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  1. I'll just leave it there. Last thing I'll say about it: what I believed to be a 15-20 minutes experience turned out to be over 26 hours. When I got home, my mom was screaming and yelling "where have you been, I called police, etc." because apparently I went missing for a whole day/night. The article I was talking about is called "Gay is the Jew, Not the New Black." It was published in 2009. We always tell people to look it up in the Wayback Machine too since many cannot believe how accurately the artivle foreshadowed the world today.
  2. @Pioneer1 What you say is correct as well. I always admired the North Vietnamese when they were fighting off Euro-imperialism. Ho Chi Minh was a great leader. He had all men believing that they exist only to die in battle to preserve the Vietnamese way; to preserve their way of life and existence in history. Ho Chi Minh had all women believing that they existed to move equipment through underground tunnels, provide care for injured soldiers, and have babies so they could have more soldiers. And the North Vietnamese won that war. Wish black people could get on code like that.
  3. I've thought of "soul food" as slave food for a long time. The only reason I EVER at chitlins ("chitterlings") was because I saw my dad, mom, grandma, and great grandma all eating that sh*t (literally). I also learned to like hot sauce at a very young age as a result to cover the taste of that mess. There is nothing soul-ful about soul food. Chitlins were basically what white people threw on the ground after stripping the hog of the ham, bacon, chops, etc. and said "here niggers, eat this." We were desperate for any kind of sustenance. So we made the best of it and enjoyed it. Greens wouldn't be that bad without all the lard and ham hocks. But other than that, soul food will kill you faster than white cops. Interestingly I was hanging out with some Afrikan brothers from Kenya while in college. They had some unique cuisine themselves which I thought was horrific. The 80s rappers always talked about eating "herbs and fruits." Soul food to me is more about our perseverance. We always made/make the best out of the worst conditions because that's all we've ever had. So there's definitely a place in history for soul food. There's no place for it in our 2019 diets though. No people's best food is healthy though. But I wish we had innately awesome dishes. Mexicans have enchiladas, burritos and tacos. Italians have spaghetti, lasagna, and braciole. Chinese have shrimp-fried rice and egg rolls. We have chitlins. But what's new with us. Black American folks are at the bottom of everything.
  4. You really want to hear my story about catching the Holy Ghost! :) Jokes aside, I don't know what good it would do to share the origins of my beliefs. I was 12-13 years old when I first got there. I told my mom and dad what happened. They said I had a great imagination and would be a great writer (I did become a writer BTW). I told my guidance counselor and she believed part, of it but not the important part. The local black cop in our white town (who was kind of a mentor) just wanted me to tell him more about "the messenger" I met that day so he could arrest him. In hindsight, I do believe I was given DMT that day by a total stranger. The conversation I had with "them" that day told me a lot and accurately foreshadowed several things that have come true in both my life and the world at large. Some of it was very scary when it came to fruition. I'll just leave it at that.
  5. I just got a near-mint condition 9mm Uzi pistol over the weekend. Funny how Nino Brown's Cash Money Brothers are the ones who kept me in search of one of these over all these years. And as Nino said, "ain't no Uzis made in Harlem." His speech in court at the end actually had a lot of truth to it. Back to the Panthers. Yeah it was definitely a lead-up event to the Mulford Act when they stormed that government meeting. Loved the moxie by the brothers regardless. That took balls of steel. I believe a few of them went to jail for a while over that. Soon after Mulford; Oakland, LA, and other black areas in California suddenly had gun surpluses in the hood. All of a sudden, when these black gangs came about in the 1970s, guns were all of a sudden ubiquitous in black communities. White people only want certain types of black men to have guns - black cops, black military, and gang members killing other black people. I really don't see the point in getting their little licenses and permit. How many licensed black gun owners have we seen in the last 3-4 years get shot and killed by cops simply for owning guns? Both Reagan and the NRA became stars at that moment too. White people weren't cheering the law itself. They were happy that organized, armed brothers were disarmed by the government. Its why Reagan was so beloved by so many. There was actually a political party called Reagan Democrats when he was President. It was a strategic move by the NRA. Prior to the 1960s, the NRA wasn't the hard right organization it became and is today. The NRA affirmed with their support of the Mulford Act, that they are for white people (conservatives) and by white people. Republicans knew California was morphing into liberal central anyway. The law was inevitably going to happen sooner or later. They made California white liberals happy too. It was proactive and clever. The Mulford Act fired up and appeased both white California conservatives and white California liberals...and produced a President.
