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  1. ************************************************************************************ I could be wrong but I believe that all this trans rights business gained traction when President Obama appointed the lesbians to the Supreme Court. And I don’t mind them having their rights either, but it should be equal rights, not their rights supersede everybody else’s. I’ve had a couple of encounters with these fruit loops and I don’t understand why they think they fit in. I could see it if an effeminate petite type wants to play dress-up and pretend that he’s a girl, but if he’s built like a lumberjack, then no, stay in your closet and wear your lady thongs underneath your Duluth clothing or whatever it is that lumberjacks wear. Don’t expect me to have a conversation with you about beauty products and gumbo recipes, and treat you like you’re a real girl. ************************************************************************************
  2. ************************************************************************************ @ProfD I am glad that you are here!!! ************************************************************************************
  3. ************************************************************************************ The first thing that Black folks need to do is reject people that say this type of nonsense. ************************************************************************************
  4. ************************************************************************************ @Pioneer1 Great comments, as usual. I agree with everything you wrote and always learn so much from you. I also believe in “To each his own” and “Live and let live.” I do not care what other people do, I just wish they would keep it to themselves. And I don’t want to encounter any weirdos in the ladies room. Is that too much to ask? ************************************************************************************
  5. ************************************************************************************ Most Black people don’t even know whether they are Conservative, Progressive, Liberal, etc. so this needs to be defined. I am Conservative because I believe in old-fashioned family values, marriage should be a man and woman as written in the Bible, pro-life, less government, right to bear arms, America, and Capitalism. Those are some of my values that come to mind. ************************************************************************************
  6. ************************************************************************************ To me, crack on the brain means you give them a jolt, make people think, enlighten people. Kind of like what happened when you smoked some crack, back in the day when it was more coke than crap. So how old are you anyway? Enquiring minds want to know. ************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************ Cynique only pretends to be hard, when somebody here insults her, she probably sits around hugging on her cat and crying in her spilt milk. ************************************************************************************
  7. ************************************************************************************ You are nothing but a gooey marshmallow so stop trying to act like you're so tough. I have hardly argued with anyone and haven't called anyone a name, growing old has mellowed me out. It was so much fun picking on Kola, she was always getting caught telling her silly little tales trying to make herself seem important. If you want your corner again, I'm sure Troy will give it to you. ************************************************************************************
  8. ************************************************************************************ I read what he said, but it was @Delano who first said that you were like crack for the mind, which is a compliment. And @Pioneer1 is just yanking your chain trying to be funny. He says he’s old but I doubt he needs a caregiver yet. It just makes things awkward when people argue, like that time we were all up all night for the Mzuri vs. Kola battle of insults. I have grown and mellowed since then. I am sorry your feelings were hurt but you know that everybody respects you here. ************************************************************************************
  9. ************************************************************************************ Come on Cynique, as senior member these types of insults are beneath you. ************************************************************************************
  10. ************************************************************************************ I swear you must be the most compassionate person I have ever seen on a forum and maybe even in life, but if this dude gave a care about his children he would have gotten a job and taken care of them instead of beating on his babymamas and instigating mess with the police. I’m not saying he deserved to get shot but the way some of these guys carry on it’s like they want something bad to happen. It’s as if they have a death wish. ************************************************************************************
  11. ********************************************************** Our government doesn’t even control the internet since your boy Obama gave it away, probably to the Chinese. Besides that, we have Black women walking around with Chinese people’s hair on their heads. WTF are we going to do with the internet when we can’t even do something rudimentary like producing our own hair! **********************************************************
  12. ***************************************************************** I had taken him to a V.A. doctors appointment when they determined that he had edema and he was admitted into the Army hospital next door. He was due to be released after a couple of days but he had an unexplained episode and they had to put him on a ventilator. He was on it for about five days, they were going to take him off it on Wednesday but then the doctor said he couldn’t breathe on his own and they would remove it on Friday. I went there every day and stayed with my Husband for several hours. Early that Thursday morning, I got a call from his nurse, they had taken my Husband off the ventilator and he was asking for me. When I got there I was so happy he was conscious because we didn’t know whether he was going to make it. My Husband and I are very close, I have known him all my adult life. After we talked for awhile, his voice was raspy and weak from being intubated, he told me that he had seen and talked to God, and that God gave him a message, he told me what it was but he also asked me not to tell anyone else. So I hate to leave you wondering but I must respect his wishes. He did not remember being in a coma or what happened when he was talking to someone and collapsed, the visitors he had or the times when he opened his eyes during the coma. He is very religious, it was a nice message and it made sense. *****************************************************************
  13. ***************************************************************** You want me to name Prince tracks that sound schizophrenic? Anything with crazy guitars or whatever other instruments he played. Didn’t he play twenty-seven different instruments? That is schizophrenic right there. Who tries to play that many instruments? Erotic City comes to mind but there are hundreds. Then there is all his unreleased music, stuff in the vault. There’s probably thousands of compositions. This can never be known, it will always be a mystery. I don’t know how long he was on fentanyl but that is used for more than just pain. My Husband was on a fentanyl drip three years ago when he was in an induced coma. It was scarey but he got world-class care in an Army hospital and he was fine. Who knows what all Prince was on, he could have just been smoking reefer, hash or doing LSD. My question is whether he created his music naturally or whether he was on some mind-altering substance. And I will never know the answer to this. I also don’t understand why he refused surgery for religious reasons yet he thought it was acceptable to take dangerous drugs. Are JWs cool with fentanyl? I have so many unanswerable questions. *****************************************************************
