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    This song and Baez's sound reminds me of Sheryl Crow, who I really like. I'll listen to more of Joan Baez based on your recommendation. There were a lot of folksy ladies like this in the early 1990s along with Sheryl Crow. The 10,000 Maniacs (Natalie Merchant) are also high on my early 90s favorites. Truth be told, one of my first girlfriends when I was very young was a white chick who played the violin. So 10,000 Maniacs kind of reminds me of that! But I've always loved the sound of violins and other string instruments (cello, viola, etc.). Nile Rodgers in the late 1970s used them all to perfection in his music, and it's always cute white chicks playing those violins and violas! Again there will never be another 70s or 80s. The talent to compose and perform the music, the love, the respect between black and white...all that cannot exist today...sadly. We tried so hard in the USA to fix racism in the 70s and 80s. The powers-that-be just didn't want that to happen. In sum...
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    Azacotogan What you don't seem to see is that if I have to "provide evidence" of African concepts to an "African" then it is already a lost proposition. ....and most of our people are lost. The fact that most Africans in the West are "lost" to the knowledge of not only their own culture and spirituality but indeed THEMSELVES should be enough reason to readily provide valuable knowledge to any African who sincerely enquires. I am an African, not black, as you called yourself. There's HUGE difference from a psychological perspective. You're new to this site. If you stick around a while you'll realize that I actually DO call myself an African. I just use the term "Black" in conversation with many people to avoid confusion because despite it being an innaccurate term, it is the most commonly understood term for our people in English speaking society. But it's clear now you're not going to get it. Maybe not now....... I used karma as a reference because most have a general idea of it but not because the two are parallel Kind of like how I use the terms "African" and "Black". Where are you getting information from? There is no African culture that I know of that has this stance on these things. It certainly isn't like that in Vodun. You are just speculating. There is so much more to these things in Vodun but you write as though you have it all figured out. Smh. But you are focusing on karma. The article is about salawa Exactly what part of my statement that you are commenting on is false or inaccurate? You think that I have to share certain experiences I've had with you as strong evidence that what I'm saying is correct? No, you don't "have" to. But it would be nice. You come on here and promote your spiritual concepts yet refuse to share key aspects of the spiritual abilities you should be receiving from it. Anybody who is able bodied can just "go through the motions" but how do we KNOW that what we practice is truly spiritually transforming if it doesn't bring you face to face with THE spiritual kingdom? Are you serious? Yes, show me the money. That's your criteria? Part of it. That could easily be made up. I could tell you anything and you would have no way of truly knowing if what I'm telling you is the truth. However I've dealt with spirituality and spiritual people enough to recognize whether or not your experiences share the same patterns with those who ARE legitimate.....which would lend more credibility to your claims.   Not clear what you're referring to but in general if an African refers to themselves as any kind of american then caucasians have succeeded in conquering their Ori African is a race, American is a nationality....the two can easily be reconciled.
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    Two years ago I was working with a law firm that took the case of a black woman imprisoned in Texas for debt (credit cards). The Eighth Amendment clearly states that cruel and unusual punishment includes "excessive bail" and "excessive fines." It essentially means you cannot go to jail over debt. I pulled some old state-level precedent in Texas affirming this position while writing her habeas corpus brief. She was released from jail after three months. We then sued the debt collector and the Harris County Sheriff's Office. The case settled out of court. Granted we strategically got the cases in front of sympathetic judges. So this won't work everywhere despite the law being pretty clear about debt and prison.
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    Listen to an Interview of AALBC.com’s Founder and Webmaster, Troy D. Johnson with by E. Ethelbert Miller host of the “On The Margin” radio program which airs on WPFW’s 89.3 FM, Washington D.C. Your browser does not support the audio element. E. Ethelbert Miller is actually an accomplished and critically acclaimed poet who I have admired over the years. I ran into him at a party last year and he told me how important the work I was doing is. I was floored because I wasn't even sure if he knew much about me. I was honored that he invited on his radio show. I'm not sure how I come across on these interviews. Honestly, I don't even have the guts to listen to it. I've asked some people to provide feedback, but it is a big ask since the interview is an hour long -- thought it felt like 5 minutes to me. If any one has any critical comments I'm open to them, so please share them here.
