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Today, April 8th,  is the birthday our fearless leader, Troy Johnson.  I'd like to wish him a good one along with many happy returns.  I'd also like to express my appreciation for how he conducts this forum and his sincere dedication to all things black and positive.  He is an "Alpha Male" who makes this world a better place. More power to you, ol buddy! Luv ya. :)


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Guest Happy Birthday to you

Congrats!!!! I always come here to read the discussions but never post. Someday, when I'm published I'll join. :)

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HAPPY (belated) BIRTH DAY !!!!

May God bless you to enjoy many many many more years in peace and good health.

And if you're still celebrating and don't mind risking BOTH your peace and good health, well.....

Here, this 40 oz is for you:

                            Image result for Black man old english 800 malt liquor

You should have never admitted you used to (?) drink malt liquor, I'm gonna be fucking with you about that one for a GOOD minute.....lol

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