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  1. Ok @Troy my idea is described here LINK I am thinking electronic simply cause it can be accessed globally, can be cheaper to access. Shipping a book is more costlier globally than downloading an ebook
  2. If any of you have Kobo Ebooks and you want to place them on OVerdrive, it can be done for free through the dashboard. I placed all but one of my paid books which I am working on in the overdrive. https://kobowritinglife.com/2017/11/14/distribute-to-overdrive-via-kwl-hassle-free-library-distribution-50-royalties/
  3. The way the article author composed her prose made me think of glengarry glen ross. Enjoy:) my modulation <did I succeed in gender neutrality or environmental change:)?> and then read the article. Lacy Williams: ...S-M-A-R-T. Smart Marketing Art Retailers Tracking - Smart - Are you smart enough to listen? Marketing - You want to market? I know you do, or you'll keep living day to day. Art- Will you create for Christ's sake. Retailers - Be their pusher or give them free views, and Tracking.... S.M.A.R.T. Be smart you fools, the whole worlds online. You think they stay online to only view porn? An addict doesn't want yesterday's candy everybody gets, they always want something sweeter only you will provide. They are at home waiting to buy your book. Are you gonna get them? Are you adult enough to take them? What's the problem,pal? You- commenter. Commenter: Your such a hero, your so successful, how come your around this blog wasting your time with a bunch of bums? Lacy: You click on this website? you click on this website? Commenter: yeah. Lacy: This website cost more than your car. I made two million last year. How much you make? You see, pal, that's who I am, and your nothing. Nice person? I don't give a shit. Good parent? Fuck you! Go home and play with your kids. You wanna write here- close! ,You think this is abuse? You think this is abuse, you cocksucker? You can't take this, how can you take the abuse from writing a book? You don't like it, quit! I can start right now, tonight, with the first draft you've got and make myself fifteen thousand. Tonight! In two hours! can you? Can YOU? Go and do likewise. S-M-A-R-T. Get mad you spawn of bitches, get mad. You want to know what it take to write great books? It take a BRASS BALL to write great books. GO and do likewise, folks. Money's out there. You pick it up, it's your. You don't , I got no sympathy for you. You wanna sit on those chairs tonight and close, CLOSE. It's yours. If not, your gonna be getting my groceries. And you know what you'll be saying- a bunch of losers tweeting, alone in their home. Oh yeah, I used to be a writer. It's a tough racket.... https://kobowritinglife.com/2017/11/06/be-a-smart-indie/
  4. What is your favorite character trigger @sabine ziya @Mel Hopkins https://kobowritinglife.com/2017/11/03/using-triggers-to-poke-at-a-characters-emotional-wound/ People today, view or listen more than read. Am I right? https://kobowritinglife.com/2017/10/27/making-promotional-videos-on-the-cheap
  5. Good prose on doubting, I do not have doubt. My problem is verbosity or uncommon grammar techniques. ... and unwillingness to change to fit any readership. https://kobowritinglife.com/2017/10/31/fighting-the-demon-of-doubt
  6. a half hour audio listen but good thoughts. I have no estate plan, to be blunt. I realize that could be devastating if an edgar allen poe happen to me:) but... a good listen overall The audio- you can listen too RAW LINK http://traffic.libsyn.com/kobowritinglife/KWL_Podcast_EP_095_EstatePlanningforAuthors_with_MLBuchman.mp3 article https://kobowritinglife.com/2017/10/24/kobo-writing-life-podcast-episode-095-estate-planning-for-authors-with-m-l-buchman/
  7. how about an AALBC community book? The author to the article describe what he thinks are good methods for a bundle. 1. One theme or one general theme, so Valentine's day, romance. 2. Authors that are willing, initiated; and a way for them to be connected. I suggest connecting on AALBC. 3. Contract should exist between parties for royalties or contral rights. 4. Marketing must be outwardly and consistent. Possible ideas *Please Suggest Before You Read Mine* this year no one did anything for black solidarity day. I saw it on my calendar and I did not make any mention to it, to see what happened. In light of that, I want to honor black solidarity, which as a celebration in the black community in the usa is functionally pan black, globally. Juneteenth is specific to black people whose forebears who were in enslaved in the usa, like me. Kwanzaa is a solstive celebration that reference black african culture, which is my forebears. But, what if you are black and your forebears were not enslaved in the usa, like in ethiopia. what if you are black but not from african descent like some native people in the american continent, like some tribe in south america, or like some in each sector in asia. Black Solidarity is not about any particular tribe in the village, it is about all the tribes, being solid in themselves and making a solid union on earth. Sequentially, I see a title, tentative Happy Besooned Black Solidarity Day Stories or something with Black SOlidarity Stories in it I will suggest my following ideas to the itenerary listed below, please do likewise or similar. 1. Theme 2. Author 3. Contract 4. Marketing 1. Theme - Black Solidarity obviously, each story much contain positive black solidarity in some way or fashion. I think it need to be a short length. Flash fiction to short story, no epics or the novel needed to be written. 2. Author- each other a member of AALBC with their profile page as proof 3. The book is free, so this makes it a matter of want in the first place. I am willing to be the steward to whomever trust me. I will share the ebook through email to each member that I load. 4. Marketing, if each contributor post a link once a week to the page, the number of contributors will dictate the effect of the post what say you? https://kobowritinglife.com/2017/10/10/multi-author-bundles-dos-and-donts/
