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  1. African. American. Christmas. Stories. By. Betty Colliers. -Thomas..A,Collection. Of Christmas. Stories. And. Poems. By. Black,Writers,Journalist. And. Activist....
  2. Football. Player. Kareem. Hunt. On. Video. Beating. On. A. Woman..Another. Black. Athlete. Beating. On. A. Woman. Think,The. Woman. White. Average. Black. Men. Who. Beat , On. Black. Women. We're Raised. That Way,Have Mental Problems,Just. Evil. This Country's Society Has Black Men As Angry,Violent Thugs. The,Black,Men In The NAACP,, Politics,Churches Should. Counsel,Black. Males .They Can Make Time To Get Votes. Black,Women In NAACP, ,Politics And. Churches. Should Counsel,Women. And. Teenage. Girls. About. Domestic. Abuse,Domestic. Violence...The. Churches,Black. Political. Have,Failed,The. Black. Community. Black. Preachers,Have. Murdered,Their. Wives,Abuse. Their. Wives,Have. Children. With,Mistresses,Arrested. For. Stealing. Money. Black. Preacher,Got,A ,14-Black. Girl. Pregnant. NAACP,Churches,Black. Political. ,Their. Mouths,Shut. They. Condone. It. To. Black. People,Do. Black. Lives,Really. Matter. To. Black. People???????.
  3. Dallas ,White. Police. Officer. Indicted. For. Murdering. Her. Black. Neighbor. She. Thought. His. House. Was. Her. House,Shot. And ,Killed,Him...White. Police. Officer. Found. Guilty Of Shooting, Murdering 15,Year old Black Boy. .Black Teenage Boys Left A,House. Party , White Police Officer Followed Them,Started ,Shooting. At The Boys Car. Killing One Of The Boys..In St. Louis,Missouri. White Police Indicted For Beating Up. A ,Undercover. Police Officer,Trying To Cover. It. Up. One. Of ,Them,Was. Found,, Not. Guilty. Of . Killing. A. Black. Man. Last. Year...Where. Is. Quarterback. Colin. Kaepernick ??Corrupt,Racist,White,Police..A. Black. Man. Claims. He. Murdered ,Over,90. People. He In. Prison. For. Murdering 3 Women......What,Is. Amazing. To. Me,The. Silence. Of Black. Police ..All. The. Innocent,Unarmed. Black. Makes. Being. Shot,Murdered. By. Racist,White. Police . Black. Police. Not. Saying. Anything. White,Police,Have. No. Fear. When. The Neo Nazi. Walk. Around,With,Guns... Kkk Have. Rifles. Terrorist. With. Guns...
  4. Essence. Best. Selling . Author. Nikki. Turner,With. Other. Writers, Raw, Urban. Stories. That. Will. Jingle . Your. Bells. This. Season.....
  5. harry brown

    Homeless. At. Christmas!

