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4 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

I know some people (like Cynique...lol) get territorial when "new people" come on board and see them as a threat to their popularity but I actually enjoyed exchanging perspectives with him until we had some sort of disagreement and he insulted my Mother....and then my Father.


1 hour ago, Cynique said:

Don't hide behind me in an effort to make yourself look like something other than a wimp who kalexander made mincemeat of.



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  It's amusing to watch others here regularly clean your clock.  LOL  

Sounds like some sort of weird pornographic fantasy to me.

Must be something you learned growing up in Hickville Illinois, lol.



I'm wondering where is your favorite poster that you admittedly "like".....Mr. Carle?

He's obviously following the discussions here and I'm sure he's seen this thread, so why he doesn't have an urge to come on here and dialog with us is beyond me.
After all, you dedicated an entire thread TO him,  he should be honored and pay it some respect.

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@Pioneer1how about addressing the statements i made instead of  redirection.


How does respecting anyone's right to speak equate to inability to deal with conflict. 


I am going light on you, because this issue with Kalexander is still a sore point, but if you persist i will mow you down.


Sorry but i have just set you up. You either have to hold your tongue (which your ego and pride can not abide or try to defend an indefensible position ((you have a real dilemma here, there's very little space for  you to return the volley, Ace)) ((( luckily you believe that your anal cyst is up ro the task ))) ((((I initially wrote think but that isnt what is happening, you are all up in those feelings))))) . 


Ask Troy to explain the nested statements, and Cynique to explain the anal cyst pun. 



I am paraphrasing the words of Morpheus to Neo, "Pioneer isn't breathing air."

Here's a picture of our relationship Mr Grass



John D. 

serveimage (1).jpeg


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@Pioneer1   You are really itchy over my  being civil to this white guest poster, Lorne Carle.  It's eating away at you. You can't let it go. And you actually think i have an obligation to justify to you my treatment of Mr. Carle, and that he owes you a response.  He and me will let you stew in your juices. Hope our thwarting your eagerness to examine our behavior doesn't aggravate your anal cyst....  😫

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Man, you have the analytical skills of a John Deere lawn mower....lol



Like a little kid who can't stand to see grown folks fighting and covers their ears as the run into the other room, lol.



I'm not sure what it is about AfroAmericans that it seems they often go for the jugular with eachother.



How about we hold off going back and forth with eachother and wait on Mr. Carle to speak

Okay i think the point has been made. I don't need to say any more, Pioneer1 your words do indeed speak volumes. 

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@Delano Keep in mind I did not write the code that powers the discussion forum.  It is a 3rd party application that I've installed on my web server.  Aside from the administrative functions, you may be as aware of the features as I am.


I recently upgraded the software that runs this forum.  The upgrade crashed and it took about a day for the vendor to correct the problem. There are some new features and some things will work differently.  The assumption is that overall the software should be superior.  That said all software has bugs.  Sometimes new features are difficult to distinguish from new features.


For example, in the screen shot below. When you highlight text it used to say something like copy comment. I don;t remember exactly what is said but it was clearer what would happen.  The "-" shown now is unclear. I was only able to guess what it did because I know what happened previously.  Is this a bug maybe, but I don't know. Given the stuff on my plate it is not a high priority to determine and resolve.


Now the problem with the buttons not showing  what they do. That is a problem I have not seen before because I have not attempted to delete a post from a mobile device, since the upgrade.  I do however think I know what is causing it and will attempt to fix this as this is a problem. I've seen in the admin screens. I was willing to tolerate this personally but this materially impacts the user experience and I'll get on as soon as I can.


Could there be other issues? Of course, but I depend on y'all to let me know I don't have a team of people to test this code. Before I roll it out.






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