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Joe Biden believes in Equality, Fairness and Healthcare for all

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Joe Biden really ticked off Republicans  in his first State of the Union Speech.

He stressed Equality, Fairness, healthcare and wants to push to cure all cancers and lower prescription medicines. He is not interested in giving free crack pipes to anyone. This is the delusion of Trump lovers.

Unlike Trump, Biden can actually boast of his job creation record. Trump cannot. Because Trump left the Oval Office with less people working than when he first arrived.

Under President Biden, Covid-19 is in full retreat. Because Biden’s administration took to this dangerous virus seriously. Republicans and those who worship Trump opposed vaccines and mask mandates and had no problem getting ultra-violent over it.

I am certain in coming days the GOP will whine and complain of CRT destroying the country, how true equality is wrong headed and that corporations should be free to avoid paying taxes. 

And street crime? Most of it is gun related and caused by mentally ill people. Biden is not a nutty Progressive. He's in favor of full funding of police. And it's the Democrats who want to curtail the sale and ownership of guns. The GOP? Not so much. 

Biden is not responsible for Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine despite the rants of the addle-brained. That's kind of funny because the White House did not order the Russian military to cross the Ukrainian frontier.  And one thing about Biden - he's not weak. 

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I thought POTUS Papa Joe Biden (PJB) did very well in his 1st State of the Union (SOTU) address. He was clear in his message. 


I hope that POTUS PJB will be able to accomplish a few more things beneficial to the country before the midterm elections especially if the Democrats lose the House. 


More importantly, I would like to see elected leaders on both sides of the aisle working in the best interests of America instead of catering to their paymasters, er,  special interests. 😎

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I agree on all counts, ProfD. But I don't hold out much hope for a lot of bipartisan efforts.

We will see what happens with the SCOTUS nomination of U.S. Appeals Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson.

If Judge Jackson can be confirmed with the minimum of animosity, then we got a shot at bipartisan legislative work. 

Three House Republicans voted against the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Bill, one of them on the grounds the measure might curtail "free speech." 

The anti-lynching bill must still be introduced for a vote in the Senate, if Mitch McConnell allows this.

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Anti lynching !!! Are you kidding me. Whens the last time a black person was lynched??. Its almost funny. We do a great job at killing one another, we dont need to worry about white people killing us.

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Lynch is synonymous to murder at the hands of white folks killing innocent black folks.  Our brother and sisters wrongfully killed by white cops were lynched.  Same goes for the innocent black folks killed by a white racist in the Tops Supermarket in Buffalo.😎

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They had an opportunity to give this nation Universal Healthcare back in 2009 and 2010.....but didn't do it.
They didn't even talk about it.

What Joe Biden SAYS he believes and what he ACTUALLY believes could be as different as night and day.

This is why I think we need to grow OUR OWN grassroots politicians and send them to Washington D.C. with a very specific agenda; instead of relying on these established career liars who already have their own agendas.

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