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  1. BOOKFAN, Allow me to speak for myself and no one else for a moment. Let me tell you HOW YOU HELPED ME GET A BOOK DEAL. You made a major vicious (and I mean vicious) attack on me on this board claiming that there was no ancient song entitled "The Beautiful One Are Not Yet Born." You claimed that I had blithely stolen this from a 1990's West African author's book title (not that titles can be copy-written or used in only way). One of my editors, an expert on African musical instruments in the middle East (not Black) saw our exchange and saw you for what you actually are. You had called me a "liar" and demeaned me without any fair consideration or genial respect. You went on to list endless claims of me being "fraudulent" and a "liar"---assignations that neither you, Cynique or anyone here has ever proven in the light of day with me present. NOW...after said Editor contacted me to congratulate me on the video & my singing, he went on to tell me how he had been raised party in KENYA in 1950's and was sung that song every night as a lullaby by his Bantu Kenyan Nanny. He is also Arab and knew much of the historical dogma that I sing throughout the song. AFTER THAT..... A few months later, you did it again!! This time you claimed that I was not in contact with Angela Davis and that I had stolen portions of Gloria Naylor's book "1996" and that I was not on a list of Immigrant Authors being targeted by an F.B.I. sting. Well it was lucky for MY CREDIBILITY that you did that. Because all the parties involved were able to see what I go through with people like you and tell others within the industry that ---"Kola is not lying about this. She is the one whose phone number came up in France, Germany & Bahrain as the other authors had been chatting with her." For the record...my COMPLETE complaints about the F.B.I. were posted BY ME on this board YEARS BEFORE Gloria's book came out. I was always teased by Cynique, Thumper, Mzuri and others here who claimed I was crazy or whatever--when in fact, that was my real life. Group Attorney Cheryl Welch, a close friend of both Gloria Naylor and myself, was especially stunned by the level of hostility you employed in trying to mow me down. THING IS...the more you tried to discredit me...the more people like Derrick Bell, Angela, Gloria and so many others got to see how outrageous and mean-spirited you and your kind are when Black people attempt to tell THEIR STORY-THEIR TRUTH. My advice to people like you is to always be fair and somewhat humble in stating your positions. And to present Concrete Evidence in your claims about people. Because that's why I'm still here....I present EVIDENCE showing how I'm lied on and mis-portrayed by erroneous critics who apparently hate & degrade me for their own personal prejudices. THINK whatever you want to think, but that doesn't change the truth. You can't discredit what's real.
  2. Haha, Cynique! You know I dated Vick's cousin Quentin last year. Was fun. As for OPRAH...she stated at the beginning of this season that she would use her FINAL SHOWS to squash & resolve some long-standing hard feelings. I think she is doing that more than going for ratings. The situation with her sister was aired relatively FAST considering Oprah just found out at Thanksgiving!!
  3. POEMS from the last two days by Kola Boof: *Kola The Snow Man You looked at me and laughed..... I got up from the snow (melting). You made me. _________________ *Laughing In Window Doing Dishes I recently hugged you.....thoughts.... like I gave birth to you..... feeling U my son/U my daughter/U my love. I feel good. ________________________ *Fingering Pearls Laughing with champagne toe to toes on an empty bank account. We got it like that. _____________________ "Rod" I don't love the Husk. But the more I caress it; the gentler his heave beneath. _____________________ *Untitled Hold me a while....and take me....when it's lavender and too weak to think straight. ______________________ *Humbly Owned I want to be somebody else while the lights are out. _________________________ *Owned He comes from a Red Clay village. He comes from a Red Clay woman. He comes...wrestling God....inside me. _____________________________ *Memory & Aging: Drying Clothes A Black Man plucked me out of thin air. A Black man followed me into the Sea. A Black man caught my falling star. A Black man set me on his knee. _____________________________ *Snow Brown Nipples Beautiful, beautiful clear sky....fresh & clean deeply breathing. I had to smile and then my nose was cold. It hurt to laugh! It made smoke and white slush sweetness _________________________________ *Luck This is nervous.....it's laid out long...... it's a breezy kiss; not even ours anymore.... everywhere's kiss _____________________________________ *Mortal My everything just can't end with this life. Love should be unkillable. And sometimes, the heart strains to know. It's not Greed; it's the heart! ---------------------------- Happy belated valentine's day.
