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  1. Dear Troy, I was so overjoyed to see you at my book event in Harlem last month. Since AALBC is where it all started for me in America, I wanted to share with you & everyone how my new book is taking off! Thanks so much for your support and understanding. SUNDAY BOSTON GLOBE Madison Smartt Bell, one of the nation's most respected literary authors, wrote a glowing review of "The Sexy Part of the Bible" in SUNDAY's edition of the Boston Globe. Book Review of Sexy Part BOOKLIST review of Kola Boof's "The Sexy Part of the Bible" REV
  2. No, Cynique....the ARCHIVES....would not disprove shit other than you and Mzuri were hateful liars who had it in for me and along with other hateful two-faced BITCHES who know nothing about my life or my living room...such as Zane & the rest of the camp here....you all ROUTINELY lied on and backed up each other, rather than the facts. Sort of like when you claimed (insisted) that I didn't hold an event at the Schomburg Theatre in New York City. Want to go dig up THAT archive Cynique?? Never mind that Howard Dodson, Derrick Bell and countless others showed YOU CYN
  3. Cynique, I categorically DENY both the things you said (Essence Magazine & the layout of my home, which in fact, really was my home interior). I don't mind (and really don't blame you) for taking whatever I say with a grain of salt. But I was not caught in any lies as you say. I stand by BOTH the letter from Essence Magazine (which, if it's the letter I posted--I've had so many from Essence, indeed I PROVED) and the magazine photo layout of my home. It was Mzuri, yourself and others who claimed I made up dating Jamal Lewis (which I tried to go along with it as
  4. Excuse me Cynique, And I am very serious about this. There is a photo of Maya Angelou's "mother" (only it's not her mother, but an African Professor friend in Ghana)posted somewhere on the web. There is a photo of Terry McMillan with Nelson George from way back posted somewhere and they incorrectly billed him as her husband. I'm not surprised, nor do I think it's strange, that someone posted one of my ex-boyfriends and billed him as my children's father. The same thing happened to my WHITE AGENT and ME. And it was a Friend who wrongly assumed that Posar was Whi
  5. LOL!! I didn't post that pic, Cynique. That's NOT Simon. He's another boyfriend of mine and the press posted the wrong photo. Once they post a photo, it goes from one place to the next and they think all black people look alike. I didn't post the photo that you're referring to, although, that is another boyfriend.
  6. LMAO!! Cynique.... The New York Post "outed" Thomas's real name....it's Simon Palacio. One and the same. Once they printed his real name, I just stopped saying Thomas. The guy who took that photograph of me behind my house is pretty well known. He works at the World Stage in Leimert Park, which is kind of the "Black Harlem" district of Los Angeles. His cousin is Jenoyne Adams (who Troy probably knows). It's a real picture.
  7. I despise Oscar Micheaux and his films because of their blatant COLORISM. They're more insulting than the Hollywood films of that era if you're a Black woman. I do like some of Spike Lee's work, but overall, I think Quentin Tarantino is a far more gifted & relevant filmmaker---Quentin is everything Spike was SUPPOSED to be. Without peer...is Senegal's Ousmane Sembene. Easily the greatest BLACK filmmaker of all time. His films starting with "Black Girl" (1964) to "Xala" to "Guelwaar" to "Molaade" and "Faat Kine" are astoundingly GREAT. Truly masterpieces. While
  8. Everyone who knows me, Cynique, knows that my Ex-husband owns this ranch and I've always talked about this place & him...since the day I first posted on Thumper's Corner. I have no money other than what my CURRENT man, Posar, gives me. Simon takes care of his kids. Not a single photograph of myself that I've presented has ever been Photo-shopped. OTHERS create hateful images of me (such as Marcia whatever her name is). But time will discredit all those who try to make dummy-fake pictures of me. HUNDREDS have met me in person and know that I'm the real deal; they'
  9. I thought this would be interesting to revisit on a Black Book site since I wasn't here when the fall out occurred. **SOME** huge GAY fans of Kola Boof were greatly offended by something I did & it became a big article on WomanistMusings.Com. For my reading at the National Black Theater last year, I invited some of the so called "Drag Queens" who impersonate me (I think I'm the first author to have impersonators--which is why I'm supposedly a Diva according to my friend Dream Hampton). Anyway, the behavior of the "girls" and our comedy routine drew a huge and
  10. A fucking alligator next door to "Osama's mistress"! Guarding marijuana. No one would EVER believe this.
  11. This lake is the BACK of my house. This is where you see me Praying and Swimming nude in the videos I made. Now you can see how upsetting and dangerous this is--having him NEXT DOOR (though we're on acres). My sons could be attacked; I could be killed and eaten and no one would know WHERE I disappeared to!
