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  1. Forgotten. Murder,17. Year. Old. Kendrick. Johnson. Body. Was,Found. Rolled. Up. In. A. Wrestling. Mat. In. The. Gym,In,A. High. School. In. Valdosta,Georgia...Homicide,Suicide,Accident...Family. Believes,Homicide, So. Do I. There. Will. Be. A. Third. Autopsy,His. Body. To. Be. Exhumed... Where. Is. The. Protesting. For. This. 17, Year. Old. Black. Male? This. Happened,In, 2013. In. Pittsburgh,Police. Shot. And. Killed,A,,17. Black. Boy,Antwon Rose. People. Protesting...Why,Is. Black. Police. Silent,The. Boy. Was. Unarmed.. What. Would. White. People. Do. If. Black. Police,Start. Shooting. At. Neo. Nazi. Walking. Down. The. Street,With. Guns. And. Nazi. Flag,Neo. ,Nazi,KLAN,Domestic,Terrorist. Organization. Klan. With. Faces,Covered. Up. Walking. Around. With. Rifles.....The,Neo-Nazi. Planning. A. Rally Near. The. Whitehouse....Hispanic,Children. Being. Rounded. Up. Like,Cattle. ,Neo-Nazi. Planning. A. Rally Near. The. Whitehouse.. News. Says,White. Population. Shrinking ,Whatever..The. Browning. Of. America. Trump. Doing. What,,The,Neo. Nazi. Want. Him. To. Do....
  2. Trump. Has. Rounded. Up, Children. Of,. Illegal. Immigrants,And,Put. Them. In. Cages,Jail,Confinement,,Away,From. Their. Parents. .Black,Democrats. Concerned,Not. Concerned. To. Talk. About,Black. Men. Having. Children. They. Do. Not. Care. About. Multiple. Babies. With. Multiple. Women.. Or. Talk,About. Preachers. Having. Children. With. Mistresses. Arrested. For. Stealing,Caught. With. Prostitutes. Arrested. For. Killing. Their. Wives,Stealing. Church. Money,Buying. Cars,Entertaining. Their. Mistresses. ..Black. Men. Genocide,,Their. Own. People,Gangs,Crack. Houses,Pimp. Houses....White. Democrats. On. The. News. Concerned. About,Children. Of. Illegal. Immigrants. Being. Rounded. Up,Contained,It. Is. Child. Abuse. White. Democrats. Not ,Shedding. Years. For. Black. Children. Or. Innocent. Black,Killed. By. Police. Or. Street. Gangs,They. Got. Black,Votes. Controlled.. Difference. Between. Black. Holocaust,Jewish. Holocaust,Jewish. People. Not. Continuing. Their. Holocaust,....Democrats. And. Republicans. Are. The,Same,Lot. Of. Ways.. Neither. Concerned. About. Poor,Black. Communities,Poor. Inner. City. Schools....Black,Democrats. Act. Like. They. Own. Black. Votes....Need. Black. Independent. Political. People....
  3. Book. Speaks. Of. The. Relationship. Between. Self-Esteem. ,And. Student. Achievement..Book. by. Dr. Jawanza. -Kunjufu...Positive. Images. And. Discipline. Of. ,Black,Children....
  4. harry brown

    New Movie,SUPER FLY

    New. Movie. Super. Fly . Black. Drug. King. Pin,Goes. To. ,Mexico, To. Get. Cocaine. Cocaine. ,Pimps And. Prostitution ,,Gangs,Have. Been Made. Glamorous ,By. Black. ,,Movies,Music. Black. Community. Has. Crack. Houses,Pimp ,Houses,Gangs. Slaughter. Black. People. In. The. ,Streets...The,Black. Panther. Movie ,Super. Hero. Entertainment, Will. Not. Stop,Making ,Black Genocide. Glamorous...Racist. White. Do. Not. Have. ,To,Do. Anything,Let. Black. People. Genocide. ,Corrupt. ,Future,Black. Generation.....
  5. Black. Fathers. Are. Real,We. Do. Exist. Author. Talks. About. His,Father. Was. Loving,Teacher,Provider,Was. There,With. Discipline...Says,Black. Fathers,Are. Hard. Working,Loving,Want. To. See. Their. Children. Do. Well..Book,By Jerry Mccrae..My. Opinion ,Positive. Black,Fathers. Overshadowed. By. Those. Irresponsible...
  6. News. Says. Kanye. West. New. Album. Is. Selling. Big. ,News,Says. Maybe. Trump. Supporters. Buying. Kanye. ,West,,Music..Maybe. The. Neo .Nazi. That. Was. In. ,Charlottesville. ,That. Trump. Loves,,Maybe. They. ,Bought,Kanye West. Music.....Kanye West,Black. ,Preachers,Support. Trump. After. Charlottesville...Sports,Is. Anyone. Besides. Me. Sick. Of. The. Ball. Family. Lavar Ball ,And. His. Son's. ,With. Average. Basketball. Talent. The. -Question,Where. Will. LeBron James. Play. Basketball. ,Next?.
  7. Looking. At. Books. Online,Saw. Beast,Revelations, 13,Is. America. The. Beast. Revelations. 13,Says. The. Second. Beast,Will. Rise. From. The. Earth. And. Direct. All. People. To,Worship. The. First. Beast ..My Opinion .. Racist. White. Men. In. America,Controlling. The. Richest. Country ..Some. Think,Trump. Wants. The. U. S. And. Russia. To. Have. White,supremacy. Upon. The. World..Is. Trump. The. Devil,Himself,Claiming. To. Be. Christian..Supporting,Violent,Christian. Terrorist..Some,White,People. Think. Christianity. Is. The,Largest. Terrorist,Organization. On. Earth......Racist. WHITE. Men,Demonic. ,Claiming. To Be. Christian....
  8. News. Says. Several. Baltimore. Police. Found. Guilty. Of. Stealing. In. Baltimore..They. Used. Fake. Search. Warrants. To,Go. In. People. Homes. They. Stole. Thousands. Of. Dollars..Black. And. White. Police. Stealing. During. The ,Protest. ,Riot. Of. Police. Killing. Freddie. Gray..They. Had,A. Racketeering. Scheme,Dealing. Heroin..Harassing People. Who,Were. Innocent..Lunatic. Trump. Does. Not. Want. The,NBA. Champions. At. The. Whitehouse. LeBron. Said,Neither. Golden. State. Or. Cleveland. Would. Go. To,The,Whitehouse..Trump. Wants. The. White. Hockey ,Team,At. The. Whitehouse. .Glad The. Super. Bowl,Winning,Eagles,Did. Not. Go. To. Whitehouse...Alabama,College. Football. Champions. At. The,Whitehouse. Black. Football. Players. Proud. To. Meet,Trump. They. Could. Have. Told. Their. Coach. We. Do. Not,Want. To. Go........
  9. Discovery. Black. People. In. The. Bible,Leslie. Myles.. She. ,Says,White. Society ,White. People. Have. Manipulated ,Brain,Washed. To. Keep. The. Presence. Of ,Black. People. In,The. Bible. Not. Told..... I. Will. Add. Most. Black. ,Preachers,Do. Not. Preach. Of. The. Black. Presence. In. The,bible....Another. Reason. Black. Are. Spiritually. ,Enslaved..Book. By. Leslie. Myles..
  10. harry brown