  4. Cynique, Thanks for the tip about Cumin. I just noticed that. My problem isn't with people not liking Oprah. Everyone has the right to admire whomever they admire. My problem is with people (particularly Black people) rushing to say that Oprah is "ugly" (which she is not). I am speaking to a Mass Condition I notice (whether you agree or not) in the majority of Black people where anyone who is noticeably Black is viewed through a "Flatness" of eye dismissal...meaning, facial features are not really observed; healthiness of skin tone; teeth; smile; eyes; the whole face of that person is just routinely dismissed because they are Black. The fact that the same idiots saying Oprah is ugly will commonly turn around and say that Ricki Lake or Mama Cass "had a pretty face" is proof of this phenomenon. I am tired of reasonably attractive/healthy looking Black people---such as Oprah, Gayle King, Michelle Obama, Dionne Warwick--being referred to as "Ugly." Let us not forget that PRESENCE and the ability to command a space is one of the greatest attributes of those who are beautiful. I feel very strongly that American Blacks immediately OVERLY-judge Black people's looks and have inhuman expectations about what THEY are supposed to look like. There is nothing "ugly" about Oprah Winfrey. I saw enormous beauty in her appearance the first time I ever saw her. I don't know how in the hell Barbara Walters is stately and good looking...but Oprah is a shrew? Just stop. Lastly. Black People...are SUPPOSED to look like....Black People. And often times the put downs & hatefulness towards a Black person's looks is based on something that has to do with their Phenotypical beauty composite. For instance, Gladys Knight, who was really a raving beauty when she was young---is disqualified for having big cushy lips, which to my eyes, RAISES HER above the other women in the looks department.
  5. Let me preface this by stating how much I love Halle Berry. I'm a huge Halle fan from when she first started on "Knots Landing" and no one knew she was biracial. (1) I think Halle wanted a sperm donor. I think she wanted her offspring to look a certain way and deliberately sought a MALE MODEL who is not Black to procreate with. If she wanted a black baby, she would have just gotten pregnant by one of her black husbands. (2) Halle doesn't want to pay "Child Support" for 6 months out of the year to Gabriel Aubry. That is what I believe this is all about. I don't buy for one second that Gabriel is "racist." If he did call her the "n" word, then that's just part of being a couple. God knows I've called my White friends "peckerwood dog-smell'n mofo" and yet I love them dearly. I understand what Halle is doing and I still like her. But I don't buy this scenario.
  6. I LOVE THIS Oprah Winfrey (at age 17) singing in Spanish!!!
  7. Troy and XEON, WHAT I THINK: One thing I notice in this country (and we see this ALL THE TIME)....Black Men telling Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, Fergie, Jane Pauley, Teena Marie....the most average looking White women HOW LOVELY they are. Yet Oprah is supposedly Fat & Ugly. I say Camel Shit! Oprah looks better than ALL those ugly White hags. But there is some germ of mental illness that afflicts Black Men. I don't know if they got it from birds or cats...but it's like a fucking VIRUS that Black Males just can't shake. Anyone with WHITE skin is immediately credited with good looks simply on the basis of having a lighter complexion--and in MOST cases---such as comparing Ricki Lake to Jennifer Hudson; the Lighter/Whiter person is NOT the cute one! I had this argument with Posar (my guy)....and though he's Black American and quite different and I love him to death, I had to admit to him that I secretly LOATHE most Black American men for this very reason and put them right on the REMEMBER TO BURN AT STAKE pile right along with Sudan's Mullahs and the KKK. It just pisses me the fuck off when an "African-American" gets done talking about how ugly Oprah is and then turns around and says Teena Marie was pretty. Man, CAMEL SHIT!!! Miss Black Tennessee Oprah Winfrey Oprah Winfrey won the Miss Black Tennessee Beauty Pageant and she is prettier than all those women and always was. And it really irks me that your people can never see anything pretty about each other. POSAR gets pissed at me for saying this, but it's like you don't know what Black People are SUPPOSED to look like or some shit. It's always a frigg'n "AA" talking about 50 Cent is ugly or Fantasia "isn't cute enough to be on the radio"---but then you pumping up White HAGS like Fergie and Teena Marie. Please. Like I said, Oprah is a very attractive Black Queen. Period.