  12. And that's another thing.... Your video "interview an author" thingy would be a hit by now if you conducted & promoted it correctly. Pick Sundays and have a SET time. People like to get into a routine and after about 2 years, you'd have a SIZEABLE "routine" viewing audience who turn up no matter who you're interviewing. If I lived in NYC, I'd do a book/celebrity video show for you. I know so many people to profile and how to make it interesting and get people to tune in. You could be a lot more creative and do a whole 30 minutes. You already know people like Tanun
  13. Troy, I've always wondered why you don't have some type of "Awards" show to solidify your place in the industry. The Annual Black Pack Party is a wonderful tradition; it's growing. But you should have an Award tie-in (not that crappy mess Yvette Naywood mis-manages either). Something very serious that will become "elite" over the decades...the Troy Pen in literature or something hooked into this website. (Get a snobby group of 10 Professors to pool their year end opinions--I guarantee they'd do it for FREE)....then throw in your Sales/bestseller's list Prize....hire a
  14. I live in Hemet, California. My next door neighbor made the news today with his pet alligator. I had no idea of all this illegal stuff was going on: My link My God. I'm just done. ~~ Here's a pic of me with my own animals.
  15. To the extent that Army uniforms are necessary.... That United airlines must mark its airplanes with a United airlines logo... To that extent that AALBC.COM has a logo making it possible to tell this site from BLackBooks.Com.... ....I have come to understand via traveling and living all over the world exactly why Human beings LABEL things and why they need to be able to identify their own. It has to do with trust and survival. Americans are not part of Tribes or Clans. I am. So I understand the benefits and negatives of having that cushion along with a family cus
  16. Well Cynique, I was rooting for Bernice McFadden to win the fiction award. She is VERY light skinned. Haha. We're on the same publisher and we chat from time to time. I really love her to death and Terry McMillan, whose writing I also admire, is not friendly to me, so I wanted Bernice to win. She deserved it (Read "GLORIOUS" folks!). But you do make a point that always irks me about America's "Black" community in general. Which is why I've now removed myself and only consort with "MY" Black American relatives. That way, I can be the "immigrant" and not feel that the
  17. Oh definitely not. HUMANS base their trust upon Like-ness. It's a natural human instinct. We herd, gather with & trust those who look like us. So this is of major importance even if it's not spoken aloud. The Homer Plessy case is extreme. That, to me, was ridiculous, because he actually LOOKED white. But in Africa, we don't call our mixed off spring "Black"--we call them "Half Caste" and we have all kinds of Standards & Practices to protect our bloodlines; matrilineal harmony and tribal-clan identities. Africans deeply love their mixed children; they l
  18. Troy, I'm not surprised that they are---are YOU? That doesn't mean shit. I changed my passwords on here and on Facebook where my page was also broken into as you suggested in our email exchange. I don't understand WHY I would make a post calling myself a hermaphrodite. Do you or anyone else??
  19. SIGH. Here we go again with this mess. I didn't write that last post!! Who used my account to write that??? Troy is this the Skinheads again??? Please leave it up. Don't take it down. CHANGING MY PASSWORD NOW
  20. Bookfan, When you stop being interested in Transsexuals and get a thing for Hermaphrodites...call me, ok. You're so lame and defeated.
  21. HELP!!! Well from Carey to ChrisHayden to Cynique...I think just about everyone here is a WRITER to my mind. I've recently taken on a task that's quite challenging---writing a Murder Mystery novel and creating the Woman Detective lead character. The imprint I'm on specializes in murder mysteries; it's their main genre though they signed me as a literary author. Big HAM that I am...I insisted on penning them a murder mystery. The thing is....I hardly ever read murder mysteries and I've never dared try to PLOT and write one before, and no matter how good a wr
  22. Haha!!! Troi (pronounced Troy) is that certain lion cub out of a litter who wants TO EAT FREE and not be out in the cold. LOL! The name is also used to mean "teacher's pet" in school. The smart kid who always wants to sit up front and raise their hand gets called "Troi." Of course girls aren't allowed to do that.
  23. Haha!!! BTW...I don't like my children's names. Their father (a pure blooded Garifuna from Belize, Central America)named them popular Black Central American names--Arnofo and Wombe. I would have named them Cedric and Troy (which has nothing to do with Troy Johnson; I have always liked that name since I was a child because Troi in my birth mother's "Oromo" language means the lazy lion cub who chose to be our house pet). But they are extremely successful boys. Much like their father and me.
  24. Names like Bob, Meredith, Constance, Clifford, Alice and James only sound "normal" because you speak English. You live in...and are informed from the day of birth by a combination of White tribal affiliations be they Germanic, Greek, Victorian or Polish and Italian. This is the dominant White culture and all of us living here bask in "their acculturation." Though Shaniqua and ShaQuonda are not African names--they would sound far more organic and fitting to an African immigrant than "Jennifer." That's because the African (the natural Black person) speaks African langu
  25. LOL!!! What saddens me about reading your responses to these poor souls (and I seriously sympathize with their desires to succeed as published authors)....but what saddens me Cynique is that you are not an Editor in New York. We might actually get some originality, passion and some HIT BOOKS if they returned to having eagle-eyed people like yourself sniffing through the pages and critiquing so effortlessly. Believe it or not, whenever you go on these grammar checks, I hear the voice of Julia Child doling out the corrections. It's hysterical for me. I myself am
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