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harry brown

Black Fathers Day.

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Black .Fathers Day Greetings, To All The Responsible Black ,Fathers In Black Communities. .Black. Fathers  Involved In,Their Children Lives .Think  Troy Is A Father,Delano?Pioneer1?White,Media Likes To Show The Irresponsible Black Men On The News. Remembering Fathers That Are Deceased..Fathers,Who Children ,Family Grieve ,Because,They,Shot Dead By Racist White Police,Street Gangs. Fathers  Grieving Over Sons Shot Dead By Racist White Police,Street Gangs...Respect For Black Men Who Try To Be ,Positive Examples In The Lives Of Young Black .Males...

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Happy Father's Day to all the AALBC's community fathers!  

I only know for sure that @Troy is a father because I've spoken with his daughter :)  So a special Happy Father's day to you Troy!

 @Delano, You've mentioned you saw your children in your previous partner - therefore Happy Father's Day!

I believe @CDBurns  is a dad too Happy Father's Day!

 @harry brown, @Pioneer1 @richardmurray  Sending you all Happy Father's Day too. If you're not fathers, big hugs to you on this day anyway!

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I don't BELIEVE that I'm a father.
I used to travel a lot and I've had a lot of "flings" when I younger so the possiblity of fatherhood does exist, but so far....no suprises, lol.

But thanx Harry, Mel, Cynique and everyone else.

I'd also like to wish Del and Troy and CD a very happy Father's Day although I still put it in the same category as Mother's Day.
An unnecessary holiday invinted to make more money and placate the conscience of a guilty and gullible children.

I don't have a desire for marriage, especially monogamous marriage...but I DO have a desire to be a father.
However personally, I don't think it's very responsible to bring children into a world that isn't very promising for the average Black person and where our people collectively have become so powerless to protect and provide for them.

I take the role of being a father VERY seriously.
If God blesses me to bring life into this world I want to KNOW that I can provide for and protect them.

I can't say that Black men collectively have enough power in this society to do that for their children.  And the sad part is I don't see a major plan that the Black community...in America atleast...has to establish and safe, stable, and progressive society for our children to grow up in. Most seems to have children by accident, and those who PLAN and live responsibly often do so with White spouses.

If we as a community finally get it together, if I'm not too old I really want to participate and encourage other Black people of means to ADOPT Black orphaned children from both here and abroad.

I don't know what others are seeing, but for the past 5 or 6 years I've been seeing a lot of White gay/lesbian couples walking around with Black children that they've adopted and I'm trying to figure out what's going on.
Why of all the children a homosexual couple could adopt....do they seem to like adopting Black children?
And why are WE letting it happen instead of adopting them ourselves?


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My Aunt use to say any man can father a child, but not  every man is a good father.

Thank you, Mel. Ditto to Cynique.

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Thanks, @Mel Hopkins , I spent Father's day running around Cleveland with Maya.

@Pioneer1 , you can always copulate with a white woman and roll the dice that you'd have a white child.  Good white blonde-haired blue-eyed babies are a precious commodity.  In the rare instances when they are actually put up for adoption they are quickly scooped up by Hetero couple who are given priority.  Gay couples settle for what they can get unless they have money and desire for artificial insemination.  Black babies are a dime a dozen... (OK I just made all that up, but it sound plausible doesn't it).

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I think fatherhood must be TAUGHT.

It's part of civilization, it's not instinctual and must be passed down from father to son.

As much as I like America and the fact that the beauty of this nation is that we really have no offical established "culture"......sometimes that can be a problem.

Especially when most Asians, Latinos, and even some Whites come from strong cultures that re-enforce what the roles are for parents......while most Black American don't.

Atleast in Africa we had clearly defined roles and expectations for fathers, mothers, and children. And if you didn't meet them the entire community punished you for it.
You had rites of passage that clearly instructed you....there was no room for mistakes or confusion.

Today, there is so much confusion about what qualifies one as a "good father" in the Black community.
Similar to the discussion in the other thread about what it means to be a "good man".

There are no set rules or guidelines and AfroAmericans are often too powerless or timid to take bold social stands that would establish clear boundaries in our community for the role of parents, children, husbands, wives, ect....

Take just one example, spanking your child.
If we were a strong community we would declare our right to spank our children when necessary and wouldn't give a damn who didn't like it.

If the state or law enforcement got involved, they wouldn't get an apology from us or expect us to run off and hide to escape punishment.....but they'd get a verbal and legal confrontation!


A mother's little boy runs into the street and almost gets hit by a car.
So she spanks him on the spot.
A neighbor calls Child Protective Services and they come out to the house.

Now instead of hiding in the house or lying and crying claiming she didn't hit her child like most Black people do, imagine if she instead says:

"Yeah I spanked his ass.
And if he runs out in the street like that again and lives through it, I'm gonna spank him again....twice as long and twice as hard.
If you have a problem with it.....too bad.
But if you touch me or my children I'll make sure you're working at Home Depot this time next year and we'll backrupt the city doing it!
Now get off my property before I call the REAL cops on you."

Imagine if most Black people were that bold when speaking to "the system".

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