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  1. ************************************************************************************ My goodness. I hate to tell you this but you are NOT perplexing at all. And you aren't fascinating or interesting either. You need to get over yourself. Your self-importance is unbecoming. ************************************************************************************
  2. ************************************************************************************ @Cynique That's great you've been brushing up on your corny insults, but you know all that nonsense doesn't bother me. I just hope all that hate is not causing your blood pressure to rise. ************************************************************************************
  3. ************************************************************************************ Whoopi is a pathetic world-class slob. I'm sorry if pointing this out hurts your feelings. The way that you dummycrats will twist the facts to fit your narrative is laughable. Your claim that Hillary was graceful and dignified is a bunch of pretentious claptrap. The fact is that she did not accept defeat gracefully at all, she kept her supporters up all night waiting for her statement, which didn't come until she conceded hours later. That was after all her fake allegations, dirty campaign tactics, and made up B.S. against Trump, since she knew that she could not beat him fair and square. One can only imagine her conduct behind the scenes. Secret Service agents have reported that she throws household items during her fits of rage. The woman is a nightmare, but you go on glossing over that corrupt satanic garbage if that floats your boat. And tell that silly goofball of yours to get some new talking points. I said this already, but obviously he does not comprehend that his rhetoric is tiresome and not even worth responding to. ************************************************************************************
  4. ************************************************************************************ Whoopi is an embarrassing clown. The View Is Not What Barbara Walters Wanted ************************************************************************************
  5. Here's another NFT millionaire: 12-year-old Benyamin Ahmed who made $1 million creating NFTs
  6. ************************************************************************************ @Cynique Are we now going to argue The U.S. Constitution and the citizen's right to keep and bear arms? While you devout dummycrats are more than happy to relinquish one Constitutional right after the other, WE ARE NOT. We are PATRIOTS, who will defend our rights as well as the rights of others, since you people seem too weak and lame to do so. ************************************************************************************
  7. ************************************************************************************ There is a branch of criminology called victimology. That is the study of things that victims do to attract crime. Although crime can happen to anyone, when people engage in common sense behaviors such as locking their doors, walking in well-lit areas, not being flashy, etc. it helps to keep them safe. You are one of those people who keeps criminals at bay. That's why nothing untoward has happened to you. ************************************************************************************
  8. It's a source for things that I post to this forum. That is all. If this were a financial forum, then I would post articles from financial sources. I got your point about you not preferring The Daily Mail. Can you please find another topic. It's as if you're stuck.
  9. ************************************************************************************ @nels I don't like to make fun of people's mental decline, because none of us are getting any younger, but it has turned into childish gibberish, as well as being annoyingly repetitive. It happens. Anyway, God Bless You @Cynique I will pray for you. ************************************************************************************ Let's go over forum etiquette. When someone dedicates something to you, you should be courteous and thank them. Not become snarky and rude. Carry on. ************************************************************************************
  10. ************************************************************************************ @Cynique Actually, my Husband and I were Hillary supporters before her mess about the emails came out. As retired military and govt employees, we all know how important it is to safeguard classified information. Your allegation that I attempt to sweep Trump's dirt under the rug is inane since everyone knows everything about him and all his dirt. He was a public figure and his marriages, divorces and affairs were known to anyone who wasn't living under a rock. The only reason that I point out Biden's corruption is because CNN/MSNBC doesn't report on that, so how would you dummies know what's going on. That and the fact that you choose to ignore that the world is crumbling around you. Some negative Biden news came out yesterday and people are saying that they knew nothing about, and questioning why they weren't made aware of it before the elections. https://nypost.com/2022/02/02/us-diplomat-warned-about-hunter-biden-ukraine-deals-in-2016/ Anyway, I've been posting on and off on this board and Thumper's Corner for fifteen years, so if you think that I don't have any credibility I'm not worried about it. I am not a journalist whose professional standard of conduct requires objectivity and impartiality. And I don't base my personal credibility on what Donald Trump or anyone else is doing. We are all individuals and I'm not responsible or accountable for the actions of others. So if some idiots here would judge me based on Trump they can kiss my yellow ass. That includes you and all your goofball cohorts. I have access to at least fifteen different news channels since we subscribe to Dish, so I don't keep the television on any particular station, but I damn sure don't watch fake news CNN, that's for sure. Stay safe and warm everybody!!! ************************************************************************************
  11. ************************************************************************************ Good Morning @Cynique I see you got up on the wrong side of the bed again, for the 31,046th time. Speaking of snakes, Donald Trump read a lovely poem called "The Snake" at a rally a few years ago. I would like to dedicate it to you. Enjoy! ************************************************************************************
