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Dear Readers, 

I tend to enjoy reading various articles on writing , the industry, the concepts, et cetera. parallel to craft articles. These topics can be fun or engaging. As some of you know, I have a controlled electronic footprint, meaning, I don't keep old posts. This blog never had fifteen posts and never will cause I don't like ejunk. But, I realize, aside my posts to what I created and create, I need a post to just chit chat if you will. So this post will serve that function, through its comments I will posts various topics concerning writing. 


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Recommended Comments

I compose books exclusively through Kobo writing life, set up DRM rights to myself, make my own covers thus, duplication or public domain issues or cover copyright issues are absent in my work. Metadata I am careful about and double check on everything I have from audio to the ebook itself. 
The only issue I can have that I have yet to test myself is erotica. In some stories I have written, grand abuse/assault was described, but that, to me, is not erotica. To me, erotica has to have the lustful in a fornicative sense. To lust is to desire above the healthy, it can be any thing. But, fornicate lust, which is not procreative lust, is to desire things that bring the arousal or attempted arousal in fornication. 
What are your thoughts? @sabine ziyaI know you are working in the erotic genre so i ponder?

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Using the steps below, let us make a story together. I will start off with the inciting injury, named after the steps, and you do the immediate treatment and someone else the definitive and...? 


The Inciting Injury: the moment and manner in which the character gets hurt.

The Immediate Treatment: what the character does in the moment to feel better and avoid further injury.


The Definitive Treatment: when the character receives care which ultimately begins their healing process.

The Rocky Road to Recovery: when the character faces challenges relating to their new disability and how they cope with those problems during healing.


The Big Test: the moment when a character must overcome a greater challenge related to the global plot – while still recovering from their injury.

The New Normal: when your character’s final degree of disability becomes apparent. They can have No Disability, a Partial Disability, or be Totally Disabled (for the affected body part).

The Inciting Injury: Elsa Robinson, grandmother or lingerie fashion model, fifty six year old, walking along a dark street in the urban core to her boyfriend's house. Sprain her ankle when she step on a pebble in her diamond studded stilettos. 
The Immediate Treatment: SOMEBODY !?


*I quote the article* So remember this very basic fact: Writers write. If you’re not writing, you’re not a writer. So go back to your laptop or notebook and just write. Stories will come. Your craft will improve. Life and the universe will conspire and one day you’ll wake up and be a professional writer with an actual career.
This won’t happen if you don’t write.


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*Question* have any of you considered writing in another language beside english? I have a plan to publish in another language, nothing long winded though, something tiny but... what say you?  The world is a circle, and multilingualism is a tool. Money is out there, but it does not always speak english.  Question, what language would you like to see a story from you in ? name the story side the language ? 
*Your thoughts* ? 


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Strong commentary on the commonly called "social media". It is mirror world. When an author is not well known electronic communication venues can aid while they do not guarantee attracting an audience. The potential audience or craft buyers using electronic communication venues, I don't say social media cause all media is social <newspaper articles, old fashioned radio,anything where a message can be presented through>, are assaulted secondly from various advertisement. Thus, in my experience, getting those more popular on electronic communication venues to present your work is the best for the not well known. Oprah's book club Beyonce giving kudos are prime examples. If Barack Obama say he likes a particular non profit organization that advertisement is priceless. When you are well known, all media is good cause people know you so getting your information out is only a positive. 


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If you are on Kobo and not on helloreads yet, check out this information. They have a form to submit to Helloreads. I made a helloreads page which aside my goodreads page. I don't use enough but they are present. I am trying to use AALBC moreso than any other profile. So, if you are not on either, that is fine but we should connect. if all the aalbc members connected on every other platform in a group or individually that would make us a block. 

NOTE: a link to posting a kobo work on helloreads is used, consider it

My HelloReads https://www.helloreads.com/richardmurray

My GoodsReads https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/189838.Richard_Murray


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how about an AALBC community book? 
The author to the article describe what he thinks are good methods for a bundle. 
1. One theme or one general theme, so Valentine's day, romance. 
2. Authors that are willing, initiated; and a way for them to be connected. I suggest connecting on AALBC.
3. Contract should exist between parties for royalties or contral rights.
4. Marketing must be outwardly and consistent. 

