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  1. This is a little "left field" of the subject but still relates to the state of hiphop today.......

    I'm very disappointed with the state of hiphop also because I don't like how low quality and low class some of the artists are performing.
    Hip hop used to be the envy of the world.

    Black urban culture produced some of the best dressers, best dancers, and best rhymers and it was political.
    Especially when it was on the East Coast with the strong Carribean influence.
    Then it went West Coast and gangsta....but still decent.

    But something happened when it went down South to places like New Orleans.
    Instead of smooth rhymes and sharp dancing skills.....artists started talking like they had a mouth full of marbles. Mumbling and grumbling their lyrics.
    Instead of snappy dressing, cats just started getting fat and sloppy wearing long white t-shirts and rocking back and forth on stage like apes.


    No, no....seriously.

    Look at the dance moves of earlier hiphop and then look at the monkey-crap so many of the artists started doing in the late 90s down in the rural areas.
    They started talking funny, looking crazy, getting fat and ugly.
    On stage slinging their arms and rocking back and forth with a grim growl while rapping....savage.

    Instead of strong rhymnic beats....just simple bass sounds began to dominate the track.

    It became rare for these southern rappers to even talk politics on their track and when they did...you couldn't figure out what the hell they were saying or where they stood.  I saw some artist (maybe Lil' Wayne but I'm not sure) with a damn Confederate Flag on this album talking about the South will rise again!!!

    Artists getting tatoos all over thier bodies and wearing their hair messy...looking like clowns and savages instead of musicians.
    People around the world couldn't related to that damn back-woods unsophisticated garbage.

    This is not to diss all southern artists.....TLC, Arrested Development....they were excellent.
    But the generation of clowns after them....((shakes head))..just sloppy.

    Now the current generation are trying to move away from that country crap and are using thier creativity again...but for the late 90s and much of 2000-2010 hiphop was going straight down the toilet.

    Black people are the most creative people on the planet.....WHEN we apply ourselves.
    But when you get lazy and sloppy it just looks terrible.

  2. Most of Christian Iraqis are a tribe of people called "Chaldeans".

    They've been coming to the Detroit area for about 35 years or longer and there are about a half million of them here. They were coming here anyway before all of this conflict started.

    They tend to have a lot of money and are quite united.

    They own a lot of the liquor stores and cheap resturants in the area.

    Things are calming down now because the younger people tend to be more Americanized and lean more towards the local Black culture but when they first came here there was a LOT of conflict between them and the Black community because when they first came here they started shooting and killing Black customers in their stores left and right. A lot of it came from Black men hitting on their women. They didn't like that. But they used to (and still do) hit on Black women and girls.

    A couple things people need to realize about the Middle East is:

    1. Not all the people of the Middle East are Arabs. There are a lot of other tribes/ethnicities who existed their before the Arabs moved in their lands. Chaldeans are one, but Persians and even most of the Palestinians are NOT Arabs.

    2. Not all of the people of the Middle East are Muslims. There are a lot of smaller religious communities there that don't get much press.

    There are a group of Kurdish Iraqis called "Yazidis" who have a VERY interesting religion I've been researching lately...lol.

  3. Troy

    Look at the Ebola epidemic in West Africa right now.

    People dying by the hundreds and there's rioting in the streets of Liberia right now because the people aren't trusting the government or the U.N..  But the 2 White doctors who caught Ebola while overthere were brought back to the United States and cured within a couple weeks.


    Just another example of how we need to stop relying on other people to solve our problems because it's clear they usually don't have our best interests in mind.

    Speaking of heroin.........

    I'm not sure about New York but here in Michigan the heroin problem is a plague of almost the proverbial "biblical" level.

    Hospitals are full from heroin related problems.

    Help wanted signs have popped up all over the place because they can't keep workers. Many of them have become addicted and end up overdosing, quitting, or being fired because of emotional instability.
    Atleast people COULD work on crack....on that "smack" all they can do is go to sleep.

    I thought we saw the last of heroin after the 70s and early 80s.
    I still remember the "heroin dens" of Detroit where entire families would flop around in vacant buildings and warehouses by the hundred living and shooting-up.
    I didn't think those days would come back.....but it appears that they are.

    The medical industry is partially to blame because so many people have been put on prescription pain killers and when they build up a tolerance and they no longer are effective in killing whatever pain they're suffering from....the next step is often heroin which is known to kill all physical pain.