  8. If you are on Kobo and not on helloreads yet, check out this information. They have a form to submit to Helloreads. I made a helloreads page which aside my goodreads page. I don't use enough but they are present. I am trying to use AALBC moreso than any other profile. So, if you are not on either, that is fine but we should connect. if all the aalbc members connected on every other platform in a group or individually that would make us a block. NOTE: a link to posting a kobo work on helloreads is used, consider it My HelloReads https://www.helloreads.com/richardmurray My GoodsReads https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/189838.Richard_Murray https://kobowritinglife.com/2017/10/04/find-your-next-read-and-promote-your-books-with-helloreads/
  9. Strong commentary on the commonly called "social media". It is mirror world. When an author is not well known electronic communication venues can aid while they do not guarantee attracting an audience. The potential audience or craft buyers using electronic communication venues, I don't say social media cause all media is social <newspaper articles, old fashioned radio,anything where a message can be presented through>, are assaulted secondly from various advertisement. Thus, in my experience, getting those more popular on electronic communication venues to present your work is the best for the not well known. Oprah's book club Beyonce giving kudos are prime examples. If Barack Obama say he likes a particular non profit organization that advertisement is priceless. When you are well known, all media is good cause people know you so getting your information out is only a positive. *thoughts* https://kobowritinglife.com/2017/09/29/6-social-media-tips-just-for-authors/
  10. *Question* have any of you considered writing in another language beside english? I have a plan to publish in another language, nothing long winded though, something tiny but... what say you? The world is a circle, and multilingualism is a tool. Money is out there, but it does not always speak english. Question, what language would you like to see a story from you in ? name the story side the language ? *Your thoughts* ? https://kobowritinglife.com/2017/09/25/five-things-i-learned-as-an-esl-writer/
  11. Using the steps below, let us make a story together. I will start off with the inciting injury, named after the steps, and you do the immediate treatment and someone else the definitive and...? *STEPS* THE BEGINNING: The Inciting Injury: the moment and manner in which the character gets hurt. The Immediate Treatment: what the character does in the moment to feel better and avoid further injury. THE MIDDLE: The Definitive Treatment: when the character receives care which ultimately begins their healing process. The Rocky Road to Recovery: when the character faces challenges relating to their new disability and how they cope with those problems during healing. THE END: The Big Test: the moment when a character must overcome a greater challenge related to the global plot – while still recovering from their injury. The New Normal: when your character’s final degree of disability becomes apparent. They can have No Disability, a Partial Disability, or be Totally Disabled (for the affected body part). *LET US WORK TOGETHER* The Inciting Injury: Elsa Robinson, grandmother or lingerie fashion model, fifty six year old, walking along a dark street in the urban core to her boyfriend's house. Sprain her ankle when she step on a pebble in her diamond studded stilettos. The Immediate Treatment: SOMEBODY !? https://kobowritinglife.com/2017/09/08/maim-your-characters-the-structure-of-an-injury-plot/ *I quote the article* So remember this very basic fact: Writers write. If you’re not writing, you’re not a writer. So go back to your laptop or notebook and just write. Stories will come. Your craft will improve. Life and the universe will conspire and one day you’ll wake up and be a professional writer with an actual career. This won’t happen if you don’t write. https://kobowritinglife.com/2017/09/16/five-things-i-learned-in-the-age-of-the-typewriter/
  12. I compose books exclusively through Kobo writing life, set up DRM rights to myself, make my own covers thus, duplication or public domain issues or cover copyright issues are absent in my work. Metadata I am careful about and double check on everything I have from audio to the ebook itself. The only issue I can have that I have yet to test myself is erotica. In some stories I have written, grand abuse/assault was described, but that, to me, is not erotica. To me, erotica has to have the lustful in a fornicative sense. To lust is to desire above the healthy, it can be any thing. But, fornicate lust, which is not procreative lust, is to desire things that bring the arousal or attempted arousal in fornication. What are your thoughts? @sabine ziyaI know you are working in the erotic genre so i ponder? https://kobowritinglife.com/2017/08/21/top-5-reasons-books-are-rejected-from-publishing-on-kwl/
  13. @sabine ziya haha yes, i am not a shy man. her medallions is what sold me. I hope so too:)
  14. @sabine ziya Ok, I placed the image at the bottom to this post. Cool:) Sound like a masterpiece Sabine. Remember, no story ever end, just a part on the infinite road. You will know when you have finished the part you see.