  6. Forgot to address this. It harkens back to our spirituality discussion. The best and most spiritually enlightened of us have moved on from this world in the last 400 years. The reason we don't see Nat Turners, Malcolm Xs, Huey Newtons, etc. anymore is because these souls and their followers freed themselves from this Biblical Hell called Earth. That's why black people have gotten progressively weaker and more obsequious. The great leaders and masses of the past figured this world out and the Divine freed their souls from here. The only time us fighting back has been completely absent is after the 1960s. As time goes on the enlightened among us are freed, leaving a population of obedient, acquiescent dogs serving at the pleasure of white people. That places extra pressure on those of us who do see the light in 2019.
  7. My issue with Erivo is her hatred towards black Americans/ADOS. I saw a clip of a show on CBS that has some white man married to a Nigerian woman? Not sure if its recent or what (again I don't watch TV). But in the clip, the Nigerians are talking about black Americans like you'd think racist white people do. Erivo has commented on how she loves the show and how accurate it is. There's just too much about that woman that rubs me the wrong way. Yes, Hollyweird is the mecca of debauchery. I honestly cannot name many movies depicting black heroes that were actually well-produced and written. Malcolm X was well-done because Spike Lee produced it. "Cry Freedom" had a white director. But Denzel is such an exceptional talent, nobody was going to ruin his Biko portrayal. That "Panther" movie about Huey, Bobby, etc. was terribly produced. The article you linked said something about the only reason the Harriett movie got done was because Black Panther was successful. Black Panther is fiction, as is the Harriett movie. That movie is not a biopic film. I'm still waiting on films about Marcus Garvey, WEB Dubois, Charles Deslonde, Dr. Khalid Muhammad, and many more. I know those films will never be made unless they are fictionalized to appease white audiences, like Harriett. An Obama movie will be made in the next 10 years though. Liberals/Hollywood love him. They just want to wait for the political climate surrounding him to cool off a bit first. Good article nonetheless.
  8. This is very true. The people who call themselves "Libertarians" today were the Liberals from 1860 to about 1960. Liberal became what you describe thereafter. Your definition of liberal is respectable. But from what I know of you, you have little in common with today's liberals. Kamala Harris is a manipulative cop. As California AG, she put 1,500 people in prison for marijuana violations, then laughed about it on the Breakfast Club when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana herself. Her own father, Donald Harris, disavowed her because Kamala joked that all Jamaicans smoke weed so of course she does (her father is Jamaican). Here's what he said in Jamaica Global Online: “My dear departed grandmothers (whose extraordinary legacy I described in a recent essay on this website), as well as my deceased parents, must be turning in their grave right now to see their family’s name, reputation and proud Jamaican identity being connected, in any way, jokingly or not with the fraudulent stereotype of a pot-smoking joy seeker and in the pursuit of identity politics. Speaking for myself and my immediate Jamaican family, we wish to categorically dissociate ourselves from this travesty.” Kamala Harris kept two guys on death row despite exculpatory evidence being submitted by their attorneys and a judge ruling in the prisoners' favor. She kept people in prison for months and sometimes years after their sentences expired because the slave labor, especially the prisoner firefighters that get paid $0.30 per hour, were needed for her bottom line. Steven Mnuchin, Trump's Treasury Secretary, was busted for bank and mortgage fraud in California. Kamala declined to prosecute for some dumb, corporate-speak reasons. Should I mention that Donald Trump donated to Harris's AG campaign twice? That infamous clip of Harris saying she'd specifically helped Mexican with DACA and specifically help Israelis/so-called "jews" with more foreign aid...but then she straight-up said who and what she is: "Am I going to do anything to specifically help black people? NO!." At the 1:45 mark. Her campaign has been dead ever since. At least Trump attempts to lie about caring for black people. This bitch doesn't even hide it. Further, She's Indian American when she wants to be and African-American when its convenient. I