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    2015 Newbery Medal Winner 2015 Coretta Scott King Honor Award Winner novelist and Poet, Kwame Alexander, brings a new show to facebook - "Bookish with Kwame Alexander"  

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    2. Troy


      Third World is a good example.  They were struggling as a business and are now a not-for-profit.  Haki has been give about a bazillion awards and honors, but we needed to be figuring out a way for the press to become a publishing powerhouse reaping the benefit of publishing bestselling authors.


      Man I must be an a bad mood.... seems I can only find the negative in things lately...I guess I'm just tired of us being so marginalized and weak....:(

    3. richardmurray


      @Troy Well, if you want to feel better about the entire black community,I will try to lift your spirit... as you know,  one hundred year ago, whether in africa/the caribbean/north or south or central america/ any part from asia - all black people were enslaved in that we either wore shackles or helped put shackles made from others on ourselves. Now, am I telling you to jump above the sky now that we are less marginalized or weak, while still being marginalized or weak... no. I am telling you to strengthen the weapon that allowed black people to find happy lives throughout the recent times; that weapon is patience. A patience that: seem silly on a plantation, seem silly in the mountains from ethiopia, seem silly on the shores from saint domingue, seem silly as we make our first homes in the usa or brasil, seem silly as we are making the first  black college in a state in the union, seem silly as we make illegal fiscal profit anywhere, seem silly as we march in every land we are in from france/england/u.s.a./brasil to jamaica/ghana/congo/south africa, seem silly laying down near fred hampton, seem silly as we see a few from us reach individual heights the collective seem unable to achieve... until, one day, after we are excruciatingly patient,after we have been tired so long we only know about  being tired, nothing seem silly; cause we each had the patience to wait till nothing no longer is.

    4. Troy


      :) thanks @richardmurray that was generous, kind, and uplifiting. I'll add patience to my vocabulary. 

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