    Every Day. Racism

    Starbucks. Is. Closing. Their. Stores. Today,For. Racist. ,Bias,Training..Whatever. Trump. Elected. Has. Brought. Out,Racist. People. From. The. Shadows. Into. The. Sunshine..The. President. Of. This. Country. Supports. Neo,Nazi. . News. Talks. About. Black. Men. Arrested. At,Starbucks, Football. Players. Kneeling. Down. ,They. Will,Not. Talk. About. White. Police. Fired. For. Being. Klan ,Members. Past. 7_ Years. Neo. Nazi. In. The. Military ,Racist,Politicians ,Besides. Trump..Racism. Reason. There,Are,Poor. Inner. City. Black. Schools. And. Rich. White,Schools.....Last. Month. Neo. Nazi. Waving. Nazi,Flags,Celebrating. Adolf. Hitler Birthday ..
  11. harry brown

    Queen. sugar,Natalie Baszile .

    Queen. Sugar,Book. About. A. Black. Woman,Single. ,Mother,Living. In. Los Angeles,With. Her. Young. ,Daughter,,,.She. Inherits,,. Acres. Of. Sugar. Cane. Land. In. Louisiana..This. Is. What,The,TV. Show. Is. . Based. On ,Queen. Sugar,On. The. OWN ,Channel. Produced. By. Oprah .Natalie Baszile. Won Awards,For. The. Early. Version. Of. Queen. Sugar......
  12. harry brown

    Agrippa Hill,Revolutionary War

    Agrippa Hill. Black. Soldier. In. The. Revolutionary. War..Pictures,Places,Events,And. People,About. His. Life..Black. Warriors,Book. About. The All. Negro ,Division. In. World. War 2..Agrippa Hill. ,By. Charles. Rivers.....
  13. Pro. Football. Wants. The players. To. Stop. Kneeling. Down,Stand. For. The. Anthem. Or. Stay. In Locker. Room,When. National. Anthem. Is. Played. Want. To. See,If. The. Black. Philadelphia. Eagles. Football, Players. Will. Go. To. The. White. House. To. See. The. Lunatic. President. If. They,Do. ,They. As. Bad. As. Kanye West. And. Ben. Carson...Players. are. Disrespecting. The. Flag. And. Military,Says. Trump.. Neo. Nazi. Walk. Around. With. Nazi-Flags,U. . S. Flags. In the. Streets. Last. Month. Neo. Nazi,Celebrated. Hitler. Birthday,Walking. Around. With. Nazi ,Flags. White. America. Condones. This......Black. Football,Players. Cannot. Kneel. Down,But. Neo. Nazi. Can,Wave. And. Carry. Nazi. Flags,U. . S. Flags. In. The. Streets,Of. America....
  14. harry brown


    On. Silk. Browser,Could. Log. In. But Could. Not. Post,,Message,Said,AALBC. Website. Was. Down,On. Different,Website,Aalbc. Was. Working. Hackers,Might. Be,On,AALBC..
  15. On. PBS. Channel, They. Talked. About. Famous. Books,To,Read. The Black. Authors. Books. Mentioned.James-Baldwin,Another. Country,Ralph. Ellison,Invisible Man,Zira-Hurston,Their. Eyes. We're. Watching. God,Alice. Walker,Color-Purple,Sister. Fallujah,The. Coldest. Winter,And. Colson-Whitehead,The. Intuitionist...Toni Morrison,Beloved...