don't excoriate black men dating/marrying white women or black women dating/marrying white men if that's what makes them happy. But Kamala's white husband and her history are too much of a giveaway. She also fucked her way to her first government job when she slept with San Francisco mayor Willie Brown. Is Harris worse than Trump? We're comparing diarrhea to constipation. The electric chair vs. lethal injection. Neither is better than the other. They are equally discomforting and fatal. Deval Patrick - he's probably "better" than Trump. I don't expect the brother to go out raising his fists, quoting Garvey and Malcolm, and sporting the RBG flag. I'm willing to overlook his associations with Mitt Romney and Bain Capital too. The fact remains that he will and has clumped LGBT and black together as some unified, united pseudo-group. I cannot and will not support that. Last time I voted for POTUS was Obama in 2008. It took him six months to show me who and what he really is. Black people, for good reason, do not GIVE their votes to Republicans. Yet black people seem to think its ok to GIVE our votes to ungrateful Democrats who have done absolutely nothing for us either. They always talked about the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Well, today, that's in place to protect homophiles and white women. The statistics don't lie either - black people were FAR better off in the USA separated from white people. 90% of black babies were born to married mom and dad in 1960. 82% of black babies were born to single moms in 2017. Black business ownership rates/job creation within the communities were at all time highs in late 50s/early 60s. Black people patronized black businesses and kept money in our communities. Today, the only black businesses black people support are barber and beauty shops. There were less than 150,000 black people in prison/in the justice system in 1960. Today there are over 4 million. Liberals/Democrats are simply more deceptive Republicans with far better public relations people. I just don't see the point in helping Democrats when they don't help me, my family or my people.
  9. I'm sorry and maybe I'm biased because I like nothing about this woman. But Kamala Harris just looks evil to me. I see nor feel anything attractive about her. I don't want another eight years of a "I'm black when it's convenient" President. JFK was an anti-war POTUS. That's why he was assassinated. His signature foreign policy was that no Middle East countries, including Israel, could have nuclear weapons. Kennedy was killed. Then what happened? 1) US ground troops are deployed to Vietnam for the first time in the long "Vietnam standoff" if you will; 2) Israel had nuclear weapons within a year of JFK's assassination; and 3) Israel is the only country in the world exempt from nuclear inspections. Lot more to it than that. But there are/were in fact anti-war Presidents. JFK was so anti-war, "they" also killed his famous brother. Every US president in history that has been assassinated was openly defied "them." Less government intrusion is traditionally a conservative philosophy. It's interesting you say that's a liberal philosophy. I don't really care what white people do as far as homophilia. More power to them. That's their long-time, ingrained culture. It just sickens me to see black people playing along with the latest "I need to act white to have a job and a chance to be successful in life" trends. In the 1920s-1960s, we "konked" our hair so it looked straight and looked white. That stuff would literally burn holes in our scalps, but we did it anyway to look white. We used skin-bleaching agents in that time a lot too so we could look less black. Today, the easiest ways for black people to endear themselves to white people are cooning and/or being a homo. Liberals (LGBT) are one of the two dominant white tribes. Polygamy will never happened in this country because its innately Afrikan. Only European cultures are allowed to thrive in this world. I don't do anything that Tariq says. Tariq is a conscious entertainer. That's how I view him. I'm not voting because I don't see the point in it. Can you name any period in "American history," meaning 1500-2019, that black people weren't killed in mass at the hands of racists? Patrick doesn't move the meter for me. I've been watching him since he joined that elite group of 4-5 black men in history to have ever served as governor of a U.S. state. He's consistently shown me since 2007 that he is a white liberal bankster apologist, similar to Kamala Harris, who could have prosecuted Steven Mnuchin for bank fraud but did not.