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    I'm reading a few books but am primarily focused on Evil Never Sleeps: Tales of Light and Darkness, by Robert Fleming. Robert is one of America’s most accomplished writers. He has written poetry, novels, nonfiction articles, and has reviewed over 60 books for AALBC. His work spans over 40 years. It seems to me that writers like Robert should be better known, but he is just your run of the mill late-middle-aged Black man {yawn}. He’s not Caribbean or African, he’s not LGBT, he does not have a white parent, he can’t rap or dunk a basketball, he wasn’t gang banger or previously incarcerated. He is the kind of writer that I always complain about being ignored by the mainstream media. Robert's accomplishments will never go viral on twitter despite his significant contributions to our literature.
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    @Mel Hopkins Will do! @Troy This would help me.
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    Del It just occured to me that this "new era" or change in my attitude has occured one day AFTER the May 17th date you made mention of.
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    @Delano perhaps your knowledge of astrology can be of use here. I think when planet go retrograde they appear to stop for a moment before seemingly reversing direction. all planet move in the sky. stars appear fixed relative to each other. This @Pioneer1 is why you can determine when something took place. I believe the age of pisces corresponded with Jesust the Christ's birth for example, which is why Christians drive around with the fish symbol on their cars. I remember pointing out Venus to a sister in the night sky. She was surprised. In fact I doubt she believed me. You can see several planets with the naked eye. Most people mistake planets for stars.
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    {Looking around like the last guy on Earth surveying his surroundings after a nuclear holocaust or the Rapture.} Since @harry brown has posted recently, I presume the site is not broken. Indeed, in the time that it took me to write this 16 people have visited this forum: I guess the period between Palm Sunday and Easter is really slow around here. Maybe everyone is on spring break (actually mine starts Friday). Or maybe, more ominously, social media's domination and control over the online conversation is now complete. Does that mean I can't communicate with my people unless I go to Facebook... Lawd help me!
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    @Pioneer1 you've missed the point. Don't you see that the video I shared is part of a strategy to get a wage increase? You are speaking as if the professors are complete morons without agency. In the short time I've been teaching my wages have increased twice once retroactively resulting in a 4 figure check. Not a ton of money, but what i make working part time, from home, is the more than what some wage earners make working full time. The adjuncts are unionized. I posted the video because the claim we make poverty wages is hyperbolic and I thought it might be interesting to share my story of poverty 🙂 Look, no one will get rich being adjunct, but poverty is a bit extreme. Again, it is a part time job and if it is your only source of income, living in NYC, then yeah, you are in for a world of hurt.... Of course I also feel more resources should be directed to education.
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    I feel that two things are essential being able to see and changing your mind
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    This is powerful! We do protect a black man’s image, don’t we? I think this is why so many are having a negative reaction to the R Kelly saga... Black women have covered black men for so long - that many (mostly men but women too) are shocked that a black woman produced and directed the film that gave his alleged victims a platform. Many black women have normalized the horrible treatment they’ve receive at the hands of black men, they call men “soft” who treat them well. Go on social media and you’ll see some black men say they are supposed to be “Future” to their “Ciara”. Instead of being kind to their woman; as Ciara’s husband “Russell” is to her. Those are the same black men who believe Ciara will tire of how well her husband treats her and her son with Future and she’ll come crawling back to Future. That’s how brain damaged some of young black men (and black women) are today. But I digress. I know some of my experiences with black men aren’t for publication either. And I can tell you, it’s those stories that haunt me; making it difficult to finish my second book. Some times, I tell myself that I’m being too sensitive or maybe I deserved it - but then I realize that is exactly how battered women rationalize their relationship experiences. So, yes I’ve been sorely disrespected by many black men. None of it deserved. But those experiences afforded me a lot of painful life lessons too. And now I know what it is like to experience kindness. Yet, I absolutely understand your position.
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    Don't worry @Cynique things are looking up, GOT kicks off next month! @Delano I believe I corrected problem where text on the buttons were hidden. I just installed a patch that clad things up).
