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  1. Came across a channel I haven't seem before. It seems to be very positive and is geared towards African Americans doing positive things. Also have notice some listings of family movies. I'm not sure who's over this channel but it's the best one I have seem so far. Big improvement over BET [and others]. It appears that Magic Johnson is one of the founders. http://www.aspire.tv/ http://www.aspire.tv/people
  2. Lord please spare me from what white women do and what men want to see, Amen. Pioneer aren't you the one around here always quoting scripture, lol!
  3. About The Book Author Richie Jean Sherrod Jackson has penned her first book The House by the Side of the Road The Selma Civil Rights Movement which tells the amazing story of how an African American educator’s home became the headquarters for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Selma Civil Rights Movement. Her story chronicles a journey from childhood growing up in Alabama during the 1930′s leading up to the 1965 Civil Right’s campaign in Selma, Alabama. The reader will learn about the history that was made in her home she shared with her husband, Dr. Sullivan Jackson and how together they provided their friend Martin Luther King, Jr. and other key figures of the Selma movement a safe haven during this turbulent time in our country’s history. Read about never before revealed accounts from a woman who witnessed history being made from behind the scenes. The author takes the reader into her home and shares with the world the personal side of leaders who were on the forefront dedicated to peace, nonviolence, justice and equality. Over the years since the Selma movement the author has been featured in numerous television documentaries, books and articles and today her home contains many pieces of original furniture that filled the house during that time. One such historical object is the author’s dining room table which the two first African American Nobel Peace Prize winners sat down to discuss plans for the Selma to Montgomery march. This book was written by an educator to inform the reader about this country’s struggle for voting rights and also help to create a continuing discussion on how a true democracy is dependent on the fundamental right to vote for all it’s citizens. The author also shares a fascinating story of growing up in the racially polarizing South and the amazing journey that lead her to occupy The House By The Side Of The Road. The Road of Life Binds Us All Together-Richie Jean Sherrod Jackson http://thehousebythesideoftheroad.com/
  4. Gone but definitely not forgotten, lol!
  5. Bitching some truth, although I did not agree with his pro republican comments. As far as I am concern the democrats and the republicans are all the same. Pioneer, concerning that seedy eyed character white guy you mention... 'truth is sometimes stranger then fiction." Sounds like someone on this thread voted for Obama, lol! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96d_CzrfxsM
  6. Although I have never read any of his books, I am familiar with him.I had not heard of his passing from any other source but here. Thank you Troy for AALBC. You and this forum are very much needed and appreciated so much. I must check out some of Chinua Achebe books and writings.
  7. This is a very sad case of black on black crime in too many of our neighborhoods. If the culprits had been white, there would have been an uproar with Al Sharpton and Jesse leading the damn march.
  8. This organization was founded for this purpose: http://blackandmissinginc.com/cdad/index.cfm
  9. I definitely trusted Hugo Chevez over Obama. I agree with Cornel West who called President Obama a republican in black face. It is beginning about now to look like Obama was put into 'power' to finish what Bush started. We are being duped. This brother make some good points in this video although I don't agree with him calling people stupid:
  10. Leonard Cooper & His Fro Wins Jeopardy’s Teen Tournament February 14, 2013by Yesha Callahan Throughout my teens years I was obsessed with Jeopardy. Every night at 7:30 p.m., family members knew where to find me. I sat in front of the television and competed against the other contestants. My friends and family were amazed with how much useless information (which is what they called it) I knew. As I watched the teen tournament this week, I had my money on Leonard Cooper, a 17-year-old high school senior. Not only did he have a charismatic personality, he had the brains to go along with it. The Jeopardy Teen Tournament final is a two-day event, the scores are combined from both nights and the person with the highest total wins. Leading up to the final Jeopardy question, Cooper hit the daily double, and he went for broke. Oddly enough, the question was a pretty simple one about Twelve Angry Men, so he was able to wipe his brow after he correctly answered it. Then there was Final Jeopardy and this happened: http://www.clutchmagonline.com/2013/02/leonard-cooper-his-fro-wins-jeopardys-teen-tournament/comment-page-6/
  11. I don't totally disagree with you [esp.on no.1]....another reason why men should take their responsibility for their family and offspring seriously,and stop leaving all or most of the resposilbilities to the women. This is a serious injustice. The good ole boys club can be any race...its basically a bunch of scroundrel 'men' who support each other in their wrongdoing.
  12. What a sexist comment from the both of you. The 'good reverend' has a history of cheating on his wife, this was not the first time. Only this time he got caught with his pants down.The deed has been done and the very least he can do is man up and take care of his child. This is not about the good ole boys coming to the rescue of one of their own but about the responsilbility and well-being of this child.
  13. This video reveal more details on how and who contributed to the drug epidemic in the black community we see today. This brave journalist was later found dead.
  14. I have never cared for the 'strong black woman' label either. As you so wisely put it...it reeks of being the mules of the world, which too many of us have been and little thanks have we gotten for it. I feel we have been used, misused and disrespected more so because of this mindset of many. So being called a strong black woman is no compliment. It reeks of trickery.
  15. For some reason this reminds me of the mom and pop stores going out of buisness when Walmart open it doors. Unfortunately most of us don't get it until it's too late. What is new is not always better in the long run.
  16. This is actually a reality show that I like. And I hope that OWN keeps it on. I love seeing a real andl positive black family and relatives being there for each other.Both [Ro and Mia] came from dysfuntional backgrounds but have risen above it. We need more shows like this. These simple folks can inspire us.
  17. There seem to be a large percentage of dysfuntional blacks folks on these 'reality' shows. I don't know if this is did delibertately, or if this is part of the dysfuntional mindset of many to advertise their craziness. They seem to love the attention. Sad.
  18. I repeat: Is there any difference between black greed or white and arab greed...but this is what Afro-centrics and those with a Pan African mindset cleverly ignores.
  19. Nothing was as tragic and pitiful as the selling of Africans by Africans due to insatiable greed and God knows what else. A greed that continues among many African leaders today, while too many of their people are starving. Is there any difference between black greed or white and arab greed...but this is what Afro-centrics and those with a Pan African mindset cleverly ignores.
  20. Troy you sound like a true aries. Your poor wife. Delano thanks for your beneficial input into this subject.
  21. Thanks for your prompt response. I guess some could turn it into a racist thing. But the littleI had read on this subject wasn't like that at all. Like the sign of Aries correspond to Caucasian race. This makes sense to me, since some of the traits of this sign is: adventurous= a positive trait pioneering= positive trait courageous=a positive trait daredevil and foolhardy= negative traits. We know as a group [not as individuals] Caucasians tend to have some of these traits. [Just an example] I don't remember what races the other signs corresponded with. I think it was Capricorn that corresponded with the black race but I'm not sure of the reasons why. Anyway I was just curious about your opinion on this. I do believe there's something to astrology. One of the most interesting books I have read on this subject is called: 'The Secret Language of Birthdays" by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers. Some may find it eerie. It goes by one's exact birthdate [ although not the year].
  22. I wanted to ask Delano a question , if he's still around, about astrology. I have read that eash astrological sign corresponds to a particular racial group, is this true to your knowledge? If so, what racial group would each sign correspond with and why?
  23. Yes, just another preacher who can't keep his pants zipped. *yawn*
  24. This would have made a better movie then Django. It shows slavery as the horrific system it was. And there was nothing,nothing funny about it.
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