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80,000 Protest in Israel! Vice Pres Kamala Harris Speech Sparks Protest-Univ. Michigan

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80,000 Protest in Israel! Vice Pres Kamala Harris Speech Sparks Protest-Univ. Michigan


What a way to start out the new year! What an omen. However, based on how this new event has been presented though, I am not sure what is really being said. I do not understand who initiated this recent conflict that has led many Middle Eastern typed people to go out in the streets in America and the Middle East to protest. Over here in America, Vice President Kamala Harris appeared at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and supposedly sparked anger to the point that students began to protest on bullhorns. Sasha Obama had initially been enrolled in this university, but she has recently been reported to now be going to the University of Southern California in San Diego, I believe.



Michigan University rally calling for ‘Intifada,’ demise of Israel stuns internet: ‘A call to murder Jews’

Opinion by Gabriel Hays. 6h ago




But then, all the way over on the east coast in Washington, D.C., in George Washington University students there are also speaking out against what they believe is antisemitism. The Palestinians and the Zionistic Jews are protesting and things seem to be really bad. All the way over in Israel, 80,000 people came out in the cold pouring rain waving the Star of David flag and the LGBTQ+ Rainbow flag and are angry at Prime Minister Netanyahu’s new reformed government[?]. Did he make drastic changes about the West Bank?



George Washington University

StandWithUs Student Leaders (credit: STANDWITHUS)

As written in the complaint, "when the students raised concerns about the antisemitic harassment they were experiencing, …



Thousands of Israelis protest against Netanyahu’s new government

Crowds rally against Netanyahu’s plans to expand settlements

in the occupied West Bank and weaken Israel’s Supreme Court.


… Protesters brandished signs with slogans including “Democracy in danger” and “Together against fascism and apartheid”.

Another banner read, “Housing, Livelihood, Hope.” Some protesters carried rainbow flags.




What is going on!? Why all of a sudden these demonstrations are being held over here in America!? Why would VP Harris speak and become a target for the protest? I am beginning to sense that African Americans are being exploited. I feel like there is A SMOKE SCREEN that has been set up that revolves around events since the time of the 911 attacks. Why do I sense a secret movement to weave African Americans into the Middle East conflicts about antisemitism and terrorism as if we have always been a part of it and as if we are passionate about the events over there when we have never even been educated about any of those issues?



‘We Know Occupation’: The Long History of

Black Americans’ Solidarity with Palestinians


Why the Black Lives Matter movement might help shift the conversation about a conflict thousands of miles away.










From Ferguson to Gaza, from Baltimore to Jerusalem,

From Charleston to Bethlehem, we will be free.”






Media reported that the antisemitic rally was held to protest Vice President Kamala Harris’ Thursday visit to the campus, where she gave a speech on climate policy, and student activism. The protestors appeared to be standing against U.S. government support for the state of Israel.







[2] Most African Americans DOS do not have a clue that the Palestinians are being re-defined

as being AFRO-PALESTINIAN JEWS and are now being aligned to conflict with the

Zionist Jews as if we were always there and always hostile against them.








By the 9th century, it is estimated that some 3 million Africans had been resettled as enslaved people in the Middle East, working as soldiers and labourers in the riverine plantation economies. [1] As is illustrated by the life of Mansa Musa king of the medieval kingdom of Mali, pilgrimage by African converts to Islam became an established practice, . . . [1] There are some Palestinian communities which trace their origins to pilgrims from Sudan and Central Africa (mainly Chad) who are said to have reached Palestine as early as the 12th century.



[3] Most of us over here in America do not have a clue that there have been secret

operations since the 1950s of hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian Jews and other

Original Hebrew Israelites from Iraq and other countries that have been sent back

to the Middle East as a form of REPARATIONS since being driven out way back

during the Roman Empire times when the country was changed to be named

Palestine and now, they are being severely oppressed again due to racism. Many

of us over here have been deceived to think that the Jews, the Israelites

and Jesus were White people.


[4] Most of us over here do NOT see any possible correlation to the election of POTUS

Barack Obama and Vice President Harris and Yityish Aynaw as Miss Israel and a new

IMMIGRATION MOVEMENT being set up as a form of REPARATIONS and Repatriation

of people of African descent who are being encouraged to come to America while others

are being encouraged to ‘go back’ to the Middle East as ‘immigrants’ to be defined as

Afro-Palestinian—Jews’. Many of us would never consider that all of these strange intermittent

killings of Black Americans over here would have anything to do with a possible movement to

encourage us to feel a desperate need to flee. Will there be a plan to round us up and export us

out of America as REFUGEES to other countries like they felt the need to round up the

European Jews and send them to Ghettos before they executed the Holocaust?