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    Lol! Yo @Pioneer1 you gonna let him punk you like Dat?! Just playing but it was funny though... Y'all think we can elevate the conversation reminds me of Facebook 😉
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    @Chevdove, interesting! Thank you for that perspective! Yes electromagnetic radiation (see electromagnetic spectrum: for more on light wavelengths) must pass through matter to capture the image of the skeleton! Yet, our crude method of this concept (x-rays) can cause cell damage leading to cancer. My dentist took extra precaution to protect mt thyroid when I worked as a flight attendant - he said i was already getting a large dose of radiation flying the friendly skies lol! This also reminds me of a documentary I watched where some biologists observed that fasting from food for several days even a week - causes the cells to change its structuee to protect from radiation damage ... after a observing the outcome on many patients they concluded the cells changes was a throwback from when we didn’t EAT all the dang time! It allowed us to survive with little food. The thing is it didn’t turn off - so today some believe our diseases are due to not periodically fasting for a few weeks - even a few days lol. But I digress. I also remembered from scripture, Jesus, as a human, did a lot of fasting... So maybe, he knew who to rearrange his physical make-up to move through matter without damaging his body’s building blocks (atoms/adam) smile... Thank you for sharing thought-provoking concepts! I see you have a book & blog in you! Have you ever thought about using the aalbc blog feature too!
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    Yeah, and perhaps Bruce Jenner is a woman. You mentioned the civil war in Sudan. After September 11, there were only six countries left on Earth whose financial system was not based on U.S. dollars (controlled by the IMF or World Bank): Sudan, Libya, North Korea, Cuba, Iraq, and Iran. We all know what happened to Iraq. Obama ("NATO") invaded and destroyed Libya. North Korea is financially insignificant, but a perpetual "enemy" of the USA/Israel/Europe. Same with Cuba. The war drums with Iran are perpetually beating as well. I guess this could all be one big coincidence, but I doubt it. Sudan was partitioned into two countries, one with all the oil (South), one with nothing, except the pipeline that goes all the way to the Red Sea. Israel has no morals, no regard for anyone but its phony self. Their own Talmud tells you how sincere that are with this alleged (South) Sudan allegiance and how they operate in general. “[SO-called] Jews may use subterfuges to circumvent a goy.” Baba Kamma 113a. When Israel wants something, they simply call on their puppet in the White House to carry out their wishes via war and destruction. JFK was the last POTUS who did not bow down and worship Israel like a monarchy. He's also the last President who was assassinated.
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    Would love to hear your positions on this. I wrote this article a couple weeks ago. Lots of petty beefs going on with so-called "new black media" lately. We're doomed. Shame that these folks are our representation. But at least our demise keeps me entertained.
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    This is for people with sense who might see this: We clearly explain what languages (Fon and Yoruba) we speak on our sites and we clearly state where our writing script (N'ko) comes from. So neither those languages or the script are made up. Some people don't know what reclaiming our culture means though. We haven't made up anything. Our Xotome is not fantasy and is acknowledged worldwide. The Axosu was fully and properly coronated according to Aja culture in 2010 by kingmakers from Benin. This is all there on the site. So for clarity, don't be fooled by cultural children who are DEEPLY confused and think that anyone who can see the sense in what we do as pawns to be manipulated. At this point, I see no point in trying to be sensible with this individual and won't respond to any of his or other individuals slander. I'll be posting a part two to the original post here and on other sites for those interested in learning about true Vodun and Aja culture. O daabo.
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    Serving Writers and Readers: African-American Literary Organizations by Diane Patrick Features our own @Troy and AALBC.Com leading the pack of several organizations that help books by and for African Americans thrive. The Publisher Weekly's article lists African American Literary and Culture Society, Cave Canem, The Center for Black Literature, Harlem Writers Guild, and Hurston Wright Foundation. For more of what each organizations offers writers and readers visit Publisher's Weekly November 22, 2019
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    PATRISSE CULLORS NAMED FACULTY DIRECTOR OF NEW SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ARTS PRACTICE MFA PROGRAM AT PRESCOTT COLLEGE Prospective students will be able to complete the program online with an optional residency in LA at the Crenshaw Dairy Mart Today, Arizona’s Prescott College announced the unveiling of their new Social and Environmental Arts Practice MFA program helmed by Patrisse Cullors, artist, activist, educator/public speaker, Black Lives Matter Global Network co-founder, founder and chairperson of Reform L.A. Jails, as the Faculty Director. The program, strategically designed by Cullors and Prescott, is the first of its kind in the nation to focus a curriculum on the intersection of art, social justice and community organizing that extends beyond the page — creating a pathway to positively respond to social and environmental issues in ways that inspire and mobilize community-based solutions. Students enrolled in the 48-credit online MFA degree have the option to complete a residency in Los Angeles, California at The Crenshaw Dairy Mart, a studio where Cullors and many of the faculty that teach in the program work. Cullors was intentional in every aspect of the program design, with classes lending themselves to evaluating nature, culture, society, and the environment through the arts. Core classes to complete as part of the curriculum include “Art as Social & Environmental Practice”, which introduces students to the fundamental theories and concepts of art as social and environmental practice; “The Rise of Performance Art in the Fine Arts World”, which will look at the ways social practice has evolved from 1960 to present; and “Studio Practice”, which is course work that can be fulfilled through mentorships and/or online courses as approved in the student’s degree roadmap. To learn more about the program visit: prescott.edu/mfa
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    Excellent information! North Africa wasn't always a desert. Much of it was lush tropical wetland before the major wars that destroyed many of it's ancient cities. The Taureg are one of many African ethnic groups who are native to North Africa or came out of ancient Kemet and were in that land for thousands of years BEFORE the arrival of the Caucasians (Arabs, Persians, Assyrians, Amazigh, ect....) I personally believe that just about ALL African peoples on the continent have their origins in ancient Kemet and can be traced back to one of the 42 "tribes" of that great kingdom. They all share some aspects of ancient Kemetic science, language, and social customs.
