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Hail the Queen of Momentous Change

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That woman is a quitter.

She GAVE UP (conceded) even despite the evidence of voter fraud, voter disenfranchisement, and other irregularities.  Like most Democrats....she folded.

She had the opportunity to become the Governor of Georgia and solidify that state as a center of AfroAmerican political and economic success...and blew it.

I can't have too much confidence in people like her and that brother from Florida (Andrew Gillum) who also gave up and let Desantis take the Governor's spot.
If you won't even fight for your own benefit, I can't expect you to fight for mine.

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A person who is a real quitter does not rise again to triumph.  

Stacey Abrams singlehandedly delivered Georgia into the Democratic Party's column.

And then she engineered the unthinkable:

A resounding U.S. Senate victory for a Black man from her state. And the election of a White Jewish man from her state. This gives the Senate to the Democrats. 

Stacey Abrams was cheated out of the Governorship by a White man who denuded thousands of legitimate Black voters from the state rolls. She did not blow it. 

If you think she's a quitter, then Black people will take that kind of quitting everyday. 

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In other words, she conceded the most powerful position in Georgia only to become a "useful idiot" that helped others fulfill THEIR dreams at the expense of her own?


The Democrat Party already HAD people who don't seek office but who's sole responsibility is to help OTHERS get into strategic political positions...they're called Party Chairs.


She could have done MUCH MORE for the AfroAmerican and Progressive Caucasian communities in an executive position such as Governor than she did running around Georgia cheerleading for others who from what little I've heard from them are far LESS outspoken than she is.

She was literally cheated of out an election and refused to put up so much as a fight in her own defense.

She's a very intelligent, articulate, and out spoken sister...but she's not a fighter.
How could the AfroAmericans of Georgia expect her to fight for them and stand up to the lies and tricks of the right-wing when she won't even do it for herself?

Gotta keep throwing Andrew Gillum in the mix with her because both of them gave up and relented in the face of race based political fraud around the same time.
It was both of their moments to shine and turn the tide of voter theft and intimidation and they capitulated.  

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Stacey Abrams is no quitter.

She is an accomplished winner and more than half of the people in the U.S. are cheering her awesome achievements. I can only imagine how many are lionizing Stacey Abrams around the world.

Jealous much? 

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Why would I be jealous of a quitter and (according to you) self-sacrificer?

What benefit is there to imitating or reaping the consequences of either one?

She's worse than President Obama.
Like Obama she's very smart and articulate but atleast Obama fought for himself when he wouldn't fight for any other AfroAmerican.   She wouldn't even fight for herself.

As a female maybe she has extreme "motherly instincts" and believes in sacrificing her own success for what she believed was the good of Georgia.  That's an admirable quality if I were looking for a wife.  But not for a politician whom I needed to fight for me and my interests.

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It did not pay for one football coach to make fun of Stacey Abrams.

A football coach at the University of Tennessee has been fired after he made an insulting  Twitter post about Georgia voting rights activist and former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, according to Alabama dot com.

Chris Malone, the now former offensive line coach at Chattanooga, posted to his personal Twitter account after Georgia had elected two Democrats to the U.S. Senate. He made multiple unflattering references to Abrams’ weight and accused her of “cheating in an election,” the website said.

Abrams is so talented and politically astute, insecure folks will always try to demean her. 

Old adage: Trying to blow another's candle out does not make yours shine brighter. 

Abrams tweet.jpg

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Abrams is playing the long game. Two GA senators is far better for all of us than an state governor.


Let's just see what the Democrats do now that they got control of both houses.

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Stacey Abrams’ triumph in Georgia elevated her into the ranks of storied political legends.

Those who don’t understand BlackThink and how candidate transparency is necessary to increase voter turnout ignore her at their peril.

Stacey kicked butt in the Peach State.

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Abrams is playing the long game. 


I know, and that's the problem...she's playing GAMES.
Caucasian Domination (my new term for White Supremacy) isn't a game it's serious business.


She's busy trying to strategize the best ways to get "Democrats" in office and gain "Democrat" power in the state instead of focusing on more AFROAMERICANS in office and building AFROAMERICAN political and economic power in Georgia.  




Two GA senators is far better for all of us than an state governor.


What specifically have either one of them promised AfroAmericans in the nation or even in Georgia that you or I have to look forward to?


Generally speaking, an executive position is MUCH better than a legislative position.  
If she were Governor she could have issued an endless amount of executive orders to get things done.




Let's just see what the Democrats do now that they got control of both houses.


