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Why China could win the new global arms race


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Interesting article. Amazing to *know* so much about the defense capability of another country.


From the 1960s through 1990s, the main *adversary* to the US was the former Soviet Union.  


Nowadays, the US is keeping its eyes on Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.


I realize being the sole Super Power country in the world carries a lot of weight. 


China is the US labor force.  We trust a threat to  produce a great deal of the goods Americans consume.  Seems like a toxic relationship.


One doesn't have to constantly watch its back unless enemies have been made and/or there a stronger desire to maintain power and dominance by any means necessary.


Globally, there is enough defense capability to wipe out all of humanity.  That doesn't make good sense at all.😎

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1 hour ago, ProfD said:

China is the US labor force.  We trust a threat to  produce a great deal of the goods Americans consume.  Seems like a toxic relationship.

You generally don't kill your biggest customers .

1 hour ago, ProfD said:

That doesn't make good sense at all

It's Mutually Assured Destruction, or MAD.


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@Delano, you're absolutely right on both accounts. 


The biggest nations in the world have been doing this 2 step dance for a half century and counting.


Still, I believe all of the posturing, saber rattling and displays of strength is really to keep other countries in check. 


The US and China and Russia and the rest all know that a world war would be bad for business.😎

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Some wide-eyed, but truly misguided folks really thought economic treaties would be enough to prevent a Pacific war.

I read this a lot from folks who honestly believed a unique era of global cooperation had come. Corporations would engage in friendly competition, sometimes it would be cut throat. But it would stop at selling out one's country.

There is no "we" when it comes to global corporations. Those who smugly believe the disruption to finance would stop China invading from Taiwan and the U.S. from trying to defend the island are really missing the point.  China has been humiliated for centuries.

Those who disagree should spend a lot of time in China and talk to a whole lot of folks. Those who have conclude there's going to be a war between the U.S. and China. Because standing up to and defeating the U.S. Navy is the dream of most Chinese ship and submarine captains.  Dubbed "Little Emperors" by their adoring families, they make no secret of their desire for a fight.  

Many heads of companies and corporations do not care about allegiances, birth lands or morality. They care only about spreadsheets, stock prices and money. And this is the real Trickle Down. 

This is how we got to this point: 

Thousands of Chinese nationals ensconced in critical industries, joyously stealing technology by any means necessary to develop software and hardware that could defeat law enforcement, defense radar, civilian aircraft and U.S. submarines. It many of its satellites were designed not so much for global surveillance, but to attack and destroy U.S. and British satellites. 

Those microwave radiation attacks that caused brain trauma for many of some of our diplomats in Cuba and elsewhere? Some immediately thought that had to be the work of Russia. But it could be China. 

Multinational economic agreements provide no guarantee for a pause in erratic or bullying  behavior. If they did, Kim Jong Un and his sister would have visited a few Koreatowns in the U.S. already.

There is no pause with China. It seeks to dominate the planet and the Asian giant uses divisiveness, threats and money as its main tools. So does Russia. Because both know this works. 

China and Russia know many Whites and Latinos in the U.S. don't care for Black people. So it devised a plan to obtain the tons of precious metals and other mineral ores it would need to accomplish this.

Then, it made careful inroads into Africa, lending billions under the guise of helping out with development loans. But forcing the recipient nations to sign one sided agreements to fork over their main assets such as ports and mines in the event of defaults.

Because Beijing recognized its presence would be welcomed by a few desperate African leaders. It had so many agents in the U.S. and learned quickly that dismissal of Black brain power and lingering resentment of Black achievement would help its global thrust immensely. Because generally, Western investment bankers and financial risk takers eschew taking a chance in most of Africa. 

Many of the people China sent to Africa regularly insulted Blacks as they built infrastructure. But few demanded the Chinese leave. 

It's probably a good thing Ethiopia obtained World Bank financing for its Grand Renaissance Dam. Once it opens, the dam will provide badly needed hydroelectric power for Africa.