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    I last looked at this site a few months ago. Until today,that is. But what pissed me off was that the doc had a screening in London a month ago. No prizes for guessing who missed it. I've yet to see it. https://www.jamesbaldwinproject.org/
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    Pioneer1 Hmmm,you may have a point there. But as I said,as with the group Stand Up to Racism, when they appear on the street, the crowd is extremely diverse. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the main focus is Islamphobia. Many Muslims do turn out for this,particularly when opposing far right groups. Thankfully violence doesn't occur that often and the two sides are often kept apart .
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    Turning into a book recommendation thread. How about this. Soul food with a difference. It's vegan. 😀
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    A good friend of mine, who was friends with Morrison, shared video interview with Morrison and the late Ed bradley with me. I'd forgotten just how large Morrison was. Which Black American journalist today, with a significant platform, could interview a Black American novelist half as accomplished as Morrison? Which two could team up today and give as good an interview? Then you can think about loss... https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/60-minutes-1998-novelist-toni-morrison-in-a-probing-interview-with-ed-bradley/
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    Hello Piooneer1, Thanks for welcoming me. Unfortunately i don't practice the IFA belief system. IFA system is very much Yoruba. Yorubaland was impacted by colonialism. I grew up with Christianity. I am currently researching and reading on role missionaries played in colonization of Africa and I wonder, is christianity and colonialism inseparable? Is it a case of; "Take their language and take their gods and you have taken their future". I am beginning to read about Yoruba deities and mythology and it is fascinating!
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    CAN I SERVE YOU certain men make a woman feel this way, Can I serve you, can I lay down in your care, I will trust you with my essence, nothing held back, everything shared Can I serve you, bring to you your favorite foods, rub you down in oils, the thought of your presence puts me in that mood To serve you, can I turn back your blankets, darn your socks, clean your clothes, I will listen to your dreams, with you I am rethinking all I know, can I serve you, place your shoes by the bed, can I intrigue you with my intellect or would you rather I dance instead, can we debate a situation, give you another way to see, that I am more than the image, I am what a woman is suppose to be, Can I meet you in the middle, hear the beating of your heart, can I lose my overwhelming whim to run. It seems to end before it start, can I hold on to these feelings that call forever in to play, can I serve this man I yearn for until his dying day, Can I serve you as a friend, can I learn what makes you cry, please show me what motives you, your smile makes feel as if wishes are falling from the sky, can I wash away the madness so you long for only me, can I serve you with passion give you reason to believe, can I touch the parts of you, you hide from all the rest, can I polish your reflection, can I put this service to the test, Can I serve you, can I wake by your side, can i ride with you with the top down, can i be the substitute for your pride, can I serve you, can we run the race as one, can I be the one you search out in folly or in fun, Can I serve you, be the answer to the quest, be the happily ever after, Can I serve you, certain men make a woman feel this way. Can I serve you
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    Yeah @Chevdove they ticked every box with this creature...
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    Chev and Del We all appreciated Cynique's presence here, including myself. But like Troy said about the site's future....that's life. I'm sure you've had loved ones in the off-line world that have literally died.....passed away. You don't like it but life goes on and you continue to evolve because you don't have much of a choice. It's a similar concept with an "online" family or friendship. People stop posting or sites shut down for various reasons and people you've kicked it with for years disappear on you. I remember one site I had been kicking it on for 7 or 8 years and then one day the owner came on and announced he would be shutting down it in a few weeks...and I almost cried, lol. Some of them said they were going to facebook too, but I refused. I still wonder where some of the characters I used to build with are.