Come on bro, I KNOW you remember the Obama Era when Democrats had the Presidency, and BOTH houses and outside of Obamacare didn't do jack for the poor or AfroAmericans.
What makes you think this time will be any different?









Why are you presenting us with some goof-ball article about a hillbilly cracking racist jokes about Stacy Abrams as if it's relevant in this conversation?

My critique of her character isn't even in the same ballpark.



Those who don’t understand BlackThink and how candidate transparency is necessary to increase voter turnout ignore her at their peril.



Voter turn out and even election to office is meaningless without an agenda.  Most AfroAmericans in Georgia just like most AfroAmericans nation wide HAVE NO AGENDA.  So what are they voting or even running for...besides helping to bolster the "Democrat Party"?

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"Preference" isn't the right word....INDIFFERENCE is.

I really could care less whether Democrats or Republicans got those seats because neither party has actually proven themselves to be better or worse for us as AfroAmericans.

And this is what must be understood and FOCUSED on.....how does it help, relate to, and benefit US as AfroAmericans.

This is why I'm not impressed with Abram's accomplishments.
Because they mean next to nothing for AfroAmericans as a community as a whole or even the AfroAmericans of Georgia....they only help the do-nothing Democrat party.

An articulate, highly intelligent, graduate of Yale....who's talents, hard work, and smarts are all going to help the Democrat segment of rich and powerful Caucasians become even MORE rich and powerful.

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So you see no difference between 4 years of Trump versus 4 years of Obama and as a result are completely indifferent to the two presidences?


Pioneer, that kind of absolutism makes no sense because it ignores incremental progress. 



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I honestly see ALMOST no difference.
And I say "almost" because I actually made more money under Trump than I did under Obama...although I'm not giving Trump credit for it.

When we talk about the AfroAmerican agenda and how it benefits us we need to think about ourselves COLLECTIVELY and not only as individuals.
Too many AfroAmericans look at their own individual circumstances and feel if things are going bad for THEM then it's going bad....and if things are going good for THEM then things are working great in this Administration.

Just because a handful of hand-picked negroes were given some token and pay-back jobs for their loyalty to the Democrat party doesn't mean that translates into success for our people as a whole.    Since the 70s right up until December of 2020...crime, poverty, and family dysfunction had become progressively worse in the AfroAmerican community despite the fact that we have more millionairs and billionaires and more people in elected office.

There were far more AfroAmericans who were homeless, in prison, on drugs, and victims of homicide in 2020 than in 1965...even if you account for population growth.

Because the wealth gap has grown tremendously and most of those who fall into destitution pretty much end up IGNORED in this society.

This nation has trained it's residents to focus on the billionaires, millionaires, and success stories instead of the hard times being experienced by the masses of Americans. 


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Just now, Pioneer1 said:

And I say "almost" because I actually made more money under Trump than I did under Obama...although I'm not giving Trump credit for it.


AALBC's two best years were 2020 and 2019 were under Trump's administration and I got a stimulus check!


Here is the kicker:  AALBC's worst years including my single worst year, 2011, was during the Obama administration. Obama Cre did nothing for me.  Indeed it created a penalty for people who could not afford health insurance.  Trump got rid of that stupid tax penalty. 


Now you got me thinking... Why did AALBC do so much better under a Republican president? Did @daniellegfny have a point?  


The reality is that the truth is complicated. I know some of the reasons. One, of the top of my head, does have a lot to do with who was in the White House.


Still, we need a more stable person to represent us.  Hopefully Biden will not put me into the poor house ... seriously.

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Yeah, I wish Daniel would come on out of hiding....lol.

Well one of the few good things about Republicans is that they are very ANTI-regulation as well as ANTI-tax.

Most regulations are just methods of control and it actually stifles your growth and puts unnecessary burdens on you, especially if you can't afford to follow them and maintain your business.
If it's a regulation for the safety of the citizens, I'm for it.  
But just enacting laws and rules that force you to spend money getting a license and training???
Just more garbage to squeeze every drop they can out of you.

See...I'm not an "absolutist".....lol.

There are good and bad (mostly bad) things about BOTH parties.

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One party is more openly racist, the other party is more subtly racist...but both will arrive you to the same conclusion.

The ONLY benefit of the Democrat party is that it has more AfroAmerican members.
Many of these AfroAmericans mean well and can actually benefit us to some degree.

But as far as the leadership and direction goes...BOTH Parties are equally harmful.

One Party wants to destroy you physically and the other wants to destroy your mentally.

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You appear to be living in a time warp and have no friggin' clue what's really going on.

You sound jaded, angry at life and thoroughly ticked off at anyone with a different viewpoint.

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