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  1. ************************************************************************************ I have been wanting to start a thread about China for awhile now. I want to document and share info about the nefarious antics that China and the CCP are up to and what impact this may have on our community. This is not intended to be about COVID, although I might post content about COVID from time to time, it will depend upon what is happening. I intend to post links to articles from various sources, and you all can decide whether it interests/impacts you or not. Please contribute any content that you feel is relevant. THIS IS FROM THE WASHINGTON POST: China is turning a major part of its internal Internet- data surveillance network outward, mining Western social media, including Facebook and Twitter, to equip its government agencies, military and police with information on foreign targets, according to a Washington Post review of hundreds of Chinese bidding documents, contracts and company filings. China harvests masses of data on Western targets ************************************************************************************
  2. ************************************************************************************ Bull. Shit. He was never a Russian agent, all that crap was some made-up campaign diversion that Hillary pulled out of her useless behind so she could win the election, and you know it. What don't you understand about "PEACEFULLY AND PATRIOTICALLY?" How can you have an insurrection with no weapons? Keep enjoying your vax mandates higher prices on everything open borders false promises and outright lies Keystone XL shutdown laying off thousands of workers COVID being out of control energy dependence skyrocketing inflation defund the police failed Afghanistan exit supply chain shortages higher gasoline prices increased crime Green New Deal non-existent COVID tests because they have to build the factory first and all the other un-Constitutional dictatorial and tyrannical executive orders, policies, and mandates brought to you by Joe Biden, his incompetent V.P. and all the rest of the do-nothing Democrats. None of this mess would be happening if Trump or any other Republican was in charge. Some of you dems/libs are so gullible. Maybe 2022 will be the YEAR you wakeup from your foggy slumber. WAKE UP PIONEER, WAKEY WAKEY TIME TO WAKE UP TO REALITY YOU SWEET LITTLE HONEY BEAR ************************************************************************************
  3. ************************************************************************************ I don't know anyone who celebrates Kwanzaa. Based on Kwanzaa books that got reviews at A*m*a*z*o*n it looks like around 3,000 people left book reviews for the top ten selling books so it doesn't seem to be happening there either. I don't think that Kwanzaa has ever caught fire. I'm sure that some families celebrate it in their homes, but is it really a thing? I doubt it. ************************************************************************************
  4. @ProfD I get a laugh from your comments. As a conservative, I agree with some of what MTG says, but she should learn to filter some of her nonsense. Every thought that pops into a person's brain does not need to be uttered to the general public. Regarding Kwanzaa, she seems to be confusing a celebration with a religion. Considering all the pagan holidays that whitey has foisted on us, she should allow Black people to enjoy our one cultural celebration in peace, and let us keep something that belongs to just us, to ourselves. And she should really, as you stated, STFU.
  5. ************************************************************************************ Religion. Is. Man-Made. Created. By. The. Rulers. To. Keep. The. Peasants. In. Check. This. Was. Done. All. Over. The. World. People. Are. So. Gullible. ************************************************************************************
  6. Merry Christmas Ya'll I meant to stop by here yesterday but I had unexpected company and that kept me busy all day. I agree with your comments. Other than sending small gifts to family and friends to let them know they are being thought of, I do not get embroiled in all of the commercial aspects of Christmas anymore. The whole occasion has become all about the dollar bill. I get my groceries or whatever else I need a couple of weeks in advance so that I'm not caught up in the rush, and anything I really want to buy, I wait for the after Christmas sales so I can get it for less. It's amazing how everybody jacks up their prices just because they know people need it for Christmas. It's almost like extortion. Anyway, Stay Safe and Blessed EVERYBODY!!!