  10. That question is beyond my pay grade. I had to read this a few times to understand your inquiry. I don't think "the Divine" (that is good, neutral nomenclature) take so-called Caucasians (white Christians/Catholics) all that seriously. I think the Divine just know that a very conniving, manipulative, feral species (Caucasians) forces us rogue souls into loving these tortured 2+2=5 lifetimes. Let's keep in mind that Muslims from North Afrika and the so-called Middle East enslaved sub-Saharan and other melanin-rich Afrikans for 1,000 years longer than Europeans did. That's a topic for another thread. So yes, the Divine punished us by throwing our souls into what they see as a giant, wild insect farms (Earth). People in this (western) world are complete simpletons. It's easy for the Divine to plant a few "wardens" and "police officers" into these human bodies and control the entire world. We either learn the lessons and embrace our Divine Selves or remain in this perpetual running in a wheel, like a hamster. Translated to the random brothers and sisters out there, I'll quote KRS-One: "Change your attitude, change your plan; there can never be justice on stolen land." We obediently believe in the myth of kum ba yah, or kumbaya, or however it's expressed. I think the ultimate lesson is that we must be willing to die for freedom, justice and liberty. War is the ONLY way change has happened in the entire history of humanity. But we're conditioned to forgive and be obsequious. Those of us, the diaspora people with no homeland, who figure this out and live that way, are freed from this cycle. Never suspected it was a setup. These discussions are genuinely important and cleansing. Caucasian manipulation is easy to predict at this point. Go to Bing.com and search "gay is the new jew" without and with quotes. The first result is an Operation-Nation article from 2009, basically predicting this normalized homophilia LGBT BLM liberal political dogma. I won't link the article, as I am affiliated with the website and don't want to self-promote. I believe we were born with this knowledge because we, ourselves, are Divine. We're just in elongated and potentially perpetual detention living among a feral species.
  11. I don't expect the black masses to fight. Why would I? We've cowered to white people for centuries. I can only speak for myself in this regard. We're all going to die eventually. But I'll go down standing up, not begging on my knees and yelling "I can't breathe." @Pioneer1 I have to admit that part of the reason I like Tulsi is that she's attractive both physically and mentally. Anti-war presidents are rare and she'd be one of them. It'd just make my heart feel better about this country and world to see her in the White House. Plus Tulsi is responsible for destroying Kamala Harris's campaign - more kudos. She's also not a Hillary/Bill Clinton crony and that also makes her super cool. I also met Tulsi several years back in Washington and, as a journalist myself, she was the most human politician I ever met in person. Deval...na, bruh. Can't roll with that. Its not just his daughter. Patrick as governor helped block a ballot measure in Massachusetts that would have affirmed marriage as a union between one man and one woman. He and Mitt Romney are both former Massachusetts governors and are buddies. It was kind of funny when Patrick was working for the 2012 Obama campaign and defended Bain Capital, Romney's private equity firm, even when Obama himself was saying Bain was involved in a lot of nefarious stuff. Another Trump term likely means the USA will be destroyed. Frankly that doesn't bother me much. If this country had real law and order, Trump would already be in prison, along with his whole family. I've just learned to tune it all out. I'm not voting for Biden. He's literally a Democrat Trump - pervert and all. Sorry, but my conscience would never let me vote for a man married to another man either. Harris and Booker are coons. I liked Bernie Sanders before he became "Bernie" during the last election. Perhaps I could throw up in a bucket and vote for Warren. But I honestly cannot see myself voting for any of them.
  12. I have believed for most of my life that Earth is the Biblical Hell we're all taught we go to if we don't worship white Jesus and their culture. I think of all the perpetual torture, rape, manipulation, etc. we've endured for 400+ years and I cannot imagine a worse human condition than this planet. We've been burned alive, castrated, tortured to death, kids taken right out of our arms and sold...that's hell. I believe our souls pissed off "the gods" at some point and we were all banished to this world of feral Edomites. I believe those who embrace white debauchery and feral nature as good (i.e. gluttony, mammon/money, homo-pedo culture, etc.) are perpetually reincarnated here as babies and relive this life. Those of us who figure out what this world is, live a life that teaches others about this world and acknowledge our own flaws -- our souls are freed from this Hell and are free to go where ever we choose in this universe once this human body dies. White imperialists have conditioned us to believe that living among them and being their slaves/coons is the best life possible. They also taught us that self-sacrifice ("suicide") is bad via their Christianity. But the reason they didn't want us self-sacrificing is because it robbed them of slaves. Some of the narratives from slave ships tell stories of whiteboys screaming and crying like babies when the ancestors jumped into the ocean and/or threw their kids overboard. They didn't care about the lives lost. They were mad because they lost "property" and "commodities" when we were BRAVE ENOUGH to self-sacrifice. This is just a snippet of my full beliefs. But you get the picture.
