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  1. Actually I think it would be a pretty detrimental study.
  2. Wow Troy did you have an espresso this morning. Yep Troy unfortunately you and I are in agreement which makes a less interesting discussion.
  3. Yes the Secret Language is good, but if you have a copy of your chart and know the aspects, I would recommend the Spiritual Approach to Astrology by Myrna Lofthus , or Astrology a Cosmic Science by Isabel Hickey. Being an astrologer I believe there is something to it as well. Again I think it is more sound to look at regions, even more so than countries. Since most countries have regional difference and you are take the location in addition to the time into account. I believe there are more difference with in a country than between a country, this is more true for true for countries that have a racial or cultural diversity. I would say that Italians and Spainiards are more similar to each other than, Germans and the Dutch. I also think you find a different between Southern and Northern Regions of the country. In the US, India and Italy for example the Southerners are more relaxed. In Australia it is the reverse. In Tarot I feel Wands are people of African Descent, Cups or Northern Europe, Swords are Asian (less Indian), and Pentacles are Europe. Although I tend to think of Paris as a high Pentacle card. Most of this is just my feeling, but I am finding that it makes more sense to develop your own approach than follow rules blindly. Aries is ruled by Mars and both were important to Rome. Capricorn is associated with the color black, it is considered a more serious sign.
  4. Thanks for replaying. I am currently reading Tetrabiblios by Prolemy. He says that certain countries are ruled by certain signs and planets. Initially I was going to say no. However I think it is more likely that regions fall under astrological influences. Black folks like bass, White folks like treble a la Dave Chapelle. Could be an interesting project but I wouldn't undertake it, because if it's successful it could be seen as racist. It just seems like a thankless task. Although every couple of years I work on some project along the same lines. I think it would be more successful if you dud it using numerology. I probably could do it unscientifically with a small sample My guess would be that more expressive people/races would have names first or last ending in vowels. I do not consider myself an expert, I am a practitioner.
  5. In terms of where they come from like we see discussing intuition.
  6. Where would you put instincts,drive, and ambition in this discussion.
  7. I am not certain whether it is likely or not. Since we don't know the cause. Also it doesn't necessarily follow that predestination requires a purpose or an intelligence. The beyond that gives birth is more than likely Mon human since it is beyond above time and beyond space. Although I can't think of a non probabilistic word.
  8. Troy you nay have to dust off the statistics book and calculate sample size
  9. Okay are you saying there is no loss of fidelity. Perhaps my intuition is wrong, but I don't believe you can copy something continous using a discrete function without a loss of fidelity. What I can't quantify is what the loss is in the copying. if you copied an analog sound using an analog format versus a digital format. Would the copies be of exactly the same quality and if not which would be higher.
  10. I finite sample of discrete wave reproducing a continuous one. They both don't represent the population faithfully. Do you think otherwise?
  11. I think if you are faced with adversity you can play the victim or or flip it. They way some Black folk appropriate Nigger or some women use Bitch. It's. A way of take a derogatory term and making it less sacred and taking its power away. Granted though it is a bit if a gamble.
  12. I think that once you have an idea about the world it changes your lens. Troy I will tell you what my 63 year old born in Australia Itslian nrighbor said to me last week. "I like expensive stiff or stuff that looks nice. It's stupid but Italians are stupid for this." I thousand people would nr enough fir a sample. The problem with the sample of the thousand people that you meet is that it is skewed. So you may not nr able to day something about the overall population. But you could make a case fir that subset. So I think you are both right to a certain degree. Take from that what you will. Yes what Pioneer is saying is anecdotal but ut us probably TRUE fir a subset. Lastly Italian sports cars are different from Germsn and English sports cars. How many rappers do you see in Italian versus other sports cars. From memory I recall a coupleof Ferraris s couple of Lamborghinis a few Porsches and one Aston Martin. Anecdotal yes, informal no question, open to debate sure. What did Miles Davis drive a man who wasas concerned with his looks as much as his sound drive. A red Ferrari.
  13. Troy - it doesn't explicitly imply that, but it does implicitly. Cynique made that connection. Ipso facto.
  14. I came across a really interesting idea about time and the future. This post may be interesting. http://www.lrb.co.uk/v16/n09/john-leslie/the-absolute-now
  15. You could exist in the past but that is your future self. Do you could have different universes existing at different time lines that occur at the same time. We are communicating at the same time although I am in your future time.
  16. I don't know there have always been a dichotomy in rap. The message had social commentary,and you had Raheim saying he was royalty and women loved him. There has always been choice in rap. The best rappers told stories. Sometimes it was educational some times it was boasting but is always toasting.
  17. I believe in predestination and free will at the same time. It of easier to predict the group than the individual. I don't think we will ever be able to predict the weather. There are about seven factors that influence weather. Like the wind and the sun, which are pretty unpredictable. but they may model it in the future.
  18. Cynique - Amen Rap is the lover, there were rappers, who loved the lover, who adored the lover, who found salvation with the lover, who treated the lover like arm candy, the angry rapper, the poet writing for the lover.
  19. Cynique I do believe that certain things are predestined.
  20. It is my analogy, or I can't remember where I heard it. I think our emotions, our subconscious and our soul all make decisions that we are. Unaware
  21. Destiny is like gloating down a river, free will is like swimming upstream. But I think the decision to swim upstream is predestined.
  22. I remember listening to PE and quitting my job. I remember deciding to leave a relationship after listening to Terrence Trent Darby's Holding on to You. Blues, Soul, Jazz, Classical, Rock and Roll. They are more than genres, they are: Feelings, Spurit, Intercourse, Lifestyle. It may not cover all of life, but it has the best bits.
  23. Music creates a feeling that trumps thinking. Before a battle there would be music, before seduction there is music. Watch a movie without music it is not the same. If I mention the song Raindrops keep falling on my head. You can easily name the movie and probably the scene. I am not certain about the artist or the album. In church you have music, in the coliseum, in the store, the elevator, the funeral, tv, movies life. We have music because everyone has a (heart)beat
  24. I was by the following rappers and not in a good way. Snoop, Ice Cube, and Chillo X. Infinite Technique was nice. How do you think had a strong rap in the doco.
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