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How Facebook is Perverting Your Internet

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I posted the video below on my blog: How Facebook is Perverting Your Internet


The video does a great job, but absent the outrage, which The New York Times can't express, I'm not sure how effective this video can be.  Nobody really cares about some Nigerian selling a purse with the free data plan provided by Google.


When Facebook is goose stepping down mainstreet, slaughtering anyone who speaks out against them, then we'll care.  Then again we'll probably be on Facebook's side...




Winter is coming...


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What do you think is the ultimate goal of FaceBook and Amazon and Google?  is it really to diabolically turn the masses into victimized robots whom they can control?   Do these corporate giants actually want to mesmerize and enslave the minds of the population? If so, then what? 


Should I stay awake nights, worrying about people exploiting and being exploited  on the cyber highway, when this has been going on in the physical world  since ad infinitum?  Can I just scroll down FaceBook and read what interests me, and bypass what doesn't, stopping along the way to discuss and fuss, all the while being wary of any ad seeking to gain personal info about me.  The alternative to this is to delete a provocative pass-time in my daily routine, a diverting, and often amusing change of pace after I've engaged my mind in more enriching activities.   

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"Dear Black people: Facebook hates you. They are Racist as fuck! That's it. " sparked outrage in a conscious group on Facebook. Not enough of us see the importance of moving to Black media. Then Black people complain that Black websites don't have the people that white media has. Duh.. that's because they are on Facebook talking about group economics and building Black businesses. See how contradictory this thinking is? Black people will support Black businesses offline as much as they support them online. What we have is a love story between white and Black people. A love-hate relationship if you will. (Black people still fight for inclusion) In order to build Black businesses online and off, we must first have an interest in doing so. The interest isn't there. By all right, this site should be waaaay more popular and good content hear too. So why are Black people on white media? If they chose to support Black media, these conversations would be null and void, and advertisers would finally start paying Black websites what they are worth for advertising and take us more seriously. But our people make taking advantage of us... too easy!

I want to share this but the video played on youtube and not this page. Is it my internet or does this video not play here?

I need to upload a picture because when I share this story, it shares my picture by default.




Still sharing my image by default.

I had to remove preview.

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@NubianFellow, all you have to do, to embed a youtube video, is to post the link.  It will automatically embed--unless you tell it not to.  I'd like to see the video.


As we speak, I'm researching the top Black owned websites.  The subject is really worthy of a book.  


Here is a a video of a website I stumbled across in my research they are not Black owned, but their story follows a very similar trajectory as mine.  We started at the same time.  The only difference is they grew much bigger. Not only is there site https://www.naturallycurly.com/ killing AALBC.com, but they are killing most other Black owned sites.



It was a well done video, but honestly it was hard for me to watch, I was actually envious of their success.  Now I know more people care about hair than books, but sheesh...


I agree with you on many accounts, but Black websites like mine struggle not only because Black people won't support it.  In fact I'd argue the website is still alive because of Black people.  There are plenty of readers, willing to support a Black owned site. But the competition from social media is fierce and Google is a very flawed.gatekeeper.


Check out this graphic below; it is indicative of the traffic for several websites including my own.  What it shows is the impact of the Google's "Panda" algorithm update in 2011.  My website's traffic dropped 75% in a single day. It took me a full 6 years to recover what I lost.  2017 will be the highest level of traffic ever, but imagine if I were not needless penalized for what I argue is a terrible decision on Google's part.


I hung around but MANY Black websites, already struggling, were utterly destroyed--most never knew what hit them.  In desperation, many fled to social media to regain an audience. 




@Cynique, Google's goal is to get everyone on Earth addicted to their applications to make as much money as conceivably possible regardless of the damage they cause.  I understand you don't see much cause for concern. most people don't.  But if that video did not cause you to think about about how Facebook is adversely impact not you personally, but all of us, then I'm sure there's anything I can possibly say to make a stronger case.

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Facebook serves 2 major purposes:

1. It's making this and future generations COMFORTABLE in having their privacy violated and eventually abolished.

Little is "private" today and each generation seems to be more and more willing to publish their private information online.

2. It's doing the same thing ONLINE to this generation of Black businesses that college education did OFFLINE to Black businesses a few generations ago......

Just like generations ago when Black people owned their own businesses and employed themselves, college education came along and convinced Black youth to abandon entrepreneurship in exchange for a degree and a corporate job........

Today Facebook is convincing Black people to stop buying and managing their own websites and just put everything on Facebook.

How many Black people actually own their own domain and website today?
Everything is on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.  Even Soulfood sites and menus are on Facebook.....so you have to have a Facebook account of your own just to check out the resturant down the street.

White people KNOW how to tap into Black laziness and exploit it.

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