  12. ************************************************************************************ You must work at CNN, where they spew vitriol against Trump all day. Please stop fronting by calling yourself professional. If you were professional you would be impartial and objective. Not bashing Trump every time you comment here. Your sorry broken record behind needs to get a new tune. TDS = Trump Devotee Stefan (what a loser) ************************************************************************************
  13. ************************************************************************************ JOE BIDEN IS REAL BIG ON THAT. ESPECIALLY WHEN HE'S TRYING TO COVER THINGS UP. LIKE HIS OWN CORRUPTION. ENJOY. President Joe Biden wants to suppress speech Biden-Big Tech COVID Censorship Collusion Media helped hide the real Joe Biden by censoring Hunter stories White House pushes Spotify, Big Tech to continue crackdown White House flagging posts for Facebook to censor White House says Facebook needs to work harder to censor Joe Biden Calls On Media Outlets To Curb Covid Misinformation ************************************************************************************
  14. ************************************************************************************ I'd rather be besotted with Trump Than a Cat You Weirdo ************************************************************************************
  15. ************************************************************************************ After fifteen years, you should know that I would never have a pimp, because I don't answer to anyone and I don't split my money. And once again, Nels is perfectly capable of defending himself, especially since low-hanging fruit like you dummies are easy pickings. Why don't you make yourself useful and tell that simple- minded goofball of yours to get some new talking points because he is boring as rice cakes. ************************************************************************************
  16. ************************************************************************************ Nels doesn't require my defending him, but I doubt that he judges people based on your premise. If someone disagrees with something that Nels has posted, they should be able to say that and support their position with some reasonable explanation for why they disagree and maybe even state some facts. But what some of you mental midgets resort to is throwing Trump in our faces. And in case you didn't know, Trump isn't that relevant to me, and probably not to anyone else on here, so your silly made up word of ReTrumplicans and your other childish antics doesn't even faze us. Additionally, when you all can't win your silly arguments, you start a whole new thread on the same topic that was already being discussed, as if that changes anything. People on here claiming to be professional journalists but lacking the ability to be objective or impartial, those are the ones that are phonies, not us. ************************************************************************************
  17. ************************************************************************************ @nels That is an interesting video. I don't know how the Left sees things, but based on what some of the misguided people on this forum are posting, they refuse to see that Biden has dumped our nation straight into the toilet. Not only do they refuse to see and acknowledge what is really going on, they are praising Biden for being a fabulous president. And blaming all our problems on TRUMP. On top of that, they refuse to realize that Biden is the biggest and most corrupt person to ever occupy the White House. IMO, the whole lot of them are a bunch of USELESS IDIOTS AND DUMMIES. ************************************************************************************
  18. ************************************************************************************ Did he answer you? The term Black-on-Black crime is probably used most often because it is the highest rate of occurrence between criminal and victim. But those charts don't indicate whether those crimes were Black-on-Black, or other-race-on-other-race, they only show the race of the perpetrators and the race of the victims. Not who did what to whom. It could have been Black-on-white or any other combination. Unless I'm missing something. I looked at the PDF too. It's no wonder everybody says that Blacks commit the most crimes, because it's true. That's embarrassing. I wish Black people would stop being criminals. And BTW, I love the picture of you in the hat. ************************************************************************************
  19. Most of the things you assert don't even make sense. What would be the reason for me to lie on you, and what did I lie about? Some wisecrack I made about you and your cat? You take things too serious and too personal. You have started entire threads just to attack me but now you're accusing me of being off. I'm no more off than anybody else. The only reason I posted so much today is because I'm on bedrest. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't even have time to be bothered with you. You're really not that interesting to me. You started attacking me because of something that Pioneer said. I'm not privy to the reason, you would know the answer to that. Anyway, you're right about one thing. Who. Cares. I. Don't. Have a nice evening.
  20. https://aalbc.com/tc/topic/1875-ladies-in-waiting/#comment-7798 Just shut it you troll.
  21. Like the dummies that watch CNN all day. No, that's not me. I am well rounded as far as current events are concerned. But thank you for your concern. I was referring to news stories that are suitable to post on a general discussion forum, like this one.
  22. I've already stated why it's my preference. Please do me a favor and direct me to a news site that has all the news that The Daily Mail covers and I'll use that instead. I mean ONE site. Not Reuters, and the AP, and where ever else, because I don't have time to look all over the internet for news. Thank you.
  23. This entire thread was articles from The Daily Mail. https://aalbc.com/tc/topic/7748-the-official-ahmaud-arbery-trial-discussion-thread/ Why didn't you complain about The Daily Mail then??? It's in the news right now that Whoopi is threatening to QUIT!!!
  24. But it's fine for Cynique to call me a bitch and all the other derogatory aspersions she makes against me. Right? I don't need to strengthen my argument on known facts. But thank you for your inputs. This entire thread was articles from The Daily Mail. https://aalbc.com/tc/topic/7748-the-official-ahmaud-arbery-trial-discussion-thread/ Why didn't you complain about The Daily Mail then???
  25. History will record that Trump was ACQUITTED.
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