  4. Troy


    If I had more time I'd really get into it. But I believe that unless we get this group of "fiscally content blacks," involved in creating solutions, rather than striving for the acceptance and approval of the one percent, nothing will change.

    In the short term, I'd be happy if we could get the "fiscally content blacks," to just give a damn about the majority of the other Back folks.


    I think their lack of involvement is part of the problem also...however.

    Most Black people who are financially secure in THIS society didn't get to that enviable position by being stupid.

    Most earned their wealth by being prudent and having enough sense to know what to do and what to say and around whom. They're less likely than that brother/sister on the street who is out shouting and fighting the police because they have much more to lose.

    Give them a real reason to put thier wealth, reputations, freedom, and even their very lives on the line and I'm sure most WOULD be more involved.

    But they aren't going all out over some half-cocked foolishness with no clear aim or objective.

    I can't say that I really blame them all that much.

    It's too much like blind faith.

    But where I DO blame them is in their lack of initiating and organizing that which is missing or preventing them from participating....."sound effective leadership and objectives for success".  They CAN help in initiating the plans that many claim are lacking but most aren't even doing that.

    It's amazing how brilliant Black minds are....when they're working for SOMEONE ELSE'S success.






    White cops are racist Mfers. Don't expect them them to serve and protect or exercise restraint when black males challenge them. They will kill you. Execute you. If they suspect you are guilty of something, they do not care if you raise your hands - or dare to declare your innocence. When a white cop draws his gun, don't move. Be patient. Your turn will come. KNOW THY ENEMY, - and plan his downfall.


    This is sound advice.

    I've heard it since I was a child that one should be courteous and respectful to cops no matter what they say to you in order to prevent being provoked into giving them reasons to brutalize you.

    However human nature is such that when you are experiencing harassment directly, your emotions sometimes get the better of you and you automatically react before thinking.

    It's one thing to see it on television and say, "Man....why would he talk to that cop like that...that was just stupid".  But when YOU are the one being interrogated and harassed the emotions boil.

    For example, we all know cops tell you NOT to resist when being arrested. But when someone is yanking on your arm to the point that it's about to break....it's hard not to resist and pull back and try to break yourself free of that situation. It would be like drowning and not trying to gasp for air.

    Somethings are just a natural human reaction that no amount of conditioning can break.

    The vast majority of humans have a survival instinct that prevents them from submitting to certain restraints.


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  5. For a long time there were certain "unspoken rules" in this (Western) society that governed the violence between males and females.

    It was understood that a woman could beat on a man but a man wasn't allowed to hit a woman....unless she was his wife or daughter, then he could beat the shit out of her.

    ((shakes head))

    Both rules were dysfunctional and unrealistic in my opion.

    On top of this..............

    For a long time the only reason chivalry existed and men behaved like gentleman was to charm women into having sex with them. Once sex became loose and easy....the chivalry went out the window.

    Once it was understood that a man could be unemployed, on drugs, and routinely beat and call women bitches.....and still get all the sex he wants....it was a wrap.

    The reality is few people male of female are going to sit up and let someone beat on them and not defend themselves or even go on the offense and attack back.

    Everyone both male and female needs to understand this before they put their hands on someone else.

  6. Couple points.............

    1. When people wonder why gay men are more likely to have HIV than straight men, I point out that it's simple physics.

    Unless a straight man is constantly licking and drinking the vaginal fluids and urine of his female sexual partner, he's not really "absorbing" a large amount of infected bodily fluids from the person he's having sex with.

    However with gay men, they're constantly ejaculating semen into eachother. And if that semen is infected ofcourse the rate is going to be higher.

    2. HIV (which is clearly man made) I believe was designed specifically for Black/African genetics. I've heard from more than one source that even with the same type of exposure it's harder for Whites to actually get HIV than people of African decent.

    So it's not suprising that such a high percentage of gay men of African decent would be HIV positive.

    I don't believe that AIDS or HIV (and there is a difference between the two) is a "curse" put upon gay men or the Black race. However I DO believe that the spread of diseases like HIV and Ebola occurs when you're too lazy or indifferent to take your health and it's care into your own hands and develop medicines and therapies designed by and for you.

    As long as our people are lining up by the thousands and millions expecting White people to treat them and cure them and come up with medicines to solve thier problems, you can continue to expect high incidences of disease.

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  7. I can't say I support the looting of stores.

