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  1. Oh wow. What a fabulous review. I'm so glad you liked it. I am now writing my next book, "She Wiped It On the Wall." Which is a totally different story about black women and religion. It's less controversial but just as powerful, I think you will love it. Don't forget to leave a review on Good Reads or Amazon.Com for me sister. tima usrah (through fire comes the family) KOLA BOOF
  2. I guess you don't read the Black women's blogs, Troy. There was a call for a boycott before the film even opened but everyone tried to ignore those blogs. The 2nd week box office fell by 53% Gee--what you think caused it to crash that severely?? According to "Ticket Box-office Tracker".....Older black women have been supporting the film strongly. But overall, Black women's audience is very low. How many Black Women really want to pay $16 to watch themselves erased from history & watch a Black man romance a white woman? All 2,000 of the Tuskegee airmen
  3. REMINDER: I don't do "friend suggestions." If you suggest someone to be my friend, I will delete the request. Kola Boof

  4. I, of course, am part of the Black women boycotting the film. But I don't have anything against anyone else going to see the film. It's simply not in my best interest to support it & nobody I really want to see is in it.
  5. I was surprised and happy to have TWO BOOKS make the top 20. #2--Diary of a Lost Girl #15--Kola Boof Unplugged I wish that "The Sexy Part of the Bible" (my current book) had done well in e-books. It has sold pretty strong in paperback. Kola
  6. I consider myself a very strong woman who protects & asserts herself. But even I....have had horrible trouble trying to insist that a man wears a condom when penetrating **MY BODY**. It's very sad. We really are weak to men. Some of us have horrible insecurity and fear rejection if we don't give in to the male's desire for flesh on flesh. Others are unfairly asked to "prove you love me" by not demanding a condom. Then there's the ones of us who really want that "feel" of real dick inside us. No plastic popsickle wrappers and stuff. Humans need touch; connection
  7. Cynique.....your placcard said it all. That has been the truth from day one on earth. I don't think it will ever change. One huge problem with people is 'denial' following shock. Troy, So many of our lives are literally destroyed & reshaped by people's failure to watch out for children.
  8. Troy, This will come as a shock to you....haha....but Johnny Temple says I'm one of the EASIEST authors he's ever worked with. He thought I would be a diva and found me to be (his words) "a joy to work with." My people at Akashic (Johnny, Ibrahim & Zach) are like good friends. We haven't had a single argument. They spoil me and I work really hard both writing & promoting. I am exceptionally sweet Troy. I only become difficult when I feel that I'm being attacked or dissed. When it comes to "WORK", I'm really focused and competent and cheerful. You never
  9. You know Troy, I'm going to confide something. And this is really true. To be a "breakout" success in life....you have to take risks & stand for something. That is what separates the Icons from the merely talented/hard working. The Black Editors in New York are not very savvy or visionary---or they would have signed me years ago. On pure writing skill & drive alone (ignoring all public bullshit), they would have done what Johnny did and said "this person, eccentric & controversial or not, is a gifted writer and has a point of view." Instead, they actua
  10. I agree, Troy. I personally prefer to have the Black books in one place where I can shop faster without looking all over the entire store. I'm also nervous about sales. One thing is happening, though....on GOOD READS it's mostly White People reviewing my book. And I get so many emails from Whites now who loved the book and find the subject (Colorism, Skin bleaching) really new & fascinating. So that's a plus. But I'm still nervous about sales. Kola
  11. Troy, You're right. Publishing (for blacks) is just dead in the water right now. I am LUCKY (extremely lucky) that I got in the door at Akashic at the right moment---because now----EVERYONE is dying to be there & jockeying for a place to land (*major houses are dropping black authors like flies). Joyce Carol Oates has just come to tiny indie label Akashic. Big hitters Nelson George, Edwidge Danticat & Randall Robinson are now on Akashic. Bernice McFadden's books sell twice as much as mine but still had to leave her giant major house. The recession is tru
  12. Thanks to Bernice McFadden coining the term "seg-book-gation" last year .....and challenging the industry to stop their practice of placing books by Black Authors in one segregated area.....I have become one of the first authors that Barnes & Noble stocks in "GENERAL FICTION." In a way, I'm very nervous about it. I think not being in the Black Section might hurt book sales. But on the other hand I'm delighted that "The Sexy Part of the Bible" was chosen for Barnes & Noble's new experiment, based on strong reviews of the novel. Publishing is changing immense
  13. Well, now that I'm on the same label as Adam Mansbach, I've been able to meet him in person & chat with him. He really is White. So I digress on that argument (I had insisted he was a black writer). He's also REALLY cute and kind. But he is NOT...as so many claimed....my King "ABM" (the popular board member on AALBC that I performed a kind of Duo dance for so many years). The web allows people to be anonymous and many of the most famous writers, editors & agents post here at AALBC.COM. There was the rumor that ABM was really Adam Mansbach pretendi
  14. 8 of the first Black American slaves were the direct children of Queen TinkaTekur II of Gambia.

  15. Hi Cynique, Just saw this. Derrick was for Obama until the end. Derrick never mentioned Cornel West to me, ever. Overall, I never got the feeling that Derrick believe in (or cared about) the Political Establishment. He & I seemed to be alike on that. I could be wrong. But he always mentioned the political realm as though it was an "outside menace"---even when discussing our side, the Democrats. Kola
  16. Pioneering Harvard Law Professor Derrick Bell dies at 80: http://www.nytimes.c...p&smid=fb-share On a personal note: Derrick did so much for me....I can't even begin to express what a great person he was. For years, no one would touch my current novel "Sexy Part of the Bible" (which Derrick LOVED!) and he took the book and agented it himself. He took it to Karen Rinaldi at Bloomsbury and some other people. Despite his insistence that "This girl is the next Alice Walker--I stake my life on it"---no one bought it. But he was so determined to see t
  17. Cynique, I just put your book on my FACEBOOK page and on my TWITTER. I plan to read it very soon. Go girl & keep writing! Kola
  18. UPDATE: Kola Boof is home and doing great! She should be back shortly. Rahel Thorsten! :) ______________________

  19. Attention This is Rahel Thorsten of Atlantic Library, an assistant for Kola Boof. Please do not attempt to vandalize her page while she is away receiving care. I will be monitoring and controlling her page for the next few days and will report to Facebook anyone who tries to post porn or hate images to Ms. Boof's board. This goes for Inbox hate messages as well. Thanks. Rahel Thorsten

  20. Oh yeah....I was asked to write for that Cynique but I didn't have time. "Chapter a Month" is a really big deal--those are major authors in that program. Congratulations. I've become friends with Bernice McFadden (we're also on the same label). I believe she has a continuing story on "A Chapter A Month." Well...I can't wait to read your story and will be posting the link NEXT WEEK because I go into the hospital the 29th for some routine brain tests (nothing serious). Congrats. You've always been a brilliant mind on this board, that's for sure.
  21. Cynique, I'm going to buy a copy of "The Only One" and I'll also be sure and post the link on Twitter & Facebook.
  22. There is no way that a Female can survive in America without being some form of Feminist. The brave call themselves Feminist straight out.

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