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  1. UPDATE: I will be hospitalized on September 29th for brain scan & biopsy. The FLUID behind my right eye has been removed. I am not really fearful. ***

  2. As an African mother who COMES FROM North Africa, my unwavering support is for Israel...not the Arabs (Palestine). It amazes me that Blacks in the west fail to see the "Arabization & Colonization" of North and East Africa (and Nigeria) by the Arab Muslim Imperialists. It amazes me that they demonize Israel for being White & Jewish...but lick the asses of Arabs who hate Blacks far more & have done much more evil against us.

  3. RIP Ayaina Jones....age 7.....shot and killed by *Detroit* police in her sleep during a police raid on the wrong house. ~~~

  4. Sigh. Who gives a shit anymore? Seriously. Black men are not the only men in the world. And the SLOWEST way to get a BM is by being a black female who "looks" black advertising her unyielding loyalty, love & devotion. I have 4 boyfriends right now. And I like it this way. I'm 42 and wish I had done things this way long ago. 1 is Black American, 1 is African black, 1 is White and 1 is Latino. I truly believe this is the way of the future and I'm writing a book about it. This girl is probably really young. She has my sympathy.
  5. PLEASE.....do not call me "Brown," "Woman of Color", "Queen", "Goddess" or "Strong Black Woman." I am a Black Woman. A womanist writer. I am the LIVING woman....I live my life. I am not always strong. But I am LIVING my life.

  6. PROUD TO SAY....that I am the first **WRITER** to have Drag Queens impersonating me!! I LOVE IT! I LOVE THEM. They R my best thing! KolaChix "Gay men dressing up as Kola Boof" .....I take that as a HUGE compliment. It humbles me.

  7. SERENA WILLIAMS: It's a tragedy the way WHITE PEOPLE "over-dramatize" shit...when Black People do it. CBS kept it going, not Serena. I think it hurts Serena....that WHITE AMERICA won't accept her as **THEIR** Golden Girl. She has every right to exhibit "angst" over that.

  8. God Bless America. I sincerely mean that....I love this country. It's my favorite place to live. **

  9. 8% of the population of NIGER are slaves. Let us not forget that fact. #BlackPeople remain the most "strategically" inferior group on earth.

  10. DEAR FRIENDS... One thing I really resent....is when people forget that my JOB & Profession is being a WRITER...and that it's my goal to be the best & most successful at my profession....just as you would want to be at yours. (Continued)...

  11. MAN DIED this week from TOOTHACHE INFECTION because he couldn't afford medication. _____________ http://abcnews.go.com/Health/insurance-24-year-dies-toothache/story?id=14438171

  12. **Kola Boof in Bed is a new feature that starts tomorrow SEPT. 1st where I leave a journal entry about something from that day. My random thoughts on it. http://sexypartofthebible.webs.com/kolagoestobed.htm

  13. KOLA BOOF in person! NEW YORK CITY: Sat. Sept. 17th at African Symposium in Queens Sun. Sept. 18th at Brooklyn Book Festival _____________

  14. #1---Africans were NEVER Neanderthals. That's your WHITE fucking side. #2--The idea that Black Human Identity is simply a "state of mind" (a western idea) is one of the most blatantly RACIST concepts ever conceived...and the reason that concept goes un-questioned by Slave Descendants is: (a) You were forced to accept & live under the 1 drop rule for 400 years and (.."B") You were taught to severely hate your blackness and your ancestors in that time and therefore do not mind being erased and becoming something that doesn't threaten the tastes of your owner/oppressor. #3--Looking like Whites and Latinos while expressing a Hateful Erasure of Black Human Beings is not "Change"....it's imitation and internalized RACISM. ____________ Again...it's disgusting and disgraceful...and would be better if this "Change" brought about a new race rather than the INSULT of claiming to be the very people you hate so much in Africa.
  15. How do you all think Africans feel when they meet Very Mixed negroes talking about they're "Black People"?? SAME EXACT THING. Yall are headed for extinction just like the American Indians. White-looking will someday represent you too. I find it disgusting and disgraceful.
  16. No, MISTY....it's not just you. Osama Bin Laden's Syrian grandmother would be "Black" by U.S. standards. Osama had more Black blood than Mariah Carey does.
  17. AMAZING PHOTOS from my book signing in San Francisco are coming up!!! You will love these pics!

  18. A FRIEND in NYC just asked me to send him a Cell Phone PIC of my titties....and I did it. Awwww. I feel like Bette Grable for hurricane boys

  19. I wrote about Khadafi's crush on Condoleeza Rice 10 YEARS AGO in my autobiography "Diary of a Lost Girl." Nobody believed me. Now ABC NEWS has the proof: http://blogs.abcnews.com/thenote/2011/08/moammar-gadhafis-secret-scrapbook-crush-condoleezza-rice.html#.TlezhqxFF_M.twitter Separate from my book....THE NEW YORK TIMES has now revealed that Saddam Hussein had an obsessive love for singer Whitney Houston. So did Osama Bin Laden. Yasser Arafat spent literally millions on Black Porn Star EBONY AYERS. I have been telling (in quite strong detail) of this portion of our current history for some time. But I was always called a liar, a fraud, an opportunist. Black women, no matter where they are in the world, will have their image distorted and their voices silenced whenever we tell OUR SIDE of things. Kola Boof
  20. THIS SATURDAY at 6 pm Kola Boof at Marcus Bookstore in San Francisco **SAN FRANCISCO** ________________

  21. SAN FRANCISCO!!! Kola Boof in person THIS SATURDAY at 6pm at Marcus Bookstore San Francisco! Reading "The Sexy Part of the Bible"

  22. The reason I don't get along with a lot of other "Writers".....is because they're BORING and IMAGE conscious. Most are not relevant. Publishing biz is FILLED with boring ass cretins who think they're better than everybody else. This is why you don't see me getting along with a lot of them, ESPECIALLY the Black ones.

  23. I just posted the article about the CHEROKEE INDIAN NATION ...today....officially kicking out all the Black Slave descendents. I see the crazy African lady is not so crazy. Yeah.
  24. So now the African lady is not so crazy. Let's discuss this article about the 2nd largest Indian Tribe in America (the Cherokee) officially kicking out the "black" slave descendants. http://news.yahoo.com/second-largest-u-indian-tribe-expels-slave-descendants-011650136.html One of these centuries....dumb ass blacks are going to listen to their real mother!!
  25. When movies or television programs are filmed in Hollywood (and I know this from personally working on daytime soaps).....up to 2 hours is often spent just Lighting the White or Mixed raced actress. They even get 'airbrushed' with new video techniques now to make them look as perfect as possible. When a Black actress is on the set...NO TIME is spent. She is just given her marker and the cameras roll. (Victoria Rowell of "Young and the Restless" talks frequently about the fact that she had to do her own hair & makeup every morning at 5 a.m. & was not "lit.") I witnessed our own Tanya Boyd at "Days of Our Lives" go through similar disrespect and then be called "evil; angry" when she pointed the unfairness out. Herein lies a great overlooked reality in discussions like this. Kola
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