Meanwhile, we pay slavish devotion to celebrities and attack each other without let-up. We're a country ripe for brutal hit and run racist attacks and some of us foolishly turn our backs on defending our own legacy. We seem to worry more about who had Black skin in the distant past than being concerned about those with Black skin today who don't have enough to eat or a decent place to live. 

China could win the arms race? At the moment, China is winning every race. 

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@Stefan, the US doesn't *need* China for anything.  It's a relationship built on greed.


There was a point in time that Made in the USA meant something.  There is no shortage of labor, skill and talent stateside. 


American companies left factories high and dry.  Plenty of well-paying blue collar jobs flushed down the drain.


Greed is the only reason the US is sticking its proverbial hand in a lion's mouth that is now China. 


It's cheaper and more profitable to have goods made in China.  Same goes for getting oil from the Middle East. 


A handful of wealthy white folks are using the US military as a security force. 


Don't get me started on Africans allowing foreigners to pillage the land and take  natural resources.😎

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You did say a U.S.-China war would be bad for business. No, it would be bad for about 10,000 really rich folks.

Between 70% to 80% of the products sold in Walmart stores are made in China. 

Apple Inc. would not be able to survive without its 350 Chinese suppliers. 

A bevy of global manufacturers would oppose any increasing friction with China.

But the world would still turn if there was a war. 

Because China will increase its bellicose bullcrap to demand that no nation sail its ships in the Pacific unless it agrees. When are we going to finally understand that appeasement rarely works. 

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4 minutes ago, Stefan said:

Because China will increase its bellicose bullcrap to demand that no nation sail its ships in the Pacific unless it agrees. When are we going to finally understand that appeasement rarely works. 

The arrogance of the US is that it can sail anywhere it d8mn well pleases and if China wants to get their emperor-wannabe filled Navy wiped off the map, that's on them. 


I do not advocate violence unless it's for self-defense. The US will not act without provocation.  But, once aggravated, all h8ll will break loose. 


Trust and believe...China does not really want any parts of what the US can give it land, sea and air.  I know this factually. 😎

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Admiralty Law allows any nation to sail where it pleases with certain restrictions. It also allowed Liberia  to offer its ship registry to other countries - for a price.  

Mostly to avoid paying taxes, hiring cheap labor, skirting stringent requirements of western nations and to use less than ideal vessels. 

Centuries ago, even decades ago, things were different. I am only concerned with what goes on today. 

Barack Obama strongly supported the rights of free passage in international waters when he visited Vietnam in 2016. "As we go forward, the United States will continue to fly, sail, and operate wherever international law allows, and we will support the right of all countries to do the same." 

And as far as your statement that China does not want a tussle with the U.S. - this goes against the predictions of many. Beijing may not want a full scale nuclear exchange, but they definitely want Taiwan. This goal is now is encoded in their DNA. China won't nuke Taiwan. It wants the island prize intact.

I believe that most who discuss the China-Taiwan issue fail to factor in in the pride of Beijing's leaders.

And why would the U.S. want a land war with China?

China is not going to invade the U.S. And the cost of transporting and sustaining a modern army in Asia these days would be enormous. We're just in for ceaseless warnings and threats.

After the 2024 elections, the situation will have evolved once more.  But right now, it's statements, press releases and close encounters on the seas and in the air.

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1 hour ago, Delano said:

I don't know if it is still true, but more money is spent on the military than infrastructure in the US.

Still true.


Right now, they are trying to pass a bill that will put more money into infrastructure improvements.


The bill has been carved up from what POTUS originally had in mind.


I guess they'll take whatever they can get at this point considering the political gridlock. 😎

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At this point, China is nothing more than a BIG PLANTATION full of docile well trained SLAVES for Western corporations.

The Western elite and corporate CEOs are the slave masters and the Chinese people under the Communist Party are the slaves.

The Communist Party acts as the overseers to keep the people working and producing for the Western Corporations.

This is why so many Chinese are going crazy committing suicide and jumping off buildings and stabbing their own little children up in the schools.
They're going crazy under the stress of an oppressive society that has made slaves out of them.

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