Jessica Ramos

Jessica Ramos is a student at Medgar Evers College. She graduated with an associates degree in education in 2015. She took a great amount of courses in early childhood education and completed in-class observations in P.S 249 located in brooklyn. While there she realize her passion and inspiration to teach children. After she graduates with her Bachelor’s degree in English she wishes to teach students ages pre-k through 5th grade.

She was born and raised in Brooklyn, currently living with her parents who were born in Mexico. In her household, education is very important to her parents. She grew up all her life knowing that she needed to attend school, thanks to her parents is the reason she has made it far. “You have to strive to be your best in order to be happy with yourself,” she always told herself. She has always been a successful and confident student while growing up. Being that she came from a strict home, she always kept to herself because she knew better not to get involved with kids that weren’t going to bring her any good.

On her off time she likes to read and write but becoming an author is not one of her interest as of right now. She writes to share her thoughts, she feels comfortable when she expresses what she is feeling and her main interest is writing short stories because there is always some thoughts that she wants to draw attention to which is why her concentration in english is creative writing. Writing makes her a better writer, and she likes the satisfaction after finishing up a story it’s a fulfilling feeling.

Ramos, an Intern (spring 2018), has written profiles of several important figures in Afro-Puerto Rican literature, poetry, and activism:

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