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    Democrats. Almost. In. Tears,How. The. Immigrants. Being. Treated. Republicans. Support. Children. In. Cages, Immigrants. Treated. Like, Criminals. Americans, Are In. Poverty,Homeless. Government,Does Not Care About American People.. Black And,White Democrats More Concerned About The Immigrants,Than Poor Black. Communities,Where The Democrats,Are Trying To Get Black Votes... Has Kamala -Harris,,Showed Concern For The Black Girl Who Was Found,Dead. Beside. A. Road. In. California? Girl's. Mother,Mother's,Boyfriend. Was. Arrested... Will. The. Immigrabts,Be,Homeless. Or Giving. Shelter,A. Job. Or Put On Public ,,Assistance ?? Poor. Inner. City. Comnunitues, Mississippi ,Delta,Poverty. Are. Black. Democrats. Compassionate. About,Them?
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    You and I have different polarities . a debate is a formal discussion. and hence it can be argued that a debate is a subset of discussion. You can explain it to the other members
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    Hey @Char Backey would you mind if I added your book club's information to AALBC? I have another club on the site that has been together over 25 years years and I have all of their books on the site. I compile Book club information and reading lists to help readers find good books. Here is the Go On Girl! club reading list going back to 1991. They are also committed to buying their books from AALBC. I have collected information on over 700 Black book clubs and virtually all of them have female members. Most Black people in Great Britain read books. Over 80% of Brits will read a book this year. I gave a presentation in Austin this past Saturday, the Austin Black Book Festival. The founder is a sister. The volunteers were from a book club (all sistas), Folktales’ Black Women’s Literary Society Delta Sigma Theta and the Links organizations provided sponsorship and volunteers too. If it were not for the men who presented or sold books. Attendees would have been mostly female Maybe, most Black Men Don't Read. Everyone, we have an online book club here, and are trying to get more folks to participate. The club has started in 1998 the next book we are reading is Sag Harbor.
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    I would say no people's ir served by celebrity worship. Its an incredible waste of resources. You are encouraging millions of children to aspire for a few thousand spots. That's why pimping and dealing is popular. You see it work in your neighbourhood
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    Troy It depended upon how you define "financially secure?" I'm sure you'd agree it is a FAR cry from the ministers who have private jets, a fleet of cars, and huge mansions. Maybe THAT'S what they needed for THEM to feel secure and that they've attained THEIR goal or blessing. Perhaps the minister with the mansion may have grew up in a shack and swore that if he ever we blessed to "make it" he would buy the biggest mansion he could afford. Perhaps another was a little boy who couldn't even afford a bike to ride but would look up at planes flying over his head and promised himself he'd own one of THEM one day. Just because YOU don't want these things why condemn them for wanting to live out their dream? Isn't it a BLESSING to live out your dreams? Yes, I've seen a broke brother who was happy and at peace. I'm one. That does not mean that I don't have challenges, like everyone else, but I know money can't bring happiness. MAN SHUT UP YOU KNOW YOU AIN'T BROKE....lol. My argument is against though that exploit their congregations for monetary gain To "exploit" means to ab-use or use incorrectly. To take advantage of. If they are voluntarily giving those preachers their money and getting emotional satisfaction as well as what they BELIEVE to be spiritual satisfaction., hope, and happiness from that church.....is it really exploitation? These people are getting HOPE and HAPPINESS (a few of your precious values you spoke of) from that man and his church! So perhaps it's fair exchange Kind of like how a patient pays their counselor for comforting conversation and good advice. often imporveshing these hapless victims -- who were just seeking peace and spiritual enlightenment. I'll be honest with you...... I honestly don't know anyone who BECAME poor from dealing with a lying pimping preacher. Most of those who ARE poor and giving money to these types were ALREADY poor and poorly educated to begin with so they didn't have a hell of a long way to fall. But again, what you may be missing is the fact that many of these people are receiving EMOTIONAL satisfaction and hope....not to mention a place to socialize and meet friends and potential marriage partners....one of the main reasons many people go to church for in the first place. Perhaps you are focusing too much and putting too much responsibility on the preachers and what THEY should be doing and not enough on these people and what they're GETTING already in return. The vast majority of these followers are adults who are NOT retarded can clearly make their own decisions as to how to spend their money. You (and Harry....lol) act as if these preachers are breaking into elementary schools and brainwashing children into signing contracts and stealing their lunch money. These are adults who are doing what they do for their own personal reasons whether we agree with them or not. I can't BELIEVE I'm sitting up here trying to defend these jack-legs....lol. But it's a fun excercise! I may take the opposite side of another argument I don't necessarily agree with just for the fun of it.
