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  1. ************************************************************************************ @daniellegfny You can lead a horse to water . . . 14- and 9-year-old siblings earn over $30,000 a month ************************************************************************************
  2. ************************************************************************************ @Pioneer1 I feel your pain. But a societal collapse isn't likely to happen in the near future. You're going to need to figure something out. If it weren't for my Husband and the fact that we are retired and living on annuities/pensions, I don't know what I would be doing right now. I know that I could have survived without him, but it would have been difficult. Especially getting through this pandemic mess. As to your situation, it's hard to have faith when things are so dismal, but you will be alright. I know you will. ************************************************************************************
  3. ************************************************************************************ America was much better off a couple of years ago than it is now, that's for sure. We are dealing with higher prices, inflation, supply chain backlog, product shortages, border crisis, corrupt administration, increased crime, police shortages, unemployment, COVID, CRT, and several other major problems. If you can't remember a better time than now, perhaps you need a shot of espresso or something to jolt your memory. ************************************************************************************
  4. ************************************************************************************ @Pioneer1 I disagree with your definition of work-wife, or whatever you had. It's not someone that you fall in love with and sleep with at the job. It is someone who helps you get your WORK done. As to myself, I probably had some bosses that considered me as their work-wife, but the feeling wasn't mutual since I would never marry whitey, not even at work. Nor did I ever sleep with anyone in the workplace or that I met in the workplace. I was there to do a job, I wasn't there looking for a hookup. Did any of these work-wives of yours, that you may or may not have slept with, try to save your job? Have any of them kept in touch to see if you needed anything? Have any of them said they miss you? And were these work-wives Black or white? What is going on with you??? ************************************************************************************
  5. ************************************************************************************ Good Morning Gentlemen, Do we even have any Black leaders? Are you referring to someone like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Obama, or someone else? People have options for distributing their message through other methods besides TV or radio. There’s social media, YouTube, TikTok, Podcast, etc. If you have a message, you can get it out there and it doesn’t really cost that much to do it. ************************************************************************************
  6. ************************************************************************************ The Republican Party has evolved. The Secretary of Defense seems out of touch and he doesn't have anything to do with what the troops on the ground are interested in. They are warriors, and they want to know what is really going on. Not the nonsense that CNN/MESSNBC spouts. That's why their TVs are on Fox News. Again, I would ask you - Do you even watch Fox? What are they reporting that is fake? I need to know so that I can be on the lookout for it, since I have not noticed it. Please point it out to me. ************************************************************************************
  7. ************************************************************************************ I don't have an attitude. Stop asking me silly questions. ************************************************************************************
  8. ************************************************************************************ @Pioneer1 You finally got some of your wish Philadelphia Ends Pulling Drivers Over for Minor Traffic Offenses ************************************************************************************
  9. ************************************************************************************ @Pioneer1 I don’t post about my income on the forums. Nor do I concern myself with other people’s income. My next door neighbor is a doctor. I assume that he is a millionaire, but am I going to ring his doorbell to ask him how much he earns, invests, or what’s in his bank account? Of course not, that is crass. The next house is a regional insurance franchisee. I’m pretty sure he’s a millionaire too. You need to get out of the mindset of worrying about whether some other person made $100K and figure out what you can do to monetize NFTs and/or crypto for yourself, if that is something that interests you. And if it doesn’t, then don’t. Nobody is trying to force you to do anything. Do you. ************************************************************************************
  10. ************************************************************************************ The fact is that military personnel have always leaned Republican. Most government personnel also. You know this from your years at the Postal Service. Do you even watch Fox News? What are they reporting that is fake? ************************************************************************************
  11. ************************************************************************************ @Pioneer1 That is OLD thinking. Wealth is accumulate through multiple passive income streams. Get with the program. ************************************************************************************
  12. ************************************************************************************ Exactly. Remember - You ain’t Black unless you vote for Joe Biden since you are not capable of critical thinking or figuring out what’s in your own best interest. BUILD. BACK. WORSE. MAKE. AMERICA. AWFUL. AGAIN. ************************************************************************************
  13. You know you call them people whitey!!! ************************************************************************************ @tipsyturv Your questions that started, basically, with "I have a friend who" made me suspect that you were referring to yourself. You can identify yourself however you please, but I would hope that you identify yourself honestly and not by your skin tone. As to the people who question your heritage, next time someone asks you about it, give them an answer and then turn around and ask them about theirs. Most people don't even know what it is. Or ask them what part of Africa they originated from. I guarantee they won't have an answer. ************************************************************************************
