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  1. Yes, you mentioned that you had a problem hiring an attorney, even though you had LegalShield or something similar. I feel your pain. Keep trying.
  2. Why do you continue to ask me who the lesbians are, when I already answered you. They are part of the Supreme Court’s Liberal section, which is why Obama appointed them. It’s not as if he would have appointed a Conservative.
  3. My life is hardly stressful. I just like to be prepared.
  4. I am on the Texas/Mexico border. Crime is out of control and many crimes are not even reported for various reasons. Whenever I go anywhere, I reconnoiter the exits so I will know where to go if a situation arises. This has been a habit of mine since those post office mass shootings that inspired the phrase “going postal.” I actually had a co-worker who threatened to shoot the place up. This was in a government facility, but back then we didn’t call the police about threats since they wouldn’t do anything about it anyway. You probably think you live in Mayberry.
  5. I am always leery of public restrooms anyway. Especially if it’s down some long corridor in a hospital or office building. Why do you keep on defending the trans thing? The whole point I was making is that all of this was brought on by Obama and the lesbos he put on the SCOTUS. People with penises need to take their behinds to the men’s room!
  6. @daniellegfny Finding legal help is not challenging. You can find a lawyer by doing a google search for your area. Then you contact their office to schedule an initial consultation and sometimes they will talk to you over the phone right then. I know this from personal experience. I have had the same lawyer since the 80s when some fool crashed into my car and injured me. Since then I’ve been involved with four additional lawsuits including one where I was food poisoned from eating at a restaurant and getting so sick that I had to be hospitalized. I could write a book on personal injuries, winning lawsuits, and collecting checks from insurance companies. If you have a personal injury case, lawyers usually work on a contingency basis, which means you do not pay them any fees, they take a percentage of your settlement at the end. Therefore, they will not take your case if they don’t think that you will win, because they would just be wasting their time. The problem with this lady is that she does not have a case for the reasons I already stated. She might have a malpractice suit if she can prove she caught that sepsis in the hospital, but her other claims are frivolous. She could file a claim about her lost dentures, and she can probably do that without a lawyer.
  7. Do you want a safe environment where you and your family can walk down the street, sit in the park, and maybe shoot some hoops? If the answer is, “Yes” then you do not need to worry about any mobsters
  8. How is it a gross exaggeration? Obama appointed two women to the SCOTUS and those are the main ones when it comes to passing gay and trans rights laws. Kagan and Sotomayor. I can’t be positive of their orientation since I have not slept with either of them but Kagan officiates gay weddings, and the other one seems fruity too. I have encountered a trans man while entering into a public restroom in a restaurant and it was scary. It isn’t scary to men because you all aren’t vulnerable to being overpowered by some weirdo, but women are and most of us do not want men dressed as women in our restrooms. There should be a separate restroom just for them.
  9. Police didn’t stop and frisk mobsters because those guys are riding around in their fancy mob cars, not walking down the street bothering innocent victims. I could be wrong, but don’t mobsters kill each other for being snitches, like what is depicted in movies? When is the last time you heard about a mobster robbing or assaulting somebody walking down the street. If I am the police, I’m going to stop and frisk the crazy looking negro with his pants hanging down and his drawers exposed before I worry about searching a mafioso. And while I am on this topic, Black people need to straighten up and stop living a life of crime. Young men (and women as well) need more guidance and mentorship so that they can become law-abiding, contributing members of society. If they are lacking mentorship, they need to do the right thing, straighten themselves out, and figure out another path. Being gangsters, thugs, and criminals is for the birds. @Troy I am sorry that happened to you but you do look like one of those baby-face killers. What kind of car was it? A Volvo?
  10. I just saw Adams on the news where he talked about upholding his campaign promise to make NYC a safe place to be. The way he speaks inspires confidence, so I am hopeful the conditions there will be improved. The city needs to return to the policy of stop and frisk. It may infringe on people’s rights, but things are worse now than they were when Mayor Giuliani implemented stop and frisk. The madness of assaults, pushing people into moving subway trains, shootings, etc. needs to stop. And the perps need to stay in jail, not get released back to the streets to reoffend. It is incomprehensible why Mayor de Blasio allowed things to get so bad.