  13. #BlackLivesMatter is a black LGBT group. The brother Darren Seals was on the front line of Ferguson before he was "mysteriously murdered." He reported straight up how all these homophile, well-funded niggas showed up in St. Louis/Ferguson, and usurped the movement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGFLqjqe-fA #BLM BlackLivesMatter the organization(s) exist for the white liberal agenda (LGBT). I don't think Yvette specifically is promoting a white agenda. I think all of them (Yvette, Tone, Tariq) are reacting to that New York Times article from a few days ago about ADOS and who gets credit for being leaders of it and founding it. I was saying this current feud is across-the-board nigga shit caused by white media. Frankly I don't know much about Yvette or Tone. I do know what they encourage black people to vote for Democrats; thus they are partisan. Partisan means white agenda to me.
  14. Stop-and-frisk notwithstanding, I don't think it takes a genius to understand what Bloomberg is, what he's about, and who he will benefit as President. He's a white billionaire Democrat. What more do you really need to know? I see former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick threw his name in the hat too. He'll play the "black card" until the story resurfaces on his slumlord business and how he screwed tens of thousands of black people in that sub-prime mortgage scandal. Sad they can't even produce a black candidate that is genuinely black anymore. I'm happy to see that Kamala character basically out of the race now, polling at 1% last I saw in Iowa and New Hampshire; and polling fifth in her own state of California. Guess she better changed back to "Indian" now that her black ruse didn't work. Again the only one of these Democrats I have any love for is Tulsi Gabbard. And since all Democrats care about is homophilia, they have demonized Tulsi because she has a husband and once said marriage is between a man and woman only. They'll never pick her, though I think she'd be a great POTUS. I'll be sitting out the 2020 election as I hope many black folks do. That will make Trump win, meaning nothing over the last 400 years changes. I'd rather laugh at Democrats having seizures over Trump than elect one of their phony minions who take my vote for granted. Trump ain't nothing new to me. White terrorists like that just motivate me to buy more guns and ammo.
  15. I believe Erica Garner's heart did ultimately give way. I mean, she watched her father get murdered on tape over and over again by cops. Nothing happened to the cops despite killing her dad on tape (oh wait, the killer lost his job like five years later I think). In fact the kid who recorded the murder was imprisoned, but not the killer cop(s). Erica realized we still are slaves and always will be in this twilight zone world. She exerted all her power and might for those couple years. But I believe her soul told her that its fruitless and its best to escape the Biblical hell called "Earth" on her own terms and join her father wherever that may be. Much love to this father/daughter combo, just like Marquis and Atatianna Jefferson.
  16. @Troy I'm well aware of the Malcolm vs. Ali rivalry. I respect and learned a lot from both men. I'm not commenting on their rivalry. Both were equal students under Elijah Muhammad and both were inspirational, powerful global figures. Not much else to say about that. Yes, Ali was more inspirational, more charismatic and more "meter-moving" than Frazier. If you want to call that marginalization, fine. I've stated my position. No, Ali and Frazier weren't BFF's. But again, they understood that their perceived mutual animosity was part of the overall show that both men handsomely. I'm starting to question all of their genuine motives. I tried leaving an objective comment on one of Tariq's Youtube videos the other day and he deleted it. I've always like Tariq's perceived goals, but his armor is receiving lots of dents. That public between feud between he and Umar Johnson was the first warning sign. They both CHILDISHLY attacked one another on social media because each exposed the other's hustle. Now this feud with Tariq vs. Antonio and Yvette is really getting sad. I don't think its much of a secret that Yvette likes women and advocates for the alphabets; and Tone advocates for voting "down ballot" for Democrats no matter what. I was already skeptical of those two because of the aforementioned. Tariq is kind of making a fool of himself right now attacking them over some lawsuit with Comcast and the billionaire black man. Between this feud and Tariq vs. Umar, Tariq is proven to be over-sensitive and self-serving in some ways. That doesn't take away from the brother's great filmmaking career. But he's definitely more Tupac than Malcolm. Just more 400 years of black divide. Agreed and with the powerless, puppet liberal negroes. I think Tariq is damaging his image big-time over the last week with this ADOS vs. FBA stuff. I know the black masses are DESPERATE for leadership so we give people a lot of leeway. But judging from comments on his Twitter and Youtube feeds, he's losing support for pettiness. But then again, the ADOS organization is also losing credibility in lieu of #ADOS our people. Its the same thing as Black Lives Matter. The previous is a true statement that bonds us all. #BlackLivesMatter is a liberal LGBT front group/organization funded by Democrats and enriching Delray and those three chicks. The ADOS organization (Tone, Yvette, etc.) are liberal Democrats too. Quite sad actually, but this is yet another chapter in black people being used for white agendas.