Possible ideas *Please Suggest Before You Read Mine* this year no one did anything for black solidarity day. I saw it on my calendar and I did not make any mention to it, to see what happened. 
In light of that, I want to honor black solidarity, which as a celebration in the black community in the usa is functionally pan black, globally. Juneteenth is specific to black people whose forebears who were in enslaved in the usa, like me. Kwanzaa is a solstive celebration that reference black african culture, which is my forebears. But, what if you are black and your forebears were not enslaved in the usa, like in ethiopia. what if you are black but not from african descent like some native people in the american continent, like some tribe in south america, or like some in each sector in asia. Black Solidarity is not about any particular tribe in the village, it is about all the tribes, being solid in themselves and making a solid union on earth. 
Sequentially, I see a title, tentative
Happy Besooned Black Solidarity Day Stories 
or something with Black SOlidarity Stories in it

I will suggest my following ideas to the itenerary listed below, please do likewise or similar. 
1. Theme
2. Author
3. Contract
4. Marketing  

1. Theme - Black Solidarity obviously, each story much contain positive black solidarity in some way or fashion. I think it need to be a short length. Flash fiction to short story, no epics or the novel needed to be written. 
2. Author- each other a member of AALBC with their profile page as proof
3. The book is free, so this makes it a matter of want in the first place. I am willing to be the steward to whomever trust me. I will share the ebook through email to each member that I load. 
4. Marketing, if each contributor post a link once a week to the page, the number of contributors will dictate the effect of the post
what say you?

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a half hour audio listen but good thoughts. I have no estate plan, to be blunt. I realize that could be devastating if an edgar allen poe happen to me:) but... a good listen overall

The audio- you can listen too

RAW LINK http://traffic.libsyn.com/kobowritinglife/KWL_Podcast_EP_095_EstatePlanningforAuthors_with_MLBuchman.mp3


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The way the article author composed her prose made me think of glengarry glen ross. Enjoy:) my modulation <did I succeed in gender neutrality or environmental change:)?> and then read the article.

Lacy Williams: ...S-M-A-R-T. Smart Marketing Art Retailers Tracking - Smart - Are you smart enough to listen? Marketing - You want to market? I know you do, or you'll keep living day to day. Art- Will you create for Christ's sake. Retailers - Be their pusher or give them free views, and Tracking.... S.M.A.R.T. Be smart you fools, the whole worlds online. You think they stay online to only view porn? An addict doesn't want yesterday's candy everybody gets, they always want something sweeter only you will provide. They are at home waiting to buy your book. Are you gonna get them? Are you adult enough to take them? What's the problem,pal? You- commenter.
Commenter: Your such a hero, your so successful, how come your around this blog wasting your time with a bunch of bums? 
Lacy: You click on this website? you click on this website?
Commenter: yeah.
Lacy: This website cost more than your car. I made two million last year. How much you make? You see, pal, that's who I am, and your nothing. Nice person? I don't give a shit. Good parent? Fuck you! Go home and play with your kids. You wanna write here- close! ,You think this is abuse? You think this is abuse, you cocksucker? You can't take this, how can you take the abuse from writing a book? You don't like it, quit! I can start right now, tonight, with the first draft you've got and make myself fifteen thousand. Tonight! In two hours! can you? Can YOU? Go and do likewise. S-M-A-R-T. Get mad you spawn of bitches, get mad. You want to know what it take to write great books? It take a BRASS BALL to write great books. GO and do likewise, folks. Money's out there. You pick it up, it's your. You don't , I got no sympathy for you. You wanna sit on those chairs tonight and close, CLOSE. It's yours. If not, your gonna be getting my groceries. And you know what you'll be saying- a bunch of losers tweeting, alone in their home. Oh yeah, I used to be a writer. It's a tough racket.... 

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Hi Richard for those interested in a physical copy maybe I can help make this happen.  Let me read through the information you have shared here what you have shared here.

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@richard, hmmm, my book has fornicative element, but nothing like what the kobo content policy...although I wonder if they think I'm promoting hate by bringing up history of white people's atrocity towards melenated people. Someone had brought up that if one's book doesn't fall in the erotica element, it will anger folks. I have 6 scenes that is fornicative and explicit, but I found out Fifty Shades has 14... I'm not sure if my story falls along the erotica line. My book is 18 plus content. I don't want to anger folks if it's labeled erotica and it's not in the strict sense.