  11. I don't have an answer for all the various gun crime scenarios that could happen to a person, all I know is that crime is out of control and it's not safe to go outside, be in your own home, at church, at school, at the restaurant, at the police station, or anywhere else. It's hard to predict what a person will do in reaction to a gun. When I was young, I jumped out of a moving car when a negro pulled a gun on me. I'm not really the type of person you would think of to jump out of a car, but that's what I did, rather than getting shot. It's a good thing the dummy slowed down since he couldn't do two things at once, drive a car and point a gun, I wouldn't have survived that jump if he was driving real fast. I am in Texas and now we can legally carry concealed weapons without a permit, so I guess that the majority of people are carrying a firearm. I have seen the news where teachers are keeping guns in their desks, and small children have been caught bringing a gun to school. Not to mention all the school age shooters. It's too late to put the genie back in the bottle on guns, there are too many of them, the whole situation is mind boggling. I'm just glad that this madness wasn't going on when I was a youngster, I couldn't imagine being in school trying to learn while worrying whether a shooter was going to make my day.
  12. ************************************************************************************ Defense attorney for three white men accused of murdering Ahmaud Arbery wants Rev. Al Sharpton BANNED from court for 'intimidating' nearly all-white jury 'We don't want any more black pastors' ************************************************************************************
  13. ************************************************************************************ @Delano This mayor is about to have a mess on his hands. He wants to do some things to fight the rampant crime in NYC, but BLM is opposed. From the Daily Mail: BLM leaders, including co-founder Hawk Newsome, got into a shouting match with NYC Mayor-Elect Adams during closed-door sit-down Wednesday NYC Mayor-Elect Adams Brushes Off BLM Threat ************************************************************************************
  14. Well, I can't stand Obama anymore, although I voted for him TWICE. He really hasn't done anything for us Black people, and that is probably because he considers himself as a white person. All Obama ever did was push The Affordable Care Act, which wasn't so affordable after all, and he put those lesbians on the SCOTUS, which gave us gay marriage, and a bunch of other mess to where we can't even use a public restroom without possibly encountering some sort of trans thing. On Dyson, I used to agree with whatever he was talking about but not lately. His rant about Lt Gov Sears being a racist mouthpiece for white supremacists is absurd and has no basis. You can't just accuse people of being racist whenever you disagree with their politics. He needs to assess what he is spewing because his credibility is about to be in the toilet. He comes across so hateful, deranged, and like he might be in need of psychiatric assessment. His critique of Obama falls in line with some of the other Black scholars. They trashed Obama like a dog while he was POTUS. They never really accepted him as a Black person, a brotha, that's the real reason why they hate him. They are also jealous of his success at getting elected president. Blaming Obama for giving us Trump is disingenuous, because Trump talked about running for president for decades. Exactly. He sounds like a lunatic.
  15. @Troy That is so informative! It is great that you were featured in PW after only being online for a year. I found this Reading List from back in the day and it seems that all of those books are still relevant and interesting reads. I was wondering if the archives of the old discussion forums have been lost? I always get an error message.
  16. @ProfD and @daniellegfny As Black people, we expect to be discriminated against anyway. But honestly, EMTs are there to assess whether you need to be hospitalized. If everybody that had a temperature dialed 911 demanding a transport, the hospitals would be filled with fever patients. If she said she had chest pains or some other serious ailment, she wouldn't have been questioned so much. As to the sepsis, she probably contracted that while she was in the hospital. I know that the multiple times I called an ambulance for my husband, he was either about to have a stroke or having a heart attack, or he had some other life-threatening episode going on. He was always taken to the hospital, and paramedics asked us standard and routine questions to determine what the matter was. I never got the impression that we were treated differently because we are Black. If we were, I didn't notice it. As to this lady's complaints about which hospital she was going to, homeless people and drug addicts are entitled to the same standard of medical treatment as everybody else. She demanded world-class medical care for herself, while putting down other people she didn't deem as good enough. Being homeless doesn't make you worthless. The hospital she didn't want to be taken to, where the uninsured are served, might be one of the best hospitals in the area. That's the way it is in my city. I agree with @daniellegfny, if she felt she was discriminated against, she needs to tell it to a lawyer, not be complaining about it in a YouTube video.
