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  1. Thank you for sharing this article link. But my Crypto miner is not running from my computer CPU or any GPU system. It is something completely different. I found a system that doesn't run hot, doesn't make noise, and doesn't use a whole bunch of electricity. Once I get it going, I will provide more details here.
  2. I just received my first Crypto miner on Monday. I will be mining Ethereum. Once I get everything going and it generates income I will let you guys know so that if anyone here is interested, you can get into it as well.
  3. @ProfD This is great news but it will be even greater when we are not touted as the first this, that, and the other, but we are instead recognized and heralded for our accomplishments without reference to our ethnicity and/or skin tone or any other irrelevant identifiers.
  4. @ProfD My likes and thanks are my way of telling you I read your thoughtful post and that I think it’s relevant, sometimes thought-provoking, and that I generally agree with what you said. That is all.
  5. You did. But you probably forgot. According to you lefties, all Republicans are white supremacists now, even the Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics. Do you see how that doesn’t make any sense? Redeemed? Diverse? Whatever. If you like having a presidential administration filled with a bunch of radical, cooky, nut jobs, that is great. You have the right to your warped opinions. But that is not my preference and I would not let those “people” mow my lawn. Second in command is all Biden should ever have been, especially after Obama said he just mucks everything all up. I hope you are enjoying your higher prices, supply shortages, loss of Constitutional rights, and all the other crap that has been foisted on us. I am not.
  6. Many??? Man go somewhere! It was during the time that I got you all your MySpace friends. Remember when you said some chick approached you at the restaurant saying she was your online friend. It was during that time.
  7. Oh puh-leeze! There you go again re-writing history to fit your own agenda. Everybody knows the Democrats are the party of the Klan. Excerpt from The Cambridge Guide to African American History Your current leader is a segregationist who called Black people “super predators.” Biden has made so many racist remarks over his 50 year career it is nauseating. That old befuddled fool is as racist as they come. And his overseer, Obama, with his purple lips and his giant ears, ain’t hardly cool. Looking like nerdy Urkel.
  8. Feckless Biden is denying he would pay the border jumpers that much money. Biden DENIES report he's giving $450,000 to migrants
  9. I don't have a problem with early voting because I've done that myself. When I was working fulltime and I did not want to stand in line on election day, I would vote a few days early. Texas has had this option for several years. As to mail in ballots, I agree, they should be mailed to arrive before election day with reasonable time for them to be counted. They shouldn't be postmarked on election day, where they arrive and get counted several days later. That is the sort of mess that happened during the last presidential election, and why most people don't have confidence that, that election was on the level. The fact that the postal workers unions endorsed Biden added another layer of shadiness to the deal. Postal workers have been convicted of destroying mail, throwing it in the trash, taking it home, etc. Postal workers should be required to remain neutral if they are going to handle ballots. There should be tighter restrictions on dropboxes and people shouldn't be allowed to harvest ballots either. For a nation that goes around the world to monitor how other countries run their elections, our own elections processes are a shameful mess.
  10. I am a conservative but I swing both ways. I typically vote for whoever I think will do a better job. In the meanwhile, Joe Biden is blaming the losses on Trump! BREAKING NEWS: Biden blames TRUMP voters and conservatives for Democrat's loss
  11. @ProfD Maybe not, but they do have mail-in votes to count. I heard it on the news so it must be true.
  12. ************************************************************************************ @daniellegfny That was a real nail biter last night. I couldn't believe it got as close as it did. Did you see the dummies at CNN and MSNBC trying to act like the mayoral race in NYC was something that anyone was interested in. They just keep on embarrassing themselves further. What a bunch of fools. Terry McDumbDumb ran one of the worst campaigns in history when he declared that parents should not have a say in what goes on at their children's schools. I don't even have any children in school and that pissed me off. I could only imagine what the parents in Virginia must have thought. There's still votes to be counted, so I wouldn't be surprised if the democrats pull up with a truckload of mail-in ballots on Friday. ************************************************************************************
  13. ************************************************************************************ Ronnie Wilson, who founded the influential funk group The Gap Band with his brothers, has passed away at age 73 Gap Band Founder Ronnie Wilson Has Passed ************************************************************************************
  14. @OURROYAL BLACKGOLD It looks like all your lame posts were for naught. And BTW, Obama has no clout campaigning for people and Harris is a disaster.
  15. His message box is probably full. You know how it is when you don't have time to be bothered reading your messages on your forum. Try sending him an email instead.