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    There used to be a legendary herb shop in Harlem the Hardest Hard. Even one of the Kennedy boys went to Harlem for dope. In 1979, David Anthony Kennedy, a son of Robert F. Kennedy, was found after having been mugged in what police described as a shooting gallery at 116th Street and Eighth Avenue in a place called the Shelton Plaza Hotel. Mr. Kennedy was not charged with a crime. He died of an overdose of cocaine and other drugs in 1984. That's from NYT https://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/02/21/a-notorious-harlem-shooting-gallery-goes-condo/
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    I don't know @Pioneer1 but, I think that this is a bigger picture than what we are seeing over here in America. I do agree that we have to blame ourselves for this but also, the Colonial Movement has a lot to play in what has happened in Africa. How can people be so famished over there when the massive TRADE EXPEDITIONS have taken place over there? Africa is in the sun belt and for this reason, it has produced a wealth of substance. It is like the bread basket for the world. So, if African people have been duped into being 'a third world' class, this is a serious paradox.
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    Hey there! Partially I have been busy. But mostly staying low and watching words unfold. It's always interesting. I won't be able to make it to the Black Pack Party. How have you been?
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    You may be projecting. Mel thinks you are several people perhaps she is correct. You are perhaps to erratic for psychiatry or psychology to assist you. Sometimes you actually make sense, this isn't one of those times.
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    Thank you!!! That movie, The Temptations, is like--- One of my favorite movies of all times!!! I love that song!
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    @Troy, no I don’t. Do you know how Twitter works? I only see his tweets when I go into trending topics. That’s when I see how he provokes folks. As for 45, I muted him when he was elected. The only time I see his tweets is when I watch. “Deadline” I don’t follow Farrakhan but I do follow 2 women who follow him. I had to mute one of who seemed enthralled by his rhetoric. But she has since calmed down. See how that works? We can decide who and what we see.
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    @Troy Yes, you make a very good point. @Mel Hopkins Yes, I agree.
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    @Del No, he's not involved in education but there is some truth in the other observations you volunteered. Our encounter was a classic example of serendipity. I don't think either of us realized who the other was until after locking eyes and barely nodding, we melted into the crowd suddenly realizing who the other was, - as an after thought. This was at an old timer's banquet sponsored by our home town a month ago. I was distracted by reuniting with so many of my old friends and neighbors that it wasn't until a couple of days later when i mentally re-visited this episode that all of these memories of our long ago relationship came flooding back; little things; like how he was the first guy to have ever sent me flowers, how we had argued about the pronunciation of the name of a popular modern jazz artist of that day, how in a test of wills, he had apologetically accepted that "no" meant "no". Under circumstances i can't clearly recall, he had also dropped off a gift before my wedding reception, - a decorative cigarette lighter which sat on my cocktail table for years, back in the day when everybody smoked. I have bumped into him a couple of other times during our middle age decades, occasions where, in the company of others, my casual attempts at making small talk seemed to leave him tongue-tied. I know that he did marry and did do quite well for himself after relocating in the next town over from me where i believe he still resides. So we were in close proximity all these years, but never ran in the same circles. Why, seeing him again after all this time is now stuck in my head, is something i can't explain... What really impressed me was what i noticed when he strode past me at the banquet, - how well he had aged, and how fit and able he appeared for a man who is a couple of years older than me! i keep thinking that he is like someone who stepped out from an interval in my past when i was a single young woman in my 20s exploring the dating scene, playing the mating game. Now, as a wistful old broad caught up in reminiscence, i am wondering what life would've been like had i gone in another direction. It's like i feel a need to dispel my malaise by abandoning who i now am, in favor of who i once was, - a carefree girl caught up in the excitement of pursuing what life had to offer! i am sharing this stream of consciousness drivel more for my benefit than yours, because i feel a need to let it all hang out
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    I would say that starting on Sunday or Monday he will be around more. Either that or over the next day or so you seem more determined to meet up. He seems like a strong character with original ideas. And he doesn't care what people think. Was he involved in education?. I also did you have a mutual friend who was a social butterfly. Maybe a bit talkative but not as concerned with deep thinking. She may be instrumental in the two of you meeting. Plus he is stimulating . He has always been a live wire. He takes the lead but and he treats you as an equal. Although this has gotten on your nerves in the past. In that he doesn't compromise. Actually you both probably have done this. He makes you think and he stokes your imagination. Plus he has spark.
