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    Jet setting, globetrotting, landlocked seafaring, book peddling recovering broadcast journalist wordsmith who dreams vividly and commits it to white space.

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  1. Never Forget  - N'EM


    1. Mel Hopkins

      Mel Hopkins


      They said to say goodnight
      And not goodbye, unplugged
      The TV when it rained. They hid
      Money in mattresses
      So to sleep on decisions.
      Some of their children
      Were not their children. Some
      Of their parents had no birthdates.
      They could sweat a cold out
      Of you. They’d wake without
      An alarm telling them to.
      Even the short ones reached
      Certain shelves. Even the skinny
      Cooked animals too quick
      To get caught. And I don’t care
      How ugly one of them arrived,
      That one got married
      To somebody fine. They fed
      Families with change and wiped
      Their kitchens clean.
      Then another century came.
      People like me forgot their names.

      Copyright © 2014 by Jericho Brown. Reprinted from Split This Rock’s The Quarry: A Social Justice Poetry Database.

    2. richardmurray


      lovely share @Mel Hopkins  i saw it on vimeo before i saw you had it in the comments:)  I am one of those northerners that is near completely anti southern in my speech except when i talk fast, i have been told:) 

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