  17. ************************************************************************************ Wikipedia has a list of officer involved killings. There's a chart where you can click each year and month. And it seems to be current. Lists of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States ************************************************************************************
  18. ************************************************************************************ @ProfD Do people even try to know their neighbors anymore? It seems to me that most everybody has been keeping to themselves, even before COVID started. Besides that, many families seem to be estranged from each other, where the adult siblings are squabbling over inheritances, or fighting about who will take care of their elderly parents. The adult children are not trying to help their parents at all, and the parents do not want to be bothered with the adult children because the parents do not approve of the children's lifestyle choices or other reasons. From what I can tell, people are not looking out for each other at all. Have you noticed this, or is it just me? ************************************************************************************
  19. I was not angry you silly bird!!! Oh @Pioneer1 if you are gonna take a break, just go. No need to be all dramatical about it. Wait. Don’t. Go. Come. Back. Where. Will. I. Go. What. Will. I. Do??? Don’t. Go!!! Pioneer is NOT revolting, you jealous bird!!!
  20. ************************************************************************************ This really could happen to ANYONE!!! U.S. cops have killed 400 people who weren't wielding knife or gun during traffic stops in last five years: Study finds many of these police interactions occurred in municipalities that rely on ticket revenue U.S. Police Have Killed 400 People During Traffic Stops In Last Five Years ************************************************************************************
  21. @Troy I see what you were looking at on that author's page, but those are not the links I was referring to since I didn't even look at all of that. When you asked me to show you a page that had outgoing links, I looked at 10-15 different author pages to find one that had them. By the time I found that page that had links on it, I wasn't trying to dig all through that man's profile page to see whether he had inactive links on there. I don't know if you recall, but years ago you asked me to develop websites/myspace pages for your authors, so I'm fairly certain that you thought I knew how to make hyperlinks along with all the other coding it takes to set that up. While I think that you are fantastic, sometimes you are just a PITA like most men. You need to work on that.
  22. ************************************************************************************ @Pioneer1 I promise you that Crypto mining is not that complicated. And you are just as smart or even smarter than the Crypto people I have seen at YouTube and Reddit. I researched for a couple of weeks until I found a system that will work for me and that I am comfortable with. I did not want those GPUs that run hot, make noise, and use excessive amounts of electricity. I purchased my Crypto mining unit on Thursday night and the company phoned me on Friday morning to inform me that the unit has shipped and that they would help me set it all up once I receive it. Maybe they called me because I'm a woman and they assumed that I'm not technical. Or maybe it was because of the amount of money that I spent. Either way, I will be happy with whatever help they offer. I am reading a book about this particular Crypto miner because I want to maximize my profits. Other than that, it seems straightforward and easy to understand. If you are not comfortable dealing with Crypto currency or mining Crypto, that is alright. There are other ways for you to earn income from home. You will need to research until you find something that works for you, something that makes you comfortable, and that will generate the income that is worth your time and effort. That is all that matters. ************************************************************************************
  23. ************************************************************************************ @Pioneer1 I liked that movie as well, but the struggles such as the image you posted of them sleeping in public restrooms were hard to watch. The real life Chris Gardner should have had a better plan. But things happen in life, we all know that, and we deal with things as best we can. I’m currently developing content on the topics of work at home home-based business making money online franchise opportunities side hustles and passive income I may post more about this here, and in the meanwhile I will continue researching and trying out some of these methods myself to see if they actually generate income. Tomorrow I will take delivery of my very first Crypto miner. I investigated thoroughly until I found a system that will work the best for me. I am super excited about this and will let you all know how it goes. Stay strong everybody! ************************************************************************************
  24. ************************************************************************************ @Pioneer1 and @ProfD Working or running a business from home has lots of benefits. The main thing that people don't consider is that IT COSTS MONEY TO GO TO WORK. When most people get ready to retire, the thought of living on less income scares them, but they don't think about how much they spend going to work every day. As you mentioned there are clothing expenses, dry cleaning, transportation, automobile expenses, car insurance, lunches and other meals, snacks, drinks, incidental expenses, contributions to office funds, coffee funds, gift funds, etc. You know how it is, every time you turn around you're spending money on something. Most of those expenses are eliminated when you work from home. One thing that people don't think of is that you can reduce your car insurance costs if you don't drive your car on a daily basis. You need to call your agent and let them know your driving habits have changed and you can often get a reduction on your insurance rates. Other expenses will increase, for example your electric bill will be higher since you'll probably have the TV and other electronics running throughout the day, and you will use more of the other items around your house like hand soap. But when you eat or drink something out of your refrigerator, it is cheaper than buying something while you are out of the house. Making your own schedule, taking breaks when you need to, eating when you're hungry, taking a nap, caring for your family, and just being in your own home is much better than being out there in the rat race. And earning income while you're doing your own thing, plus the additional benefit of having some peace of mind is priceless. ************************************************************************************
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