  8. Yes Xeon, I think Oprah is very beautiful. Of course in a western society she would not get credit for her beauty, especially from Black Americans, because you all (for the most part) can't recognize BLACK beauty unless it's white-looking. She is a stately, queenly, beautiful Black woman. She looks like a 100% Zulu.
  9. Xeon, At the beginning of December 2010, our entire family returned to Falls Church, Va. because my adoptive father was given 1 week to live. Posar couldn't go, but I took my sons and we lived there with my parents awaiting my father's death. All 8 children came home (well the official legal 8) and we held up our mother who of course was devastated after 50 years of marriage. My dad had been very ill for the last four years. He had been operated on several times beginning with cancer. In summer 2010 he developed diabetes. By November they informed him that they needed to cut off his arms and legs. ALL FOUR LIMBS. He also began losing his eye sight! He response: "...just let me die." By early January, my father died at age 70. One week later....(which is just last month)....I began having intense visual problems and blood sugar swings. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. EXACTLY LIKE MY FATHER. Since starting treatment ((I drink 2 cups of Guava tea per day instead of pills or insulin)) my sight has improved and my blood sugar seems to be regulated. Posar, who put me on the tea, brilliantly instructed that I should also take Quill's Oil for my eyes. The DHA strengthens the retinas. Posar, by the way, is a Health Nut and a Raw Foodist. His instruction that I treat myself with all natural things (Guava tea, Quill's oil) has brought me INSTANT control and relief and has been much better than what the doctor's mapped out for me. As long as I get exercise and drink the Guava tea & Quill oil pill, I seem to be OK. But I was treated for brain cancer in 2008 (very successfully) and since then, I'm always paranoid about my health and feel very unsure about how long I will live. I've had a very awful life to be honest.
  10. Oh wow. Coming from Cynique, the Grand Dame in my eyes, that's going to make me cry. Thank you so much. I appreciate your words so much. Well now, I really am crying. ICK! Kola
  11. Kola's ass is being whipped by Diabetes right now (at 41!)...struggling to retain my eye sight....and trying to keep my weight down to calm my arthritis. PLUS trying to stay cute for my virile lion boyfriend. Honestly. I'm a bit tired of fighting to be honest. I might have to undergo a breast reduction. Which I really just...can't accept. I love my titties and I don't want to be THAT skinny-minnie. But the fatty-tissue holds too much estrogen & feeds my diabetes. OH...aging. I'm hating it so much. This is why I secretly love & admire Cynique so much. She makes it look so easy and she's sharp as a whip. I want to be like her. But I'm too wild and not disciplined, I suspect. Another thing. Just because I cuss at people doesn't mean I don't really adore them. If I take a lot of time to fight with you, that means I probably care about you deep down. A good example is ZANE. I've ripped her to shreds (because she made me) but I really love her deep down. I felt I had to attack back and when I attack, it's rarely medium force. I actually like most people. I just have a lot of unpopular views. People think I'm "weird", which hurts my feelings and then I attack them for disrespecting me. What's hilarious is that Posar and I have yet to have a single argument and he has THREE PROBLEMS with me: (a) he didn't know I was a comedian; I make him laugh too much. ( I feed him too much. © I spend too much money according to him. But I don't. Not at all.