    When people begin to loot and steal in mass numbers, sometimes it takes away from the credibility of their cause and concerns.

    However, atleast this civil disturbance will bring attention to the clearly racist disparity in the law enforcement of that town.

    How does a mostly Black town end up with an almost all White police force?

  8. Ofcourse many on the right would have rather seen Bergdahl remain in captivity than for the Obama Administration to take credit for his release.

    It's the same with Bin Laden.

    No one should be suprised at how low Republicans will stoop to smear their political enemies.

    Ronald Reagan allegedly did the same thing to get elected.

    That's what the entire Iran contra-controvery was about.

    While Jimmy Carter was president Iranians took Americans hostage and were about to free them but Reagan's team allegedly undercut the deal and arranged for them to stage in captivity to make the Carter administration look weak and then for them to be freed under HIS administration.

    Some of these right wing clowns are heartless.

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  9. This has little to do with a downed plane as much as an excuse to go to war.

    Clearly the United States and Russia are builind up to a major war.

    I'm suprised there wasn't one sooner.

    For over 50 years Russia and the United States have been trading licks and mean-mugging eachother but for some strange reason....nothing major happened.

    I believe only the Divine Hand has preventend the United States and Russia from engaging in an all out war in the past but perhaps that Divine Hand is being lifted and nature is taking it's course.

    Only The Supreme Being knows the future, but I believe there WILL be a major war between the United States and Russia and their respective allies before this year is over.

    I suggest people prepare themselves for the inevitable.

  10. What you're seeing is more people of color running from responsibility.


    Just like a lot of AfroAmericans in the United States would rather run off to the suburbs to establish themselves rather than confront and eradicate the crime and violence of the inner cities.  Many Brown Hispanics are of the same mentality.  Rather than organizing to take control of their communities and come up with solutions for the crime and poverty plaguing them....they find it easier to run across the boarder to the United States where things tend to be more stable and prosperous.

    At some people people of color will have to STOP relying on White people "saving" them and taking care of them and will have to stand on their own.


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  11. It's not only sad....it's sickening.

    But what's even more sickening is the child-like irresponsibility among so many Black people in America today.
    Yes many White police officers are racist and routinely abuse Black people, but where are the Black police officers?
    Why aren't more Black men stepping up and taking the training and oaths to LEGALLY protect and defend their own communities so that White men don't have to assume those positions.

    All of those cops were White.
    Where were the AfroAmerican or Puerto Rican or Dominican cops more representative of New York's population?

    Why didn't the crowd confront the cops?

    It's like a safari or wild life seeing so many White cops patroling Black neighborhoods and plotting and planning among themselves how to "take down" a Black man or woman while the rest do nothing but say "Deeeeyuum" and snap a few pictures.

    And while it doesn't appear that this particular brother deserved to be taken down like he did and he CERTAINLY didn't deserve death.....there is something seriously wrong with Black America today.  Too often many Black people  INVITE this type of abuse by not only incorporating anti-social behavior but also by their refusal to organize and fight back.


    There is no way a group of Black cops could have attacked a White man like that in a White neighborhood and gotten away with it.

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  12. Troy 

    You're right, most people would NOT have whipped their phone out to record a racist rant. 
    But this is precisely why so many cases of racism have been dismissed as contrived or all in the victim's mind.
    If Donald Sterling hadn't been recorded...he probably would have denied ever making such statements and most of White America and a large number of Black people would have sided in his favor.

    But how many Black people actually KNOW how to properly respond to being called a racial slur to their faces?
    Many think they have an obligation to react violently, others are so stunned they freeze up and try to ignore it.
    But this...this was a text-book response!

    This brother...if you listen to him carefully....was cool and calm.
    He didn't cuss at her, threaten her, or even call her any names back.
    Everything he said to her was in a calm and rational voice. He basically let her provide her own rope with which to hang herself with. 

    And she better be glad that's ALL he did.
    I know some cats who would have revved the motor and turned that steering wheel, lol.

    Who knows, it may even be therapudic for her to see herself on video acting like that. It may force her to take a closer look at herself and change her ways.

    If he hadn't done what he did but just ignore her and move on.....it would have EMPOWERED her to go off on another Black man again for even less of a reason.
    And believe me, the next time it may be with the WRONG brother...lol.
    The next time could very well be her LAST time!!!




    Aside from her ADMITTING that she is bipolar (something most bipolar people tend to do), you can look at her overly frantic demeanor and restless "back-n-forth" and tell she has some sort of psychological if not psychiatric issues going on.

