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  1. @Troy That is so informative! It is great that you were featured in PW after only being online for a year. I found this Reading List from back in the day and it seems that all of those books are still relevant and interesting reads. I was wondering if the archives of the old discussion forums have been lost? I always get an error message.
  2. @ProfD and @daniellegfny As Black people, we expect to be discriminated against anyway. But honestly, EMTs are there to assess whether you need to be hospitalized. If everybody that had a temperature dialed 911 demanding a transport, the hospitals would be filled with fever patients. If she said she had chest pains or some other serious ailment, she wouldn't have been questioned so much. As to the sepsis, she probably contracted that while she was in the hospital. I know that the multiple times I called an ambulance for my husband, he was either about to have a stroke or having a heart attack, or he had some other life-threatening episode going on. He was always taken to the hospital, and paramedics asked us standard and routine questions to determine what the matter was. I never got the impression that we were treated differently because we are Black. If we were, I didn't notice it. As to this lady's complaints about which hospital she was going to, homeless people and drug addicts are entitled to the same standard of medical treatment as everybody else. She demanded world-class medical care for herself, while putting down other people she didn't deem as good enough. Being homeless doesn't make you worthless. The hospital she didn't want to be taken to, where the uninsured are served, might be one of the best hospitals in the area. That's the way it is in my city. I agree with @daniellegfny, if she felt she was discriminated against, she needs to tell it to a lawyer, not be complaining about it in a YouTube video.
  3. ************************************************************************************ Ahmaud Arbery's mother blasts investigator into son's murder, calls testimony about her son 'trapped like a rat' disturbing. Arbery's Mother Calls Testimony Disturbing I think it's trespassing to enter a construction area without authorization but if you're only there to observe and not trying to steal anything, it shouldn't be a problem. With all the surveillance cameras everywhere, people should be mindful of where they go and what they do. I read an article about someone shooting another driver because he LOOKED at him. It is scary to think that you can't even look at people anymore. I used to feel that only law enforcement, diamond couriers and certain professions should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon, but these days you need to carry a gun to defend yourself from all the other people with a gun. It's like the wild west days and it is ridiculous. ************************************************************************************
  4. He also said something about the Black Lady Lt Governor of Virginia being a Mouthpiece. For. White. Supremacists. He. Is. Embarrassing.
  5. Everything is not about racism. When you have a fever, you are supposed to take ibuprofen or aspirin. Fever alone should not be a 911 call. If she had something else going on and the doctor was sending her home, it was probably so that she did not catch COVID while being in the hospital. Or if they know they can’t do anything for you and you just need to be on bedrest, you can do that at home. Ambulances routinely transport you to the nearest facility if you need to be hospitalized. It is EMT’s job to assess you and decide whether to transport you, sometimes they will call and ask a doctor about the situation as well. Why she thought being an author would garner special treatment makes no sense, anybody can write a book these days. Trying to throw your weight around by saying things like, “I am Mzuri and I have seventy-five puzzle books on am*zon,” sounds foolish. That is not how they decide whether you need to be hospitalized. I disagree with this lady’s claims that she was being discriminated against. I think she is being unreasonable.
  6. @ProfD I never noticed The Queen’s teeth, but the Brits are notorious for having bad teeth. Maybe they are scared of the dentist or have an aversion to pain. At her advanced age, The Queen is doing good to have any teeth at all. I don’t think that The Queen spends money in the traditional sense, her people just bring her whatever she wants. I could not imagine her handling cash or a debit card. That would be so crass.
  7. ************************************************************************************ @ProfD You don’t have to care about any of it but I LOOOOVED Princess Diana!!! Why? Probably because we were the exact same age, and when Prince Charles was announcing their engagement, I was getting married at that same time, had my baby the same time as Diana, so I always had an affinity towards her. Obviously it was a distant and occasional affinity, but when Diana was killed in that horrible collision, I was sick. Like crying and staying in the bed all day sick. All the movies about Diana are too much. I have seen several ducumentaries about her and I am certain that everything about her has been covered already. The Queen. OMG I LOOOOVE The Queen. Why? Because she is The Queen of EVERYTHING and SHE IS FANTABULOUS. I have books about The Queen’s wardrobe, her life, her recipes, her relationship with Camilla, and Catherine, and all the rest of it. The Queen is the richest person in the world, she has the most fabulous furniture, jewelry, clothes and accessories than anyone else. I have books on lots of topics since I’m a bookworm with thousands of books, but I probably have more books about the British Royals than anyone else. Who is more interesting than them? I certainly am NOT interested in the Bidens or any of the reality TV personalities. Most of those trashy people should be in jail. Of course some of the royals should be in jail also. A couple of them are shady as hell. ************************************************************************************
  8. @daniellegfny Have you made any progress with your nifties? This is an article from yesterday: ’I went from having to borrow money to making $4M in a day’: how NFTs are shaking up the art world I went from having to borrow money to making $4M
  9. Who knows what will happen but the American people are not going for this settlement amount. Biden is growing more unfavorable every day with his chronic ineptitude and the performance at that press conference only makes it worse.