  12. I can't wait to see the new movie that Oprah is starring in with Meryl Streep and Sandra Bullock. Those three in one film has got to be a powerful combination. I hear Oprah gets the guy at the end. I love Oprah. I think she's gorgeous for her age and I think she's been randomly "lucky" just as Cynique described. But she's still a helluva person IMO.
  13. Thank you so much, BOOK FAN. I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day and hope you keep posting about other "book" stuff King. Kola
  14. Hi Carey Thanks King. I've missed you and everyone.
  15. God knows I'm an "Obama Lover." I campaigned hard for him and I can honestly say that he's my favorite person on earth right now, no matter what he does politically. BUT.... I thought it was grossly premature to give him the Nobel Prize. It smacked of White People's desperate wish for someone to come along and ZING (make the stigma of racism disappear)...it was the ultimate Magical Negro moment. Barely in office. They rushed the award in his hands because at that moment IT APPEARED to the world that electing a "black" man had changed the universe.
  16. You sound like a little Bitch who's run out of Kotex, BOOK FAN. Want one of my mine? Oh that's right. You're allergic to women who lack the credibility of your favorite religious group--The Birthers. Whine...whine....whine: Oh TWOY---whatever did you mean?? Why would you suggest such a thing?? I'm leaving! Twwooooooyyyyy My life is all about harassing Kola but don't compare me to herrrrr Little Hateful Punk SEXIST Curb-value reducing Ninny-twit. Your mother should of swallowed you. When she had the chance.
  17. Attention XEON, I just posted some pics of my boyfriend and I on Thumper's Corner in this thread. PLEASE don't you ever say anything else to me about the CIA brainwashing me to date White men! Photo link is HERE nicca And Posr A. Posr is Black American born in New York City thank U very much.
  18. Posar & Me with novelist/tv host Abiola Abrams. You know her Troy. Troy---I know that you know this guy. Please tell me who he is. I've been trying to contact him. Karen is a NYC radio host & health food seller. She's nice. SHE VISITS THIS BOARD but never posts!! OK that's all the photos!
  19. TROY here are the photos I wanted to show of the National Black Theater, Nabi, Manie Baron and publishing period. This is my reading at the National Black Theater in Harlem. NABI (the curator) is Seated (the lightskinned guy). My boyfriend Posr is standing. Out to dinner with Posr at Native in New York. I swear, the food there is SO good. It's my favorite restaurant now, but the lighting is AWFUL. I pitched a bitch about the lighting and no one turned up the lights. They said it's supposed to be like you're in a cave atmosphere. Then after Posr paid, they turned on the lights! Anyway, the FOOD is outrageously good. Make sure you eat their Macaroni & cheese if you ever go. It's amazing! This is me at Troy Johnson's party with Manie Baron. If you don't know, Manie was a legendary Super-Agent in the book industry for decades. He just recently died of cancer which really shocked me, because I had no idea he was sick! On this night, he and I spent about 5 hours together laughing and getting drunk as hell. It was one of the most fun times I've ever had with publishing people. I will always love Manie so much. Here I am with Derrick Bell, the legendary civil rights lawyer & bestselling author & Professor. He's sort of like my adopted grandfather. He's pure love. Also in this photo is my friend Ant. This was taken at Henry's, a restaurant in Manhattan. They make a very weird Macaroni & Cheese with blue cheese dressing...it's divine, though. Me and Ant had that with ribs and it was pretty good. Here I am with New York's very esteemed "Minister Brown." He was filming a documentary about me for a whole week and delivered a special gift to me from Molefi Kete Asante! Performing at the National Black Theater in Harlem. I sang "My Breasts Are Filled With Milk & Honey", an ancient Egyptian song that I like to sing. Here I am with Big head. LOL!! No. He's the King. Such a brilliant, brilliant man. He's a Legal Activist and helped create a major law that stops police from computing every time they stop a black motorist. That way the "stops" aren't on your record. I did a modeling layout while I was in New York. Troy you're good friends with the photographer. I can't recall his name. Martin something. All the pics are in "Rolling Out" magazine. In my face, you can see that I'm aging quickly. UGH! It's so awful, because 20 years ago, I was so beautiful without even trying. Now I have to work hard at it. And I have arthritis and diabetes BOTH now! My good friend Peter. We're writing a book together but he lives in New Zealand. He came to California and visited me last summer. He's actually taller than I am and we caused quite a stir walking down Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. People thought it was Attack of the Giants. He is 6'6 and I am 6'2 (w/o my shoes on). This is my new natural look. I love it! But my hair has grown extremely long since this photo was taken (Posr made me cut it off to cut the perm out). ___________ TROY, could you please send me that photo of you and I sitting outside the cafe in Los Angeles. I liked that one. I would like to have at least one photo of you and I. Whether we like it or not, people heavily associate Kola Boof with AALBC and after Akashic releases "Sexy Part", you might not mind that so much.