  13. Society is governed by generalities, not exceptions and special cases.

    Almost everywhere you go on this planet, regardless of the nation or race you find MEN in charge and women in the supporting role.

    One of the few exceptions to this rule is the AfroAmerican community in the United States.
    And I strongly suspect the only reason this is an exception is because most Black communities in the United States are controled from OUTSIDE of the community.

    The "underground" economies of the Black community...where most of the laws don't apply...are still very much controled by Black men.

    Some women make very good leaders and some men make very poor leaders.
    Infact, MOST PEOPLE regardless of gender make poor leaders as nature has provided for only a few to lead and the majority to follow.
    But again....society is governed by generalities and not exceptions to the rule.
    Generally speaking men are better equipped at leading.

  14. For a long time the Black church in America like most Protestant churchs saw money and it's accumulation as a vice. They taught that one should build one's treasures up in heaven as opposed to on Earth where thieves could snatch it and moths could eat it.
    From what I understand, it was the Nation of Islam and it's preaching of getting one's wealth right here and right now as opposed to a "pie in the sky in the sweet by-n-by" that shook many old time church goers and made them reconsider what they've been taugh. Many of the youth started leaving the church for Islam and other religions or just leaving religion all together and hitting the streets to focus on their material acquisitions.
    The church had to hurry up and get it together and re-examin their doctrine, lol.

    Right around the early 70s you started seeing these prosperity churchs popping up.
    Ministers and pastors started blinging more and driving fancy cars.
    The Reverend Ikes and the like....lol.


    I personally don't have a problem with a person or an organization (churches included) getting rich AS LONG AS they don't do it by blaspheming The Supreme Being or harming other people.

  15. Black men cheat for the same reason White and Asian men cheat, because they love sex.

    This isn't rocket science, I'm not sure why there remains so much controversy and scandal around the fact that given the opportunity most people tend to have sex whenever and with whomever they like.  It's been this way for thousands of years despite attemps by governments and religious institutions to prevent it.

    Not to accept certain facts is a testimony to the immaturity of society today regarding their own sexuality and even humanity.

    Having sex is part of ones nature as a human being.
    It's a strong biological desire similar to eating and taking a dump.
    You can control the behavior but you have very little control over the desire, nature put it there for a reason....a very good one.
    To maintain and continue the human population!!

    Having sex with someone other than your "main" is no more cheating than a person who regularly eats at Taco Bell occasionally dipping into Burger King, lol.

    Now, I respect the institution of marriage on the grounds of religious obligation and raising children, other than that....I think it's a henderance in this society that is so open and relatively more liberated sexually than in times past.


    What you have is a society that is free physically but too many are still bound psychologically to archaic values that they don't completely understand and it produces confusion and disharmony among the populous along with a lot of unnecessary guilt.

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  16. Troy

    Flava Flav said "come on g"...., you're mixing apples with oranges and throwing in cabbages.

    This is not about the anti-social behavior of young Black males
    Nor is it about privacy.

    It's about the racism that still exists in out society.

    Yes the silly and vulgar behavior of a lot of Black youth can contribute to racism in our society as not only Whites but many Asians and others will have a low opinion of Black males based on the negative behavior of a few, however.........

    That brother who recorded that woman's racist rant didn't instigate or fuel her racism any more than Martin Luther King fueled the racism of the south when he started his Movement towards equality and integration.
    It was already there and he just exposed it.

    In this case, it was already in her heart and he just brought it out of her and exposed it to the world with undisputable proof.

    Like the radio DJ said in his interview...or started to say....
    I understand you being angry over your children and you claim you're not racist but how can the word "nigger" be in your vocabulary if you weren't?

    As I said earlier, if he hadn't recorded this lady acting the way she did....there would be a lot of people, probably MOST people...who would try to deny that she did and said what she said.
    He just provided proof.
    In my opinion, once you start being vulgar and hostile towards others and making threats the way she did in a PUBLIC setting....you lose your right not to be recorded and exposed for what and who you are.

    Walmart, gas stations and other establishments record you on the strength when you're just a normal customer doing absolutely nothing wrong....certainly my'manz had a right to record some crazy woman calling him names and making threats against him.

    His phone was just a wise weapon of choice in modern self defense.

  17. The thing I've noticed that they BOTH have in common was that they were not only racist but absolutely hated seeing Black men with White women.

