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  1. Facebook Stifled Freedom of Speech From The New York Post: “We’ve designated the shooting in Kenosha a mass murder and are removing posts in support of the shooter,” Facebook announced barely a week after the event, as it began a truly epic campaign of censorship blatantly at odds with its professed support for free speech. Facebook declared Kyle Rittenhouse guilty, silencing his defense in the court of public opinion
  2. Another supposed self-defense killing that happened on 5 November is in the news. Why people continue to antagonize someone who has a gun is beyond me. There is a video in this article. From the Daily Mail: Horrifying moment gun-wielding Texas man shoots dead partner's ex during furious child custody row: Cops are yet to lay charges as lawyer claims killing was 'justifiable homicide' Texas man shoots dead partner's ex during child custody argument
  3. Not in Texas. We don't even need a license to carry our guns anymore, either openly or concealed. Anyone over the age of 21, unless otherwise prohibited, can carry where it is not restricted. But who is going to be checking if someone brings a gun to a school or hospital. These nuts around here are going to carry their guns EVERYWHERE. I'm amazed that there hasn't been an increase in mass shootings. I think that is because of COVID and once we get back into full swing, those will start occurring more frequently.
  4. ************************************************************************************ Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!!! Whether you are having a turkey dinner/feast Or turkey gumbo Or whatever Remember that it's not about the food Have a Blessed and Happy Day ~ Today and EVERYDAY!!! ************************************************************************************
  5. We have more guns than people, there's something like 400 million guns in the U.S. So this is an awful problem, especially when some of those guns are in the hands of criminals, mentally unstable, drug abusers, etc. It will be difficult getting even a small percentage of guns off the street, other than the guns that should be confiscated during stop and frisk, which I hope is in effect where needed.
  6. If you are Black and republican, then you are considered as a white supremacist.
  7. Ahmaud Arbery killers will spend rest of their lives behind bars after Georgia jury found all three of them GUILTY and rejected their self-defense claim against the unarmed black jogger Ahmaud Arbery killers will spend rest of their lives behind bars
  8. @ProfD You crack me up when you call everybody a white supremacist. Can't people just send some money to the boy's defense fund because they want to help?
  9. ************************************************************************************ @ProfD I am with @Troy about the insomnia, mine never forces me to do anything, and I could think of fifty other things to do, including washing dishes. I like J-Hud but I would have rather listened to a recording of the real Aretha, and not some wannabe imitation. But I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you for sharing your experience. I'm going to see if there will be an encore presentation, otherwise known as a re-run. ************************************************************************************
  10. ************************************************************************************ @Troy You are correct, this forum is dead as a doornail and boring as f#ck. @Pioneer1 said he was going to take a break in the Okay I Can Take A Hint Thread Wow, I can make clickable links on here ************************************************************************************
  11. Ahmaud Arbery jurors begin deliberations after prosecutor claims he was killed because a white son and his ex-cop father 'got mad when a Black man jogging in their neighborhood wouldn't answer their questions' Ahmaud Arbery Jurors Begin Deliberations
  12. Defense in Ahmaud Arbery trial insist he was a threat because he was armed 'with his fists even if he had no weapon': Black militia rally outside courthouse with warning sign 'Ya'll are in serious trouble' Defense in Ahmaud Arbery trial insist he was a threat
  13. No capital punishment? Well, then I hope their ass gets shanked. That would work for me.
  14. He probably wants a plea deal so that he won't be executed. I hope his ass fries like KFC in the electric chair or whatever the Georgia method of getting rid of scum is. But the truth is, every time that I have tuned into this trial, it sounds like they are trying to blame something on Arbery. The last witness I listened to was a woman that lives on that street, she testified about how her across the street neighbor called her house to say that she saw someone on her security system. WTF any of that has to do with those murderers chasing and shooting Arbery is beyond me.
  15. I missed the announcement this morning. I'm usually glued to my television but I was busy with something else this morning. When I turned my TV on and saw the verdict, I was expecting to see riots. I hope that there won't be any riots about this. I was able to rewind to when the verdict was announced and saw the judge dismissed all charges, not sure if that dismissal supersedes the not guilty verdict. I hope that BLM will stop their jury tampering by threatening violence when verdicts don't go the way they would prefer. And I wish more people would be informed with facts and not speculation and fake news.
