are still in print. several of the NMPA member are actually magazines or only have websites.  These are not tracked on my list.


There was anomalous data on the NMPA website, bad links and missing website, etc. I'll also take this time to review my links once I validate the rest of the NMPA member listing before adding them to my website.  There is anomalous data on both sites, but My data is better if you are interested in find Black owned newspaper still printing.  It will be better still after I add the missing papers and I have all the newspaper checked out so that the information displays the way my book site displays with website screen shots and additional information.


Here is a summary of the things I found so far

  • Mobile Beacon-Citizen was added they have a Facebook page but no website (I don't add links to Facebook from AALBC.com. Can a newspaper be taken seriously if they do not have a website?)

  • The CA based, Black Voice News, an NNPA member, is web based only www.blackvoicenews.com (I track only print newspapers, I've added the site to Huria Search)
  • The Bakersfield News Observer has a facebook page, but it's websites are down www.bakersfieldnewsobserver.com and www.observercorp.com (I'll add it anyway added it anyway)
  • The California Advocate they have mapped their domain, www.caladvocate.com to a Facebook page (just a terrible move for a newspaper!) I added the newspaper.
  • California Voice's website was for sale www.sunreporter.com and I can't find anything about the current state of the newspaper or what happened to I did not add it

  • L.A. Focus Newspaper nice site and newspaper added :)

  • African News Digest web site only only not added

  • African-American News (list on NNPA three times but they have one site and the paper appears to be the same in all three cities it was already in my database but counted once)

  • The Afro Times Brooklyn based Facebook page, no website (will be added)

  • Alexandria News Weekly stopped publishing in 1999 no website, no facebook page not added.

  • Atlanta Tribune now a magazine transferred from newspaper to the magazine page

Sparing you additional boring details you kinda get the picture.  Basically what I saw was a bit depressing. I'll have more once I review all of the information.


I should have been working on my newsletter instead of missing around this this newspaper stuff, but I my interest was peaked after reading the article.  Man if I don't get my newsletter out by tomorrow....


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