    Donal Sterling obvsiouly found women of color attractive, yet he told his mistress not to associate with Black men in public.

    Elliot was half Asian himself, yet considered himself to be White and mentioned a number of times of being angry and jealous of Black boys/men in his posts...especially when he saw them with White women.

    Nearly 60 years of difference in their ages, but similar mentalities as far as the hatred of interracial dating/mating.

    Where might that have come from?

  18. Cynique

    Although I don't necessarily disagree with what you've said....
    I don't agree with the SLANT you've apparently put it to make your point.

    You seem to like focusing on exceptions while ignorning the rule.

    It is known all over the world since the beginning of humanity that men TEND to be more aggressive than women. It doesn't mean EVERY man is more aggressive than every woman.
    Some men can't grow facial hair while there are some women walking around with full beards. But that's not typical and that's not the general rule of nature.
    So while neither gender/sex has a monopoly on aggressiveness, generally speaking men are more aggressive than women both physically and even mentally.

  19. Nope,
    Haven't had any problems with it or any other page on this site for the past couple days.

    I'm not sure what the problem was but I experienced this before on this site,  last year.
    Whatever it was it seems to have resolved itself....for now atleast.

    Thanx Troy.




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  20. Cynique

    Good people skills don't necessarily translate to being a wimp.
    A person with good marketing skills and customer service skills knows people enough to know WHEN to be aggressive and when to be passive.

    From what I've seen, the problem with SOME women who try to be aggressive is that they don't know when or how to be aggressive in an effective way. Especially when dealing with the opposite sex in a business setting.

    Ofcourse the men they're dealing with will often be sexist or prejudiced in other ways towards the woman they're dealing with but still men often know how to relate to eachother...even in aggression....in a way that the average woman doesn't. 
    Too often women will try to do something they THINK a man would do or respond in a way they THINK a man would respond and wonder why the reaction is so negative and unwelcomed. It's not always because she's a woman but because she was aggressive in the wrong way at the wrong time.
    Often time female police officers are guilty of this.






    More to the point Troy made, at the end of the day, people are better in their own skin instead of trying to be something or someone they aren't.
    If you aren't naturally aggressive.....you shouldn't try to be.
    Most women AREN'T naturally aggresive (except when defending their children) and they shouldn't force themselves to be for work or sports or anything else. Sometimes being gentle and nuturing is the most appropriate approach to a situation.

  21. If we're talking about the same interview, then I would say in fairness to Mark Cuban he said that he'd be afraid of a White guy full of tatoos walking down the street also.

    I applaud him for his honesty.
    I don't think he should have apologized, he didn't sound racist to me.
    He sounded a little prejudice...which is understandable in this environment....but not racist.

    I think we need to encourage people, especially Whites to be more honest and speak their minds so that we can better assess where this society is going rather than forcing them to keep their opinions to themselves where only God knows what may be brewing in their hearts.

  22. LOL!!!

    It appears that I was right in TWO respects........

    I only watched the video Troy posted when I made my previous post but after actually clicking on the link Cynique provided:

    1. Whoever posted that video said the same thing I said, that some people DON'T WANT to believe how common this actually is.

    2.Her last name is "Ambrosia" which sounds Italian. Like I said she's probably of Italian heritage and probably has an unforgiving hostility towards Black people. Probably because we remind her of a part of her ancestry that she'd rather forget.

    But on the radio interview she mentioned that she's bi-polar, something fairly common today.
    A more mentally stable person would have done a better job of hiding their racism.

  23. Not only does she call him a nigger but constantly uses the word "fuck" infront of her children.
    And accuses HIM of being racist while calling him a nigger, lol.

    I'm looking at her hair and features and I'm guessing she's probably either of Jewish or Italian heritage. Italians in New York are world renown for their racism and hostility towards Black people, especially those living upstate who don't have much contact with Blacks and can only go by what their parents or grandparents who left the city years ago have told them.





    I'm actually glad he video taped the incident because if he hadn't, there would be so many doubters and naysayers who wouldn't WANT to believe that this happened that only a video could have proven it anyway.

  24. We have Donald Sterling......a man in his 80s.
    And we also have Elliot Rodger the young man who shot up a southern California college town a few weeks ago because of his frustrated sex life .........a man who was in his early 20s.

    Though vastly different in age, what did these two men have in common with eachother that much of the press has overlooked either by accident or on purpose?

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