  17. We just updated our story on the OP-NAT EYE. Marquis Jefferson, the father of Atatianna and the brotha who told white people to shove their hugs up their asses, has mysteriously "passed away." It's dangerous being pro-black, pro-father and pro-MAN these days.
  18. I agree celebrities get unwarranted respect. But again, "You may not like the sources and think they are biased, etc." That is why I think this discussion is fruitless. Bottom line re: that Harriet movie is that they created a black villain out of thin air ("Bigger" something) and created a white hero out of thin air for the narrative and story line. Erivo willingly played this part in an obvious blaxploitation film. I have no respect for her, just like I have no respect for Tyler Perry and other blaxploitation performers who many black folks love. But hey, they have more $$ than I do, so I have no standing to say anything.
  19. I couldn't care less about white media and their narratives. I assume you're equating my position on Frazier to me accepting some white media narrative? That's fine if that's your position. I'm not going to tug-of-war that. Cassius Clay joined the NOI and became Muhammad Ali. He did so because of his convictions and beliefs. Ali WILLINGLY was stripped of his belts and participation in high-income fights because he refused to be a pawn of white imperialism. Ali was convicted of draft dodging and was not allowed to fight and earn a living for four years (1967-1971 I believe). He only avoided prison because he paid the bond while on appeal. The US Supreme Court ultimately overturned his conviction in 1971. But Ali made a living during that time by giving IMPRESSIVE, INSPIRATIONAL speeches and other stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqOE2zTlg3E Further, Frazier and Ali were actually closer friends than "white media" portrays. They both understood "the game." This interview shows that (the 4:45 mark is a great example). https://youtu.be/mgbFj-z8eG8?t=286 I never marginalized Frazier. You just assumed that. I very much respect Joe Frazier as a great boxer and great man. Muhammad Ali simply was more blunt and forward about his pro-blackness and anti-white imperialism. I respect that more. I agree with that, in 2018 and back. The conversation between @Troy and I also strengthens your argument. I mean, more black youth love Tariq Nasheed vs. Antonio Moore these days because the previous is more assertive and blunt. But I also notice a trend towards the Roland Martin/Van Jones types getting all the white press and love in 2019--thus making young black men believe being a soft, liberal effeminate is the path to $$, with dignity and pride distant third and fourth wants/needs.
  20. I don't think it will be effective or productive to post links to Erivo's coonery. You may not like the sources and think they are biased, etc. It will devolve into discussion about those sources versus the matter at hand, despite it being Erivo's own words. But here's a good Twitter thread. Further, Erivo has since bleached her Twitter history to erase the "akata" references and her ancestors being Igbos - slave traders in 1500s Nigerians. It's my personal position on Erivo.
  21. The full quote is representative of my views: "Muhammad Ali was the ultimate activist, entertainer and warrior all in one. That's why he's great." Yes he's the ultimate activist. He voluntarily gave up boxing riches and material title/championship belts. White society forced Ali to choose between fighting for their imperial empire in Vietnam or give up his money and belts. Ali chose the latter. That's admirably, courageous and beautiful. That's why Ali is Ali. Ali may have dogged Malcolm and Frazier. These men were all on levels I've never been. All I can do is objectively look at their conflicts and take them for what they are. I respect Ali as much as I do Malcolm X. They were on the front line in an important phase of black American history. Ali and Malcolm inspired black people to be great. They had disagreements based on numerous things. That's not for me to judge. Both men had influenced me positively. Frazier is just a boxer. A great fighter for sure. But he's not a transcendent figure like Ali and Malcolm. Frazier did not advocate for black people directly or indirectly. He didn't advocate sacrifice for the better good, like Ali and Malcolm. He's not on their level of greatness as men. Frazier is a great boxer though and I respect him very much for that.
