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  1.  "Black people don't do this that", "Black people boycott", Black people protest"  is so reactionary, so yesterday, My word of today is ACTUATE:  From the latin word "Actus" to medieval latin "Actuare", "Actuat"  to carry out in practice; to stir into activity; enliven!   

    Let's GO! 


    1. CDBurns


      The whole scene now is reactionary. You are more than right. I every rarely get into the whole thing now. I practice what I preach and just get stuff done. We should all be that way.

    2. Mel Hopkins

      Mel Hopkins

      I was chatting (on an actual phone call) last night and I noticed my friend and I kept saying what "black people don't do" and then finally she said "What we do"  and I nearly dropped my phone because her words were so powerful!  It is now my goal to focus on "People who do  (blank)!"

    3. CDBurns


      That's definitely more empowering than talking about what we don't do. People always ask me do I know what's going on in the news. I often say nope and the reason I say nope is because I can't control that, shape it or change it so it doesn't deserve my energy. I'm with you and I am focused on doing vs talking and hearsay.

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