  15. @sabine ziya Try now, consider the words too... oh thank you:) i am an honest storyteller and I nearly hate filler plotting from what I create. Well, I don't judge artists from my own philosophy, at least, i don't try too:) I try to see what they are doing oh ok:)
  16. fair enough. i wrote is darkness negative or dark:) thank you for stating my unmentioned
  17. @Mel Hopkinshmmmm well who does not want a positive ending. the question is, can a positive ending still be dark? is darkness negative or dark? well, if the spirit is forever then happily ever after can never be known but only experienced.
  18. My pleasure @Mel Hopkins yes many tribes in the village. your personal query has as many response as individuals:) I think the literary question has merit as well, I wonder your thoughts to it.
  19. Happily ever after is the problem, in literary terms. I will reply to your personal query but after I speak on the problem with the entire modern relationship genre. The first problem is where happily ever after came from. It came from a change in european fairy tales. Originally fairy tales were meant to refer to tales concerning the magical. A fairy traditionally is not positive or negative, in literary terms fairies is a magical label, how the magic apply to humans or the human world depend on the fairies, the humans, the various natural aspects. Most of these fairy tales were variations on pre christian stories from various places in europe that were becoming or would become heavily christian, at the zealot level. The christian clergy to their part, maintained the original christian method, making non christian things negative. This is why the word villans means criminal or peasant is low class compared to urban, where the christian church started, in modernity.Originally fairy tales had many unhappy endings. Some meant to scare, some meant to educate, others cause the story was good. But, over time, as books were being created, some writers decided to omit the unhappily ending fairy tales and only include the happy ones, or convert the unhappy ending ones into happy ending ones. This was the way in the european literary world; that coincided to the european global colonial age. The funny thing is that many of the conquered peoples native to <using commonly used geographic nameplace, not appropriate ones>: Africa/Asia/America had their own fairy tales which reflected the same style that the original european fairy tales did; but, these non european or non white fairy tales were barely transcribed or remembered or recalled through enslaved or genocidal histories. This lead up to modernity, in the united states. The U.S.A. media traditionally likes an inhuman position. From davey croket <is that the correct spelling> to the founding fathers , whether referring to real or unreal history the u.s.a. puts a happily ever after spin on all tales. When, the world wars are ended, the USA through its relatively advanced media machine, spread the happily ever after style and embedded it in films or entertainment. Artists who tried to reject this had to be independent or their work was undermined in advertising. The original scarface black and white film/comedy shows on early television/tales from the crypt comic books are all examples of media in the u.s.a. where someone was telling a story that did not end happy ever after and in each genre rules were set up to enforce a happily ever after product. From the movie ratings to comic code to prewritten shows on television. The artistic goal was blocking unhappily ever after from being experienced. Now, in modernity, the film industries technological capability has allowed an audience to see some of the most fantastic written elements absent reading or use of their imagination. The non science fiction or high fantasy fiction genre's like relationships or biographies are where books are making the most money. And, with centuries of happily ever after saturating the media in anglo led ,u.k. then u.s.a. , humanity you get to the current scenario. Now to answer your query, I believe in being happy in the now and not expecting anything tomorrow. Time is a teacher, treasure each moment you live, hope for the better tomorrow, praise the best from yesterday. Expectation is the enemy to a happy life, cause humanity live in nature, not dominate it, nature will give sad days, unhappy days, and nature is no sinner for it.
  20. I finally listened, your voice is so sexy, if i ever do a read for a female character, you will be one of the fertile ones:) @Mel Hopkins
  21. I think so @Mel Hopkins I have been on here through iterations and the blog enhancements have been excellent @Troy
  22. @Mel HopkinsI don't see that button but I do have social media shares but I share my post myself on various sites as you know.
  23. Lovely prose, @Mel Hopkins and thank you. your posts as you know I like to read, very informative.
  24. thanks @TroyImagine if we can get aalbc to grow more:) wouldn't that be great @Mel Hopkins as the online black community, this should be our goal, to make a black owned website more popular:) Ok Mel:) private message me on here, we will work something out. I will say this, the promote or social share is not present on blogs and i think is not needed. let us be honest. more and more online people, spend their time with photo viewing or tweeting but very few of them spend alot of time with in depth looking at any level. So, social promotion is good but in the end of the day, we have to come up with ways to engender them to us. many people today have filters to their social experience that grooms it.
  25. @Troy i apologize for seeing this late:) I am trying to finish some poetry and see matches... time is squeezing me:) @Mel Hopkins I am willing to help you, to be honest, i never saw a promote feature on my blog and i use it more regularly. The only reason i have been inactive recently is i am working on my poetry book and i reformatted what my weekly blog will be and i am preparing that to both of you, a tutorial is great, but perhaps I should start a blog post , and it can be a place where we members can come and learn how to use aalbc blog platform through our debates and I will be willing if i don't know how to help to figure it out aside the query maker?what say you guys?
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