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  1. ************************************************************************************ Can a white person who dates/marries a Black/bi-racial person still be considered as a racist and or a white supremacist? ************************************************************************************
  2. ************************************************************************************ Did anyone watch Mark Levin last night? I recorded it and am watching it now, and ordered Peter Schweizer's book on this topic as well. Biden and a whole bunch of other ones are corrupt as the day is long. It's scary that we have a bunch of sellouts and traitors through out the federal government and corporations. Biden Received $31M from Chinese Officials ************************************************************************************
  3. ************************************************************************************ Black people need to smarten up and stop voting for blatant RACISTS. ************************************************************************************
  4. ************************************************************************************ Perhaps if you took the time to read some of the replies here you would get your answer. Better yet, why don't you re-read your own topic starter. Black people teaching their children to look at other races with suspicion is a form of racism. Being shocked and angry when your Black child marries a white person is another one. Throwing a party and only inviting your Black friends is racism. Black people practice racism just like all the other ethnic and racial groups. ************************************************************************************
  5. ************************************************************************************ You keep posting disparaging comments against President Trump. Why is that? ICYMI, Biden is a lifelong segregationist, who refers to Black men as boys, and all his other racist rhetoric. Besides the fact that the CCP deliberately infected us with COVID-19, we were doing fine under President Trump's leadership. Installed Biden was handed an orderly start to his fake administration, and he is the one who single-handedly fucked it all up with his vax mandates higher prices on everything open borders false promises and outright lies Keystone XL shutdown laying off thousands of workers COVID being out of control energy dependence skyrocketing inflation defund the police failed Afghanistan exit supply chain shortages higher gasoline prices increased crime Green New Deal non-existent COVID tests because they have to build the factory first and all the other un-Constitutional dictatorial and tyrannical executive orders, policies, and mandates brought to you by Joe Biden, his incompetent V.P. and all the rest of the do-nothing Democrats. None of this mess would be happening if Trump or any other Republican was in charge. ************************************************************************************
  6. ************************************************************************************ Really? What a cry baby you are. Grow the fuck up. ************************************************************************************
  7. ************************************************************************************ I will assume that you are addressing me, since I am an open Conservative. In case you don't know about me, I am the daughter of a military family, an Army wife of a Vietnam veteran who served this nation for over fifty years, and I am a retired Department of the Army civil servant. I am committed to freedom and liberty, truth and dignity, because I AM AN AMERICAN PATRIOT! Freedom and liberty are under attack by a DEMOCRAT administration that, among other things, is attempting to force its citizens to take unproven and dangerous vaccines. A DEMOCRAT administration that violates its citizen's Constitutional rights by telling us what we can and cannot say. We can't call it the Wuhan virus, we can't call it the China virus, we can't call people illegal aliens, we must refer to them as non-citizens and on and on. Our human rights are being violated and you people are too dumb to know it. TRUTH and DIGNITY. Some of you have forgotten what TRUTH really is. The TRUTH is that we have a career liar and plagiarist in the White House. A plagiarist who had to drop out of the 1988 presidential campaign because he got caught using other politician's speeches and writings. Because he's too dumb to come up with his own original content. Biden is a chronic liar who lies about EVERYTHING. He made a bunch of ridiculous campaign promises that he didn't even bother to try to fulfill. He said he would eradicate COVID. As we all know, that is not happening. Biden recently declared that COVID is not a federal issue, that the states will need to deal with it. Biden's self-inflicted crises range from Keystone XL pipeline shutdown to open borders. Biden's entire family is corrupt. Biden uses his own son as a shill to conduct all of his shady business dealings, allowed him to use Air Force Two over four-hundred times while he was vice president. Now this stumbling, fumbling, mumbling idiot has caused so much damage to the nation, people are worried if we can ever recover. Second in line to Biden, we have Kamala Harris. A woman who is notorious for sleeping her way up the career ladder. A woman who has proven herself to be incompetent to hold her position. Whenever a journalist poses a serious question to her, she throws her head phony back and belly laughs. I am sick of it. I could write a book about this disgusting woman, but I won't since she's not even worth the bother. Third in line to succeed presidential office, we have the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, a woman who has enriched herself while in office to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. It has recently been revealed that she and her husband have utilized the information she received while in office in order to invest in the stock market. This is insider trading, it is illegal and in violation of the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act of 2012. Yet she is the one who attempted to impeach President Trump on numerous occasions for minor and made-up infractions, while she herself was engaged in criminal conduct. On top of that her own district is a dystopian disaster zone. Please don't talk to me about anything I post being bullshit when you and your cohorts are the ones posting a bunch of crap and lies. ************************************************************************************
