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  1. The MAJORITY of Black Men in America, though not as vocal, share some variation of those beliefs, Troy. Yes. If they didn't, then the music videos and black men's magazines would be full of beautiful BLACK women and you wouldn't have people like Puff Diddy barring dark skinned models from auditioning for his liquor ads. So yes. The PROOF is in your culture & the daily exhibits advanced by this culture. Those who don't actively participate in this behavior....are pretty much SILENT about the others advancing it. The community here is VERY Anti-Black...but coming
  2. Troy, You don't meet the MAJORITY of black men in America; I'm just sorry. The O.J. Simpsons; the Lil waynes; the California & Minneapolis "I don't want black children" brigade. And for the record...the so called Dark Skinned Woman is THE Black Woman. The entire black race comes from her. Just the fact they refer to our real mother as "dark skinned black women" as though she's some kind of mistake proves what trash most Blacks have become. I am honestly to the point where I can't stand Black people. I just consider myself African & removed from everybody else. I
  3. Will Smith has **always** been a cheater...so I'm not surprised they finally broke up. I guess "open marriage" didnt work. DENZEL and Pauletta are the "Prize" Black Couple to me in Hollywood. Only Barak & Michelle are higher than them.

  4. RIP Nick Ashford. Damn. He's way too young to be dead. Can't believe this. NP---"The Boss" by Diana Ross (Produced by Ashford & Simpson)

  5. Many women are finding that they have to go lesbian to get the "real love" sexual experience. It's actual & factual.

  6. Excellent points Cynique. I agree with your reasoning 100%. I WILL be supporting Obama next year because I actually like most of what he's done; but I do feel that you speak for most of the people I know in that they'd just rather not vote.
  7. Cynique.... I watch ALL MOVIES from every era ....currently. My statement remains: "I am not supporting anymore Black Maid movies--no matter how good they are." I think MILLIONS of Black Women feel me on this. We're fed up. We want a new image for Black women and we're not supporting this shit anymore. Bottom line.
  8. "Clara's Heart" "Corinna, Corinna" "Backstairs at the White House" (NBC Mini-series about MAID & other black servants) Queen Latifah as the maid in Steve Martin's "House' movie "I'll Fly Away" (t.v. series) Hattie McDaniel in 50 classic movies as "the maid" "That's My Mama" (t.v. series) "Good Times" (t.v. series) ......these are just a few that I can name, Cynique. But for the 'dark brown' actress this remains the most commonly cast role. I have not seen Viola Davis (or women like her) cast as "Queen Nok" or "Nina Simone." Yet Whi
  9. Let me say something in regard to Troy's comment: "Some folks are all riled up about it." I personally don't doubt the film and book are entertaining and "good".....my complaint......is that I don't want to see another "Black Maid" movie. For the dark skinned black actress & us watching her on screen.... this seems to be an enduring wasteland. White Actresses have a full range of characters to play (types of women; VIABLE women images that tell the society to cherish & procreate with White wombs). The White Man's mother is presented as desirable; Queenly; intellig
  10. Kola Boof in person............**SAN FRANCISCO*** Sat. August 27th at 6 pm at MARCUS Bookstore (Please be there!) Kola Boof on Tour

  11. I just don't care for Tavis and Corny. I liked "Race Matters" by Corny...though I've always seen him totally different than Black Americans do. The fact that he makes almost a million a year yet has never set foot in West Africa (home of his actual ancestors) but went to Ethiopia & Paris and married a NON-Black Ethiopian woman tells me EVERYTHING I need to know. And Tavis Smiley lost me during a discussion on Black American women & Depression. I'd rather have a possum for a son than him. A LOT of Black men don't see what horrible sons they are. They don't even co
  12. Happy belated birthday Cynique. I wish I could live that long and in such good condition as you are. I have a feeling you're going towards the 100 mark.
  13. The reading in SEATTLE was amazing and wonderful. Everyone here is shocked to discover that Kola Boof has a **WHITE** Aunt. She was the hit of the reading & I'm staying with her this week. Great fun & amazingly sunny hot weather here in Seattle. Totally love this city (SO many men after me up here).

