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  1. I think that once you have an idea about the world it changes your lens. Troy I will tell you what my 63 year old born in Australia Itslian nrighbor said to me last week. "I like expensive stiff or stuff that looks nice. It's stupid but Italians are stupid for this." I thousand people would nr enough fir a sample. The problem with the sample of the thousand people that you meet is that it is skewed. So you may not nr able to day something about the overall population. But you could make a case fir that subset. So I think you are both right to a certain degree. Take from that what you will. Yes what Pioneer is saying is anecdotal but ut us probably TRUE fir a subset. Lastly Italian sports cars are different from Germsn and English sports cars. How many rappers do you see in Italian versus other sports cars. From memory I recall a coupleof Ferraris s couple of Lamborghinis a few Porsches and one Aston Martin. Anecdotal yes, informal no question, open to debate sure. What did Miles Davis drive a man who wasas concerned with his looks as much as his sound drive. A red Ferrari.
  2. Troy - it doesn't explicitly imply that, but it does implicitly. Cynique made that connection. Ipso facto.
  3. I came across a really interesting idea about time and the future. This post may be interesting. http://www.lrb.co.uk/v16/n09/john-leslie/the-absolute-now
  4. You could exist in the past but that is your future self. Do you could have different universes existing at different time lines that occur at the same time. We are communicating at the same time although I am in your future time.
  5. I don't know there have always been a dichotomy in rap. The message had social commentary,and you had Raheim saying he was royalty and women loved him. There has always been choice in rap. The best rappers told stories. Sometimes it was educational some times it was boasting but is always toasting.
  6. I believe in predestination and free will at the same time. It of easier to predict the group than the individual. I don't think we will ever be able to predict the weather. There are about seven factors that influence weather. Like the wind and the sun, which are pretty unpredictable. but they may model it in the future.
  7. Cynique - Amen Rap is the lover, there were rappers, who loved the lover, who adored the lover, who found salvation with the lover, who treated the lover like arm candy, the angry rapper, the poet writing for the lover.
  8. Cynique I do believe that certain things are predestined.
  9. It is my analogy, or I can't remember where I heard it. I think our emotions, our subconscious and our soul all make decisions that we are. Unaware
  10. Destiny is like gloating down a river, free will is like swimming upstream. But I think the decision to swim upstream is predestined.
  11. I remember listening to PE and quitting my job. I remember deciding to leave a relationship after listening to Terrence Trent Darby's Holding on to You. Blues, Soul, Jazz, Classical, Rock and Roll. They are more than genres, they are: Feelings, Spurit, Intercourse, Lifestyle. It may not cover all of life, but it has the best bits.
  12. Music creates a feeling that trumps thinking. Before a battle there would be music, before seduction there is music. Watch a movie without music it is not the same. If I mention the song Raindrops keep falling on my head. You can easily name the movie and probably the scene. I am not certain about the artist or the album. In church you have music, in the coliseum, in the store, the elevator, the funeral, tv, movies life. We have music because everyone has a (heart)beat
  13. I was by the following rappers and not in a good way. Snoop, Ice Cube, and Chillo X. Infinite Technique was nice. How do you think had a strong rap in the doco.
  14. Stars imply they don't compel. Astrology can be used for divination.
  15. I think it was Nelly. He said don't complain about the images. That is what people want. Millie Jackson said the same thing. When you go to people's house they have classical in the living room and Millie Jackson in the bedroom. Perhaps people don't know who they are.
  16. I do recall that both East and West Coast Rappers did a track about Black on Black crime. Even Eazy E and Ice-T contributed. I think Ice-T was pretty fair. I think he was stoked to talk to all the rappers. I think M&M may have more minutes, but you saw Krs-one twice and Caz three times. I would also say that Ice-T didn't ask Caz any questions. At least not in the first hour or if he did I don't remember. I think Ice-T is also a fan and it felt like he was really a fan of rap. A white guy that loves rap, and can flow. Yeah that shows heart. I forgot who said what makes an MC dope, intelligence, heart, poetry, ability to take you to another world or paint pictures. Rappers are the Shakespeare of today.
  17. Cynique I did mention MC Lyte, Salt is on it but I'd give the nod to MC Lyte. Plus Sha Rock is the first female Rapper. She was the + 1 more of the Funky Four. Plus she did a rap about astrology signs. To me Tupac is a bit like Richard Pryor. A gifted artist who had an unconventional Mother. And had a complicated relationship with women.
  18. Plus all three did an album before 81. I saw Cold Crush and Mellie Mel perform although I don't really remember it.
  19. After hearing M&M rap, talk about rap. And what other rappers said about him, he deserves a place not a founder, but a game changer. So I'd put him in the hall of fame as a game changer. Before I would put Jay Z even though I think Jay Z is a better rapper. I think M&M loves rap more, Jay Z it's a business, and he's a businessman.
  20. I saw about an hour, Ice-T and M&M have got more flow than a remember from a decade+ ago. Ice didn't say he was the best. He said one of the greatest. I could see why he would say that, I am almost convinced. Kool Moe Dee, Mellie Mel and Caz, yeah the greatest three.
  21. Pioneer in comparison to rapping about sexual prowess and drug dealing, then M&M is dealer. I am just saying what a teenager told me in the barber shop.
  22. Yeah not that keen on Ice t or Tone Loc's flow. The first time I heard. NWA was at a Brand. Nubian Performance, the musuc paralyzed me, and the raid had me saying WTF. Anti Pop Consortium Nrw Jack Exterminator made me believe there was a future for rap, but hip hop is in life support.
  23. When M&M came out I asked young Black men what they thought. They reply was he raps about real $#!+. I respect that but he doesn't flow for me. I prefer third Bass. Ice T the rap authority, no Bambaata is the rap Authority. I guess fir me there are the founders, pioneers and flow.I guess for me you go in the Hall of fame if you had a record before 81. Certain rappers are game changers Tribe called quest(Native Tongues), Public Enemy, De La Soul. Rakim and MC Lyte love that hard hitting flow plus they near rhyme but it works, violin with island, and Lyte did rhinoceros and preposterous. A friend in Sydney who is into rap, saw the documentary and asked what I thought of TuPac.I'd rate him a better Actor than Rapper. I tend to go against popular opinion. Is Biggie the greatest rapper. I like his intelligence and humor. For me the greatest Rapper had to be in the foundation. Although I am biased towards records. Caz rapped and Dj, plus he gave the lyrics to Big Bank Hank and didn't collect a check. An aside Kool Moe Dee can out rap LL Cool J but LL had better music. Funky 4+1 Rapping and Rockin the House. 15 minutes of story telling . Harmonizing and shout outs at the end.
  24. Yes my father was born around the time FDR was inaugurated.
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