  8. ************************************************************************************ @nels As usual, you are totally spot on. This list covers just about all the shortcomings of the Black community. The only thing that I would add is the way that people dress. I'm not trying to scrutinize your list, this has been a pet peeve of mine for awhile now. You have grown men walking around with their pants hanging down, exposing their underwear to past their behind. This nonsense has been going on for around forty years now. The women are out here in the daytime exposing their breasts to the edge of their nipples, wearing thongs like it's clothes, fake fingernails and eyelashes to the point of looking like a cartoon character, and they think it looks good. Not to mention all their fake wigs, weaves, dyes, hairpieces, and then there are the grills they put in their teeth. It's bad enough that they can't even speak correctly, they top that off by popping on some bubble gum with an open mouth like all of that mess is cute. And then these same individuals wonder why they cannot get any kind of job or get ahead in life. Stop wearing cheap housedresses and other inappropriate items as if it is business attire, pull up your pants, put on a shirt and tie and act like you have some common sense, decency, and self-respect, and perhaps you will have some success in your life. This shameful disgusting behavior is embarrassing to EVERYONE! ************************************************************************************ How did Trump thwart the will of the people when Biden is in the White House? It's dumb negroes such as yourself that are the problem, not Nels! ************************************************************************************
  9. ************************************************************************************ We need to adhere to some standard of word usage, especially on a discussion forum. And even more so if we are writers and authors. Could you imagine reading a book where the writer has made up their own words and definitions; that would be rather confusing. It's kind of like having a conversation with someone who uses words that they don't know the meaning of. For example, have you ever had a conversation with a person that did not know the difference between "perpetrate" and "perpetuate?" While the two words sound similar, they have very different meanings. If each of us defined the meaning of words differently then we would be unable to communicate effectively, and that is the reason we have reference sources such as dictionaries. The word "RACISM" has a couple of different meanings which is why I asked OP if she meant INSTITUTIONAL RACISM, but she seems to be hung up on something else. ************************************************************************************
  10. You are too easy. There are a couple of definitions. That is why I asked Dr. Welsin what she meant, or how she meant it.
  11. FIRST OFF, I DON'T NEED TO BE TOLD WTF RACISM/RACIST MEANS. AND SECOND, YOU NEED TO SEE A DICTIONARY! LET ME HELP YOU OUT WITH THAT: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/racism https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/racist https://www.dictionary.com/browse/racism https://www.dictionary.com/browse/racist You are the one who started this discussion, right?
  12. ************************************************************************************ Whatever @Cynique. Times are difficult because Biden made them that way. But he has flunkies like you making lame excuses and trying to blame his disasters on others. Biden shut down the Keystone XL pipeline, laying off thousands of workers, causing us to become energy dependent, and that began a domino effect of one crisis after the next. There are supply chain shortages, because Biden's transportation secretary went on gay maternity leave at a critical time, instead of taking care of the citizens and government business, and now there are food shortages at the grocery stores, among other needed supplies that we don't have. But you dummycrats point out Biden's diversity. Biden's open borders policy has allowed hundreds of thousands of border jumpers to enter our nation, in violation of our Constitution. We have a legal process for immigrants to enter our nation, but instead there are criminals and undesirables here that nobody is tracking the whereabouts of. The Republicans will find them and deport them Violent crime has increased because of Biden's soft on crime and defund the police stance. Also due to Harris's bail-violent-criminals-out-of-jail fund. Republicans will restore law and order. The COVID pandemic that Biden promised to eliminate has only gotten worse. On top of that, he is violating people's rights by mandating they take an emergency use COVID vaccine. Republicans respect American citizen's Constitutional rights. Harris said that she would not take the Trump vaccine, and now nobody wants it. Biden needs to choose better people, actual professionals and not people who slept their way up the career ladder. Harris should moderate the crap that comes out of her mouth. Then we have Biden's failed Afghanistan exit, which caused several of our soldiers deaths, as well as multiple injuries, and leaving AMERICAN CITIZENS behind. We also left billions of dollars of military equipment behind. This wouldn't have happened under Republican's watch. These are just a few of Biden's crises. None of this would be happening if someone competent were in charge of government. But you keep on defending him. Flunky. ************************************************************************************
  13. ************************************************************************************ You have either gone blind or inhaled cat dander to the point that your brain is fried, if you can't see the clusterfuck that Biden has created for all of us. For you to act like things are better now is beyond disingenuous, you are just straight up lying. This isn't even about the political parties anymore, but you are too deluded to know it. Get a grip on reality and hang on to whatever credibility you have left. ************************************************************************************
  14. ************************************************************************************ Of course Black people can be racist! You have Blacks who profess that we are the superior race. There are Blacks who hate people of other races. So why don't Blacks have the ABILITY to be racist? Do you mean that Blacks don't have the ability to implement institutional racism against whites? As to whether slavery would not have happened if Africans had known in advance what was up, who knows what people were thinking about back then. We don't know whether those Africans ever saw a white person before or if they had any reason to be suspicious of their intentions. Slavery has been happening since the beginning of time and it is still going on RIGHT NOW, some of it transpiring with people of the same race enslaving each other. ************************************************************************************