    Christmas. Eve. In. The. City. Among. The. Holiday. Decorations,The. Homeless,With. Hunger,Pain. And. Misery. Corrupt. Church. Going. Politicals,Stealing. Preacher's. Speaking. Prayer..To The. Homeless,Do ,They Plan To. Bring Food And Shelter?The Homeless,Some Barely,Alive. With Hopelessness And. Emptiness They Struggle To,Survive...Getting Food,Presents Shoppers Shopping..For The ,Homeless. ,Shoppers Not Stopping..Soon Church Bells Will Ring.Choirs Will Sing,Preacher's Preaching..Toward. The. Homeless,Food. And. Shelter. Will. Somebody. Bring.? or Upon. The,Streets. Will. The. Homeless. Be. Remaining?.
  6. Black. People. Who. Followed. False Prophet. Jim. Jones. ,40,Years,Ago. I,Read. Most. Of The. People Were Black. Mostly Black. Women. Black,Men. Came. Because. Black. Women. Had. Their. Children. Black,People. Believing This Idiot Was A Savior Of Some. Kind. .Black People And Religion Amazes Me. Did. Jim Jones Tell This,Stupid. Idiots ,What They Were About To Drink? I , Have,Sympathy For The Children Only. Children Did,Not, Choose To,Follow. Jim Jones.. The Rest Of The. People. Deserved What. They,Got...White Man. Organizing. Mass. Suicide,Of. Mostly. Black,People. White. Christianity. Controls. Black. Churches. Christianity. ,Another. From. Of , White. Supremacy. Black. People,Talk,About. White. supremacy ,Have. White. Man's Religion....,40-Years. Since. Jim Jones. Suicide. Massacre Of. Stupid,Idiot. People..Preacher's. Have. The. Same. Mind. Control. Jim,Jones. Had. Difference,They. Want. Money..And. The. Black,Church,Congregation. Helps The. Preacher's. Live In,Mansions ,Buy , Rich. Cars....
  7. Black. People. Should. Be. Grateful For Family. And. Friends. Those,Involved. In. Fighting. For. Our. Civil. Rights,Who. We're. Beaten,Arrested. And. Murdered. Black. Soldiers. Defending. This,Racist Country. Purpose Of Thanksgiving Day. Pilgrims,Thanking God. On Slave Plantations. ,Slaves Were Allowed,To Catch Wild Game To Eat...Preacher's Preached ,One,Day Soon They Would Be A Slave Free. America....Todays,Black. Preacher's ,Grateful For Stupid Black,People,Each Sunday. Giving. Money. ,So. Preacher's. Can,Live,,In. Mansions. And. Drive. Rich. Cars,,Not. Caring. About. The. Black. Poor,Poverty. In. Black. Communities. .This. Is. A. Christian. ,God. Fearing. Country?No!.
  8. Black. Males. Wearing. Hoodies. In. A. Mall. In. Memphis,Was Aressted,, Taking Out. Of ,The Mall. Because. They. We're. Wearing,I ,Think. Black. Hoodies. They. We're. Racially. Profiled. White. Females,Decided To Wear Hoodies Into The Same Mall. To See,What Would Happen,They Were Not Aressted. White And,Black,Protesting...Football Great Alan Page Was Given The,Medal Of Freedom Award By Trump. He Said He Was ,Surprised. He Said His Ancestors That Came In Slave Ships,Were,There. With. Him,James. Chaney ,And. The. 2,White. Men,Murdered. In. Mississippi Was. There,Girls. That. Was. Murdered,In,The. Bombed. Alabama. Church. Was. There. With. Him.A,White. Man. Begin. Shooting. At. A. Police. Officer,Bullet. Holes,In,Police. Car. They. Caught. Him. ALIVE!!! White. Man. Shooting,Bullets. In. The. Police. Officer. Car,Saw. On. The. News,Black,Man. Would. Have. Ben. Shot. Another. Example. Why,Colin. Kaepernick Was. Kneeling. Down..I. Think. Alan. Page,Is A,Judge. In. Minnesota....
  9. harry brown

    Michelle. Obama,Becoming!

    Former. First. Lady. Michelle. Obama,Book. Called. Becoming. She. Talks. About. Becoming. The. First. Black. ,First. Lady. Only Whitehouse. Resident. Of Enslaved. Ancestors.Angry. At. Trump,Saying. Her Husband Was Not Born In America. The People,Experienced That Helped Shape Her.Discussion On Class,Race And Public Education. She Is Interesting....
  10. Democrats. Got The. House! Black. People,Slavery. Is. A. Choice,Now!.Black Poor . Communities. Will. Have Two ,Successful,Businesses. The. Crack. House,, Sex. House, ,Church ,Pimp ,House..Preacher's. Steal. Millions. Of Dollars. ,Have Been Aressted,, For Stealing Millions. Instead Of Uplifting Poor Communities. And,The Black Political ,NAACP To Scared To Confront These,Fake,Stealing. Preachers..Including John Lewis..Seen Old. News,Clips Of John Lewis Facing The Klan ,Klan Police..Black. ,Preachers. ,John. Lewis. Afraid. To. Confront..Has. Creflo - Dollar,Got,His. Private. Plane.? Credo Dollar,Top,. Fake. Preacher.With,Zombie Followers. Black. People. Are. To. Stupid. To,Stop. Giving. Money. To. These. Demonic. Snake. Preachers. Black,Communities. In. Inner City,Mississipi. Delta.,Poverty..Black,People. Need. To. Start. Holding. Their. Own,Leaders. Accountable.....
  11. harry brown

    The. Last. Safari!!