  7. Have you all heard about this? Army to announce it has developed a single vaccine that protects from ALL variants of COVID and SARS Read the article here
  8. ************************************************************************************ This is from The Daily Mail: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot pleads with AG Merrick Garland to send ATF agents to the city for six months after it sees more than 760 murders this year - a 25-year high - after she slashed police budget by $60 million Mayor Lightfoot Requests ATF Agents ************************************************************************************
  9. ************************************************************************************ As long as the police carry guns and other weapons, they are going to kill and injure citizens. And if they don't have weapons, they will stomp, kick, choke, and do whatever else to exert their aggression. They don't just kill Black people either, they will kill or beat anyone that poses a threat, agitates them, talks back, or sometimes does nothing at all. Look at all the women that have been sexually abused by police officers and prison guards. That is another problem that I have not seen addressed with any urgency. But regardless of how awful they are, I am not a supporter of the defund the police movement. That is a bunch of nonsense. ************************************************************************************
  10. ************************************************************************************ @Troy You should have broken that rule a long time ago. How anyone can survive these times without buying stuff from there is beyond me. There are other options to get things from, but if I need something specific, and I want it in a hurry, that is really the only choice. Plus it's great for sending gifts since they don't charge for shipping with the Prime-ary account. You seem as though you enjoy suffering just to make some point. Typical hard-headed man. I still listen to CDs, I still have a regular CD stereo, I still have a turntable aka record player, as well as a large collection of LPs, and I also keep a boombox in the kitchen for when want to listen to some beats or slow jams whilst cooking up a storm. I keep my kitchen CDs in a metal breadbox. Everybody is not trying to listen to their iPhone. BTW, that was a very nice post and thank you for sharing. ************************************************************************************
  11. ************************************************************************************ Good Morning @Troy The article is a four-minute read. Trade secrets, contents and formulas are protected by patents, and all of that information will be redacted by FDA FOIA staff, so scientists and professors requesting the information are not interested in that. Scientists could test the actual vaccine to determine its components, if that is what they wanted to know. According to the article, they are interested in the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, and that is why they are requesting access to the 300+ thousand pages of information. FDA has offered to release 500 pages per month, so that sounds like there is a cover-up going on. 500 pages per month will take 54.8 years to release. As to FDA approval of the vaccines, obviously there is not enough testing if the CDC is now warning against the J&J vaccine because it might cause blood clots. ************************************************************************************
  12. ************************************************************************************ So much for transparency. Government should be giving the people more information, not withholding their findings and facts under a shroud of secrecy. There are so many unanswered questions regarding this "vaccine," they should be trying to put our minds at ease, not causing further anxiety about our health, our lives, and the welfare of our loved ones. Citizens are being mandated to get vaccinated, while there are reports of thousands of deaths and various dangerous side effects. CDC Adverse Events Reported After COVID-19 Vaccination The latest news is that the CDC is recommending that Americans do NOT get the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. This news comes after 16M people have already taken that particular vaccination. CDC Warns Americans NOT To Get J&J Shot Over Blood Clot Risk How does it feel to have had the J&J vaccine, but now the government is telling people not to take it? How was J&J allowed to distribute their vaccine when it was not safe to do so. Everything about this whole situation is frustrating and frightening. ************************************************************************************
  13. He likes to argue with the police because he's hard headed. I was driving, my Husband is too old to drive. And you're correct, he has poor vision, he's also hard of hearing, and he falls asleep at the wheel and other places.
  14. ************************************************************************************ If the negro wanted a hassle free life, he shouldn't have stabbed his wife and her friend. Then after he got away with that horrendous crime, he beat up some other people and held them against their will over some signed sports memorabilia that he claimed belonged to him. I hope he gets himself into even more trouble so he can go back to jail where his sorry butt belongs. And takes Pill Bill with him. And BTW, if the gloves didn't fit, he couldn't have got them on his overgrown hands. ************************************************************************************
  15. ************************************************************************************ This is from The Daily Mail: 'I've still not figured out why he did it' Jussie Smollett's sole black juror says his testimony made no sense: 'Why did he put noose back when cops arrived?' Sole Black Juror Says Smollett's Testimony Made No Sense ************************************************************************************
  16. That's common sense isn't it. Well, me and my Husband were pulled over while I was driving through South Carolina, it was the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, by two white cops. They pulled me over for supposedly driving too slow and also they said we looked like drug mules because of the truck we were in. So I was there, talking all polite trying to avoid having further problems, and my Husband was arguing with them, asking them why they pulled us over, not cooperating, etc. It's frustrating, because he's normally so mild and mellow but he can't stand the police, and he wouldn't listen to me when I told him - If we ever get pulled over by the police, you just sit there and BE QUIET. Especially in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere. Ugh!!! Thank God they let us go with a warning, but my Husband got an earful the rest of the trip.