  20. LOL!!! Anti-semetic. I honestly don't see Cynique as Anti-anything. Anyone who has followed this board for years will come to know that Cynique always plays "devil's advocate." If I started downing "Black Love"---Cynique would jump in with her Dashiki, beads and Kumba wig. LOL!
  21. Troy...not so quick. I believe the person who says they received those threatening emails. I am sorry. But I don't think the culprits are "White racists" and I don't think it's just a coincidence that the moment I started posting about my upcoming book/tour the NEW POSTERS just sprung up by the dozens and "at first" acted like normal people with legitimate comments. You had like 7 new people the day after I posted! Each time I come back & post...there is an attempt to make it appear that I'm here to wreak havoc with an array of sock puppets. ((I fully confess that in the past, mostly years ago, I did indeed wreak such havoc--mainly to entertain myself and get people to argue & fight over different social issues.)). But in the last 2 to 3 years, I have not done that. I have had major illnesses and all kinds of energy-zapping processes. I don't have time anymore. But whenever I do come back to the board, there is a major attempt to drive me away or to make the people here call for my head. What was different this time...nobody "Mimicked" my writing or paragraph style like they usually do. I also personally KNOW that "BookFan" hates it when any amount of credibility or positive publicity link is posted about me---he usually rushes to post attacks & is greatly fearful of web surfers liking or supporting me. He displays a vested interest in trying to discredit & slander me. In fact, he usually rushes in to claim that everyone is Kola and it's Kola wreaking this havoc. So again. I don't believe it's "White Racists" behind all this---and because these people ("BookFan" and those connected with him) certainly do Hack computers & spam email and have a fixation on me---I think he's your culprit. Nothing can wrest my mind from that.
  22. Winnie is the true hero of South Africa. Go on Twitter & talk with a wide range of South Africans. She is far more revered and considered a "Malcolm X" figure--which is why Mandela (bowing to world political pressure) had to let go of his "Militant" wife. I never liked Mandela very much. He's like Martin Luther King. They were good for their "time", their "era." That moment. But they did not have the timeless relevancy of Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey or people like Chinweizu and Achebe. I even respect and admire Mugabe to a degree. I think that WHITE people hold up Mandela and King, because that's as Black as they can deal with. But Winnie Mandela (who has been greatly slandered & lied on) is really more impressive and far more loved IN AFRICA than her husband is.
  23. I really love Harlem. But I agree. There is no Black Mecca in America. It's not even "cool" for Black people to love each other. It's considered "gratuitous" when two Authentically Black people love each other. Eugene Robinson (whom I love) has a new book out "Disintegration of Black America" and I think it's sadly very true. He says that Black America is dead and history. And I think that is true. But you almost have to be an outsider to "SEE" that clearly. He is right.
  24. What I hate...is that this seems to happen every time I post on the board. A gang of people either come Spamming or someone accuses everyone here of being me. I really despise the level of childish immaturity and underlying inability of some people to be sensitive and intelligent. I don't believe these are random White racists doing this. I think I know who it is.
  25. Sigh. TROY...these are personal photos. They aren't online. I just uploaded them on FACEBOOK and tried to do it that way, but I got a pink box saying: "You are not allowed to use that Image Extention on this board."
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