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@sabine ziya As always, the best thing to do is submit your work to any publisher when the time comes. You have to be pure to your story and then , resubmit it accordingly if need be. I checked fifty shades of grey, it is listed as contemporary or romance so... at least in kobo you can categorize your work as such. but you should check the publisher you will use for your book 

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 *Lotte Reiniger*  films #silhouette mastery , enjoy 
1919 – The Ornament of the Lovestruck Heart  - Das Ornament des verliebten Herzens
1920 – Amor and the Steady Loving Couple - Amor und das beständige Liebespaar
1921 – The Star of Bethlehem - Der Stern von Bethlehem
1922 – Sleeping Beauty - Dornröschen
1922 – The Flying Suitcase - Der fliegende Koffer
1922 – The Secret of the Marquise - Das Geheimnis der Marquise
1922 – Cinderella - Aschenputtel
1926 – The Adventures of Prince Achmed (feature) Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed
1927 – The Chinese Nightingale - Die chinesische Nachtigall
1928 – Dr. Dolittle and His Animals (3 parts: "The Journey to Africa", "The Monkey Bridge", "The Monkey Illness") - Dr. Dolittle und seine Tiere
1928 – The Seemingly Dead Chinese- Die scheinbar toten Chinesen
1930 – Chasing Fortune - Die Jagd Nach dem Glück
1930 – Ten Minutes of Mozart - Zehn Minuten Mozart
1931 – Harlekin - Harlequin 
1932 – Sissi
1933 – Carmen
1934 – The Stolen Heart - Das gestohlene Herz
1935 – The Little Chimney Sweep - Der kleine Schornsteinfeger
1935 – Galathea: The Living Marblestatue - Galathea: Der lebende Marblestatue
1935 – Kalif Storch - the Stork Caliph
1935 – Papageno <refer to : the magic flute> 
1936 – Silhouettes (animation scenes) - Silhouetten
1936 – Puss in Boots - der gestiefelte Kater
1937 – The Tocher. Film Ballet - the daughter 
1938 – The HPO – Heavenly Post Office - Himmlische Post
1942 – Girl of the Golden West (writer) - Una signora dell'ovest
1944 – The Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs - Die Gans, die die goldenen Eier legt
1951 – Mary's Birthday - Marys Geburtstag
1953 – The Magic Horse -Das magische Pferd
1954 – Aladdin and the Magic Lamp - Aladdin und die Wunderlampe
1954 – Caliph Storch
1954 – Cinderella
1954 – Puss in Boots
1954 – Snow White and Rose Red - Schneewittchen und Rosenrot
1954 – The Frog Prince - Der Froschkönig
1954 – The Gallant Little Tailor - Der tapfere kleine Schneider
1954 – The Grasshopper and the Ant - Die Heuschrecke und die Ameise 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6H4kUKtgNs - not original soundtrack 
1954 – The Little Chimney Sweep  - Der kleine Schornsteinfeger
1954 – The Sleeping Beauty - Die schlafende Schönheit
1954 – The Three Wishes - Die drei Wünsche
1954 – Thumbelina - Däumelinchen
1955 – Hansel and Gretel - Hänsel und Gretel
1955 – Jack and the Beanstalk  - Jack und die Bohnenstange
1961 – The Frog Prince - Der Froschkönig
1975 – Aucassin and Nicolette - Aucassin und Nicolette
1979 – The Rose and the Ring - Die Rose und der Ring

if you have a link to one question marked please share


 *The Work of Michel Ocelot* _mostly online, viewable_  
Kirikou And The Sorceress film
Princes and Princesses film - all the episodes from the series Cine si except one
Kirikou and the Wild Beasts film 
Azur & Asmar: The Princes' Quest film 
Kirikou and the men and the women
DRagons and PRincesses series information

The Insensitive Princess series

The three inventors short film
La Légende du pauvre bossu - the legend of the poor hunchback - short film 

Short Films listing- The Three Inventors /Daughters of Equality /The Legend of the Poor Hunchback/ The Four Wishes /The Wedding Guest


If you like the animation style
check out the house of christmas

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 #GETOUT was labeled a comedy by the oscars. Forget about the purpose to why that labeling was done. Artistically, how do you define GET OUT and how can it be labeled a comedy?   @sabine ziya @Neftali Rivera Jr @Mel Hopkins


I define get out as a suspense thriller. It can be deemed in the science fiction mold through the mental paralysis but I think it is not complicated. The complication in get out is not the general plot or the science fiction. It is the wrapping, about black white relations in the usa that is unique and that is the biggest hurdle in classification. if the entire plot involved white people and did not have the concept of white people trying to obtain black bodies in the larger context to the usa. Texas chainsaw massacre- the brood- all deal with similar plots involving white people who harm others through similar means in the film. They key is black people are never in the story. If anything, they are white on white crimes. The legacy/history in the u.s.a. from white on black crime is massive or well documented while not treated as valuable or worthy in films, which are the modern book. So few people see films that are not historical fictions where white on black crime ix exhibited. And thus, the definition to get out is a thriller that utilizes elements from film noir side science fiction. 