  10. Biden and the rest of the dummycrats would let five-year-olds vote if they thought it would help them get elected.
  11. This causes me to question Youngkin’s parenting skills because his 17-year-old son should have known that he was not eligible to vote. And I wonder who the kid would have voted for.
  12. Good Morning! We cannot communicate if you will not respond.
  13. @Delano Do you know whether you are an OCD? Someone who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. Did you mean to say, "It seems you stopped reading before the last sentence, when responding to my post." I can assure you that I read your entire post, but chose to respond to the segment that I excerpted. I would also like to invite you to partake in Mzuri's Advanced Tutorial for Writing with Clarity. Let me know if you are interested so that I can squeeze you into my schedule. Don't worry, you aren't obligated to enroll. Nor are you obliged to divulge if you are OCD. Because I respect your privacy. And I hope you like my sentences.
  14. Right. I stopped because it was the end. Of the sentence.
  15. ICYMI, normal grammar, sentence, and punctuation rules do not apply to informal discussion forums. It is more about communication than decorum. So there is no need for the sentence police.
  16. All three of them are being charged with murder so the third criminal should not get a lesser sentence. ************************************************************************************ FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRESS: The long-standing practice of allowing attorneys to dismiss prospective jurors without giving a reason has come under intense criticism after a nearly all-white jury was picked to decide whether three white men are guilty of murder for shooting and killing Ahmaud Arbery, a Black man who was jogging though a neighborhood in Georgia. How the Arbery trial got a nearly all-white jury ************************************************************************************ IN YESTERDAY'S NEWS FROM THE DAILY MAIL: Judge in Arbery trial accuses defense of 'intentional discrimination' after selecting just ONE Black juror for case against three men accused of murdering the jogger in county where 55% of people are Black Judge accuses defense of intentional discrimination ************************************************************************************
  17. ************************************************************************************ This discussion is about the trial of the white supremacists that murdered an innocent Black man while he was out for a jog, minding his own business. Their defense for killing him was that they thought he was a burglar, running away from some imaginary crime. For the record, I hope that this scum are found guilty and executed in a most painful fashion. IN TODAY'S NEWS: Three white men on trial for murder of Black jogger Ahmaud Arbery 'KNEW' he was not a burglar, jury hears: Judge allows photo of license plate with Confederate flag to be shown in court Murderers Knew Ahmaud Arbery Was Not a Burglar ************************************************************************************ (If we could all please stay on topic and discuss only the aspects of this trial and topics that are closely related, that would be great.)
  18. I was reading about it at Wikipedia before I posted. Most ACLU funding came from philanthropies, such as the Garland Fund. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Civil_Liberties_Union
  19. I was going to start a thread about the Arbery trial. I will do it later after I do some research. In about an hour.
  20. Yes, but I don't think the ACLU gets paid. Perhaps they get some of the proceeds in a contingency situation, but I don't believe they require upfront fees. Just a good sob story. Regardless, they should be representing AMERICANS, not some riffraff that jumped our borders. The courts should not have allowed this lawsuit to be filed.
  21. I read in the news that the judge admonished the defense for selecting only one Black person, since that county consists of 50% Blacks. Expect riots if these people get away with murdering an innocent person who was out for a jog. They should all be executed. BTW, are you unable to start threads again???
  22. ************************************************************************************ This is actually the settlement of a lawsuit that was filed by the ACLU on behalf of some illegal aliens. The ACLU is the AMERICAN Civil Liberties Union so why are they representing foreigners. How do illegals have any rights as Americans. It should be unlawful for them to have standing to file any type of lawsuit against our government, since they broke the law by crossing into our nation, they have no business being here, and I wouldn't pay them 50¢. If they wanted to keep their families together, they should have stayed in their home countries until they could enter into the U.S. legally, like normal law-abiding people. They should have been jailed and/or deported. I have a feeling that the DOJ and Biden are settling this lawsuit in order to have something else to blame on Trump. But Trump would not have rolled over for these people the way that spineless, befuddled Biden is doing. Even dummycrats should be outraged by this preposterous settlement. ************************************************************************************
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