  22. There's also speculation that Erivo's Nigerian ancestors/tribe sold black people into slavery to the British. I've heard and read enough to never support that woman.
  23. Mike Tyson is different from all the others you mentioned. Tyson is arguably the best boxer of all-time during his prime. He did something measurable and did it far better, prettier and more dominate than all his contemporaries in the 1980s and early 1990s. Prison and Cus D'Amato's death ruined Mike Tyson. But Mike's accomplishments are measurable and great. "Tupac is the best rapper" is an opinion about an arbitrary position. There are no easily-accessible measurables other than record sales that distinguish music artists. Mike Tyson was the measurable-greatest at his craft for like 8 years; and arguably the greatest ever in his prime. That is admirable and cool. I don't think MLK and Will Smith are in the same category. Mike Tyson and Tupac are both entertainers. Troy mentioned how all these guys are ultimately just entertainers. MLK was an activist, a front-line warrior. Yes, I am on the side that he was soft at times during his tenure. But not because he wasn't acting gangsta. I felt then and now that more forceful tactics and game plans are/were necessary for black Americans to prosper and break the grip of shame. Muhammad Ali was the ultimate activist, entertainer and warrior all in one. That's why he's great. That all said, I'm a big Poetic Justice and Juice fan. I also like that "Keep Ya Head Up" CD.
  24. Whatever nomenclature you choose, Tupac is/was "produced." I've asked probably 30 black folks over the last 15-20 years to name something positive, tangible and/or good Tupac has done for black people to deserve this god status he apparently has. Most just get mad and start attacking me for asking the question. True be told, I've read de-classified FBI documents that say, in so many words, that Tupac's entire family history and shtick were produced by government for manipulation and control. But again, my point just echoes a good point made by @Pioneer1 - that Nipsey Hustle is to Millennials as Tupac was to Generation X. Make sense. I hear the words "legend" and "great" associated with these guys. But I hear nothing tangible. Hell, something as simple as promoting marriage and raising strong, intelligent ladies and gentlemen would be something tangible. Neither of these guys can even claim that. Wish we could expand the music program further. Always about funding. We're forced to choose the most talented kids and let the rest go. We still help them buy used guitars, basses, amp, etc. But the key is respecting and compensating the instructors, who are retired funk, blues and rock-n-roll musicians. They love the program so they do it for [relatively] small compensation and huge impact. Lots of old school black musicians retired in Phoenix.
  25. Hey @Chevdove I know I'm late responding to all this. But this point is very real. @Pioneer1 pointed out how Nipsey Hussle is the Tupac Shakur for Millennials. Sounds about right. I never have and never will understand the obsession with Tupac by black Americans. He's just a typical thug. What has he done to uplift, educate, motivate, etc.? NOTHING. Again, I know nothing about Hustle. But I believe what Pioneer said because it makes sense. Let's face it - many of the gripes African and Caribbean immigrants have against have against the ADOS masses are real. Honestly I don't want to be around a lot of ADOS. We're conditioned to be EMPLOYEES (slaves), but business owners. The latter is what this country is built on. Working for someone else means they own you. Thus slavery never ended. I won't stop expressing these truths and trying to motivate our people. It's just difficult. Ya know? I'm going to dig up this podcast from my uncle in 2007. It addresses these exact points. Not only have dance and dress styles lost creativity. They have devolved into demented sexual debauchery. Disco will always be my favorite genre of ADOS movement for its groovy creativity. Good news is that I help fund music classes for select black youth in Phoenix. Their parents FORCE them into the classes at age 5. The kids hate it at first (they'd rather be rappin and foolin). But they recognize the creativity and the talent/skill they are developing. We're hoping to produce and develop REAL black bands in the next five years or so when the kids are a little older. We and the parents don't want kids being exploited. Must say...they are QUITE good. Our first act has a jazzy, funky yet 2019 sound. Hard to explain. But stay tuned!
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