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Predictive Text and AI

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Predictive text is screwing up my writing.  I can't tell you how many times a word I typed was changed or a typo was corrected with a word substituted made no sense -- my typo would have been better left alone.


As far as AI, Google's AI is as racially and culturally biased as the kids who created it.


As far as predicting thought; why predict thoughts when you can control them?  Once you control thought you control actions and that is the end game and they has been a great deal of progress made...

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Thankfully, artificial intelligence (AI) can be turned off as well.😁


From reading the other thread, AI can be coded and programmed with a lot of information,  


IMO, AI will never be able to do or be everything that makes us *human*.  The Supreme Being won't allow it. 😎

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Mind control would be the end game.


I believe the objective is for AI to replace the human workforce. Similar to outsourcing jobs overseas.  Unemployment will be off the chain in 20 years. 


I see the handwriting on the wall so clearly that I refuse to use self-checkout. 🤣😎

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Unemployment will be off the chain in 20 years. 

They solved the "unemployment problem" back in the 1980s with MASS INCARCERATION.

TRUE unemployment statistics have reached Depression Era levels....especially among AfroAmerican men.
But you generally don't see long lines of men and women in shabby clothes lined up to be fed at soup kitchens and crowding out the parks.
Because as soon as they hit the streets the cops find an excuse to sweep them off and lock them up....especially if they are young, healthy, and can work.

Like Neely Fuller says, the racists think ahead 20....40.....60 years.

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