[5] Most of us ADOS could give a crap about celebrity blunders about the book From Hebrews to Negroes, or about Whoopi, Kyrie, or Kanye’s mis-statements about the European Jews and being used to define us as being ‘antisemitic’ against people that INITIALLY have nothing to do DIRECTLY with our h3llish predicament of Chattel Slavery and being Second Class Citizens. That stuff has nothing to do with our educational curriculum. We aren’t required to take test on any historical aspects about how the ancient Jews of Israel were forced out of Jerusalem, scattered, became part of the Seljuk Turk force in the Crusades, invited back to Palestine by Saladin and undertook the hajj back to Mecca under Mansa Musa. We have no clue about the genocidal attempt of Genghis Khan and why the Africans in the Horn engaged in the Great Mahdi War.


[6] Who in the h3ll in their right mind would want to be an immigrant in areas that have been ripped up already due to terrorism that began because of evil racist policies anyway? We need to take our stance here in how we have been raped and robbed of our human rights and completely miseducated and wait for the right time if we feel the need to flee for refuge. Don’t be running to the desert cause Jesus ain’t there yet. Don’t run under the blue and white flag of the Star of David, because that flag may be okay for the Zionistic Jews, but for the Original Israelites, that flag is a complete oxymoron. David was anything but a Diplomatic King of Peace. He was violent king who lived to make war. The correct Star of Peace would be a Six-Pointed Star of Solomon because he was the Israelite King of Peace, but Solomon scripted himself to be defined as a black-skinned man who would fit the description of a Beja of Sudan today, and that would not work for the Zion Jews right now. Oh yes, and the Rainbow flag would be another oxymoron because, although it is reported that homosexuality is practiced everywhere in the world today, it is definitely against the law in many countries in Africa where the Original Hebrews exist because it is completely against their religion. As a matter a fact, if we are forced out of America into most Middle Eastern countries as refugees, we will probably be killed on the spot if we try to sport anything with a rainbow on it, because we are being set up to be the scapegoat scum of Sodom and Gomorrah; thought I’d throw that little tidbit too. There is something strange going on. Why are the Zion Jews protesting out in the rain like that? Is Netanyahu getting ready to ‘flip the cake’? Is the western league getting ready to give the West Bank back to the Palestinian—‘Uh, Palestinian Jews’? African Americans will hopefully not strike out against these Jews, because if they say that they are Jews, why should we be offended?



During the Arab Revolt of WW1, the Ottomans converted the compounds into jails – one known

as ‘the Blood Prison’ and the other as ‘the hanging prison’ – where prisoners were detained and

executed. [12] . . . These have close links with similar communities in Acre and Jericho, established

when Africans came to work in the Umayyad sugar industry. [14] The community in northern

Jericho have often been called “the slaves of Duyuk” even in modern times. [15]





Afro-Palestinians in East Jerusalem kneel in solidarity with Black Americans struggling for Justice







A family photo of first-generation Afro-Palestinians at

the Dome of the Rock. Source: African Community Society (ACS) archive





Wion Video – 80,000 Protest in Israel






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One of the articles you cite talks about the Afro-Palestinians.

While many Black people in Israel were certainly brought there as slaves by the Arabs who THEMSELVES invaded the land thousands of years ago; two things must be kept in mind:

1. Palestinian didn't always equal Arab.
Most Palestinians consider themselves Arab TODAY because of culture, but the Palestinian/Filusteen people were there for THOUSANDS of years before the Arabs came in mass under the banner of Islam to conquer the land.

2. Many of the Black people living in Israel are NEITHER Jews OR Palestinians but INDIGENOUS to the land.
They are the original Canaanites properly known as Kena-ani people.

They built the original cities called "Karjats" like Salem and Jericho which the more modern cities like Jeru-SALEM and Haifa were built off of. 

This is why we say NEITHER the Jews nor the Arabs are indigenous to that land.
It really belongs to the Black man and Black woman.

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I knew all about the protests against Netanyahu's Right Wing coalition government. However, I understand that posters to this discussion group should be concerned with issues and information that pertain to the Black Community. So, I never mentioned it. 

And by the way, that was the second Israeli protest against the new government. 

I have no idea why some Black people fail to understand why news of a legitimate and peaceful protest against Israeli policy should never be combined with a call to destroy Israel.  

Because one is ignoring the 80,000 people in Israel who are actually clamoring for their country to do the right thing.

This is similar to Islamic terrorists, such as Al-Shabab, who kidnap school girls, kill government troops and threaten the tourism industry in Africa leading to many Whites demanding the complete extermination of all Black Africans. They are both illogical positions.


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