To the comedy label, i know how. the movie does have funny aspect. yes the line i always love is the , she licking your balls and shit. The best friend to the main character is the comic relief, while he serves a greater function as the hero. It is not a comedy though. But I comprehend why oscars did it. The reality is, a movie that displays criminal white behavior from fiscally wealthy/violent/liberal whites to completely innocent or peaceful black people is something that was never done before in the usa, in a relatively big budget film. Get Out if a student film does not have the accessible audience. but cause it could reach a larger audience the themes in it are for white people , unknown in the usa. White people are never criminals like this to black people in a film. it is that simple. I think about movies I have seen, I can not recall many white antoganist to a black protagonist. Film versions of Othello/brother from another planet ; enemy mine or star trek do not count as the inhuman nature to klingons or the creature louis gossett junior played. 

Story wise, the truth is, the system is not perfect in the film. by default the part that remain from the original people is an echo that by defacto has to continually be suppressed. and the chores are the method to continually repress them, thus the other members are enslaved to the armitages. 


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No the film is certainly not a "comedy," despite the comic relief that you described. 


I had no idea the Academy called it a comedy, I don't really follow the awards. I just ran a few queries, but i don't see any indication that it was described as a comedy. Can you share a link.

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7 hours ago, richardmurray said:

Artistically, how do you define GET OUT and how can it be labeled a comedy? 


@richardmurray , I haven't seen Get Out but from the clips I've seen and the reviews I've read, it appears to be satire comedy.   Not comedy in the traditional sense where the protagonist prevails and has a happy ending.  The type of satire comedy that looks at the absurdity of the situation and accents it with  humor.    

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@Mel Hopkins  I think you hit the problem on the head.  If you take Get Out and replace all the black characters, for which only five exist <outside the black cops>, and replace them as white you have a plot that is part wicker man <original or nicholas cage>/manchurian candidate/the strangers. Nothing plot wise was not done before: mental manipulation to a protagonist to serve the agenda of a financially affluent shadow organization, white female antagonist who acts as a bait to the male protagonist, a deadly set of whites <use lethal force> in a white suburban area.  The protagonist side his friend are the only steady black characters. the black cops were only used to show how impotent black law enforcers will be , which is no other than white  law enforcers in similar scenarios in films, ala halloween 2 and law enforcement mocked donald pleasance.  The white grandmother and grandfather and a white man who bought the brother in the opening scene inhabit three black characters bodies who are only expressed through moments of mental stress or the flashlight which break the mental hold, like when the black maid starts to cry after the male protagonist says i am only nervous around so many white people. Thus, three from the five black character are never fully exposed. My point being the plot is not absurd, as white violence to blacks in the usa is if anything a statian tradition. but a film that display white people who are fiscally wealthy/country side folk <not exactly urban elites>/who have no visible danger to them<like the texas chainsaw folk> abusing or murdering many black people in the most complete way is what the golden globes wanted to deem a comedy. If the cast is all white then like wicker man/manchurian candidate/the strangers/halloween the film is a thriller, suspense thriller. If having a character that speak in a buffoon manner dictate you are a comedy then transformers 4 is a comedy, mark wahlberg's friend. Some say the beginning of the film is funny but the opening scene isn't funny but honest. Black people do speak like that in white communities at night. And law enforcement may not like it, but too many missing cases in the black community in new york city exist to suggest Get Out is falsifying how law enforcement work to missing cases in the black community. But, when you see the film. Below is the scripts enjoy the reads, apologize for the format issues. 


The movie script 



This is an early script, it varies from the movie in vital ways, and to be honest, i can see as an earlier script, the rewriter gave it a more neutral ending and softened some of the character interactions. I wonder your thoughts to the variance.  your thoughts @Neftali Rivera Jr @sabine ziya @Maame Dede @Cynique @Uniquelymade7


from here http://scriptslug.com/scripts/get-out

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