    Africa,If. I. Could. Go. On. Safari. There. Would. It. Be. Thriving,Or. Because. Of. Man's Greed,Would. It. Be. Bare.The. Mountains,Waterfall,Rainforest,Deserts,,Among. The. Landscape. Would. There Be. Leopards And Cheetahs. Hunting,, Impalas,, Gazelles,Trying to Escape? .Would There Be Giraffes Walking In. A,Brief Rain? Buffalo,Zebras,Wildebeest Upon The Savannah And,Plains? Would There Be Elephants,Black Rhinos ,Hippos ,By,The,River Zambezi ? Would There Be Gorillas And Chimpanzee,In,Trees? Wandering. Among. The. Ancient. Dying, ,,Baobab ,Trees..THinking ,. About. The. Children. That. Have. Died. From. Wars,Famine. And. Disease..Would. There. Be. Lion. Prides? The. Ancient. African. Tribes. ? Forgetting. The. God. Of. Their. Ancestors,White. Christian. God. ,Will. Africans. Yearn? Will. Their,Forget Their. Ancestors. That. Was. Kidnapped. Never. To. Return?Africa ,If. I. Could. Go. On. Safari. There. Would. It. Be. Thriving Or Would,. It. Be Bare??..
  12. harry brown

    The. Mamba Mentality .

    Former. NBA. Great. Kobe Bryant. Book. Mamba Mentality. Talks,About. How. Prepared. Mentality. And. Physically For. Games...
  13. harry brown

    Black. Werewolf!!

    Misty. Rainy. Swamp,In. Th. Louisiana. Bayou. Voodoo. Priestess. McQueen ,Conjures. A. Demon.From. Her. Voodoo..In. The Swamp,After. Midnight. Racist. White. Men. Loud. In. The Moonlight. They Put Black Mannequins On Trees..To Swing Back. And. Forth,In The Breeze..The Racist White Men Begin Hearing Sounds,of Howling. Coming Near Them,Loud Sounds Of. Growling..The Racist Men See A Large Black Wolf ,On Two Legs,Stand. The Werewolf Begins Circling Each Racist White Man..With. Terror. Walking. Slow,They,,Pause. As. They. See,The Werewolf,Large. Teeth. And. Claws.The. Racist,Men,. With. Horrifying ,Screams. And. Shrieks. . Each. Racist. Man. The. Werewolf. Seeks...Body. Parts. All. Around. As. The. Misty. Rainy. Falls. Upon. The,Ground...Black. Werewolf. Back. To. Priestess. Mcqueen,Before,The. Sun. Rises. Again. To. Return. To. The. Realm From. Which. It. Came......
  14. harry brown

    Fledgling.Octavia. Butler.

    Fledgling. About. A. 10 Year. Old. Half. Black,Half. Vampire. Child,Stalked. By. Pure. Blood. Vampires..Book. By. Octavia. Butler..
  15. In. Kentucky. A. Racist. White. Shot,Killed. 2,Elderly. Black. People. At,A. Grocery. Store. Before. The. Racist. White. Man. Shot. The. Elderly,Black,People,He Tried To. Enter A. Black Church,But The,Church. People Stopped Him From Getting In. What Happened,At The Charleston Church In,2015 Could Have Happened,In Kentucky... .All The. Terror. I,Said The Racist ,White,,Want A Race War, ..Then The Black On Black Murder Do,Not. Stop. Black Police. Officer Shot,Killed By A Stupid,Moron,Black. Male,Criminal...