  17. ************************************************************************************ @Troy Smollett's family was being supportive, but I don't think I would have stood by him after his lies were exposed. His sister must have had a difficult decision, especially when factoring in the impact on her own acting career. I was in a training battalion, and the soldiers that the parents were calling about were just starting out in their military careers. So I can relate to them wanting to get involved, but they shouldn't have. More recently, a childhood friend of my Husband's, called him to ask for his help regarding her grandson. She had raised her grandson as her own child. My Husband is retired military, served for thirty years, he achieved the highest enlisted rank, Sergeant Major, and was a Command Sergeant Major for over ten years. He knows a lot of people and has connections. His friend's grandson was a commissioned officer, he was a Major stationed in Germany. His wife stayed in the U.S. with their children, she went to Germany to visit him and found out he was having an affair. And the husband and wife got into a physical fist fight. It must have been a doozy because military police were called. Anytime the MPs are involved, the incident goes onto a blotter report that's distributed to all units/commanders the next morning, and everybody knows about whatever happened. It could be a child or wife got caught shoplifting from the PX, a traffic stop, or whatever, the soldier is going to be held accountable by his chain of command if their name is on the blotter. So the Major was in all kinds of trouble and was about to lose his commission and be discharged from the military when his grandmother called my Husband. She asked if he could help, and he told her there was nothing he could do about it. She said she was going to call their congressman. I could have told her that it would be better if she stayed out of it, I knew that she has a stubborn temperament and that she would not listen to me. I have been around the military all my life, and I knew that she was making things worse and wasting her time. If he was going to have an affair, which is not permitted in the military even if geographically separated from a spouse, he should have been more discreet and not brought his side piece to his apartment where his wife would find evidence. They never should have had a physical fight, where either one of them could have been injured. For a commissioned officer, this was not acceptable. So now the Major's whole military career is gone, his wife divorced him, his future had been bright and now it's trash. He lost his retirement pensions and everything else. Over some tail and not being more careful. Then beating up his wife. And grandmother getting involved did not help anything. ************************************************************************************
  18. ************************************************************************************ @Troy Of course resisting is not always a factor, but it is in most cases where people have been shot. You've seen the videos of how some people behave towards the police, trying to fight and carrying on. But I saw a news story where a white lady was shot to death by police while she was standing next to her car doing nothing. It was a traffic stop situation, she had exited her vehicle, and it looked like she was shot for no apparent reason. That episode is stuck in my head on the topic of police brutality, it scares me to think that cops might shoot me for target practice. If I encounter the police, I do not argue with them. If one ever did anything inappropriate, I would report it later on. In the meanwhile, I just hope they leave me alone. ************************************************************************************
  19. ************************************************************************************ Police. Brutality. And. Racism. Is. Real. But. People. Need. To. Stop. Resisting. Arrest. And. Acting. Crazy. Towards. The. Police. Because. The. Police. Will. Kill. You. ************************************************************************************
  20. Was this mess televised, because I would like to see the highlites to get some laughs. This is from The Daily Mail: Jussie Smollett juror says they all IMMEDIATELY knew disgraced Empire star was guilty and that his poor testimony led to his conviction for faking hate crime Juror says they all IMMEDIATELY knew disgraced Empire star was guilty
  21. @Troy You are spot on about all of this, especially about the parents getting involved in their grown children's employment. I spent a few years employed in an Army commander's office, it was a training battalion and I scheduled soldiers training, among other things. The commander would get calls from irate/concerned parents who thought they had some influence over military matters concerning their children. Things like disciplinary actions, grades/scores, or soldiers being discharged because they were unfit for military life for various reasons. All that those phone calls accomplished was additional scorn for the soldier that he/she would call their parents to complain, or ask their parents to intervene on their behalf, which was considered as weakness and unbecoming. So the parents would have been wise to stay out of it, but that's not human nature, is it. Human nature is to coddle their young, when what is actually needed is a kick in the pants. Anyway, I just saw an article that says Jussie's Hollywood career is over. Forever. Hollywood will never UNcancel him
  22. ************************************************************************************ @ProfD How Are You!!! I wasn't buying it either and I think that most reasonable people drew that same conclusion early on. He supposedly did all that to attract attention, and he has received it, but the way he carries on it seems to me that he may have some sort of mental issues. I wonder if he has had a psych eval, because he damn sure needs one. If I was his attorney, I'd approach the court with that defense, because something is definitely off. His family has been very supportive of his nonsense. If that was my offspring or sibling, I would have told him that he is on his own with his court appearances. There is no way that I would have escorted his lying behind to court and supported him throughout all of this. If he is sentenced to prison time, he needs to shut his face, man up, do his time, and hope he doesn't get beat up in prison. And if I was the judge, I would probably impose some additional sentence for all that perjury he did, lying on the witness stand. I know this drama is far from over, and I wonder what will happen next. Whatever happens, this young man is too old to be acting so childish. ************************************************************************************
  23. @Chevdove I hope that you are okay as well. Sometimes we just get occupied with other things but having to move or whatever is a drag, especially during these difficult times. Stay safe everybody!!!
  24. This b*tch needs to be thrown in prison right along with the rest of those cold-blooded murderers, and it's too bad she's only facing a five-year sentence. If it had been left up to her, they would have gotten away scot-free. From The Daily Mail: Former Georgia District Attorney faces five years in prison for 'protecting Ahmaud Arbery killers and delaying their arrest by more than TWO MONTHS' after ex-cop defendant called her and said 'I need some advice right away' Former District Attorney faces prison for protecting killers and delaying their arrest
  25. Why do you disdain Rittenhouse? Do you disdain Black people that go around shooting people for no reason at all? He acted in self-defense. And what is wrong with The Daily Mail? It is one of the world's oldest newspapers. Some of their stories may be considered as gossip, but they are a serious news organization. The New York Post is older than the The Daily Mail. The description "tabloid" refers to the size of their pages, and has nothing to do with the content. The reason that I get most of my news from The Daily Mail is because they cover some topics that cannot easily be found from U.S. sources. I get news from Sky Australia for the same reason. As to Facebook, they have been censoring for awhile now. I won't go into any conspiracy theories but I think that it's pretty bad. Censoring is also happening at the other social media corporations. Fauci’s Daughter Works at Twitter Which Suspends People for Disagreeing With Him And ICYMI, we lost our freedom of speech when Biden declared that people could not refer to illegal aliens as such, and that we could not call COVID-19 the China/Wuhan virus. Immigration Agencies Ordered Not To Use Term 'Illegal Alien' Under New Biden Policy Biden 'China Virus' Ban May Foretell National Security-Threatening Policies This crap starts out with the federal agencies and then it trickles down on the rest of us.
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