  17. ************************************************************************************ Ahmaud Arbery's mother blasts investigator into son's murder, calls testimony about her son 'trapped like a rat' disturbing. Arbery's Mother Calls Testimony Disturbing I think it's trespassing to enter a construction area without authorization but if you're only there to observe and not trying to steal anything, it shouldn't be a problem. With all the surveillance cameras everywhere, people should be mindful of where they go and what they do. I read an article about someone shooting another driver because he LOOKED at him. It is scary to think that you can't even look at people anymore. I used to feel that only law enforcement, diamond couriers and certain professions should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon, but these days you need to carry a gun to defend yourself from all the other people with a gun. It's like the wild west days and it is ridiculous. ************************************************************************************
  18. He also said something about the Black Lady Lt Governor of Virginia being a Mouthpiece. For. White. Supremacists. He. Is. Embarrassing.
  19. Everything is not about racism. When you have a fever, you are supposed to take ibuprofen or aspirin. Fever alone should not be a 911 call. If she had something else going on and the doctor was sending her home, it was probably so that she did not catch COVID while being in the hospital. Or if they know they can’t do anything for you and you just need to be on bedrest, you can do that at home. Ambulances routinely transport you to the nearest facility if you need to be hospitalized. It is EMT’s job to assess you and decide whether to transport you, sometimes they will call and ask a doctor about the situation as well. Why she thought being an author would garner special treatment makes no sense, anybody can write a book these days. Trying to throw your weight around by saying things like, “I am Mzuri and I have seventy-five puzzle books on am*zon,” sounds foolish. That is not how they decide whether you need to be hospitalized. I disagree with this lady’s claims that she was being discriminated against. I think she is being unreasonable.
  20. @ProfD I never noticed The Queen’s teeth, but the Brits are notorious for having bad teeth. Maybe they are scared of the dentist or have an aversion to pain. At her advanced age, The Queen is doing good to have any teeth at all. I don’t think that The Queen spends money in the traditional sense, her people just bring her whatever she wants. I could not imagine her handling cash or a debit card. That would be so crass.
  21. ************************************************************************************ @ProfD You don’t have to care about any of it but I LOOOOVED Princess Diana!!! Why? Probably because we were the exact same age, and when Prince Charles was announcing their engagement, I was getting married at that same time, had my baby the same time as Diana, so I always had an affinity towards her. Obviously it was a distant and occasional affinity, but when Diana was killed in that horrible collision, I was sick. Like crying and staying in the bed all day sick. All the movies about Diana are too much. I have seen several ducumentaries about her and I am certain that everything about her has been covered already. The Queen. OMG I LOOOOVE The Queen. Why? Because she is The Queen of EVERYTHING and SHE IS FANTABULOUS. I have books about The Queen’s wardrobe, her life, her recipes, her relationship with Camilla, and Catherine, and all the rest of it. The Queen is the richest person in the world, she has the most fabulous furniture, jewelry, clothes and accessories than anyone else. I have books on lots of topics since I’m a bookworm with thousands of books, but I probably have more books about the British Royals than anyone else. Who is more interesting than them? I certainly am NOT interested in the Bidens or any of the reality TV personalities. Most of those trashy people should be in jail. Of course some of the royals should be in jail also. A couple of them are shady as hell. ************************************************************************************
  22. @daniellegfny Have you made any progress with your nifties? This is an article from yesterday: ’I went from having to borrow money to making $4M in a day’: how NFTs are shaking up the art world I went from having to borrow money to making $4M
  23. Who knows what will happen but the American people are not going for this settlement amount. Biden is growing more unfavorable every day with his chronic ineptitude and the performance at that press conference only makes it worse.
  24. Biden and the rest of the dummycrats would let five-year-olds vote if they thought it would help them get elected.
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