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    I looked at two forum posts concerning whoopi goldberg and none focused on the point, what did WHoopie Goldberg say and was it the truth

    What did WHoopie Goldberg say, I paraphrase close to a quote: "Why are they upset over nudity more than the holocaust...Well, this is White people doing it to White people, so y'all gonna fight amongst yourselves,...If you're going to do this, then let's be truthful about it because the Holocaust isn't about race....man's inhumanity to man...its about two White groups of people... your missing the point, it's about how people treat each other... if your worried about Maus, they are not going to say it is about me, they are going to say, I don't want to be like that"

    So, what were Whoopie's points?

    1)The people who want to ban MAus's book are more interested in nudity than the violence between human beings?
    2)THe violence between human beings in Maus book is more of an issue than the nudity
    3)The actions of the National socialist party of germany concerning the holocaust or in general within germany was about white people to white people.
    4)White people fight amongst themselves
    5)The holocaust isn't about race
    6)The holocaust is about man's inhumanity to man
    7)The holocaust is about two groups of white people
    8)Children reading the book will not ponder about the inter human violence, they will not want to be the abused. 

    What is the truth in each point?
    1) Truth, the people banning "Maus" are stating the primary reason is nudity, in a modern media where nudity is rampant. Either they are lying , and they want to ban a book that speaks on the holocaust or racial issues, or they are fanatic about an issue, nudity in public, that in the modern USA is near impossible to fight off.
    2) False, neither is an issue. Books , like all forms of art, are not obliged to many anyone comfortable but the writer and the reader who wishes to or continues to read.
    3) Truth, most of the people in germany are white, regardless of their religious race. Sequentially, this is an issue within the phenotypical race commonly called white.
    4) Truth, the Nazi party of the USA was as emboldened to follow Hitler as any other Nazi party throughout the world.
    5) False, the holocause is about religious race. It isn't about phenotypical race. White jews are jews, while also white. A White christian in germany can say a white jew is not german, as german is a label for three seperate races. A geographic/cultural/linguistic race. 
    6) False, All of war is about human negativity towards other humans but not inhumanity. Cruelty/savagery/slavery are negative things but not inhuman things. When a male lion defeats another male lion and kills a cub of the defeated lion, that is not an inlion act. Nor does it mean the victorious lion is a sinner or evil. The point of power is to be powerful. To continue your line while the others end. The goal of the NAzi's concerning their murder sprees was erasing those not deemed appropriate for Nazi german, by there standards,  who lived in Nazi Germany. They wanted a germany free of jews/romani/midgets. The USA itself had many an eugenics program. The goal is to kill some bloodline and continue others. It isn't inhuman but it is very negative for those whose bloodlines are at risk.
    7) Truth, the white jew in germany side the white nazi , comprehend that white jews existed in nazi germany as collaborators. Sequentially, even the Nazi party of germany thought white jews had a positive function that was worth not killing them.
    😎 Truth, the role of parents is to guide children. In the USA most parents guide children to not be the abused. It isn't about character, it is about power. Be the slave master, not the slave. The slave master may be disliked but the slavemaster is free, the slavemaster controls their life. 

    In conclusion, I see five true points and three false points in Whoopie's statements. An employer has the right to suspend or fire an employee , if the contract doesn't protect the employee, based on their literature. Freedom of speech for most jobs in the usa historically doesn't protect the laborer from the firm's negative appraisals. 
    All the talk about the person of whoopie goldberg or the potency of the white jewish community is invalid to the issue. 


    Read an article concerning book banning from an authors lips


    FORUM POST- to read views






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    2. ProfD


      @richardmurray, IMO, it's not about whether Whoopi Goldberg said something that was right or wrong. She's entitled to say whatever she thinks. But, she should have known better too.


      Same applies to your treatise. You have a right to your opinion/belief.


      BTW, humans are not animals. We do not have to rely solely on instincts for survival. As a result, we do not have to be savage. That's a choice. 


      From where I sit, black folks don't need to insert themselves in word, deed or action when it comes to white folks going against each other.


      As black folks,we have our problems with white supremacy.  😎

    3. Stefan


      Whoopi is part of a panel on a popular TV talk show that airs free to most. So she is supposed to and expected to offer a take on trending issues and events.

      I do not think many people understand her role in the popular TV media. The View is not a news show, but too many erroneously believe it is.

      She simply spoke in error. 

      I have no idea why some have no clue where the name Goldberg came from. Whoopi was trying to break into the stand-up comedy scene and her adopted last name allowed her to stand out.

      I always thought she was funny, devastatingly sarcastic and a pretty good actress.

      But that statement she made was a terrible mistake. Not to mention wrong. 

    4. richardmurray
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