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    i'm not an avid fan of EMPIRE. It's just a show about show business. It has drama, comedy, and music. The homosexual aspect is marginalized in its plot because homosexuality is not unusual, especially in the entertainment industry. Homosexuality is simply a brain-wired sexual orientation, an anomaly that has always been around and it's not going away. i take it in my stride, and people do have a choice when it comes to watching shows that have gay characters. Furthermore, homo-sexuality exists across the board among all races so i don't buy it as being something that whites are seeking to use as a spell to cast over black men via the media. Paranoia is rampant in the black community. i don't think white people have to plot against any rich and famous black man seeking to acquire a piece of the action. They just have to wait for these celebs to commit stupid acts of sexual misconduct for which they are easily found guilty. Then all the "white powers-that-be" have to do, is sit back and leave black folks to exist in a perpetual state of suspicion about conspiracies that gnaw away at their minds. The crimes for which innocent black men are found guilty exacerbate this black mindset because African Americans can't relinquish their high expectations from a country they can't stop loving.
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    @Mel Hopkins You are so right. Again, you are so right. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Oh Gosh! I needed this!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! Oh Wow! Okay, I am probably wrong, but I actually thought that Shakespeare may have had some cultural connection to being 'Black' and that was why I love that quote. I read somewhere that the other poets did not like him. They called him an Upstart CROW. And they did not like it that the queen of England liked him! And lastly, some of his writings were based of of the Bible, I think either Songs of Solomon or Psalms or something like that. Okay, @Troy Since you saw the need in mentioning a 'book' King James commisioned, it is okay if I comment in response? "Beliefs one holds usually have nothing to do with reason or logic"? Well, when I compare: [1] Trump's Maga platform [2] the 'book' King James Commissioned, and [3] your assessment in that 'usually' ones belief has nothing to do with reason or logic, then I think about this; Trump's life is less than 100 years, your life is less then 100 years, King James life was less than 100 years, but the 'collection of books' that the king commissioned to be translated by a body of learned people, books that had been written by over 100s of people over the course of thousands of years, I guess you are right in your assessment in regards to people's beliefs usually not based on any sound reason or logic.
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    They are our first hope we are the last hope.
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    Mel looking forward to the explanation of consciousness and free will
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    Don't be like that Troy. Pioneer is going home Disneyland Pioneer is fine, his skin and head are much thicker than mine. He can always let me know when he can't take it. But based on his Japanese lover story he can take it.
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    It's a problem for you. Not for their lawyer who advised them to not make public statements as any good lawyer would do to prevent their clients from incriminating themselves. The brothers did go before a grand jury and what they said was apparently credible enough to bring an indictment. If Jussie is brought to trial, the brothers will be served a subpoena to appear in court where their stories will be cross-examined with due diligence by the Defense. Jussie unwisely chose to solicit an interview with Good Morning America co-host, Robin Williams, so he could plead his case, and his words may come back to haunt him. Any of them speaking publicly will make it even harder to impanel an impartial jury later on down the line if the case goes to trial. Of course Jussie has his defenders, the usual crowd who think he's being railroaded because he's black. He needs to be found guilty of being stupid. Now go back to empathizing with RKelly by peeing on yourself because you can't find a young girl. Then you can concentrate on being further pissed because the white massage parlor patron and owner of the Patriots, Robert Kraft, is not getting as much bad press as your heroes.
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    @Pioneer1Oh puleeze. Anything to blame the media and exonerate a black man, - even a gay one. The Chicago Police Department bent over backwards to treat Jussie fairly because they knew they were under scrutiny by the entire nation due to their bad reputation. Bottom line, if Jussie hadn't done what he did, none of this would be happening to him and you wouldn't have to be trotting out your usual paranoid theories. Jussie is being punished for his stupidity, and he is solely to blame for the damage he has done to the credibility of the black and gay communities. All because he didn't think Empire was paying him enough money.
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