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    Why couldn't Disney make a movie titled the Little Mermaid using Halley Bailey as Gabriella? 

    Gabriella is the name of the deaf black latino mermaid that enjoys adventures with ariel in the little mermaid t.v series.  why couldn't Disney make the little mermaid movie with Halley Bailey as Gabriella? 
    The two questions are simple, can a thespian act beyond their physical definition, and are roles for thespians absent? Halley Bailey can play Ariel,as any thespian can attempt to play any role,  but Halley Bailey didn't need to. 

    Gabriella was in the following episodes of the little mermaid show
    "Wish Upon a Starfish"
    "Ariel's Treasures"

    Gabriella Angelina Bommino - a child whose spirit flew at a very young age, was an inspiration to the character.


    P.S. I will be blunt, honoring the Bommino by making the character inspired by her titular role in the new Little Mermaid film I think would had been a far greater gesture on many levels, than changing the appearance of Ariel, for no reason... and Black women need to watch more television who said they never saw a black mermaid before, cause disney made a black mermaid already. Why didn't black women know about Gabriella already?


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