  14. ***************************************************************** Prince was my FAVORITE musician since I was a teenager, I went to several of his concerts and I own almost all of his albums, but after his death and then when his drug use was exposed I was confused about whether he composed his music naturally or if he was high on drugs the whole time. Some of his music sounds schizophrenic and it really bothers me to the point where I cannot listen to his music anymore. *****************************************************************
  15. ******************************************************************* I LOVE your vignettes!!! When I was a teenager, I knew a young Hispanic couple who had one of those big fancy weddings that the girl’s parents paid for. She said it cost $50K and they had saved up the money for years. After they were married, the newlyweds were living in a tiny apartment and didn’t even have their own furniture. I never could understand why the parents didn’t use that money to buy them a house, that would have been a better investment, IMO. My Husband and I were married at the courthouse but it was a Christian ceremony. I don’t like to post about my personal business but we are retired and those possessions you mentioned are not important to me because I have all of that. You can’t buy trust and loyalty and those attributes mean more to me than anything. I have known my Husband for forty years and we trust each other completely. But I get your point, most people can easily be bought off. *******************************************************************
  16. ************************************************************** @Troy I am sorry but I disagree. The Smiths are always doing something to keep themselves in the news. I don’t care who they are screwing, that is their personal business, but why even make this public announcement that they are not monogamous. I think it is because they are chronic attention seekers. @Pioneer1 I think marriage is more of a business arrangement and it also serves as a financial protection for the union’s children. So many marriages fail because people think it’s all about love. As to the Smiths and their open marriage, I couldn’t do it. Business arrangement or not, I would lose my mind knowing that my husband was getting down with somebody else. I am too possessive for that. **************************************************************
  17. ************************************************************** Will Smith is a player who says that he and his wife, Jada Pinkett, do not practice monogamy. Marriage for us can't be a prison IMO the state of the Black family is bad enough without these two promoting their adulterous swingers lifestyle. They must know that people like to emulate celebrities so why couldn’t they just keep their mess to themselves? **************************************************************
  18. ************************************************************** Why don’t you elaborate on your original post? When did this place become the guessing game forum? **************************************************************
  19. ************************************************************** Your comment reminded me of a series on A&E called Life After People, where they speculated how insects and vegetation would take everything over, among other things. As to the world ending, it’s getting scary. We have this manufactured virus, China threatening Australia, China infiltrating various U.S. corporations and institutions, the Taliban having access to nuclear weapons, open borders, dolts in the WH, and on and on. And I have a funky feeling that our economy is about to collapse. All this mess is stressing me out! **************************************************************
  20. ****************************************************************** I agree. Sign up and stop being anonymous since you can still be anonymous after you sign up. @Pioneer1 You can still share your enlightened thoughts with the rest of us even if this anonymous person books up and never returns. As to the one drop rule, why does it only apply to Blackness, why can't the one drop rule apply to whiteness, like if my great-great- grandmother were white, why couldn't I be considered as a white person? Halle Berry believes in the one drop rule. She is mulatto, had a baby with a white man, the baby is a quadroon, but Halle says the child is Black. But if Halle wanted a Black child, why didn't she get impregnated by a Black man instead of whitey? She doesn't even make sense. ******************************************************************
  21. **************************************************************************** @Troy People are shy. People just want to lurk. People don't have anything interesting to say. People have too many social media/forum accounts already. Who knows. What happened to all the old-timers from Thumpers? Have you been in touch with any of them? Speaking of which, can you please credit my account with my forum posts from over there? Thanks. ****************************************************************************
  22. *********************************************************************** Melvin Van Peebles passes away in NYC ***********************************************************************
  23. *************************************************************************** That's never going to happen, especially not when their website features characters such as Megan Thee Stallion and negroes with their pants hanging down (how long can this disgusting trend last, it's been forty years now). It's like finding buried treasure if you come upon an old copy of Ebony or Jet magazine. Even Essence was great back in the day. Whatever happened to Black Enterprise? That was a must read for anyone aspiring to get into business, wasn't it? Thanks for those links, I'm going to search for that article later today. And thank God for you Troy. What you have done for Black literature, Black books, and Black people is historical and priceless. And I love you for it. ***************************************************************************
  24. *************************************************************************** I think this is great news, but unfortunately the days of seeing elegant Black people in a magazine are over. Now it's all about celebrities and people who are famous for sleeping with someone famous. It's sad. I wonder if they will be resurrecting Jet as well. ***************************************************************************
  25. *************************************************************************************** I didn't follow this particular story very closely, it is my understanding that the soldier did not pull over for quite some time, and then he didn't follow police instructions and that is a sure way to have problems with the po-po. @Pioneer1 I missed the part about him being assaulted. I think he got sprayed for being a jerk, talking back and not obeying commands. And I know your response will be all about freedom of speech. No, when you are dealing with the police you need to STFU. I live in a mostly Hispanic people area and I have a friend who is Hispanic, he's prominent in the community, an insurance agent with his own franchise. He told me that he was pulled over by Hispanic police officers and the police treated him like DIRT for no reason. Some police have got too much ego and testosterone going on and the citizens would be wise not to antagonize them further. Because police brutality can happen to ANYONE. ***************************************************************************************
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