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Black Women Are Beautiful Naturally

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8 hours ago, Delano said:

Clearly you haven't updated a faulty position. 

So rather than actually answering the question....(or admitting you don't know of any)....you resort to making baseless assertions.
Why am I not surprised?

If my position is "faulty" then instead of merely making the claim and moving on, PROVE it with a list of Black nations with more functional societies than China.

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On 3/17/2019 at 7:50 AM, Pioneer1 said:

You may believe simply reproducing and making more Black people to fill up this planet will be the key to our success, however if those Black people aren't raised properly with the proper frame of mind....the only thing they'll do is just bring more death and destruction not only to the Black race but to the planet.


@Pioneer1 Yes, I understand this, but isn't this what other people of all kinds and cultures do too? I agree Black people should reproduce 'responsibly' but due to the natural issue regarding 'reproduction', would be why Big Governments have to have a legal system in place to deal with irresponsiblity. Unfortunately for Black AFrican people, the governments in the world seems to strike out against controlling 'Bad Black Behavior' but these systems also have to deal with the bad behaviors of other people too. Therefore, maybe we should focus our attention on education too, and not just trying to stop reproduction; quantity. 

On 3/17/2019 at 7:50 AM, Pioneer1 said:

When I look at not only the AfroAmerican community in the United States but also the Black communities on the continent of Africa, I see certain similarities of poor Black people who can barely take care of themselves having many children hoping "some" of them turn out ok but for the most part not carefully planning and designing their families.


yes, again, I say it should be about education and not just 'hoping'.


On 3/17/2019 at 7:50 AM, Pioneer1 said:

Although China is far from the model or ideal nation, I believe the Chinese had the right idea to limit their births to only one per family UNTIL they were able to properly organize their nation and take care of everyone. Before they started it they were suffering from SEVERE famine and poverty problems.
I've heard they lifted that 1 child limit now that their nation is doing better economically.
Perhaps some African nations and the AfroAmerican community should take notes.....but that's just my personal opinion.


lol, I don't know too much about China but, from the little that I have learned, that limit of having two children caused a lot of problems that may have been suppressed by the government. I don't have an opinion about this issue of 'over reproduction' in so far as a solution but, when I think about this, I think about the foundations of these big governments and how they used this issue to their benefit and how their long range plan is what we are facing today... prison system and what not! I think at some point in the past, certain governments came up with a plan to deal with the natural aspect of 'reproduction' and now, we are seeing the ramifications of their actions. So again, I think that we need to be educated on this wise and understand how governments have worked to control the masses and then maybe we might have better peace about this situation. Quality is definitely better than quantity, but this issue is connected to the government, imo.






On 3/17/2019 at 7:50 AM, Pioneer1 said:

The Native Americans were far superior to Caucasians in sheer numbers, but how well did they stand up against a cunning and better organized force who came with an AGENDA and a determination to carry it out?


Yeah, and AFrican too. Invasions. These people were not prepared for an organized invasion, so their masses were affected, but today, I think we should focus on getting a better understanding on these past happenings with regards to White Supremacy.

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