  15. ************************************************************************************ People of color that he addresses as "BOY." Did you all get a load of his fucktarded press conference today, where he tried to gaslight the public by saying that we are making ENORMOUS PROGRESS. Grocery stores ain't got no food, but you sad lot will be eating onions and crying, and still praising what a great fake president Joe Biden is. You people are a bunch of fools. ************************************************************************************
  16. ************************************************************************************ I never heard of the Wonderlic test, so I found some online and took a practice test. The practice test was timed, allowing six minutes to answer twenty-five questions. They were the typical questions of any other I.Q. test, such as determining which words were similar in meaning, solving math puzzles, and simple riddles. None of this is rocket science and Black people need to level up if they can't pass a simple intelligence test. Our children need to hit the books and smarten up, and stop using the excuse that books and learning are for white people. ************************************************************************************
  17. ************************************************************************************ @Dr Francis Welsin I disagree with your rationale. I think it's wrong to raise racists, whether you are Black or white. Why teach your children to hate another race? People are going to be attracted to, get down with, and marry whoever they want. Personally, I am not attracted to white men and I don't understand why a Black woman would want to be with one. Other than money I don't see what they have to offer. But Black men probably choose a white woman because those chicks will do backflips to get the D. What man wouldn't want a woman that waits on him all day long. And we all know that most Sisters aren't going to do all of that. Years ago I had a Black friend/co-worker, he was in the military and he was married to a Korean woman. I asked him why he chose her and he said that all the Black women he knew asked him to give them money to get their hair and nails done. And then when he went to Korea he met this woman and she did everything for him including giving him money. So he married her. I didn't care for the idea of him marrying the Korean, but I understood his reasoning. People are going to marry the person that suits them, most people don't choose their spouse based on what their parents or anyone else thinks about it. ************************************************************************************
  18. ************************************************************************************ @nels This is a great topic with lots of well-researched links. I know how time consuming this is, and I appreciate your efforts. The above quote/question is from a Quora member, and it is puzzling why corporations and advertisers have taken this approach. I usually fast forward through commercials but whenever I happen to catch one I have noticed that they feature an interracial couple, or a white person with what looks to be a mixed race child. I don't understand what the point of these out-of-place children is supposed to be. Are they supposed to be adopted or foster children, or what, because the adult that is with them doesn't ever seem to be the natural parent. Are corporations trying to convey that mixed race children need to be rescued by whitey, or that Black people are unable to care for their offsprings. And why can't white people just have regular white kids anymore, instead of curly haired dark ones. The other thing that I find bothersome is the way that corporations banished Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, and all the other Black advertising icons. Didn't we want to see ourselves on product packaging. What was the problem and who complained. Were we really that offended by Uncle Ben? ************************************************************************************
  19. ************************************************************************************ Maybe they will notice that things are amiss when they can't obtain any foodstuffs and they begin to go hungry for reals. ************************************************************************************
  20. ************************************************************************************ @Dr Francis Welsin What area are you referring to? There are appraisal gaps between white-owned homes and Black ones, but if there is a cap at $350K, you must be referring to a particular area. Some Black-owned homes, in Atlanta for example, sell for upwards of a million dollars, I'm not sure whether being Black-owned is reflected in their appraised price as opposed to white homes. As to the reason for this price discrepancy, the obvious answer is that whitey doesn't want to live in a house that was lived in by Blacks, therefore he isn't going to pay as much. BTW, I am very interested in this topic because I am planning to sell one of my homes in the near future. ************************************************************************************
  21. ************************************************************************************ It's not an issue to me but it's odd that they don't have more Mexican-American leadership. ************************************************************************************
  22. ************************************************************************************ @richardmurray I live along the border of U.S./Mexico. Mexican-Americans make all the decisions around here. They usually vote for whitey, they are an indoctrinated lot. A bag of chips can cost around $5 depending on the size. Have your money ready the next time you want chips. ************************************************************************************ Sad but TRUE! ************************************************************************************
  23. ************************************************************************************ @Dr Francis Welsin Ugly or stupid is mild compared to some of the crazy insults people have called each other on here. Have you seen the archives? I have been off and on here for fifteen years and some of the things that have been said towards me and by me, I can't even believe some of the stuff that I have posted on here. Several of us stayed up all night long while me and another lady argued and insulted each other 24/7. It was ridiculous. I can't believe I haven't been banned. I doubt that you would ever get banned. If you want to talk about people being homos or whatever, this is your spot. ************************************************************************************
  24. ************************************************************************************ U.S. bill would block defense firms from using Chinese rare earths U.S. may block Chinese rare earths ************************************************************************************
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