  14. ************************************************************************************ Anybody can be racist and you clearly are because you are rejecting people based on what you perceive as their race, which they have no control over, and which does not define them. So you are just as bad as whitey. ************************************************************************************
  15. ************************************************************************************ Most Indians in India are supposedly Caucasian although some are classified as Asian. I guess it depends on their location and their hair texture and/or ear wax, that is the criteria used to determine race, not skin color. Again, I think it's up to the individual how they want to identify themselves. ************************************************************************************
  16. ************************************************************************************ I am not a genealogist but I would say that people with multi-racial parents and grandparents are multi-racial. What they claim, as far as their race is concerned, is up to them. As to Chilli claiming to be "Blindian," I think she looks ridiculous dressing in Indian clothes, and she comes off like an attention seeker, as I stated before. Why can't she just sing about the Scrubs and Waterfalls and go sit down somewhere. ************************************************************************************
  17. ************************************************************************************ He's not masculine when he's hanging all over his BF, but whatever. I don't like him so I don't have anything good to say about him, or any of the other dolts at CNN. You like to see the good in people, and I do not. ************************************************************************************
  18. ************************************************************************************ I disagree and I don't care what anybody sees. Just because one of her great-great-grandparents is some exotic race doesn't mean anything if everybody else in her ancestry line is Black. She is Black. If she wants to prance around in Indian garb and call herself "Blindian," that's her business, I don't care. She is still Black. ************************************************************************************
  19. ************************************************************************************ @daniellegfny I saw this and thought you might find it interesting: People Are Taking Out Loans Against Their NFTs—And Defaulting ************************************************************************************
  20. ************************************************************************************ @Cynique You should not want to bid this world good bye because we don't want you to. We love you and our world wouldn't be the same without you. Besides that, who's gonna take care of your cat? ************************************************************************************
  21. ************************************************************************************ @ProfD Thank you for addressing my concerns. 1) I have no way of knowing what motivates people to leave their own countries, but when Trump said "they are sending" their criminals here, he meant that some countries deport their own citizens. And since he's privy to information that I am not, I tend to believe him. 2) My guess is that they come to the U.S. for the freebies. Free food, free money, free housing, free education, free medical care. Why wouldn't they want to come here? 3) IDK. 4) I doubt that it is Border Patrol's job to keep people from coming, only to deal with them once they arrive. Joe Biden and his thoughtless executive orders/directives is what has caused the current conditions, I guess the BP is doing what they have been ordered to do. But all of those questions don't matter to me, what matters to me is the state of the current situation, because this is horrible You don't know whether I'm in imminent danger from the Afghans or not. They are in my vicinity and I don't like it. They need to be in Afghanistan or somewhere else. I don't GAF where they are as long as they're not around me. I heard that most of them have NOT been vetted, so we don't know whether they were translators or others who assisted the U.S. military, or whether they are terrorists that decided they wanted to leave from over there, or what their intentions are. I'm worried about all the citizens right now because desperate times cause people to do things that they normally would not do. Stay safe everybody! ************************************************************************************
  22. ************************************************************************************ @Chevdove That is sad about the Afro-Ecuadorans. Black people are ALL OVER THE WORLD! As to the border-crossers, there are several problems with this situation. First off, we have a process for people to enter the U.S., and it's not that way. The people are being released, so we have no way to know where they are ending up. Some remain locally, most scatter in the wind, and not knowing where they are going is another problem. I am hopeful that they will eventually be tracked and deported, especially if they are criminals. There's also that whole problem about whether they are being tested, vaxxed, masked, etc. So we have potentially infected people traveling throughout the nation freely, but nobody knows where they are. All of that is another mess. It doesn't end there for me. I have the additional problem of all the Afghans they brought over. Hundreds of them are in my area also. Some are being housed on the main Army installation and some are at various annexes. The incident where the female soldier was assaulted happened at an annex within a ten-mile radius of my home!!! Those Afghans are permitted to roam freely and, although it's a hump, it's within walking distance. So it's worrisome for me. I am seriously contemplating relocating because of all this. SERIOUSLY. ************************************************************************************
  23. ************************************************************************************ If you google him you can see pix of him and his boyfriend all hugged up on each other. The term is snot crying. ************************************************************************************
  24. ************************************************************************************ I wish CNN, the Crying Negroes Network, would be more about reporting some actual news, instead of reporting whether they are a TOP or a BOTTOM. Victor is a Cry Baby ************************************************************************************
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