  16. ************************************************************************************ I am not familiar with this case, I just read about it a couple of days ago where Kim K was supposedly trying to save him. I also read that the condemned gentleman professes his innocence. Maybe that's why he got the reprieve, the Governor isn't sure he's really guilty. If a person is definitely guilty of a heinous crime, I believe they should be executed. But if there is doubt where guilt has not been proved, only circumstantial evidence is being used, or flakey eyewitness testimony, then it's better to let the prisoner live. Our judicial system is flawed, too many innocent people have been executed and that is horrible. ************************************************************************************
  17. People should not be showing up at the courthouse with weapons. And especially not if they don't even have a license. He should have been arrested. They are saying that the longer it takes the jury to deliberate, the more likely that Rittenhouse will be convicted, so he may be going to jail after all. I hope not, but we shall see.
  18. ************************************************************************************ @daniellegfny I saw this article and thought you might find it interesting. It is about NFTs. From Reuters: Crypto to CHRISTIE'S: How digital king made fortune ************************************************************************************
  19. LATEST FROM THE DAILY MAIL: 'Do we view videos in private or in the courtroom?' Kyle Rittenhouse jury halts deliberation and asks to re-watch unspecified footage Do we view videos in private or in the courtroom
  20. Of course defending the home is not applicable in this case, I only brought it up because it does not matter what your opponent is armed with, in a self-defense case. Take the Zimmerman vs Trayvon case, Trayvon was not armed, but he overpowered Zimmerman and had him on the ground. Nobody thinks Trayvon should have been shot, but the jury decided in favor of Zimmerman. I don’t know what will happen in the Rittenhouse case, but he had a whole mob chasing and attacking him. He acted in self-defense. Anyway, I only started this thread because you brought this topic up in another discussion. I am curious to see the outcome of the trial and I hope there is no rioting in cities all over the world. Riots accomplish nothing other than ruining people’s lives.
  21. Really? I did not know that. Well, here in The State of Texas, if a mofo breaks into your home while you are in it, you have the right to shoot him. Dead. You don’t have to wait and see if he is going to punch you or stomp you or rape you or anything else. I am not sure where else you can legally shoot somebody in Texas, but I am going to research that as soon as I can. Who appointed BLM to burn, loot, and cause a bunch of mayhem? And why is it alright for them to have all kinds of weapons but the white boy needs to be deputized? NEWSFLASH: Defense has filed for a mistrial
  22. Prosecution rests its case From the Daily Mail: Ahmaud Arbery prosecution rests its case
  23. No. The threat does not have to be similar force. If a mofo breaks into my house, I can shoot to kill, I am not required to wait until I see whether he is armed with a gun. You are saying you would let somebody jump on your head while you are down on the ground. And you could fight off multiple assailants with a fist fight like a kung fu movie. In an ideal world perhaps you could do that, but have you ever been chased by an angry mob? That mob saw the boy had that assault rifle, so why were they messing with him? Not too smart, were they? The boy supposedly went there to protect lives and property, since the police had retreated from the burning and looting protesters. He deserves a commendation.
  24. ************************************************************************************ I didn't know much about what happened there, listening to the news I got the impression that the white boy shot some people that were standing around minding their own business. I did not know the race of the people that were shot, it never really occurred to me. So I was watching the trial, in passing, and saw a video where one of the men that the boy shot was about to jump on top of the boy's head. So, YES, he acted in self-defense. This is the link to the video of him shooting all three people: GRAPHIC: Video of Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting 3 People So far, from what I have seen, the white boy acted in self-defense. And if I were on the jury, my decision would be that he is not guilty of the murders. I'm not sure about his other charges, so I have not decided on those yet. From the DAILY MAIL BLM protesters scream at Kyle Rittenhouse supporters as tensions flare on courthouse steps: Journalists hire armed guards and police try to ease 'anxiety' as jury deliberations continue BLM Protesters Scream at Kyle Rittenhouse Supporters ************************************************************************************
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