  14. The average Hip Hop Music Video does the same thing that "The Help" does----makes WHITE PEOPLE feel good. I hate Black music videos. __________________________

  15. Kola Boof Photo Shoot: This is a photo shoot and much, much more. Photo Shoot
  16. No, it's not surprising Troy. Many Mixed-race Africans (particularly "Ethnic Ethiopians"--which means they are the Light-skinned slick-haired ones)....many Mixed Africans try to deny being mixed. In African countries like Nigeria & Ethiopia, it's not as cool to be mixed...so they will claim that their tribe was always Yellow skinned. You have Yoruba & Hausa who will claim they are Igbo just to explain away why they're so light. If you noticed the girls photo, she was BROWN! She wasn't even yellow. That's another thing in Africa. What we consider "light skinned" in Afr
  17. Carey, I LOVE Barbara Neely's maid books. But she's really a detective who does maid work. Now that should be made into a movie!! Totally different stuff. You can't compare it. TROY, No. I refuted her claims by reminding her that "Some" Igbo are mixed today because of the European mixing that went on in Nigeria 100 years before slave trade started. The traders mixed with Igbo in 1400-1500s and now she's trying to pretend that never happened. 1st with Arabs in Nigeria then with Europeans.
  18. DOUBLEDAY Book Club has picked up my novel "The Sexy Part of the Bible." If you are a member of either DOUBLEDAY or BLACK EXPRESSIONS please buy a copy from them. They have the book in hardcover. DOUBLEDAY: The Sexy Part of the Bible
  19. Carey I'm not against you going to see it. But I don't want to see anymore "Black maid" movies. Ever! And if you read my commentary you'll understand why.
  20. This new movie "THE HELP" caused me to write an essay about why I won't be seeing it. It's published by WOMANIST MUSINGS and I'm posting a link here. I hope that other Black women will read my feelings and add your own. READ ESSAY Click Here
  21. It wasn't just Amiri Baraka who was upset at my presence on stage. It was the majority of Black Men present...angry and verbally abusive because a Black African woman spoke directly to the Socio-political problems facing Black & Mixed Women as its own dilemma needful of revolution...while at the same time calling out the men's failure to acknowledge & represent Black FEMALE humanity in their rhetoric. Naturally these men expect black women to blindly support and agitate on behalf of "The Black Man" ...even though most of those men don't give a fuck about us and don't
  22. Cynique, I thank you so much. BLUSH. I think even you will appreciate the level of writing and imagination propelling the book. Thanks for your kindness. ______________________ Book lovers in New York!!! "Johnny Temple Presents Kola Boof" will be held at the Harlem Book Fair Sat. July 23rd Thurgood Marshall Hall 4:30 - 5:30 pm The next day, there's a Reception for me at Sankofa Academy on Fulton St. in Brooklyn, NY at 4pm. There will be food & I will be reading there followed by book signing. Then on Monday, July 25th...I have a reading at
  23. THANK YOU TROY!! "Johnny Temple Presents Kola Boof" will be held at the Harlem Book Fair Sat. July 23rd Thurgood Marshall Hall 4:30 - 5:30 pm I'm of course reading the new novel & more. I could do the interview in the morning, however, as I will be arriving at 11 a.m. The next day, there's a Reception for me at Sankofa Academy on Fulton St. in Brooklyn, NY at 4pm. There will be food & I will be reading there followed by book signing. Then on Monday, July 25th...I have a reading at BlueStockings Bookstore in Manhattan at 7pm. Then I go
  24. Dear Troy, I was so overjoyed to see you at my book event in Harlem last month. Since AALBC is where it all started for me in America, I wanted to share with you & everyone how my new book is taking off! Thanks so much for your support and understanding. SUNDAY BOSTON GLOBE Madison Smartt Bell, one of the nation's most respected literary authors, wrote a glowing review of "The Sexy Part of the Bible" in SUNDAY's edition of the Boston Globe. Book Review of Sexy Part BOOKLIST review of Kola Boof's "The Sexy Part of the Bible" REV
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