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Caucasian Man Admits They Start Black On Black Crime As A Tactic

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White folks who appear to be going against the grain as it relates to white supremacy are suspects. 


The question should be asked, what's motivating that guy to spill the beans with regard to white folks instigating black on black crime. 


I'll go with dog-whistling for $200. 😎

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I often have the same reaction.
When I hear a White man/woman spilling the beans on what the rest of his comrades are doing or have done, I get a little suspicious of his motives.

Is this some sort of strategy of deception?
Did he get fucked over by one of his organizations and is now doing this out of revenge?

But at the end of the day, the most important question for me is:  Is what he's saying TRUE or not?  And how much of it is?



I keep saying over and over again that if a White person REALLY wants to help end racism and help us.....then put down those sissy signs and stop all of that marching and clapping and singing and crying fake tears.
If you REALLY want to help us....stand up on stage and give us a full run down of the tricks and schemes your people have used to exploit and abuse our people.

So regardless of his motives, IF what he's saying is true....and I believe it is even if he's only telling part of the story....I'll take the truth of what he's saying and use it.
I'd rather him say it than keep it to himself.

Like that book Behold a Pale Horse.....
He told a lot of half-truths but he did expose a lot of what White folks were doing to the Black community too.

Infact, I think the South African government should PROTECT this man and collect his information for further examination and use.

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